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MMD’s “New Politics” Opening Door To More Women Politicians – Victoria Kalima


Vitoria Kalima addressing people in Chikungu
Vitoria Kalima addressing people in Chikungu

Recently re-elected Member of Parliament Victoria Kalima has thanked the people of Kasenengwa, the leadership and supporters of the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) and all the Eastern Province MMD Members of Parliament for the tremendous show of support that helped her reclaim her seat with a landslide victory of almost 11,000 votes, which was the highest winning number out of the 5 by-elections on 11th September 2014 .

A triumphant and jubilant Ms Kalima who now prepares to re-occupy her previously nullified seat this Friday during the official opening of Parliament says she feels vindicated and totally re-energized as she looks forward to strengthening the voice of the MMD in Parliament and continue championing the cause of the disadvantaged rural women and children in her constituency.

[pullquote]I am happy that my party the MMD is pushing for a new style of politics based on honesty, morality, and integrity. Just as President Levy Mwanawasa had the New Deal, MMD under President Nevers Mumba has Modern Politics,” she said.[/pullquote]

“I want to tell my fellow womenfolk throughout the country to rise and help increase women representation in parliament and I sincerely hope that many will draw inspiration from my determined fight to get my seat back in the face of a very hostile environment. I am very encouraged that the era of insults and violence which has caused most women to shun politics is being defeated by issue-based campaigns and so the door is now wide open for women to participate without fear. I am happy that my party the MMD is pushing for a new style of politics based on honesty, morality, and integrity. Just as President Levy Mwanawasa had the New Deal, MMD under President Nevers Mumba has Modern Politics,” she said.

When the PF came into power, the then PF Secretary General Mr. Winter Kabimba, instructed all losing PF candidates to petition 50 MMD seats which resulted in the highest election petitions in Zambia’s history. Most political analysts have accused the Patriotic Front Government of using this carefully and deliberately crafted devious ploy to achieve a parliamentary majority of 106 seats giving the required two-thirds majority to circumvent a Referendum and pass the new constitution with clauses of their choice.

The Kasenengwa seat was among the many MMD seats nullified by the Courts of law allegedly due to electoral malpractice. Twenty three by-elections have been held since PF came into power, reducing the MMD representation in Parliament from 55 to just 39. According to the Electoral Commission of Zambia, the cost of conducting a by-election is about K7 million of tax-payers money and the PF machinations have cost the country K161 million so far, without counting the cost of transporting, accommodating and paying PF Ministers, MPs and other government officials during campaigns.

MMD Media Team


  1. More opposition parties should consider rejuvenating their parties to capture votes from a modern and knowledgeable electorate. Politics of hunger, insults and tribe have no place in this modern day and age. Kudos to Kalima and the MMD but I still believe you’re still in decline.

    • Gen……..

      What has happened to your brain pathways? Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

      Surely you do not tell us that insults can move you. I thought that is your health diet. Or are you saying that you have forgotten about the insults and even worse language you and Kudos have consistently heaped on that humble HH?? You know Gen. yours is not politics but thuggery, crime, life-threatening language against another Zambian whose only crime in your criminal mind was to join politics and lead an opposition party and be a Tonga. Mr Sakwiba Sikota forgave whatever happened at that UPND conference. He has better things to do. Besides, he does not have your dark mind. I still think you and kudos need police identification for further criminal investigation. You meant every word you said about HH.

  2. Congratulations are in order; issue based politics will foster economic development; negative campaigns are now ancient; i support the call on women to rise to the challenge & form the majority in parliament come 2016.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS A VICKI!!!! We are entering the Year of Jubilee!!! Let Zambia now lead the way, the way we have led the way on many issues e.g. independence struggle for Southern Africa, let us now set a new standard for African politics.

    Its time to end making Africa the laughing stock of the world.

    Let us help Africa be the envy of the world. Viva MMD!!!

    • Ms Kalima, congrats.

      Please be an MP for MMD and the people of Kasenengwa. We need a new constitution to put to rest the old politics of MMD as practised by Mr Mulongoti and Ms Dora Siliya. Please make a difference. You look young enough. I do not know about your academic credentials. These are necessary if one is to properly analyse issues faced by ordinary Zambians especially the poor uneducated vulnerable who are constantly tricked by unscrupulous politicians. Brother Nevers Mumba is a kind man and him being at the helm of government can bring the same comfort we felt in the first term of late FTJC and the short reign of the late LPM (though i did not like the stealing of the Copperbelt vote from late Mazoka -the same Copperbelt that wanted to eliminate HH.)

  4. Kamayoyo, may your insulting words against an innocent man of God haunt you.
    May God keep you alive to reap in full the evil that you are sowing.

  5. Kamayoyo….

    All brother Nevers does when he is insulted is to turn to his God and ask for your forgiveness. HH does the same when Gen. and Kudos use that disgusting language against HH. As a matter of fact the following opposition politicians are so clean in their language:

    HH, Milupi, Chipimo, Miyanda, Dr Mutesa, Dr. N Mumba and Nawakwi (though she should be transparent about her marital status and also stop attacking fellow opposition to try and get favours from PF leadership). Sometimes I wonder why Zambians fail to see the great potential of these young, educated and humble leaders but continue to stick to old men. Can you imagine the MMD trying to drag old RB back when they have firebrands like Nevers, Lungu, Mulusa etc. Come on you people. What is wrong with you, especially…

  6. I meant especially the youth. Start believing in yourselves, youth. Help your fellow youths. USA’s Obama is 53 years (got elected at age 47), UK’s Cameron is only 47, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is 61, Israel’s Netanyahu is 61, Japan’s Shenzo Abe is 60, China’s Xi Jinping is 59 while South Korea’s Park Geun-hye is 62. These are all countries which are doing very well in both politics and economic development. Here we are busy looking for tired freedom fighters who want to enjoy the company of great grandchildren. You might as well just call KK back. After all he has the so-called “experience” you are ever looking for.

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