Saturday, June 15, 2024

There is no shortage of ARVs in Pateauke-Government


Government has said there was no shortage of drugs in Petauke District. Petauke District Commissioner Velenasi Moyo said in an interview on Saturday that Petauke had enough essential and Anti-Retroviral Drugs (ARVs).

Ms Moyo said all the 32 health facilities had enough essential drugs while the ARVs were available in health centres which were designated to administer it.

“There is no shortage of drugs Petauke in all health centres. I can just supply say we have enough drugs in the district,” She explained.

She said the Government has also released K132, 000 for the construction of a staff house at Makungwe Health Post.

And Ms Moyo commended the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church for supplementing Government efforts in the areas of education, health and community development.

She said at Chisomo SDA Church Building Promotion held at Ansenga Lodge that the Government recognizes and treasures the works of Adventist in the country.

Ms Moyo said the patriotic Front (PF) Government would always work with the churches and SDA not only in the spreading of gospel for the salvation of the people but also in developmental projects.

She said only Petauke Main and Nyika SDA Church have permanent structures
in the district while the rest had no structures for worship.

She said she was happy that Chisomo SDA Church has taken up the important step of fundraising towards the church building which would be built at Chimate area.


  1. Why can’t we get rid of ALL HIV/AIDS persons in Zambia so that we can save money we send on drugs on other more important national projects like increasing budget allocation to university students on bursary schemes and cattle re-stocking in Southern province??? We can start poisoning them one by one till the last person is eliminated. I think, this would go along way.

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