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It’s up to the people-RB

Headlines It’s up to the people-RB

Zambian Fourth president Rupiah Banda
Zambian Fourth president Rupiah Banda

Former President Rupiah Banda says he has left the debate on whether he should come back into active politics to the people.

Mr Banda told Journalists at his office last evening that it is up to the people of Zambia to decide for him whether to come back to politics or not.

Mr Banda said this shortly after meeting a delegation from the Inter Parliamentary Union that paid a courtesy call on him.

He said he is also following the calls from some sections of society that he returns to active politics with keen interest.

“I’m also hearing the calls but it is you the people that make people bounce back. It is not me to decide. If you were in my position you just sit and listen,” Mr Banda explained.

Mr Banda who refused to discuss the matter further said he is now careful about what he says regarding the issue of returning to politics.

“This is why you have found me with my lawyer (Sakwiba Sikota) so that he can guide me through this mine field. I don’t mean to be uncooperative but I also need to be careful with what I say,” Mr Banda said.

Calls for Mr Banda who ruled Zambia between 2008 and 2011 have heightened with some quarters urging him to bounce back to steer the country in a transitional period in an event of a by election.


  1. papeni a president of all Zambians!!,,, there must be signs all over, why are people jostling for presidency,,,when we have a president in office???,,,, the answer to that might be that we have a dying president or a president on his was to resign or,,, indeed we have an absent president/landlord

    • Who the hell is lying to RB that he can still come back as president? This man belongs to the archive. Such names should not even be mentioned in Zambian politics today. Greedy old men, aaaargghhh. Just enjoy your retirement Rupiah.

    • @Nostradamus
      what is happening uko ku New york? your yama is absent in Zambia and he is now absent ku UN,,,,, people are worried in Zambia because he is also not answeing his phone!,,

    • Pay attention and learn.There is no need to ask him not to return to active politics:
      Two scenarios essentially here

      1) Is he a likely to up-seat Nevers Mumba? Probably

      2) In the event he does, is she likely to win the Presidential elections ? NO

      3) Who does his impending come back hurt the most? probably MMD.

      In this context I would say let him come back, he is merely diluting his party and arguably making PF and UPND a little stronger because the shambles and wrangles in MMD has been what has held them back in the short term. This likely, makes it even worse.

      Overall this is undermining MMD than anyone else.


    • Be serious shi Mpundu no one needs you. You shouldn’t even entertain those thoughts. Just continue with your retirement baba.

    • No it’s not up to the people, if you don’t want to come back even if some people want you to come back that wouldn’t matter , case of Mandela people wanted him to stay on but he didn’t want to. Just say it plain and simple that you want to come back .

    • Presidential medical tourism stops with Sata. Zambia does not want another old man who will end up costing Zambians millions in medical tourism.

      RB already has medical and health challenges that make him visit South Africa for treatment on several occasions.

      Zambians need HH after Sata.

      RB, its a BIG NO.

    • This will depend on whether Nevers, HH, Mlongoti and others will accept being led by Banda’s son…who is championing the father’s come back.

    • Which people are calling for his comeback?
      It depends on which people?
      The last time these same people spoke in 2011 they sent Rupiah back to his farm!
      what are you talking about?? stop dreaming!!

  2. Yeah,i want bumper harvests,record forex reserves,tranquility from rule of law,sanity in govt policies towards farmers and controlled hawker menace.Does that mean having RB back?

  3. RB, you once said even if you survive crossing a crocodile infested river, you don’t go back to cross it the second time.

    Calls from the people should not matter, what if the people are calling you to be a thief? The question is what is it that you feel you should do yourself?

  4. Who is RB to deserve a come back. He is the MOST USELESS President Zambia has ever had. Let him NOT CHEAT himself.

    • jose, this theory is true only to wives. its expensive to manage a new wife but cheaper to manage an old wife. tell wa RnB to rest, there is honour in lying low,

  5. Don’t waste your time listening to those people advising you to get back into politics. Very few people, and I mean very, very few people would vote for you. All that alcohol consumption at state house during your time has left many Zambians with unfavourable memories of you.

  6. It is when the comparator is problematic that people start going backwards. RB should be allowed to rest, he time and style of politics below to the past period. recall how he praised the nonsense Dora was doing at Ministry of Communication, selling ZAMTEL for a song.

  7. Kanitundila had his time and he should not focus on raising his great great grand children oh sorry children. MCS is the last old president for Zambia!

  8. RB is a free man , if he wants to come back is very free . But it is just a reminder to him that You worked very well you had a human heart , you promoted democracy in the country . you scored more points than katongo Sata . you left a lot of money in reserves ,no credits. No pangas . You united the country in every way .YOU MADE YOUR NAME WORLD WIDE . So dont think of going back . maintain your good Name Always ,politics is a dirty Game . full of insults you are our father we love you and we dont want you to be insulted in papers .

  9. Where is Chief MMD bootlicker? I bet you must be feeling even more ecstatic than the likes of wanzelu feels when a picture of his uncle HH appears on lusakatimes. Ba Rupiah please don’t come back to politics, you had your time, you made your pockets fat, your sons, your nieces, your nephews all of them benefited, they had their chance, no more we wont allow another Mpundu trust to rob state coffers again.

  10. If RB comes back, some parts of the country will secede, pure and simple. Those that want RB back please keep him in your bedrooms – may be you don’t know how to shag your women properly and need some help.

  11. Mr RB please you are old it is like you insulting young zambians why come back when you had your time and failed the people of zambia you became so arrogate you didn’t listen to anyone so what makes you think zambians want a leader like you,just go back to your farm and play with your grandchildren and save the little respect you still have if you still have any.

  12. There was sanity when RB ruled. We also did not see the obvious tribalism which is there today. RB has my vote. Many others also feel the same. RB is a hundred times better than these jokers we have now.

  13. Let us move on. It is time for a post independence President in 2016. Thanks for the freedom struggle and stone throwing to all freedom fighters. Please hand over to the next generation. You have done your part and the world has moved on, so should Zambia.

  14. RB should not be intimidated or demonized by the petty minds trying to discourage him. RB is as free as anybody to rule. It might not be a good idea but he has a democratic right. Nzelu kuchepa ma zambians, full of fear. You know the man can come and put the economy straight, he left it straight. How do you leave mealie meal at 38kwacha and the other chap drags it to 100 Kwacha just in 2 years, shaa

  15. If I had a secured pension till death like RB has, why bother coming back to a strenuous lifestyle of president, and especially the fact that he won’t make any appreciable difference to the economy. He failed and people kicked him out accordingly. He now has all the time to visit all those countries he never had a chance to go to. He can drink all the whisky he wants and entertain his grand children. If I had the privilege and honour of governing my nation like RB had but he fluffed it, I would do such a good job of it people would literally beg me to go for third and even a life term.

  16. It is true, RB rule was the best, only second to Levy, the economy was at its best, remember, the man is a development economist and that is what Zambia needs most at the moment Go for it Rupia

  17. Welcome back my President, please ba RB bwelani musunge banja yanu mu MMD aba ba NEVERS MUMBA mwetusila bakangiwa kusunga banja bakundya chabe beka naba LUSAMBO naba KADOBI elo bapaya chipani chanu chamene muna siya bwino, You are so far the only principled leader in the country surely you deserve to finish your 10 year term as Constitution provides. This country needs your mature wisdom to be united these two under age HH and NEVERS will just put us in more problem. It is foolish thinking of some opposition presidents to wish MMD dead when it is the of mother democracy, how do your parents dead and remain alone? this country political healing and you are the healer. the fight in PF has divided Zambians it needs mature leader to bring back that unity. VIVA MMD VIVA RB

  18. Are there calls for RB to come back? Yes and they are widespread. Otherwise this debate would not be there. Why then are people then saying ‘who lied to RB?’ Yes there are many of us Zambian’s that want him back and majority don’t even access Internet to blog here.

  19. We have better and young dynamic leaders who can take us to prosperous future than leaders who have been archived in the dust bin of oblivion.It is pointless of us to go and resume a dead person from a political grave to become our president again.Let politically dead leaders rest in peace and enjoy what they looted.A politically dead leader will not contribute anything tangible apart from dead ideas and opinions.There should not be any thought of ressurecting the dead politically.The incumbet should be the last of the old to rule this nation.They have done their part what else are there for them.Let us place a political tomb on their graves and forget about them.

  20. Zambian’s are urged to look at the bigger picture here. We are faced with extraordinary circumstances and we need to be dynamic in our response. RB’S pension or his age or whether we are recycling should not be an issue. We need unity and stability at the moment than ever before. Even the best economic manager cannot achieve much without these commodities. The right thing to do is get RB back to get us back on track before we can start propagating theories such as age, etc. Let’s be serious fellow Zambians

  21. The truth is that people, ordinary people want RB like yesterday. Mind you these are the same people that voted for Sata just three years ago. A lot has changed on the ground. If he decides to come, you will see the excitement that will greet his announcement to come back. If you are in denial, do an independent survey

  22. RB should announce his comeback as soon as possible. He is actually wasting time listening to bloggers who don’t even vote. This will be a whitewash for whoever the opponent will be. Real people who are voters want RB

  23. Its up to RB not the people.

    People can talk but final decision is RB to make.So big man, save your face and state your position.

    As for me, better stay away- you did your part. Its time for young energetic leaders to foster the economy of this country forward not backward like Sata and his Part of Fools (PF) are doing.

  24. His stance lacks veracity, integrity and is just a cover for his one and only burning ambition. His penchant for making ‘gov’t to gov’t oil deals with Nigeria’. I have only one question for the judiciary, how are you doing on this case? Any luck (because that is what it takes in Zambia for the authorities to perform their duty), in prosecuting this old fool?

    Please RB, have some respect for yourself. You were a short time in power, but stole so much in that time; WE SIMPLY CAN NOT AFFORD YOU! Zambia is a poor but rich country where political cabals use GDP/Taxes as personal income. I don’t normally swear, but on this occasion, RB please take a ‘Royal’ jump off the Zambezi. Forget about it mate!

  25. rupiah wants to come back and sort out fred Membe and Nchito ka? Dont worry amalume these have been sorted out by Chikwanda….! So mweo a Rupiah nkalani tyala mulye nshaba ku farm….muzisebanye andala!

  26. Ba RB, who is lying to you? Just retire, go back to the farm, It is time for the younger generation to have a chance at leading this country. Why should you hide in the people, just go old man.

  27. Dad, Akabwelelo kalalya. No one should deem themselves as Messiah of Zambia. Looking at the comments they are all mixed which means the desire for you to return could be personal by the individual. Others may be genuine while the majority are those who stand to benefit personally.

  28. “Calls for Mr Banda who ruled Zambia between 2008 and 2011 have heightened with some quarters urging him to bounce back to steer the country in a transitional period in an event of a by election.”

    I would love to know: (1) how overwhelming are these calls? and (2) which ones are these SOME QUARTERS specifically by some demographic spread.

    We could be arguing and blogging about a non-issue at this rate. As I have reiterated before, let him come and he might just be confirming his worst fears…

  29. RB, please come back to politics. People have already spoken. I mean people of Chipata central, Kasenengwa and Chadiza constituencies have unanimously rejected PF and are calling on you to rule them. RB, don’t shy away your chance is now to be leader of a confederation of rat eaters states. You will be greater than you were when you ruled Zambia.

    • This will just weaken the opposition parties especially UPND further as Eastern province will all go to Rupia Banda and Luapula, Muchinga, Northern, Copperbelt and Central will go to Sata and PF. NorthWestern and Western will be up for grab between PF and UPND. PF will come second in some of the areas. MMD will come second in Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces. Whilst Southern as usual will go to UPND. Therefore, PF will still win by majority vote. The new constitution will be passed on after 2016. Ba Sata will run for two terms. And how old will be Nevers and tribal under5, HH then??? Ba Sata will bring back Wynter in 2021 general election to run for presidency in PF.

  30. What is it that RB will bring to the table that he failed to deliver in 3 years? RB was given an opportunity that nobody else has in Zambia. Alas he blew it up in immaturity, playfulness, inexperience and a largedose of corruption.
    By the way, whose horse is he going to ride? MMD?

  31. Chance comes but once. RB squandered his when he decided on sticky fingers and deep pockets. A retried and retreaded UNIP survivor, he proved he wasn’t worthy his salt. Let him continue licking his political wounds.

  32. Mr Banda appears to want “to do something” about the sorry state of governance in the nation. His concern is completely misplaced in my view. He must start by accepting responsibility for his part in the problem. First, he allowed his son’s to run roughshod over our economy causing a desperate electorate to vote PF into office. Second, he like all politicians Zambia has produced so far, suffers from the same malaise; an acute inability to objectively and democratically develop leadership in their respective parties so that the country has an unending pool of leaders to choose from. For this reason, this Zambian says NO to his “kind offer” to have “a second bite at the cherry”. I call upon all right thinking Zambians to join me in saying an emphatic NO THANK YOU.

  33. RB should not join the Donchi Kubeba style of talking that his come back depends on the people.

    It depends on him. For Mandela, millions of South Africans wanted him to stay on but it WAS HIM who said ONLY ONE TERM and stuck to it no matter what people said.

    The same happened with KK, it was HIM WHO WANTED TO COME BACK AND STARTED HIDING BEHIND the people. Same with FTJ. It was HIM who wanted the THIRD TERM but hid behind people.

    For RB to come back is like a man marrying off his son to run his own life, but later comes back to interfere. RB trust in the young people, give them a chance to take over. Don’t listen to TRUE BLUE its the madam who destroyed your presidency.

  34. The doors for return to Zambian politics closed long time ago, there is no room for tired politicians anymore. Given Lubinda, HH , Nawakwi, Mpande, Mutati, Bwalya,Katele, Dr, Matibini, Simusa, Vincent Malambo, Chifumu Banda and Nkandu Luo are the alternatives

  35. Iwe chi Rupiah fusek! Stay out of politics. We shall not entertain you. Why are you fima old men from the independence generation so greedy? Just copy Mandela who did not care about what the people said. You have to do the right thing, even if it is against popular opinion. You just want to eat, you useless old fossil.

  36. Those under the illusion its Old RB who would rule Zambia if he bounced back are fooling themselves.

    The ones who would rule Zambia are Henry, James Banda and Dora Siliya controlled by Amsterdam. That is what these hungry people are really asking for.

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