Baby kidnapped from home while parents were asleep

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A three year old baby was kidnapped from her home in Nchelenge District and later dumped by the thief.

Luapula Province Commissioner of Police Malcolm Mulenga said that the child was kidnapped between Saturday 23:00 hours and Sunday 03:00 hours while the parents were asleep.

Mr Mulenga said Bwalya Chola,38, and his wife Constance,26, of Malulu Village in Chief Kambwali’s Village in Nchelenge put the child, Dyness Kaunda to sleep on the passage leading to the bedroom after they had shut door, secured it with two nails and put a chair there on Saturday night.

He said however, when the mother woke up, she found the child missing and the door partially open.

The wife informed her husband, Mr Bwalya, who is the child’s step father.

“Around 05:00 hours in the morning, Aston Chilolo of Malulu Village was going to the field when he heard a child crying in the bush near the village. When he advanced toward the cry, he saw a person dump the child and run away,” Mr Mulenga said.

He said Mr Chilolo took the child to Nchelenge Police Station where the matter had earlier been reported by Mr Bwalya around 05:00 hours.

The child was reunited with her parents and a docket was opened.


  1. …the real father first suspect….
    How on earth can u leave a Three year old on the passage…??…fear of him disturbing while ‘things’ are happening..??…Noo, to young to mind…..

  2. Imwe!!!! Imwe!!! mwe bantu, “baby wa 3yrs” Step father”, “Sleeping in the passage” all is not well here, How could you marry a woman with 3 years old child and refuse to sleep with the baby together in the bedroom???? Or the woman went for cingololo???

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