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Choma HIV/AIDS prevalence rate rising

Health Choma HIV/AIDS prevalence rate rising

Youth Development Organization (YDO) Executive Director Partner Siabutuba has bemoaned the rising HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Choma District.

Mr. Siabutuba has since called for enforcement of stringent measures to curb the pandemic.
Mr Siabutuba who is also Choma District Aids Task Force (DATF) Chairperson said there was need for various stakeholders in the district to put concerted efforts in curbing the increasing HIV/AIDS prevalence rate.

He was speaking at a welcoming ceremony of 12 volunteers from the United Kingdom (UK) who are on a three months working visit in Choma to support government’s delivery of quality reproductive health services to the people.

He said the current HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the district was currently at 15.3 percent describing it as worrying.

Mr Siabutuba said the 12 volunteers attached to his organization are keen to support government in promoting quality health reproductive services with the goal of reducing the HIV/AIDS prevalence rates among youths.

“As a host organisation of these volunteers, we are happy that they have come with multiple skills in areas of reproductive health to work with the community,” he said

Meanwhile, Ministry of Youth and Sport Development representative Hezron Mukonka said government was grateful to stakeholders supplementing efforts in improving the living standards of Zambians.

He said the exchange of developmental programmes such as the coming of
volunteers with multiple skills to Choma was essential in enhancing quality health services.

He said government would continue to create a conducive environment that would entice more stakeholders to come to Zambia and offer developmental skills with communities.

The 12 UK volunteers join 12 other Choma-based youth volunteers under the Youth Development Organisation (YDO) to implement various reproductive health and community service programmes.

Mr Siabutuba said his organisation was happy that the volunteers would closely work with their Zambian counterparts to enhance reproductive health services.
The volunteers with reproductive health skills such as nursing and counselling will be deployed in among others centres in Choma, Shampande Clinic, Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ) and the Railway Clinic.


  1. This is a national problem. Appreciated that it was Choma’s turn to be visited by this health care group from UK; but statistics in this case should have been used relatively to other districts in the country for us to appreciated the ranking of Choma to the rest of the country.

  2. Well, it is those guys who shifte from l/stone to Choma. So rank the two districts. Livingstone ranks top in the country. Once you move the infected from l/stone to Choma, the number immediately goes up. Next please!

  3. It’s coz of those prostitutes that fill up that night club called DC who migrated from L/stone after shifting the provincial HQ to Choma.
    Aweh mwandi chimadiba mu DC night club kulibe ati ni sunday or monday mweve ni dibili-dibili taa…life iyi nikulimba che

  4. Simple solution through deterent. Change the law and make it a criminal and for that matter manslaughter for any one who infects another person knowingly. Gvt should stop supplying ARVs for free. Its making everyone do as they please, because free ARVs are to sustain them.

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