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PF will easily win the 2016 elections-Guy Scott


Mangango PF campaign manager, Obvious Mwaliteta, PF national Chairperson Inonge Wina,  Community Developmen Emerine Kabanshi and Mines Deputy Minister Richard Musukwa welcome Vive President at Kaoma Air Strip
Mangango PF campaign manager, Obvious Mwaliteta, PF national
Chairperson Inonge Wina, Community Developmen Emerine Kabanshi and
Mines Deputy Minister Richard Musukwa welcome Vive President at Kaoma
Air Strip

THE Patriotic Front (PF) will not labour during the 2016 general elections as Zambians have confidence in the ruling party owing to the massive infrastructure development taking place around the country, Vice-President Guy Scott has said.

Dr Scott said this in Itezhi-Tezhi yesterday when he commissioned the construction of the K285.8 million Itezhi-Tezhi-Mumbwa Road project being undertaken by a local contractor, Build Trust Construction, over a two-year period.

Dr Scott said the PF Government was committed to infrastructure development to turn around the country’s outlook, especially through road works under the Link Zambia 8000 Project.

“When we say we are going to rebuild, we will do it on time. When we come to the general elections in 2016, it will be a silent campaign for us because we won’t be talking too much but just showing what we have done.

“Look at what we have done and make up your minds. We have done the works as Government, what more is there to say?” Dr Scott asked.

He said the Itezhi-Tezhi-Mumbwa Road project would open the towns’ economic potential, particularly in the tourism and agriculture

The other benefits to be accrued would be reduced travel time by members of the public and smooth transportation of equipment by Zesco who are constructing the new hydro-power station in Itezhi-Tezhi.

Dr Scott said negotiations were also underway through the ministries of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications and Local Government and Hosuing to include 10 kilometres of township roads in the contract and another seven kilometrss of roads in Masasali Resettlement Scheme.

He expressed happiness that a Zambian contractor had taken up the road project in Itezhi-Tezhi and that this was how it should be.

Dr Scott said this showed that Zambians were capable of undertaking massive projects and that there was need to build confidence in them.

“Itezhi-Tezhi will become a developed place with improved infrastructure overtime and no one will be laughing at you (residents),” he said.

The Vice-President said the Government would not compromise standards in the infrastructure development taking place around the country.

Transport, Works, Supply, and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga said the Itezhi-Tezhi-Mumbwa Road, which was constructed 1976, was in a deplorable state but that it was good the Government had included it under the Link Zambia 8000 Project.

Mr Mukanga was also confident that the contractor would undertake the works according to expectations and as per agreed contractual obligations.

He said the contractor had commenced the work and graded the entire stretch to make it passable as works continued.

“We are happy as Government that with the completion of this project, we will be adding on to the number of kilometres of the paved roads,” Mr Mukanga said.

“I wish to note that the country currently has approximately 9,000 kilometres of tarred roads against a road network of 67,000


    • The people will decide based on performance and PF will excel with flying colours.

      What alternative do opposition parties have to the PF development agenda?

      They have NOTHING!!

  1. The narrow understanding in PF is that road construction is all there is in dealing with and managing a country and its people. I have heard such sentiments as ” are we going to eat the roads?” from the “common man” as we were repeated referred to by one retired president in the past.
    That tells you that you will have to sell a little bit more than showing off roads Mr. VP, come 2016..

  2. You r GREATLY DREAMING ba PF. You can’t win the 2016 Elections.
    Your are phased out mukose mulimbe You can’t bit UPND.

    I wonder every Govt talks about ‘constructing roads’ year in year out its all about ROADS ROADS ROADS.

    Viva UPND Viva New Blood

    • Don’t delude yourself that UPND has a slightest chance of winning a national election. This is a party which PF left in opposition despite having bragged that people wanted real change through UPND but only ended up not just losing but also declining in it’s total vote share from 27% to 18%.Come 2016 UPND will lose again and will only dominate in Southern Province as per custom.

  3. Unfortunately Guy Scott is right because the behaviour of the PF confirms that they will rule by force so guys the chap is pre warning Zambians that if you remain idle during the elections, your vote won’t count. Either we save our country now or fight these thugs at all cost during the next election.

  4. Dottie Scottie is very shallow-minded. Is it only infrastructure development that people want? The PF have misplaced priorities and that’s why winning in 2016 will be impossible for them. Whereas they may boast of road construction, the cost of living has gone up. Its hard for an average Zambian to afford the basic requirements for survival. These are the issues people will be looking at. Is the Link Zambia 8,000 going to bring down the cost of living? These are some of the questions that the PF must be addressing. So Dottie Scottie is being myopic by thinking that the road projects will win the PF the vote in 2016. He must face reality and address real issues affecting the common man on the street rather than talking about roads that wont even be completed in time. There is no money.

    • When you talk about cost of living we are basically considering inflation. Majority of Zambians especially in the rural areas are affected by the food component of inflation and not non food inflation. In June 2014 food inflation was 7.8% and non food inflation was 8%.In July 2014 food inflation was 6.9% and non food inflation was 9%.These figures show that the situation in the country as far as food prices are concerned is improving as food is now cheaper at 6.9% yearly inflation as of July 2014 compared with the 7.8% yearly inflation as of June 2014.Further to this the minimum wage is about $88 per month(K530) for the lowest paid domestic worker which is above $60 per month and any one earning below this figure($60) is considered poor. There is no govt worker earning below K3,000.

    • Mubita….nice twist. Last I heard…alot ( let me not startle you with bogus figures) but alot of civil servants/gov workers haven’t been paid for months. Who is responsible for inflation? Who is responsible for ensuring minimum wage is adhered to? I like your self rationalised calmness that is equivical to a rising thermal….mild, miasmic hot air.

  5. The Headline should have been ‘PF Will Easily Rig or Resign in 2016’. KK brought us ‘unparalleled peace’, and we told him we don’t eat such. FTJ brought us Democracy n we told him the same, Mwanawasa died early 2 hear that we don’t eat Corruption, RB brought Formula 1 and he learnt that we don’t eat that either. Guy Scott will b taught that we don’t eat infrastructure development. We need sustainable jobs, freedom of speech, movement n assembly, stable economy good business environment, a healthy n truthful President n many more. Mwambe ukulonga bwangu ba tenant PF. We the landlords are already shopping for another tenant. Ba Tenant bankongole taba le fwaika

  6. Infrastructural development is key for any nation that wants to prosper. Best practice world over is that a nation must spend about $75 per capita on a yearly basis towards infrastructure development. For Zambia with a population of about 14 million people, the $75 per capita translates to about $1 billion per year. Zambia’s 2014 budget is about $7 billion with recurrent expenditure of 52% and capital expenditure of 48%.This means infrastructure allocation is about $3 billion giving us $215 per capita which is way above the $75 per capital threshold.

  7. I surely see PF win 2016 elections. This is common sense ladies and gentlemen. No amount of insults and vulgar language by the so called Presidents of political parties and their followers will ever get them to plot 1. I have been amazed by the vulgar language from HH who some quarters of our society think will make the next president. God sees. Wait and see the embarrassment and shame you will face. Maybe in 2026 HH could try narrowly win elections if he will still be in politics. Remember the great son of Africa Mugabe was even announced dead by some of the international media, what has happened? This was in 2005. Is he dead? In Bemba they say ‘pa pona ipompo pasha ibonge’. Just wait how God will surprise all haters and strengthen HE MCS. The truth is the man means well for Zambia.

    • There’s no leader in PF. You have more than 3 Presidential candidates in PF. ..Kabimba, Mulenga Sata, GBM, Kaseba, and Kambwili. Truth is PF will be buried with Sata before 2016. Its over for your PF!

  8. Is PF still counting on manufacturing more lies or is it going to be something else this time around? DONCHI KU BEBA AND MOR MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS won’t do this time around. PF lied their way into power and now appear poised to lie their way out of it. What a shame!


  10. That’s what PF hero, Kenneth Kaunda believed would happen in 1991. Keep on telling yourselves such lies hoping it will become the truth. This coming from Guy Scott proves that it’s more than one that is suffering from dementia in PF,

  11. HH and UPND are going to win 2016 general elections. To them Zambia is Southern Province. In that kind of Zambia to them, Northern Province is Mazabuka, Southern Province is Livingstone, Western Province is Kazungula, Easten Province is Gwembe, NorthWestern Province is Namwala, Luapula Province is Monze, Muchinga Province is Chikankata, Central province is Choma, Copperbelt province is Kalomo, Lusaka Province is Zimba.

    • UPND is losing 2016 and HH knows this for a fact. UPND is on free fall from 27% to now 18%.No matter how hard it begs for votes outside southern province majority of voters will continue shunning this party as they don’t want to be near it.

    • PF found UPND in opposition and left it in opposition. UPND used to brag that the political landscape had changed in their favour and was more popular than PF on the Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces before the latest elections. UPND only got 11% total share of Lusaka votes and a paltry 3% share of Copperbelt Votes. UPND only has 1 stronghold (Southern Province) but has continued deluding itself that it will scoop the presidency in 2016.UPND must realize that Southern Province is not Zambia.

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