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RB Ready to return to politics if MMD and Zambians want him


Former Zambian President Rupiah Banda with with Malawian Finance Minister Goodwell gondwe
Former Zambian President Rupiah Banda with with Malawian Finance
Minister Goodwell gondwe

FORMER President Rupiah Banda says he is ready to return to active politics if Zambians and MMD members want him to contest the 2016 general elections.

And Mr Banda called on Zambians to participate in the Golden Jubilee independence anniversary celebrations and to uphold the peace the country has continued to enjoy.

Mr Banda told journalists after attending Mass at St Annie’s Catholic Church in Chipata yesterday that he is ready to return to active politics if Zambians want him to.

Mr Banda, however, said there are no differences between him and MMD president Nevers Mumba.

Mr Banda said the choice of the MMD presidential candidate for the 2016 general elections can only be decided after consultations with Dr Mumba.


    • I see why Chilufyanya is clinging on to power, if others want to come back, why not hold on?

      Your coming back is bad for our country. RB, RB, RB, unkale beliweya because we will not help you with crying this time.

    • It’s not up to Zambians it is up to him, if it was up to South Africans Mandela would have continued to rule, stop using the name of Zambians and just say you want to come back, however Zambians will once again decide like they did in 2011 hope you won’t be humiliated again that is if Nevers Mumba agrees to this usurping of power which has been going on for a while in MMD in different forms but the same agenda.

    • @Namona, you see when African politicians reach the presidency they think the only way out is to jump off the cliff of presidency to a state funeral. It is sad that few plan anything after their stint in power. Hence the folly we are witnessing. Remember “Kaunda akali nampamvu” when KK tried his luck?

  1. I think this is easy meat for the PF

    We welcome the man, the myth and the unliving legend

    I don’t think he matters at all, and I think from a personal point of view, he is delusional to come back but from PF’s point of view this negates any power threat that could have been from MMD who are the major threat to PF

    So we welcome this with open arms


    • are you afraid Mushota; Nevas is a walk over for you PF now let a gentleman come back; we will sort out his sons, after all your ex secretary general Kabimba did admit to rigging the elections, so if I were you, I d put a sock in my mouth. lol thank you.

    • Currently,the Presidential candidates in all political parties PF included do not inspire.It would appear that the field is ripe for RB to once more try his luck.Should this happen,I suggest the agreement should be that Nevers must be guaranteed the Vice Presidency for the whole duration of RB’s second term should he win.

    • Unfortunately very few Zambians need Nyama Soya. They still have memories of how good Cabbage tasted. Nyama Soya………NOOOOOOOOO!

    • Can he explain why he removed the windfall taxes which were benefiting Zambia that he found in place. Rüschlikon is a village in Switzerland with a very low tax rate and very wealthy residents. But it receives more tax revenue than it can use. This is largely thanks to one resident – Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of Glencore, whose copper mines in Zambia are not generating a large bounty tax revenue for the Zambians. Zambia has the 3rd largest copper reserves in the world, but 60% of the population live on less than $1 a day and 80% are unemployed. Based on original research into public documents, the film describes the tax system employed by multinational companies in Africa.

  2. Zambia is the only country were anyone can be president . We as citizen we are so illiterate that we fail to put bench marks as to what person should be elected as president. we have been electing sub standard person with less Education to highest office of the land. Apart from levy rest of the presidents were of low quality. Kaunda maybe exempted from the list because at independence we had few Educated persons. In this era Zambians should woke up and elect a president well Educated, Energetic and with good moral standing in society ,with a traceable background of community work and love for human beings. We should at no time use tribalism as a measure of one qualifying to presidency. Zambia can develop rapidly than we are doing right now. we should not remain behind .

    • It is saddening that such a wise and positive contribution could be voted down. It confirms that we are indeed docile and *****ic. We find it normal to be called lunatics and even shower praises the person who does so and consider him a wise and respectable statesman. Isn’t it bizarre?

  3. (HEADLINE: RB Ready to return to politics if Zambians have changed their minds about him.)
    But how will he know this? Do we have to conduct a referendum to get the views of Zambians before RB can announce HIS decision?
    The old man cannot answer a simple question as to whether HE wants to come back or not. The people of Zambian will only come in when they decide to ACCEPT or REJECT HIS ambition during elections.
    Some things are plain simple.

    • vizungu that has always been my thought. How will RB know that the zambians want him back? is it a few who will say mdala people want you, or will he go to parliament and the MPs there who are representatives of some miniscule majority in their constituencies decide on behalf of the people whether they want RB or not? i mean how will he know?

    • Very true! Florence wants to be FLOZ at all costs!
      That’s y Nevas left the pulupeti.
      One litt;e white guy has been lying to him that god revealed to him that he (Nevas) will be the next big kahuna.

  4. kekekeke he thinks he can come and resale zamtel again and make the libyans happy these old men of zambia so he thinks everything has been forgotten short memories indeed.

  5. Ba RB naimwe, you should never have been President of this country in the first place with your endless flying aborad and your corrupt kids. Just enjoy your retirement and take care of that young wife of yours!!

  6. There is no need to insult RB. The only ones to blame in this case are the PF for failing to deliver a new constitution. The current constitution only stops an incumbent from seeking a third CONSECUTIVE term.

    • Why does RB wants to use MMD as a vehicle for anotherpresidecy??? You mean, he can’t form his own political party to win an election? If he thinks he can now win because in his own mind he only credible politician he was fearing was Micheal, let him form his own party called Kalwendo mu Njiila political party.

  7. He has no integrity. How does this old fool think he can be President while facing a corruption case?

    This is a person without morality. He is a Buffon. His whole conduct is that of a bare buttocked monkey flashing it’s red behind.

    I think this is just some gamesmanship. Get maximum publicity to throw his pending court case. Can the DPP pleeeeeease pay his tax, and then grab this moron and shake him until he wakes up to his crime against the country!

    Dr Mumba, please for the sake of Zambia, PUT THIS MAN OUT OF HIS MISERY! Show him the door and boot him on his behind out of it!

  8. Baba, what do you want kanshi? Just enjoy your pension mudala.According to what i heard yesterday on MUVI TV, Banda said that : ” THOSE AGAINST MY COMING BACK, ARE THEY MY PARENTS”. Surely an ex-president and at your age can you really utter such nonsense? Even Tandiwe cant utter such. Rest chimudala iwe, give the young generation chance.

  9. Sad readily. Why do they want to come back. Is there no life after the presidency? KK tried and it failed. Chiluba tried and it failed. Now RB want to try? Why does he not learn from past history. Zambians have not forgotten MMD reign. His return will only boost PF and MMD will only remain in parts of Eastern Province. Small section of society who are trying to look after their selfish interests are calling for his return.

  10. you are welcome RB, PF is confused party,UPND is not yet popular enough to win and mumba is slowly finishing the party, Technically you have 90% in easten provce,50% lsk,50% cbelt 70%

  11. MMD Members countrywide want RB back to revival the Party ALL these bloggers who demonise the old man are UPND, PF and the group of reporters sponsored by LUSAMBO on behalf of NEVERS MUMBA. MMD is democratic party we believe in our rules and regulations NEVERS MUMBA should know that being MMD President does not mean that he is a Presidential candidate for the Party there is always a procedure we follow to select a candidate and that is the one we will use, if NEVERS MUMBA will win at this stage then he will be but I doubt him wining even at NEC LEVEL or Convention Level the man is a failure has killed MMD and us members of the party we don’t want to kill the party because of one individual who is NEVERS. MMD BIGGER THAN NEVERS MUMBA so plz lets save the party

    • @true Blue

      Why would a normal and intelligent MMD member want RB. For Leader into 2016 Elections? He is waiting trial for fraud. Why is this not a problem for MMD.

  12. My word of advice to Mr. Banda is that never be attempted to get back to active politics after being of head of state.
    1. You will just lose the credibility that you have right now because people will think that you can easily be swayed!
    2. No president in Zambia has ever been recognized and voted for after being out of office for sometime! Unless you were just an ordinary MP or minister may be people can consider you.
    In the current scenario Ba Banda take my advise to remain with the credibility you have by rescinding the ambition to be president again

  13. What a retard this sh!t head busstard. Only Zambians with a screw lose can allow your type to come back looting the coffers.

    • It’s all Wacko Doodle doooooooo!!

      Please the mean is missing a radar! He can’t read into the situation and feel the mockery!

  14. Really unfortunate for MMD to rely on the past. You mean without Mr. Banda MMD cannot excel! This is a serious sign that MMD will never lift the head in Zambian politics! It will continue sinking like UNIP until the tail is completely buried.

  15. Typical opportunist. Exhumed from retirement by Levy, Stopped in his stealing tracks by Sata, now looking for an opportunity to get back to stealing more of our money. We know RB is behind the campaign to get toothless Nevers Mumba out of office. The end of MMD? I think so

  16. @Namona if we have Charley a great grandfather, why eliminate grandfathers of 30 children, 190 grandchildren, 350 nieces and nephews? Or those that have enjoyed being in govt for over 50 years? Or even be potentialy in the world, the first person to receive retirement benefits without being retired! Infact he will convince government to pay all expresident’s benefits in advance so he can enjoy before he retires!

  17. ) Sould wait for the courts to clear him of the charges before thinking of a come back. That would be the decent and honourable way to go about it.

  18. Whats wrong with the mentality of most Zambian voters? Surely somebody has been at plot one and he is asking you to put him there again, ati NAFUTI NAFUTI for his greedy personal gains and you are there busy jumping thinking that he will bring heaven on earth.Why didnt he do it when he had a chance? Only the unwise can jump and support him.His sons are waiting for that chance to loot again.Him he is busy enjoying in his airconditioned house, taking whisky..brai, being driven in the latest state of the art car and some of you can even affaord a Toyota Funcargo and you busy yapping, have a life.





  20. If Zambians were fleeing with Lott and his wives they would have all been pillars of salt by now. Why are we so scared of looking forward kansi? What a bunch of losers to even entertain someone like RB jabbering about returning. LOSERS!!!

  21. i didn’t like RB as president but anything is better than that mute patient in State House holding the Nation at ransom.

  22. Ba RB where do you draw your courage MULICHIPUBA Ba shikulu pipo should lean remember kk or you never had TV at the farm to listen to the news than, pliz spare us this comedy

  23. I am ready to come back from my political sabbatical leave and challenge Rupiah for the Presidency. What is it that Rupiah will do differently this time around. He is welcome and we shall meet in the field ” Win Azalila” Kaufela.

  24. Doesn’t RB have some pending criminal cases? Zambians are better off resurrecting Idi Amin to stand in 2016 then this thief.

  25. Yaba! Now I’ve heard it all. So the ‘peaceful handover of power’ was a lie this man never wanted to leave plot 1. What does Nevers do now that this old rascal is after his position? Especially after Nevers tried to dispell all the talk about him trying to come back. It seems this chap is still hungry for political power. If I were Nevers I’d let him comeback and immediately expel him and his sympathisers. That way he can save the tax payers a lot of money being spent on his retirement and cleanse MMD of some of the rotten apples.

  26. You had your time RB. What Zambian needs are simply a group of people that are willing and capable of doing things the right way. Levy did things the right way, see how easy it was for us to note the difference during his tenure in office? one plus one equals two. Not people that simply bark and do otherwise, kula bosabosa fye kwati nibwa. That is why noble individuals like myself keep out of politics. Zambia politics ya nsala, appeasement, politics of poverty aben Kambwili at ba minister….bunch of jokers.

  27. RB, we know its your right but for goodness sake stay where you are in Chipata. We are sick and tired of you Northern Rhodesians messing up our country, STAY AWAY!!! Thank you.

  28. who should be the next president, in state house in 2016 is it HH or kambwili or we should maintain MR sata.
    The problem with HH is the tribal tag the post had embeded him, so alot of bemba *****s still believe that TONGAS are tribalist. i dont know wether that is true. but i think membe was not fair to HH.
    we have illitarate bembas who think state house was builty for them.

    HH should wake hard to convince ilitarate bembas that zambia is for all people from all the regions.

    when a tonga becomes a president, he will be apresident for all.

    I DONT like bembas honestly because of their selfishness and a fake sense of superiority against other tribes in this country, i would love a tonga or any other tribe to rule this country, am not tonga any way .

  29. Mbuya are you tired of living peacefully on your farm? For God’s sake your time is over. Akabwelelo kalalya (wise saying from the Bembas)

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