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Former Diplomat found with a case to answer in sex allegations

General News Former Diplomat found with a case to answer in sex allegations

A FORMER Zambian diplomat to Germany has been found with a case to answer for allegedly engaging girls to practice prostitution.

Friday Nkamba, a former political secretary at the Zambian Embassy in Germany from 1994 to 2002, has since been put on his defence.

Nkamba, of Emmasdale Township in Lusaka, is alleged to have between January 1, 2012 and October 29, 2013 procured five girls to become common prostitutes.

The girls testified how Nkamba would allow them to stay in his house while doing prostitution in exchange for payments

They also testified how on other times the former diplomat would join them in bed and have sex with any one of them in full view of the other girls.

Resident magistrate William Banda yesterday found Nkamba with a case to answer.

The matter was adjourned to October 31 for mention and setting of a date when he would open his defence.


  1. Any pastor that mandates you to pay for prayers is a false pastor

    This is just insane! Imagine, we have turned God’s ministry into money doubling tinz!. “Give us some money and you’ll see what God will do”. This is just a scam for crying out loud.

  2. Mushota…….Mushi…. Some Zambian diplomats are/were picked from villages and compounds. If you came from Chatulika village and by chance find yourself visiting London or New York, on your return you are expected to get on the bus to the village,if not become part of squatters.

  3. @Mushota – living in village doesn’t make one any less a person than anywhere. you can live in England but remain a charlatan or a 24 carat *****. i have met fools in low density areas and also met brilliant learned people in high density areas. you need to but JIK and erase that memory of inferiority complex. i am proud of my roots and will live anywhere and will succeed anywhere. Its not the place that makes me succeed but who i am inside.

  4. He was exposed to an environment where prostitution is regarded as a way of earning a living. #Germany. He was ignorant of the differences between that environment and Zambia and the laws pertaining. Truthfully speaking, In Europe that is no big deal as long as the girls are licensed and duly pay their taxes. The other ‘details’ being brought out by the girls are pecks of the business. lol

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