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Girl 7, defiled by boy 12 in Chama, Muchinga Province

Rural News Girl 7, defiled by boy 12 in Chama, Muchinga Province

A 7 year- old girl of Chama District in Muchinga Province has been defiled by a 12- year- boy.

Muchinga Assistant Police Commissioner Peter Kabengele confirmed the development to ZANIS today.

Mr Kabengele explained that the incident occurred on September 15, 2014 but was only reported by the victims’ mother Naomi Nthele yesterday.He said the incident happened around 15 hours at Chama Primary School.

Mr. Kabengele said the victim sustained bruises and suffered swollen and bleeding private parts.

He said the alleged juvenile defiler of Lukombozi compound is still at large and police have since opened a docket and launched investigations into the matter.


  1. They are all kids. Balebutafye. Imwe bushe uku tekuchitana kwa pali kaputula pakubuta kubwaice uku ? We all went through this thing kubwaice.

  2. who has defiled the other because they say girls grow fast than boys? elo imwe balusaka times stop mentioning provinces in the stories like these one because you are promoting tribalism

  3. Under the Zambian penal code, a child of twelve years and below cannot commit any sexual offence, even if you can present a recorded video of the incident as evidence in court. He is regarded as lacking the capacity to cimmit such offences. This incapacity is legally irebutable (cannot be disproved).
    There is nothing wrong with arresting of the juvenile, but proof of the stated age will be an absolute defence. Remember it’s not the duty of the police to acquit, but the courts, hence the police has to do their job.
    My attention is drawn to the allaged facts that the girl sustained swolen and bleeding private parts, i don’t a think a child of twelve years can have the erection strong enough to cause such…the reported age is hereby questioned.

  4. I doubt a boy that young nobwamba kuti bwaima nokwingisha muli chikashana. The police are just wasting their time. These are just innocent kids playing mama and papa.

  5. Educate me please I have been away from Zambia for sometime, Is the formerly Chama Boma in Eastern Province now part of Mchinga Province or it is excitement among Journalists to paint in black the home base of His Excellency MCS, our lovely developmental Father

  6. According to the law, male person under the age of 12yrs is incapable of having sex. Thereafter, he is presumed to be capable. It doesn’t make sense though because whatever a person does at this age is purely experimental!!

  7. Imwe uyu temwaiche alilepaula umwanakashi,teminwe abimfeshe iyo.what will happen nga afika 18 years,ba namayo bakalalila mutule.ati incapable of having sex,imwe bayama tamwaishiba ati kwaliba imishila ku Muchinga? balasheta sana

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