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Guy Scott to represent President Michael Sata at the SADC Summit

General News Guy Scott to represent President Michael Sata at the SADC Summit

Vice President Guy Scott
Vice President Guy Scott

Foreign Affair Minister Harry Kalaba has announced that His Excellency President Michael Chilufya Sata will be represented at the Summit by the Vice President, His Honour Dr. Guy Scott. The Minister of Foreign Affairs said this during the SADC Council of Ministers Meeting taking place in Victoria Falls Town in Zimbabwe.

The meeting is preceding the Summit which starts on Sunday 17th August 2014. The Minister is together with his counterpart, Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry Hon. Robert Sichinga.

Mr Kalaba said that the SADC Executive Council has had successful deliberations so far with a mouthful of things to consider. Mr. Kalaba said SADC is dedicated to set targets that are for the benefit of the region. He says the SADC Council of Ministers has been dealing with several issues such as industrialization and tariff barriers in the Region.

Mr. Kalaba said that the SADC body needed to yield demands of the time and ensure such meetings bring forth tangible outcomes for the benefit of people in the region.

And speaking during the same occasion, Zambia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ms. Ndiyoyi Mutiti says the senior officials meeting and that of the Ministers have tackled issues pertaining to social and economic development of SADC. Ms. Mutiti says the main issues of discussion have included the industrialization of the region due to trade imbalances. She says the region needs to industrialize and take advantage of its economic opportunities.

The 34th Ordinary Summit of SADC Heads of State and Government will be taking place in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe as an important milestone for socio-economic development in Southern Africa. The theme of the Summit is “SADC Strategy for Economic Transformation: Leveraging the Region’s Diverse Resources for Sustainable Economic and Social Development through Beneficiation and Value Addition.


    • Zambia has now a right president, Guy Scott. He is hardworking man. Change fast-track constitution so he can be stand as republic president in 2016.

    • I look forward to Bob Mugabe ‘s take on Guy Scott being the only White representative of an African nation.

      I hope Guy Scott will not be told off by Bob.

      Kalaba has refused to go because he afraid of answering questions as to why SATA is in hiding.

      Americans , British and Israelites know the truth about what happened to SATA in June.

      The fact is SATA never came back from Israel. If he is not dead , he is hooked to a machine undergoing coma therapy, to allow the multiple transplanted organs to adapt with minimum interruptions.

      Remember the Israelites kept one of their leaders for 7 years hooked on the machine. Thats why Kaseba chose Israel as the last resort to revive SATA after collapsing at 02.00.

  1. Azamwalila Guy Scott travelling like ths sungaleme mwebantu !!
    More over Mugabe will chase you coz u r white by skin Mugabe usually pukes whn he sees a White man.

    Viva New Blood Viva UPND !.

  2. That is OK. Guy is Veep, and a good guy at his job. This is normal. If the President is not in the mood to go, the veep or any appointed minister can be delegated.


  3. Do we have a president in this country?

    Why is Mr Sata neglecting his duties?

    Other countries will be represented by presidents and not their deputies. Our president could not attend the US-Africa Summit and now he cant even make just here in Zimbabwe? Something must be very wrong!!!

    • We Zambians are worried for the president’s position. Is PF really a government of truthful people? Sickness is natural and there is no need to hide his where about. Telling us the truth about the where about of the president will cool the national question which is now leading to discredit the team of government ministers. Why hide and seek? Akabwambe is a game for children. The best is; let the president be on sick leave and the people must be told about it. God bless Zambia.

    • Who said there is anything wrong with Guy Scott? He has even a right wife.
      There are too wrong things at Ba Sata, that is a fact.

  4. Guy Scott is doing a good job for Zambia ably representing our nation with dignity and respect, something Sata is incapable of. He should be appointed acting president until Sata decides to end his hibernation, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  5. Guy Scott is a strong man at his age. He is indeed a working Vice President as we can all see. That am sure every blogger will agree. I wish the man good health and many more years. Zambia needs such a hard working man…

    On the other hand we all know who is not working or being seen to be working.

  6. Guy Scott and the wife are doing us proud. Lets give them the support as least we have not experienced any disappointments.

  7. But where is the “well and fit” and “hardworking” president? Are they not just mocking him when they claim that he is well?

  8. The greatest sign of Sata’s deep trouble is continued absence from a successive string of important meetings.Watch as he misses our upcoming 50th uhuru occasion.

  9. But Ba Kalaba is useless, he listens from Kabimba before even cabinet meeting decide. Its me its me its me..
    – First he announced he was going to USA as a representative.
    – Now ku Zimbabwe
    And is he the government spokesman to be announcing who is representing Zambia?

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