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President Michael Sata is alive, fit and working – First Lady

Headlines President Michael Sata is alive, fit and working – First Lady

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba flanked by Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Bwalya Ng'andu , Chinsali District Commissioner Evaline Kangwa (r) and Mpika District Commissioner Catherine Chileshe on arrival at Chinsali Airstrip for the Teachers/ Community Leaders / Pupils Mentorship Training programme on August
First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba flanked by Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Bwalya Ng’andu , Chinsali District Commissioner Evaline Kangwa (r) and Mpika District Commissioner Catherine Chileshe on arrival at Chinsali Airstrip for the Teachers/ Community Leaders / Pupils Mentorship Training programme on August

First Lady Christine Kaseba says Republican President Michael Sata is fine and has never been in a coma.

Dr. Kaseba says it is unfortunate that people are plotting for the Head of State to be in a coma when he is fine and moving the nation forward.

The First Lady said this in Chinsali District today when she officiated at a girls mentorship training programme aimed at reducing teen pregnancies in Muchinga Province.

Sections of society and some on-line publications are on record of reporting that President Sata was in a Coma.

And Dr. Kaseba says the increase in teen pregnancies in the province is a crisis which must be tackled with urgent attention.

She said there is need for the girl child to enjoy their youth and succeed in education as opposed to getting pregnant at a tender age.

The increase in the number of cases is as a result of moral degradation in the community and has since called for parents to give guidance to their children, the First Lady said.

She told the gathering that the training programme will help girls to reach their levels of confidence and mentor them into becoming responsible adults.

Dr. Kaseba she is who she is today because of listening to elders in society and working hard at school.

She expressed concern over the increased number of teenage pregnancy which was forcing many girls in early marriages and later abandon their education.

Dr. Kaseba implored stakeholders like FAWEZA, Girl Guide, ZHECT and Junior Achievements for spearheading the fight against teen pregnancies.

Speaking earlier Muchinga Province Minister Col. Gerry Chanda says in the recent past the province which was earlier neglected but it was now receiving a fair share of development.

Col. Chanda said people in the province are happy with the visit of the First Lady as it will help the girls get mentorship from her.

He said the noble cause of the First Lady have been appreciated by all the residents of Muchinga Province.


  1. maybe it iz truu that the man is alive and working. I think it is unzambia for a woman to be going about smilling like she is if the husband was dying. I think the President is fine. Looking forward to hearing from him when he opens parliament next month

    • she’s happy that he is more or less dead because she now has the freedom to satisfy her passions of whatever hue.

    • For crying out loud, the man in question is an adult and a republican president. Let him appear in public and open his mouth as opposed to other people offering assurance of his wellness on his behalf. This is really taking us for granted!

    • We are tired of being told. We want to see him in public and let him address the nation on important issues. He is the president and not like one of his use.less ministers or mps. Alaaaaaaa!!!!!

    • ah,,, i knew it the presido fit and alive,,,,, he is even going to the SADC meeting in Zim,,,,,,,, things have changed now in PF era,,,,,, zambians need to confirm that they are alive,,,, thats why manji carry your NRC to confirm you are alive and have no ebola


    • The head of state is fine, and I mean just that only witches who are scared of PF are the ones who are saying that he is sick *****s as far back as 2009 you can not change you foolish thinking towards the man of action any way muli doshi

    • This takes me to that scene in Shaka Zulu when he was wounded in a failed Coup De’tat and the entire Zulu Nation was anxious about whether he was dead or not. The Kingdom was so vulnerable and he had to muster the strength in his sick state, to walk out and be seen by his people, a sign that he was still in control. It was quite the powerful moment and sent the right message. Somebody should send a copy of the DVD to State House.


    • The is no smoke without fire!!! By the way who claimed the guy was in coma??? Chellah has always told us the guy was fine!

    • God has a wicked sense of humor, he had Sata’s tongue cut off! Now he is being spoken for. Never thought I would see the day!

  2. Buhata!. Why is he hiding then?. Let him come out and address the nation. We’ll give him a fortnight to show his face and speak to the nation. Failure to do this will lead us to PRESUME HIM DEAD!

    • Christine doesn’t care . She is with Sata for the money and fame. If she says anything contrary to what was agreed upon the wolfs will destroy her.

      All she is doing is postponing her fate. But one day bazaulula what happened to Sata in June.

  3. Produce him to the public then actions speck louder than words, let him address the nation than being on facebook.

  4. You know what? There is something seriously wrong with our president. You can see that everyone associated with the presidency is struggling to show that things are normal. God will soon reveal all that is hidden.

  5. Wanzelu, where are you? Wanko! If you can doubt the assurance by the first lady that the president is fine and working, then you are not part of us in this universe. If I see your posting disparaging the first lady, I will conclude once and for all that you are not human but a spook.

    • @Umubemba Inkonko

      If it was Sata ‘s first wife who issued that statement I would believe. But Kaseba, a husband grabber, forget it my friend. She part of the deceivers lying to Zambians that SATA is alive and working and yet he is failing to fulfil his job description. Remember Kaseba is with Sata for fame and money. She can’t disclose what happened to Sata in June in Israel for fear of being lynched by the PF wolf pack.

      There are certain tasks that can not be delegated, but they are now being delegated why?

      Zambians are not as stupid as PF minions think. They know that something is amiss here. Sata is fond of mouthing off every second. He is such a control freak that he can not afford to miss by election campaigns and SADC meeting hosted by BOB MUGABE his hero.

      SATA IS…

    • Funny enough I hear he has even delegated his conjugal duties to Dr Roland Msiska the secretary to the cabinet,so says one of my sources from state house. He did this before he died.

      So kaseba is being enjoyed by Dr Roland Msiska . He is doing it really well thats why she all smiles nowadays. She does’nt care Ukwa is gone. In fact she cant wait to be completely free to ignite her relationship with her UNZA boy friend before Sata snatched her. Dr Roland Msiska is a temporal measure when she is in Zambia.

  6. Its must be winter in Zambia bcoz this Sata animal has been hibernating for a while now.All these PF vuvuzelas are just blowing hot air to warm him up.

    • Since 25th May and it will be 90 days this month without a trace. Imagine a physically fit person as well as a public figure hibernating for 90 days? He is not on official leave or otherwise, but he is still hiding and only available on still pictures or Facebook.
      As the adage goes, patience is thinly sliced and stay on top. Patience Pays.

    ladies and gentlemen the president is alive and working infact harder than ever before,let us just load him with a lot of work he will handle it.

  8. Has SataN also delegated his peeing to somebody else to save us more costs? Let him come out in the open and be seen by his uneducated supporters. “Tumuka tukumone!”

  9. If Kaseba truly loved her sick husband the best she would have done was not to comment on his health status. She will regret her lies.

    • And no one asked her about Sata. They are swift speaking for someone invisibly disappeared from the people, knowing the Cobra as a chatterbox of politics, he is not well, hence PF cadres are always in defiance of defense of Sata.
      Sata missed a great opportunity to meet Barack Obama, although its fine Dr Scott did, and represent Zambia. He also missed the AU pair, Agricultural Show, SADC in Zimbabwe,etc.
      This should be a CLEAR indication that Sata is failing to perform his duties in favor of “Hide and Seek”. If people ask where he is, then its a crime?
      Obama, Tony Abbott of Australia, David Cameron foremost, they address their country men, women and children atleast on daily basis. I have never seen them leadership hiding away from people, or have you? The London Eye.

    • There is nothing decent about Christine remember she was Sata’s girlfriend when she was still a student even though the man was old enough to be her father. She was one of the many in the queue. However Sata only ‘married’ her after she became a Dr. She was banished from Mutembo Nchito’s Church Lusaka Baptist because of that. She purported to be ‘born again’ but at night she was on the hunt until she was exposed. Is Sata alive and working? That’s what Maureen said about Levy the results where revealed by the French pilot who flew the body back home.


  11. Liar! GBM was captured on camera saying Zambians should pray for Sata’s health. MUVI TV showed the clip today. PF is made up of hardcore contradicting liars.

    • I like Chinyama’s transformation – it’s sick to support blindly when the odds are against you. Partisan affiliations aside, this is not looking good for the ruling party as every official government meeting or address to the nation will begin by declaring the president fit and working which of course now seemingly looks like a lame duck. We truly were sold a dummy in 2011.

    • @Chinyama

      Welcome back from murky waters the PF dragged you into. We want you back man. Forget the PF , life will still there after PF.

  12. The first lady is very honest and its true i actually saw the President joging in the state house grounds as i was driving home this afternoon i guess he was doing some light training in readiness for his official opening of Parliament next Month. Your Exellency keep joging don,t be discouraged by some selfish people. If the state house grounds are not adquate for your joging sir, u can even go to london for joging like the late Mwanawasa who went for joging in the streets of London in 2008. Long live your execellency long live Kabimba so that you account for your actions in 2016 as serious people want to form a new government of men and women who have intergrity and respect for the rule of law and the people who voted for them as opposed to refering to your voters as a group of illitrat

  13. A pity that she has also decided to confuse herself with this issue. Nobody is wishing him dead, we just question his absence, we know Sata as a man who is always commenting on everything and wants to be seen everywhere. SO what is all this quietness all about. Simply tell the nation that yes the president is sick and pray for him period. This pretending will not let the debate fed away unless the serpent takes a walk outside state house fences.

  14. Whether or not the president is breathing is besides the point. He ought to be seen performing his state duties. That was the reason people voted for him. They didn’t think he was just going to be sleeping day and night at state house. Why are they always trying to reassure the public that the president is alive? They seem to know something that they don’t want us to know.

    • Kabimba described the likes of you well, the “uneducated” ones. Your Sata has vanished from public view since 25th May to date and is sometimes only and rarely on still pictures or Facebook. On 25th August, it’ll be “90 Days” absence of the “fit” Sata.
      Continue living in the dwellings of denial, after all, denial is a manifest in PF and are languishing on still pictures and Facebook.
      Obama,Cameron, Abbott and Mugabe are not hiding like the invisible man at Nkwazi, and that’s reality.

  15. long live our Beloved President, Zambia needs you, May you be protected from every EVIL that goes also for Kabimba. Let them hate, insult, they are just increasing our love for you loyal patriots of Zed. You are going through fire but it will harm you.

  16. Christine Kaseba, I think you should be ashamed of yourself. Although a highly qualified person you aren’t professional. Your husband and his govt created this unnecessary problem, now you also are forced to keep on telling lies to explain his abnormal absence from the public he is supposed to be serving. The president is public property. It’s interesting to watch how far you are going to stretch the untruth that Sata is fit and healthy and working hard behind the scenes. If he is hard at work at the very least he owes Zambians an explanation why he has adopted this new ‘behind the scene’ style of governance, don’t you agree with me?

  17. Correction –l meant to say You are going through Fire but it will not burn you.
    kudos to our respectable First Lady, She is one of a KIND.

  18. Ba mama First lady, you mean you are that dull too??? Please spare us the headache! Or were you just hallucinating?

  19. Please stop insulting our intelligence.We are not all dullards not to see that you are skirting around the issue of your husband’s disappearance from public view.Your arrogance is delusional if you imagine people will buy into your lies.Just explain to us why your husband continues to hide himself from the nation if he is truly well. You will surely pay a heavy price for this deceit that you continue to spew together with your husband’s cohorts.People are not fools who can fail to see through something that is so glaringly amiss.

  20. Now what is still incomprehensible is how an elected president thinks he can go into State House for a ‘holiday’ and just ignores everyone else.

  21. Imagine the vitriol that would spew from certain mouths if RB had disappeared for 90 days and Thandiwe had said that all is well!

  22. Muchinga province is Zambia now ? and sata is abroad just sending the wife to go and visit muchinga . pali bakabusha ,bacasaya lyanse ni muchinnga , ZANIS NEWS Muchinga ,twatendwa namuchinga . and bakasebe are you the Voice mail for your husband ? we new Sata before you got married to him ali nimunshinyelwa ,chikonkolo nsukuswa mumabumba , ngalelo chabshani . ok ifyakulya ubushiku fitulikila kumalushi . days are numbered if Zambians voted for the President only to go and have the honey moon at state house , we shall see . umutende usuma ukumonana takwawama . fwebabemba twasaluka because of the honey moon at state house . God is watching . time is coming when Kaseba will tell the relatives off shichilufya Sata the truth . Ifi kulu tafyalulwa . ifyakulya ubushiku fitulikila kumalushi . it I

    • Marubish to hell with your bemba proverbs long live Sata period pa bwato again and again iwe taulya ubushiku? so naiwe fyalitulikila kumalushi you even say you knew ba Sata before Dr Kaseba so what? She is happily married to him and you will never enter state house despite knowing ba Sata before the DOC mwachuleni mukwai.

  23. Just a few loose cows talking trash about the Republican President madam. Pay no attention to dung smoking Hopless Hommos (HH). Such freemason satanists whose success depends on the death of others like Mazoka. UPND members are headless goats lost in the pastures

  24. But why can’t Cobra just come out and say ” bushe ifimoneka ulwelefi “. That will put the end to all speculations.

  25. We know that he is just as absent from her life as he is from ours. She is just trying to save face by saying what she said. She must have been coached to say what she said. The truth is Mr. Sata has abdicated the presidency.

  26. Is this chi Sata in a coma? Huyu mzee ni kama ako kwa nursing home ku state house.Bure kabisa,useless president.

  27. …..I had high esteem for Dr Kaseba until now….She was better off not commenting ANYTHING about MCS status quo.

    ….by the way. speaking as a Ngoni, I advise Kaseba to take advantage of MCS ‘out of public’ status to shave his head (Yul brynner style). It is African tradition and custom to do that to some-one who has been under the weather for a while.

  28. It is also sensible that people like the first-lady that are claiming that The Head of State who has been holed up in State house is working hard should also, on the contrary, state that they that are seen in public are not hard working and are only just busy going around squandering public resources. THIS COVER-UP OF WHATEVER HAS BEEN GOING ON WITH THE PRESIDENT is not holding any water. PF SHOULD STOP TREATING PEOPLE THAT VOTED THEM INTO POWER LIKE CHILDREN. Fikafuma kumalushi.

  29. “Dr. Kaseba she is who she is today because of listening to elders in society and working hard at school.”
    I thought the marriage she has first belonged to another lady, meaning had she not gotten another woman’s marriage, she then could not have been what she says she is today.

  30. I have this suggestion for the PF: At the next presidential elections, why not put up Kaseba as your Presidential candidate instead of King Cabbage? She certainly seems to be performing more presidential functions than her husband, wouldn’t you agree? Let Sata just be a stay-at-home husband.

  31. Why do women become so selfish when they have had a test of luxury life? This woman should be in the forefront trying to encourage the no longer capable husband to quit and start resting……..but there she is, typical of them mwee…………

    • She cannot she is as greedy as Maureen Mwanawasa who forced the husband to continue as president so that she could continue her looting if not for her ba Mweene would still be alive even today. I do not expect any better from Kaseba because the only reason she married Sata was money nothing else that a beautiful young doctor could see in a dagga pusher called Cobra.

  32. This reminds me of the story of our late President being in London “jogging” – and later we had a dead President. The more denials there is from so called spokesperson and now wife the more credence is given to the rumour of the President being incapacitated. Can you imagine the Sata the nation has always known (arrogant) just laying low as the country disintegrate due to no leadership – auto pilot. If indeed he is alright and working then how come the public functions of swearing in new appointees and foreign diplomats is not taking place????

  33. I personally think there was no need to make that statement, 1stly no-one asked, 2ndly it’s coming from an interested part, finally the big man can surely speak for himself.

  34. Unfortunately, that is what greedy does. Who would have thought even Sata`s wife would deny the unhealthy state of her husband. And what she gaining by making such stupid statements. And she doesn`t realize that those statements will soon haunt her.

  35. Long live LT. We can freely express our views, even foolish ones! ZWD only publish views which support their agenda.

  36. As things stand Sata is still president the notion by people who did not even vote for him to claim that they want to see him is childish and not sensable.
    lf you see him then what come on guys there many things we can debate on with tangible results not this non starter issue.
    In Egypt when Mubarrak was leader to would take even 2 years to see the president. He was not a public figure. Its a style of leadership which he has no obligation to copy or immitate what others do. He has a life to lead also, questioning his whereabouts always only shows that we humans are in many grades some in so low grades that what bothers them will hot help them much but simply because someone without much brain power said it they follow suit. Shame on you. Naleka tutiwatukana.

    • Iwe just eat PF’s money quietly and keep your nonsense to your self alone. Not even your better half supports you on this mouth diarrhoea.

  37. So Christine is now the Govt spokesperson or family spokesperson. The President should speak on what is going on in the country. Vote them out.

  38. Mwinemushi be a grown up person your comments are like coming from a child in a long trousers . president is a public asset, whether you voted or not is the president for all Zambians . he is answerable to all of us like the way HH will be

  39. If that’s the case then well and good. But what work is he doing? I thought attending the us-Africa summit was working. Or opening the agric show. Or attending the SADC meeting.
    A leader needs to be seen to be working.

  40. mbuzi za bantu.when rupiah was allover travelling using taxpayers money.that was also a problem.get a life.

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