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Sata arrives in New York for UN Summit, Edgar Lungu is Acting President


President Sata greeting Defence Minister Edgar Lungu
President Sata greeting Defence Minister Edgar Lungu

PRESIDENT Michael Sata arrived today for the 69th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly where he will join other heads of State in the general debate and other deliberations.

The President arrived in the company of First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba, Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Robert Sichinga and his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations George Chellah.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba, his Lands counterpart Mwansa Kapeya and Emerine Kabanshi from Community Development Mother and Child Health arrived ahead of the Presidential entourage.

Mr Sata arrived around 23:25 hours (about 05:25 Zambian time) at JF Kennedy International Airport.

This session’s theme is ‘Delivering on and implementing a transformative post-2015 development agenda.’

The Zambian delegation will participate in the Climate Summit tomorrow to be convened by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon.

Tomorrow the UN hosts the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The general debate opens on Wednesday and closes on October 3, 2014.

Also on cards is the High Level Dialogue with the First Ladies on Maternal and New-born Health Beyond 2014.

The UN headquarters is awash with pre-session activities as a number of Heads of State and other dignitaries will be participating in many activities.

While the president is away, Defence Minister Edgar Lungu, who is also the acting Chief Justice Minister, will be the acting President


  1. “Edgar Lungu who is also acting Chief justice” really? Polish up your editing skills or otherwise employ qualified and serious journalists.

    • Whether ka Mushota and her mum’s relatives like it or not, ba Sata is sick and in VERY BAD SHAPE.

      …the way he was squeeking like a mouse.

      Awe mwandi he’s deteriorated a lot.


    • Just hope he won’t be given a platform to speak. His not in a complete right frame of mind to do that due to heavy medication.

      A much more level headed individual acting as president, am happy. Unlike the FIRED fellow, that thought acting mean’t being the actual.

    • Now Now he is in New York. What’s your next excuse bafiikaala imwe mu opposition ? I’m pretty sure soon you will change to that he has just gone for medical treatment.Tamwaba nechisuma imwe ba stuupidi.

    • ICIKALIPA CUUMFWA UMWINE. I totally agree with Guy Scott: No One is Forcing Sata To Work. Sata is a grown up. He makes his own decisions. So it is folly to be pleading for him to rest! Rest from what? Why should he rest? Guy Scott is right. Why should some people pretend that they care more about Sata than he cares about himself? MULEKENI ASEBENZE

    • here comes the ball now,well chested by HAKAINDE,passes the ball to WILLIAM BANDA,BANDA to LIFWEKELO back again to BANDA who beats hard tackling CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI in the process,he squares the pass to their danger man HAKAINDE but the referee BOWMAN LUSAMBO blows for an offside against HAKAINDE.2-1 in favour of pf is the score line.KABIMBA WINTER scored a penalty before he was red carded,and RICHWEL SIAMUNENE scored an own goal to make it 2 for pf while SHAKAFUSWA scored one for upnd.now the pf are warming up their dangerman SATA who comes straight frm a harmstring injury,his first touch on the ball,he beats REQUEST MUNTANGA in the process and beats their goal keeper AUSTIN LIATO,its a gooooaaal!Sata,Sata,Sata!he has scored a hatrick 15 min after coming in.

    • Umulume wa mbwa tafwa Ku kulu. kuikoseleshako, this is all sick people should be, not bed-ridden. But not to force self speak, just sit there while Kaseba reads on behalf. Muka yama ichintu chintu umwene.

    • @Saulosi; its not about haters or whatever you want to call it. Seriously, the man is in no state to contribute positivelt to the debate. Whoever PF and Sata are trying to inpress or hoodwink, whichever the case, its hog wash. The man is just out for “health tourism”, nothing else. I wouldn’t begrudge the man if it was a once in a while bill, but when the bill is now coming to an equivalent of constructing a health centre in a rural community or building a few science labs for secondary schools, people should start looking at the opportunity cost. What value is the nation getting from all this cash out flow? Its not wise and definitely not fair when 1000’s more can benefit from the colossal medical bill that is being paid for one person.

    • OMG, that’s stressing the president further?? In his state taking a 16 hours flight to the USA???? Ba LT, be responsible, please stop putting old pictures of the president?? We want current pictures. Sata should step down. ZAMBIANS lets show love to our President, by putting a partition, in good faith to let him rest. LET HIM RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.

    • I think the “Acting Chief Justice” was deliberately put that way. That’s why the word “Chief” has a stroke on it. To try and show the influence of the minister on the affairs of the judiciary. Just thinking…

    • So Mr Lungu is Acting President, acting Justice Minister and Defense Minister?In addition to that of being secretary genera of the party.
      How is that possible people of Zambia?You mean PF has no ministers who can take some of that role and So the guy is drawing 3 salaries?

    • Sata has gone walkabout. If he really is the one, he has really shrunk. Dr Kaseba must have put him on an intensive slimming diet and regime for three months he has been hiding.

      I doubt if Sata is back until I see him for my self. The Sata I know is bigger than that and speaks with a clear authoritative voice not that squealing sickly voice.

      PF need to tell the truth for once and rub off the BUFI tag. How do they sleep after lying that Sata is fit.



  2. I think on behalf of everyone
    We wish lungu all the best as he is doing a job too hard
    to do unles your name is Michael sata

    A sick person doesn’t go to New York to meet world disgnataries and the likes of Obama Cameron you name them all.

    I am sure all of us have has cold or flu some may call it sickness some may not. It is what it is.
    And since when does anyone judge someone by their voice. You people need to grow up

    God bless


    • Mushota I like your comments, we need to be objective and optimistic. People will hang themselves especially if H.H does not become a president. Even in the house parents trust one kid or two but they love all unconditionally. Its a fact president Sata loves Lungu and I do love Lungu for his obedience, you can not bit the hand that feeds you.

    • Anyone noticed how Mushota is slowly morphing to sound sarcastic so that later on it can claim it was just being sarcastic so as to maintain options on the variability of how things turn out. Same as the soothsayer and the other gimps that constantly attack everyone else including those that are actually saying what the people of Zambia are thinking. Clap…clap..clap!!

    • But we know he is using this opportunity to do his medicals in a country with facilities. Why do you people mistakenly believe he has gone for UN issues. I wish him well in both the UN meetings as well as the medicals. Let us all pray him

    • @Winter – and why not if he has that option? There is a lot of times I have taken advantage of a trip to do something I cannot easily do in Zed for various reasons. The primary reason for travel is UN business, however.


    • @BODE NIGERIA, could you share the monetary figures with us mere mortals please? Thanks in advance. By the way, what is the medical allowable limits for the Presidency???

  3. Well said Mushota. The President was down with a cold, a minor ailment but very stubborn. We are all vulnerable unless you have a special immunity . Whilst in US, the President will discuss very important issues with other world leaders and investors necessary to develop our economy. Despite his cold or flu as Mushota puts it, this President has taken a long flight to US to clinch economical deals for his county, He is filled with love for his country. Can HH really do such a thing? I guess not. Mr Sata is selfless and he is the only President Zambia has had who can crack jokes with his ministers and other MPs. He is down to earth and too humble to be loved by all of us. Remember when he just became President he used to walk from his house to the place of worship at St Ignacius.

    • I just hope he meets Former President Geroge Bush, an instituion he rebuked and shunned on more than 2 occassions during his visit to Lusaka.

      Equally hope Ambassador Mark Storella will be there to scorn him. He thought he didn’t need the US only to realise he needs the medical facilities more than they need him.

    • @jojo, this is very serious, cold or flu keeps the president away from public for more than three months and he is looking weight, red lips, and weakling??????

  4. Well done my Republican President. Continue lifting up lives of ordinary people who have suffered years of deprivation and other social ills too numeroud to mention due to corrupt and self centered individuals some of whom even through away over freezed chicken packs in the bins yet next door in kalingalinga a widow with her seven children hardly has any hope of putting a meal on the table. Mr Predident restore the diginity of what being a Zambian a cheerful ever smiling harding ever productive and ever caring and humanistic one standing in a country strong and free. Ignore the prophets and critics of doom but soar the fish eagle of our flag higher and higher.

  5. HH and Mumba, they wanted ba Sata to be out of state house and behold he is out, sudenly these empty tins have changed the rhythms to he is not fit. bafik.ka.la are you God?

  6. God is great, God Loves our President. As for you people that have been saying these terrible things you know it yourselves you are children and folllowers of Satan and you will receive judgement for your terrible sins in one way or the other. Why such hateful hearts because you think HH cares for you? You are so silly, HH doesn’t even care for his tribesmate workers who he treats worse than the cattle he sells to Zambeef, HH is a freemason that cares for no one but himself, wanzelu (aka mei mutungu, anderson chisala), cjay, ndobo, dudelove, nostradumbass,maverick,fakeengineerinaustralia, fakeemmanualchenda and the rest of you when will you have shame to see the evil acts you are committing? And on top of it your acts are actually criminal so rather than be hateful be repentant.

    • Tell them 2020Vision. There are few enlightened ones like us who can see through the evil ways of this Child of Satan (HH). He can kill for power. He poisoned Mazoka out of greed for power. (HH) can never love all Zambians. Even members his own clan eat ordinary green grass, kapinga and roots during times of hardship and he boasts he’s rich, instead of sharing. Until he denounces his evil ways and removes himself from leading a cult called Underworld Party for Nocturnal Demons (UPND).
      I like this clever coining of the name Nostradumbass. Brilliant! They’re all dumb

    • Immature amateurs. One blind, one alien. Never anything different to say…ka recorder in ze ze blain has reached it’s limit. One must wear fake glasses to look smart, the other is off this planet. Albiet, they should address the people about what they have discussed at this gathering so we can see if they understand what they went for in the first place.

    • @LOL…speaking of “ka recorder in , zeze blain” you daft chap try, but only if your narrow thinking capacity will allow you to say something different which you haven’t in your last 10 devoid of any reason posts but sadly your thinking capacity is limited because true to my assertions of you being a cretin you are infact such..yes you are..your grandfather was your father, your mother your sister, your uncles your brothers and you are what then???…You are a cretin…LOL a name well chosen, I’m sure that’s what your parents call you in the REAL WORLD. LOL, a typical example of HH’s followers, one whose stupidity is always ready to expose itself no matter how hard they try to pretend.

    • @2020 We dont wish Sata deadwe want him to exude GOOD leadership acume & what he has done to make Lungu act thts the Greatest of all.
      But remember he is a CURSED MAN & has come to his senses now.
      I am HAPPY GOD has taught him a GREAT lesson. I BELIEV HE will stop wht he was doing to Chiefs & will reduce Nepotism,Regionalism & Tribalism THOUGH he wont Govern beyond 2016 HE NEEDS to RETIRE.

      @Luapula Premire @7 Long time you had gone into oblivion with grandpa ? Good to ve u back again.

    • @anderson are you really being truthful? Okay can you then pray for HEMCS for full strength and health, and protection from the evil works and agents of satan that wish nothing but bad. Pray that God almighty will inflict the very same evil that those that have wished ill on HEMCS on this very blog to happen to themselves as is mentioned in Psalms 23 (thou preparest a place for me to eat in the presence of my enemies). God is great those and that are wishing evil will be afflicted themselves. The difference between some of us and the ZWD maniacs is we draw the line and have never ever wished their HH death or terrible misfortunes and this is why God will always favour us and will always curse you swine because you are truelly evil.

  7. Well, well, well! This is where to find ba muselela kwakaba! A few weeks ago you were on the other side, when you thought that man was too sick to recover! Now, since you still feel you can ‘eat with him’, you are here on this side? Why not take a stand on your own side and stick to it?
    ZAMBIANS are so gullible!!! Kwati kaume kampali, zoona!!

    • @kalikeka you must be talking about m2020, that animal is still on the other side, don’t confuse me with that UPND/ ZWD cadre/ blogger, since day one I’ve been pro PF, but if indeed you mean me then I dare you to kindly copy and paste where I have ever said a single word against His Excellency MCS. I have said a few things against other govt officials whom i believe were not genuine, people such as GS, Kambwili, Kabimba, GBM. As for GS whom until yesterday I had a low opinion of but his apparent support for HEMCS is beginning to win my admiration. To me HEMCS has always been the right man, and I pray he can recover fully, gain his strength and shame these satanists and that includes you too if you a UPND supporter.Ive known MCS before some of you kids were born and I admire him.

  8. Edger Lungu is the right man so far and my prayer is that Given Lubinda being given back a ministry especially Minister of Justice and eventually Vice-President as we try and stabilize the situation. GBM should also be given a ministry as deputy minister, Guy Scot should go to Agriculture. We need Edger Lungu or Given Lubinda as Vice President in case of any unforseen circumstancise. Remember the four pillars of PF were 1. Sata, 2. Guy Scot, 3. Given Lubinda and 4. Wynter Kabimba. And among the Pillars one should take over, definately not Guy Scot, but then who among the two? Kabimba and Given? though they seem to hate each other.

  9. Go Sata!
    Keep uniting us with Zambian brotherly love, development and peace. You are looking fit Oh Great One, Father of the nation, father of all Zambians. Ignore the hatred from UPND Hutus and MMD Zezulus

    • …..and useless…..your avatar says it all, harbinger of death and hate. When will you learn that only about three people actually bother to digest anything you say. You’re not even a logical devil’s advocate. It’s always the same junk, the same negativity that is usually pasted with the unfortunate happenings of serious conflicts and innuendos that if were to ever happen in Zambia (and they wouldn’t) would be catastrophic……and for this very direction you take…it proves you care not for Zambia but only HMCS…which by and by should be the same but the person is not the country my son.
      I have nothing against HMCS besides his leadership style, so don’t reply with your usual trash.

    • @LOL in your case biggie you are BRAINLESS..your style and choice of words is exactly like that homosexual blogger dudelove, you are probably the same !diot pretending to be another blogger what a joke you are.

  10. Kubacushafye ba Mdala. Balekeni batushe The flight from Zambia to New York is long and tiring. Perhaps the Presidential jet has some beds in it and as such he can comfortably sleep.

    • I can see you have never flown before. Check Executive and business class and the presidential plan cannot fly 18 straight hours because of its size.

  11. Everyone that is remotely involved with the charade of the President’s capacity and fitness to discharge the functions of his office effectively will be made to answer to the full extent of the law once the President leaves office. The debacle of the opening of parliament is on record.

  12. @Mushota

    Don’t waste your time.

    Whether the President is sick or not, does it make him less effective?
    Will he forget about
    the new KKI airport?
    the Kitwe – Chingola dual carriage ways?
    building new universities?
    upgrading hospitals?
    new roads?

    I am from Luapula, if Chiluba was arise from the dead today and attempt to contest elections today, Luapula will still go for the man from Mpika.

  13. People with negative perceptions end up being FAILURES in life . Our president is seing in public but they are still negative . But only GOD knows how long a person stays on this earth & some of us claiming to be healthier than SATA will pass on before him , mark these words .

  14. The cobra is up and running an indication that he could be more health and sound than in the recent past months when he was hardly seen or heard.

    To God be all the glory!

  15. The President is actually jogging on the streets of New York, an indication that he is fine and discharging his duties effectively. HH is in the kraal limping and counting his ng’ombes in Monze rural. His Kaposis sarcoma has reached an advanced stage.

    • Oh no… really HH has Kaposis Sarcoma, guys lets pray for HH unlike these UPND satanists we believe in forgiving those that have wronged us, but then let us also pray for the UPND MPs such as shakasfuswa as well as most of them have gained excessive weight as a side effect of ARVs. Apparently they are being sent from abroad by the likes of wanzelu, dudelove, ndobo, wantanshi and other sick individuals whose HIV has reached such an advanced stage it is affecting their mental faculties but we will not mention these other sick UPND cadres because they are insignificant cretins that don’t deserve any space.

  16. Even President Mugabe was declared dead several times but he is still alive. I still feel our President has long way to go even beyond 2016. God knows what the big man is yet to do for the people as a result he will give him long life. People did not believe me when i told them SATA will open parliament without any difficulties and could not believe me but it just happened. Mr. SATA we will not relax in our prayers coz we need you. God bless

  17. This is the most reckless government ever we have a vice president with an office and staff who can not act as president and then we have this patient we call a president who is too frail and dying he hardly does anything….Zombies when are you going to wake up…here is Lungu being appointed acting president, when he is also acting Justice Minister and Defence Minister.
    I am sure wicked woman Kaseba is in the forefront to go to the UN so she could network there for a future role when the dying patient lives her.

  18. lets work on our ability to respect each other. The truth is sata is loved by most zambians and come 2016 he will get 75%, HH 12%, MMD 7% …

    • And how old will he be in 2016 if he even lives up to that date by what I saw on 19/09/2014…that was a “walking coffin” at National Assembly the words he used when describing his ill colleagues.

  19. I have not read all the comments for obvious reasons. My take is Sata needs to rest. Unless he gone to seek medical attention. I’m sure for pipo around him, this is remarkable improvment or recovery. But its painfully clear that he is Sata is far way from being fit to work esp outside State House. At the same time balanda abati icikalipa chumfwa umwine.

  20. @ Kudos, thanks, ‘HH poisoned Mazoka out of greed for power. (HH) can never love all Zambians’. arrest this satanist for killing.

    • But on the other hand this could work as counter propaganda against HH and his demonic crew who print lots of nonsense on here! Yeah that sounds like a plan.

      HH is a poisoner!!! Nothing will stop that man!

    • Affirmative, HH poisoned Andy when they duo had lunch together, nshima with pigeons. Everyone knowns about it. Actually HH and Sosala had ganged up to bewitch him.

  21. The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), is a very good forum and important for development especially developing nations. My father used to attend those for UN Geneva, and NY and Addis Ababa. It is good our President is able to attend to give it the gravitas it deserves. First Lady also has her schedule. Both should be supported by Zambians and praised for their tireless work.

    President Sata is a trooper! Strong and able to upstage his opposition mates.

    We need to change the titles of Opposition ‘President,’ to Opposition ‘Leader.’ For clarity there should be only one person to use the President title, that is the person that wins the General Elections. In the UK there is Prime Minister and all Opposition Heads are called Opposition Leaders.

    • To add, Calling Opposition Leaders, Presidents, makes them pompous and self important. It puts opposition Leaders on Par in title only with a democratically elected President. If we stop opposition heads from using that title they will get an adjustment in their heads! They currently act like they run their own country within Zambia. Failing to work with the gov’t. Always arguing negatively for the sake of promoting themselves rather than provide a check and balance on the gov’t.

  22. Wherever, Wanzelu is must be arrested and taken to back to Zambia. He has committed a crime for pronouncing our president dead. The id1otic Wanzelu even gave the date and time when he alleged the president died as 27 June 2014 at 02.00 hours. This is unforgiable.

    • @umubemba I personally would gladly track down wanzelu and the other UPND satanists and bring them back to Zambia to face the law

    • I am still here. But the truth is Sata is gone walkabout. If its really him , PF needs to admit that he is sick and allow him to rest officially than parading a shrunk man to the world. I still doubt if he truly is the one until PF explains where he was and what was happening to him during his three months absence.

      Hate me or like me, I will continue to exercise my prerogative to speculate based on what tricks PF tries on us concerning the health of the president.

      People in the US are actually laughing at Dr Kaseba letting a very sick man continue to work. I wonder what accolade she is receiving while allowing the torture of her ill husband to continue.

      If its true he is indeed Sata, then he must have been really sick and bed ridden for him to miss important public functions.

    • @wanzelu/mei mutungu or whatever other false names you are using these days, anyone who can believe your lies given your previous false speculations is even more dull and insane than you.

  23. Oh please,ati respect. That stuff is earned and its given to people who treat others with respect in return.Sata is very far from respecting others and he’s a fvckin liar..

  24. All of you read yesterday Scott talking about Sata’s obstinacy or didn’t you? He said as far as Sata was concerned he is healthy and fit and doesn’t need rest. Of course the shriveled and spooky appearance we saw at parliament told us as nothing else could that Sata is better off in a hospice. What Scott was telling us is that they all know Sata is a dead man walking but no one among his subordinates has the necessary balls to tell him to his face to get lost. Although Zambia is democratic society the fear of the ‘great leader’ is still deeply ingrained. In New York he is bound to do and say something uncouth, that’s something he automatically does when irresponsible and cowardly officials unleash him in public.

  25. Folks in the USA, could you please arrange with the embassy or whoever to meet up with the President so you could see for yourself how he is and perhaps get an opportunity to ask him questions? We know it’s a tradition for a sitting president to meet up with the Diasporafor eevery time they travel overseas. Mr Sata has already shown precedence in this regard during his early days in office. Let’s hope he keeps that tradition.

  26. @Maverick, there is no need for the President to meet Zambians in New York when he has a busy schedule. UN summit is a very serious busy. Your want to transfer this childish politics to US? Let the President do his job instead of wasting time with illegal immigrants. Get a life man. We all know that Sata was down with a cold which he has recovered from. It is time for him to work. Havent you seen how the agencies have rated our economy? In the morning, Sata will be jogging as usual before he returns to the venue of the summit. He is fit and alive. Shame on you HH supporters. Let your HH seek medical attention for his advanced Kaposis Sarcoma.

  27. Outside Africa, everybody thinks that the entire Africa is engulfed by an Ebola pandemic. Now, if no other president has ever visited Zambia, besides Mugabe, since Sata ascended to power, just how could the Mushotas of this world even dream of any president wanting to meet such a diseased African walking dead man in New York? Sata will spend all the time locked up in a hotel. By the way Mushota, are you the kid Remmy sired with his own blood sister? You hollow contributions point to an inbreed soul!

  28. Mark my words! Zambians we are in for a rude shock…this is going to make zambians laughing stock every where in the world. I hope the boss does not say anything at the summit, because i have seen a case of dementia and it is very worrying that all symptoms are there as exemplified on 19th. This trip has been forced by the top lady so that she get her kudos for her own work, not that she is accompanying the boss as a wife should.

  29. Haters of Sata , you are just ashamed. You wished Sata dead but here he is.. alive. You are really the agents of satan , but will not succeed in killing Sata. God is the only one who has the life of each person. Sata may remain while you dies.

    May the good Lord God bless Sata.

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