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Zambia ranked 13th out of 52 African countries in good governance and democracy

General News Zambia ranked 13th out of 52 African countries in good governance and...

zambia jubilee

ZAMBIA has been ranked 13th out of 52 African countries in good governance and democracy by the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG).

The latest IIAG report released by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation on Monday shows that Zambia has made an improvement in the past five years.

Zambia is among the other countries that have shown improvement. Out of a score of 100, Zambia scored 59.4.

The country that has been ranked the highest is Mauritius with 81.7 followed by Cape Verde with 76.6 while the country ranked lowest is Somalia with 8.6, trailing the Central African Republic which has 24.8.

The IIAG provides an annual assessment of the quality of governance in African countries.
It is compiled by combining over 100 variables from more than 30 independent African and global institutions, and it states in its report that it is the most comprehensive collection of data on African governance.

The foundation defines governance as the provision of the political, social and economic goods that a citizen has the right to expect from his or her country, and that a State has the responsibility to deliver to its citizens.

“The IIAG assesses progress under four main conceptual categories, and these are safety and the rule of law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity and human development,” the report says.


  1. IMPOSSIBLE: the rankings must have been bribed by Sata or infiltrated by PF minions to hide their misrule,abuses and undemocratic tendencies.Total hogwash.

    • @ Tumbuka,

      Continue morning while HEMCS is busy working making Zambia a better place for all. We told you that this is the most democratic governments of all times, but you don’t listen. There you are, with facts from a neutral Observer. I am sure if your lawyer sakwiba and his minions have not been telling lies abt this country, we could have been at position 4 or 3. Haters can now continue bragging. Good day to you all.

    • @Tumbuka Pride iwe stop making noise. You talk about things you have no idea about. Have you visited all other African states and compare each country’s democratic levels? Well done PF. For the first time we can watch opposition leaders like Nevers Mumba, Elias Chipimo on ZNBC. Previously it was iye mayo. It was RB, Mwanawasa, Chiluba through and through.

    • There we go. More accolades from independent bodies who have a bird’s eye view of global trends.

      Not you sycophant fanatics, doomsday preppers and naysayers who just fathom crazy ideas regardless of the facts on the ground.

    • If we Compare MMD to PF, PF is more democratic by far. During MMD we witnessed the following:
      1.Sata was detained
      2. Penza was killed
      3. KK was imprisoned/detained until Julius Nyerere had to intervene
      4. Mungomba was silenced for ever
      5. Corruption was rampant
      6. HH was harassed many times even at funerals
      7. Magande had his jacket torn to pieces
      8. Blood was shed in Chilanga, Vubwi, mongu and many places.
      9. Mines where poorly privatised by MMD and HH
      10. Chiluba was let loose
      11. Elections where 80% undemocratic mulled by riggings —engineered by a Tonga bull
      12. Zambian roads where pathetic but we had money lying idle in foreign reserves. what a joke.
      13. Maize was being wasted every year due to luck of storage facilities
      14. Council where not receiving salaries

    • And we just stopped Dora Siliya in her tracks from selling all primary and secondary schools in Zambia.

      Actually the list is endless

    • But ninshi pa Mauritius pakali bakaamba. In another ranking in terms of the most peaceful nation in Africa, Mauritius was first, then Botswana and third ZAMBIA!

    • There is nothing to celebrate here because Zambia has slipped back 1 point from 12th position in 2013 to 13th position in 2014. This is a worrying trend even if the drop is by 1 point. It will be interesting to see the next report to be published in 2015.

      More over Zambia seems to have superficially done better because the data used by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to publish this report included much of the data from 2009 when these Pathetic F00ls(PF) were not yet in power.

      13th position is still far from being the best. It is actually the worst position for Zambia to be in given the fact we have done far better in the past .I will only be happy when Zambia achieves to be in the first five positions of the rankings under UPND and HH.

      This confirms PF is destroying Zambia’s…

    • Excellent submissions. Now let us look at it from the other angle; is Zambia ranked when it comes to bad governance? If it is in the ranks, no matter where, then there is nothing to celebrate about.

    • The country has made great stride in the democratic and social economic fronts.

      Democracy is not an event but a very dynamic process that keeps changing and requires so many factors to be considered, such as culture.

      Zambia continues to improve since 1991 and will are on the right path to greater things as a country.

      Congrats to all country men and women

  2. i think this is a true reflection of the state of affairs if you take Zambia as a general and the parameters they considered. however if you’re judging this by intra and inter party democracy, then i think Zambia would have scored much less. we could be improving but sometimes improvement in numbers doesnt mean improvement in real terms especially if countries like Zimbabwe are sliding into the murky waters of undemocratic tendencies like awarding PHD to Mrs Mugabe just after enrolling then i am afraid the real governance is still very far than this

  3. I know that UPND two bit cadres will dispute this fact.For them only HH can deliver good governance.What a paradox.

  4. For a country that is ranked peaceful this is pathetic. 50 years in existence and they are still grappling with governance issues. This is average and that’s not good enough.

  5. This is good news, however we should be aiming to score higher than 75 points. The position we take is relative, while the scope we score is absolute. It is that number which is a gold standard which Zambians should pay attention to. PF keep moving, while the pressure to do even better keeps going up. Together we shall be somewhere by the time PF’s time is up.

  6. my take on this is that it could be true because the period assessed is five years which mean part of it was MMD time. also the peaceful handover of power from MMD to PF may contribute to such a good assessment. I will wait for an assessment that is purely under PF rule for me to make any serious conclusion!!!!!!

  7. ….One Indian chap was very excited to show his dad that he got 82 marks out of 100 in a maths test but his father was not excited at all……….he asked his son…… ‘what happened to the 18 marks…??’
    ……….PF or not…13th is not good enough.

    • @Scrutinizerer

      You are spot on my bro. These PF minions always settle for mediocrity. For them if one buys them shake shake then he becomes their small god.

      Zambia has retrogressed from 12 th position to 13th in one year. By 2016, Zambia will come way below 20th position.

      This report has just confirmed what we have always been saying that PF is here destroy all what Zambia had achieved in 1991.

  8. This is good. There is room for improvement for improvment as wise-persons are saying. It is called continous improvement.

    • @PanAfrican

      You are daft. You must first compare notes from the previous report before you spew your ignorance here.

      Is moving from 12th position in 2013 to 13th position in 2014 continuous improvement to you?

      This tells a lot about your analytical acumen. There isn’t any I am afraid so.

  9. I like the ranking bcoz it is the true reflection of good governance.You see it is important to judge others fairly rather than be just a crying babies at all times. Have you ever witnessed countries whose governance issues are terrible?
    Zambia is nowhere to compare to such countries i tell you.

  10. Wont say much but going by the sales of Times of Zambia & Zambia Daily Mail one can say things have improved. Not much but we are slowly moving forward. The GRZ media is giving fair coverage to everyone. It is there to see unless one deliberately decides to close their eyes. It is no longer subjective but more objective in editorials as compared to the once popular Post- By the way even Daily Nation is doing better than the Post in sales.

    • What improvement are you yapping about here?. Compare the 2013 and 2014 reports before you conclude.

      The fact is Zambia is going backwards under PF period!


  12. African democracy, Really!

    One man controlling the whole country from state house and the polical system is still called democracy? Shame!

    If the current Zambian political system is a repblican democratic one, where then do we leave monarchs and autocracies?

  13. @ Wanzelu; the article above says, “The latest IIAG report released by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation on Monday shows that Zambia has made an improvement in the past five years.”…….so, when you say it has dropped from 12th to 13th??? What do you exactly mean???
    Kindly enlighten me, because in my humble opinion, 5 years ago is not 2013, but 2009…

    • @ Wanzelu,

      Kulibonesha ta. Your pretense to know better has been exposed. The article says five years ago. 2014-0005=2009.

      In your quest to try to appear up to date with data, you are even confusing yourself. Check your facts because you could be referring to a completely different ranking. Be sober!!!

    • @[email protected] Kahks @Chindakwanda-Galileo Galilei

      Ndimwe bachimbwi chabe boonse.

      Please go back to school and gain enough knowledge of how to analyse reports. If the writer says Zambia has made improvements then then writer is misleading you F00ls.

      Google the Mo Ibrahim reports for 2013 and 2014 and compare whether Zambia is sliding backwards or improving on its 2013 position in the rankings.

      The ranking are such that, the smaller the rank number the batter. So 13th position is worse than 12th position.

    • @Wanzelu,

      Nzelu ni zing’ono, and if you continue on this path you will be Mulibe nzelu. Tell me that from grade one to whatever level you have reached your performance projectile was always upward.

      I tell you that be it your under five card or showing your weight or daily stock exchange prices, there were such small fluctuations. But the average curve over a long period of time is what counts.

      So what you are referring to as the 2013 to 2014 is such a negligible dip to cause hysteria, unless from paranoid and gullible nonentities like you!

  14. Good job PF. had it not been for HH and his Mapatizya formula or whatever it is called, we could have scored number 1. Anyway next year will be different since HH has been warned from ferrying cadres from Lusaka to other areas.

  15. One thing those people who are not agreeable to the results is that on number 13 it is a must that there should be a country to represent that number whether we like it or not.Surely,out of 52 countries and yours is ranked 13th and then you still can’t appreciate,now what is it that you want? For me the only thing i would ask the current government to improve so that next time we can come number 1 or 2 thats all.If i may ask ,which country did you want to be on number 13? This does not represent Michael Chilufya Sata,NO,but entirely the government of Zambia and its people.A normal person will always give good advice to a friend if that person is doing black corner business.HH is the person who contributed the poorly privatisation of the so many beautiful companies that we had in Zambia…

  16. Africa being what it is, any country that is not in the top 5 has nothing to celebrate about. In the days when I was a pupil in elementary school, if I did not make it in the top three out of a class that usually consisted about forty-five to fifty pupils, I would shed tears of shame. Zambians can afford to hold themselves to a much higher standard. SHAME ON US! Any wonder we have won the Africa cup only once and recently lost the bid to host the tournament!

    • This reminds me of a recent nasty experience by a Zambian family here. The husband had entered an African store, one of those that sell African foods, other products etc. Upon learning that her prospective client was a Zambian, the shop-owner, a Sierra Leonean was too happy to introduce him to a few Zambian products on the shelves. He couldn’t believe himself when he found, among other products, mushrooms packaged in Zambia.

      He bought two packets of the dried mushroom and frozen cassava leaves. At home, the wife got the mushroom to cook. The instruction on the label read: “wash the mushrooms five times in hot water before cooking.” She diligently washed them ten times before cooking. Unfortunately, the cooked mushrooms were still full of sand and could not be enjoyed!

    • The story above is very true. You may contact me for detail. The fact is that, had those mushrooms been of Chinese origin, they would have been recalled. Zambia is a country that holds itself to very, low standards.

    • The quality of the people we chose as our national leaders tell it all. Zambia was born with a copper spoon in its mouth. What a disgrace that Zambians by en large still wallow in abject poverty!

  17. Good ranking , it shows progress. Lets encourage the current rulers to do even much better. ‘Wanzelu’ is turning to be ‘Waboza’.

  18. Really? Then the standard must have set so low. If Zambia can be 13 out of 52, then I can only imagine how bad it is other countries. You always want to compare yourself with the best, not the lowest.

    • @Wanzelu learn to look at the bigger picture the fact is that the situation has improved compared to what it was 5 years ago in 2009. As for your dream of seeing a better result under UPND forget about it because here in Zambia only people from1 province out of a total 10 will support UPND.This party has lost so much ground in high density cosmopolitan provinces such as Lusaka no wonder it only got a total of 45,000 votes in the latest general election when 13 years ago when A . Mazoka was in charge the party amassed 79,000 votes in lusaka when the Voter’s register was smaller by 1.2 million electorate. UPND has no chance to win a national election.

  19. Once again more international organizations giving Zambia kudos for a job well done by the PF govt. Alot still needs to be done, PF govt is not perfect and is still evolving but it certainly is the best alternative to any would be govt be they MMD (who plundered the country) or UPND (who are a bitter, power hungry and bigotted tribal alliance)

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