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LT’s jubilee present

General NewsLT's jubilee present

As we celebrate Zambia’s year of jubilee Lusaka times would like honor you,  our esteemed readers. We have 2 prizes up for grabs.

  1. Nominate your favorite blogger to receive a cash prize from Lusakatimes on this thread. The winner can then choose to either receive the money or donate it to his/her former primary school or any Zambian charity.Banking details will have to be sent to webmaster AT Lusakatimes DOT Com
  2. Lusakatimes will also offer free advertising to any Zambian company for a duration of one month. To stand a chance to win all you have to do is send the url of your website and your banner of 300px by 200px to webmaster AT Lusakatimes DOT com .

Thank you for the many years of your support. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

LT Team


    • With an airhead, sikopo Mushota leading the polls so far, one gets to understand why Zambians always make the wrong choice. We seem to love people who talk the loudest but don’t say anything. i do do not always agree with the MMD Chief Bootlicker, but he has has some gray matter and so does Wanzelu, Ndobo and Nostradamus

    • Mushota winning would be the triumph of reckless and persistent ignorance masquarading as polished academia.

      But given the levels of literacy in the Zambian populace, Mushota would easily pass for a professor back in the sticks!!

    • Wanzelu gets my vote. Cat power is number two. To the two comics Ndobo and Nostradamus, peace be upon you. If only there was a comedy duo category, both would get my vote.

    • Mushota and saulosi.
      Mushota is controversial, n and you always have to read what she says although most of it is rubbish and strange.
      I nominate Mushota
      1. Mushota
      2. Saulosi
      3 mmd bootlicker
      4 Wanzelu

    • Wait, what is going on people?

      I am humbled, scared and traumatised and a little mortified to click on this article. But above all I am dumbfounded.
      I dont like to win anything, all I want is to seek Justice and the Truth, by any means necessary.

      My old adversary gets my vote: Saulosi only because like me he has stood the test of time.

      Today marks the day here in Glasgow when Plastic bags are going to cost anyone who goes to a supermarket. This basically means unless you go to a supermarket with your OWN bags you will have to be charged for a carrier bag. What a silly law

      OR to make it easier to understand when you go to your local market they will charge you for buying your kapenta to carry it home..

      I just got charged at my lunchtime, I am livid.


    • Mushota, reads every article at LT, he/she may have useless comments to some people but he/she bloggs on almost every article while some of us change names for every comment, but Musho has maintained his\her name ever since he\she appreared on LT. Bravo Mushota, but we know you are a male blogging as a female….smart

    • You see, since nominations started some candidates feels like holy.. they don’t even want to either accept or offer nomination to others. Where is:
      MMD Bootliker
      and 2 more I don’t want loose vote to?
      The debate will be between NOSTRADAMUS vs MUSHOTA Sunday 26th after The Joel & Vitoria players.

    • I too nominate Mushota. Mushota, that law is superb and we need it in Zambia too. Plastics are an environmental hazard. They produce dioxins/furans which are very toxic when they are burned in the open spaces. Its not Scotland that has passed that law. Its a requirement for all countries that are state parties to the stockholm convention on the control of what are called persistent organic pollutants. People are supposed to use paper bags and not plastics. In Zambia, those things are factored in the prices of commodities and people think they are free and so they are reckless with them. They are all over the streets starting from Manda Hill on GER to the airport and you see smoke in back yards burning plastics like hell. We too need to pass the law.

    • This is a trap by LT. You want to hand Suntwe over to Sata’s cronies for prosecution and persecution because of his no-nonsense comments and stance on this government.

    • I didn’t click on this thread until now. I thought it wasn’t interesting. I first nominate Ndobo and Nostradamus the boys whose skin i like getting under and still laugh about it at the end of the day. And last but not the least my third nomination goes to Mushota my fellow PF intellectual and the most well informed on this blog. Aluta continua !!!

    • I can’t believe this. In the words of Mulenga and Jelita, “Mushota winning would be the triumph of reckless and persistent ignorance masquarading as polished academia.” It’s not just blogging for nothing. She’s always off topic and you dare not give her money made in the country she continually insults.
      My nomination goes to 1. MMD chief boot licker (He’s objective)
      2. Ndobo

  1. I nominate myself as Visionary Leader because I dont insult, write sense and I dont comment because I want to comment. I comment if I feel like commenting not just because I need to comment. I comment professionally without hate.

  2. Am not understanding this:::the nomination is for what most Iresponsible critic, constructive critic o its jus that person u feel ……….. let me undertstand

  3. …so after all LT recognises the bogus identities we blog with..??….why don’t they just donate whatever earnings they have captured due to our unmatched accessing of their site to some charity or institution on our behalf… which we the bloggers shall suggest….say, that almost collapsing thatched school in shang’ombo or maternity wing at Solwezi Gen hosp…. or children’s wing at chikankata hosp…etc…which ever will be suggested the highest..

    There is no proper parameter for LT suggestion…

  4. I nominate Mushota,not because she talks sense but i want to believe she has one objective to achieve on this blog and i think she has.On whtever topic tht is on the blog she tries to sway people frm the subject ,draw attention to herself and most people in their rage fall prey to it while she remains calm.She makes my day and i wonder why people cant see this.

  5. Ululumbi lwa mulanda kukakata. Whoever wins the cash prize should send me a crate of mosi to celebrate Sata’s absence from our country.

  6. That’s exactly how we ended up being where we are as Zambians because of such we are never serious. Some of the nominees are not even worth mentioning.

    • Exactly! If LT were serious, they would ask people here to nominate a charity….. or propose 3 charities themselves and let people take a vote. At least THAT would be a meaningful gesture for Independence Day!

      They might even provide information on how ANYONE here could donate to a deserving charity in honour of Independence Day, or maybe even launch a regular feature on charities in Zambia to build awareness and long-term support. But no…… easier is to put money in the pocket of a troll!

  7. Mushota, reads every article at LT, she may have useless comments to some people but she bloggs on almost every article while some of us change names for every comment, but Musho has maintained his\her name ever since he\she appreared on LT. Bravo Mushota, but we know you are a male blogging as a female….smart

  8. A nation of jokers indeed. Here people had the opportunity to nominate someone on principle, on the basis that the individuals contributions have been insightful and beneficial. But in usual Zambian style we nominate we nominate the joker. All the best at developing this nation.

  9. Naivety on nomination made Zambia to be led by Sata.
    Zambians like suffering and readily accept it as a norm. Look at that new MP old man in Mongu, Look at old man Chikwanda, Munkombwe, acting chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda etc, when the rest of the world is ruled and run by young energetic, educated and update with world affairs trends. In Zambia we remain a statistical number as lagging behind on creativity and innovation in governance.

  10. i vote jay jay. his work is a work of liberation and struggle for that which most of us dont even realise we have lost.

  11. Anyone else notice that LT doesn’t say how much the big “cash prize” is? Guess they’re still making this up as they go….. a bit like how GRZ keeps on making up it’s “plans” for development?

    Anyway, I’m sure the first thing the winner will do is report the income to ZRA! Right…..?

  12. Who is Mushota? I guess she is the win because she is the flamboyant. I enjoy reading her comments but sometimes she is annoying. Bravo Mushota you are my friend!

  13. I always wondered why Zambians voted Sata.Now I understand.All you have to do is put yourself out there,no matter how much people insult you they will still vote for you.There is hope for HH to be president

  14. I nominate Mushota and Wanzelu.

    @Nostradamus, I would have voted for you nomba you talk nonsense about Chris K

    • @Cat Power, I could have nominated you, Ndobo, Saulosi, Ex-moma, Nubian, and two… therefore I realized that the thing to do is to give myself and together with you we will take these prize.

    • @Cat Power
      Though I’ve not nominated u because you are new to the blog, please shopw me how to insert that picture, pleeeaaase!!!

  15. I nominate Mushota. I am not sure whether it (not sure) is a Female or Male blogger. Mushota has shown some resilience is whatever he/she posts. He/she plays to the gallery and will not bend whatever the case is, not to support the PF. To me Mushota deserves kudos from all PF supporters as his/her support for the PF in both bad and good times is the same.

    It is for this reason that I would say, hate or like Mushota, it is clear he/she is a die hard PF follower, supporter and sympathizer. This is what is required of a genuine cadre. Sometime very annoying, but realistic to some extent.

    To Mushota, all the best and I hope LT will give you a month’s internet bundle to spear head the PF campaigns as they get into unknown deep waters given the division in their party

  16. Against all odds ! … I Sam O. NOMINATE MUSHOTA. Solely because of her level headed commments for our Head of state HE M.C. SATA………….

    Long Live …M.C. SATa and Congraturations ….Miss Mushota

  17. For her consistency and sticking to her principles (whether or not I agree with them is another matter) MUSHOTA gets my nomination. I nominate her not because she makes sense or is upright and morally agreeable for society’s sake but her persistence and is never moved by the insults of others.
    If the nomination was for right minded honorable commentators may be then the MMD Chief bootlicker could have received my nomination. Now since this is jest LT please award our little lady MUSHOTA this one.

  18. its MUSHOTA MUSHOTA rocks guys. She is unpredictable…sometimes so nice but from nowhere she will make you remember the day you were insulted by a very no body person like. She has just to win this one…MUSHOTA the shootist. I like when she shoots wenzulu, he runs away from her. Long live Mushota.

  19. It has taken me long to nominate anyone because I was so sure you guys would nominate me and Cindy! So heart-rending. Anyway, here is my list

    1. Wanzelu
    2. Ndobo
    3. Nostradamus
    4. Cindy
    5. Dr. Kasonde Makasa (Private Citizen)
    6. Saulosi.

    Come on guys, I also deserve a vote though I’ve been away from the blog for a while!

    • @St. Jude, I forgot you. You go and come back, just like Nine Chale and Cindy. We like you mulamu, you have to STAY on LT, the best place to be.

  20. I see why rigging is rampant in our country. Everyone wants everyone else to think like them. They have the best opinion, and infact there is no other opinion than theirs. Next time LT should provide an electoral code to guide the nomination excercise.

    Anyway I still have non other than MUSHOTA on my mind. Besides being an ardent blogger, He/She is independent and holds to his/her opinion, a quality lacking in most of our country men and women including politicians.

  21. Mushota has one quality which is not negroid like you and me; WIT. The subtlety of postings is contextual: for those careful enough to discern the power and meaning of words; Mushota is superb.
    Sponsors of the award did not guide us as judges on the core values of their blog space; intended outcome of blogs and what the substantive content of blogs should be.
    I suppose this is well known to them. However Mushota must be evaluated from my criteria above.

    • @Analyst, LT did not ask for the best blogger but the favorite. Your favorite may not necessarily be the best. People or things become our favorite for various (and sometimes stupid) reasons – funny comments, always controvercial, insightful etc. This is just social media.

  22. I see why Mushota is getting all the vote, all these men are thinking with their…..
    Mushota always mocks us and our country and you nominate her while she insults
    you every-time, I nominate wanzelu

  23. I nominate LT, simply because I want them to get the money and send themselves to school. They simply come across as mediocre in their reporting.

  24. I vote for Mushota not because I like her but simply because I think she is true to herself and almost always the first one to comment on any article. Mushota, hope you learn something from my vote. I vote out of fairness and my view is that you deserve the win iregardless of whether I like your views or not.

  25. I nominate Mushota because she is like me who dates whites only. The only difference is that am a man and Mushota is a lady, still we both date whites. The second position goes to Saulosi, however am not sure which race he dates.

    • Voting is Sunday, after debate.
      Yes you LTs need to pick us nominees, so we go for voting. We need show Zambians true democracy…. they need practice in the upcoming Presidential elections.
      I am confident we are scooping this award.

  26. I nominate the following for level headed contributions(no jokers please)

    Jay Jay.
    Chief MMD bootlicker.

  27. At one point or another, we’ve all said something sensible and something [email protected] But over the years, a few have been impartial and shown to put Zambia above politics. While there are many impartial bloggers on LT, the only one I can think of right now is #Wanzelu. I’ll keep tabs on the common bloggers to see whether they love political parties or Zambia.


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