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Zambia-Cote d’Ivoire friendly moved from Heroes Stadium

Sports Zambia-Cote d'Ivoire friendly moved from Heroes Stadium

Zambia will not host Cote d’Ivoire at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

The two sides were scheduled to play their Independence Day friendly at Heroes Stadium on October 25 but Government says the stadium has not yet been commissioned.

“Currently the stadium is only being used for testing purposes and it is within this testing period that the remaining gaps will be addressed. However the government of the republic of Zambia will only be able to address certain gaps such as furniture and equipment in the 2015 budget,” The National Sports Council of Zambia stated in a circular.

“You are therefore being advised that the National Heroes Stadium is currently not available for staging of any sporting event until further notice. Staging of any such sporting activities should therefore be at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium or any other facility appropriate for the event.”

Meanwhile, FAZ have said the friendly will be played in Lusaka as planned but has not announced at which venue.


    • I CK with a big skeleton but small brain & pen^s will make they play @ “Gabon Disaster Stadium” right!!!

    • Dullness at its best?? Stadium being used for Testing purposes only?? So why not use it for a friendly game as part of the same testing?? Clear sign of low level thinking?? Actually the game should have been played on Friday Afternoons, as part of the celebration not Sunday? Organizers have failed.

    • The prince, think before you comment. If the facility has not been commissioned, it means it has not been certified fit for use. If you go ahead and use it and it collapses, the National Sports Council will be in serious problems. Dont think testing is just about the turf, it includes all the facilities. Therefore in this case I think rushing to label people as low level thinking might be a reflection of your own inadequacies. Think!!!!!

  1. Not being awarded the right to host the AFCON was a BIG BLESSING in disguise! We can’t afford to invite Ebola to this country! Let us not spread this epidermic kNOWINGLY you selfish I.DIO.TS!!

    • you Muppet, your cognitive faculties are really defective. Ebola in 2019 will either have been brought under control or it will have reached all parts of the globe including soweto market. get some understanding.

  2. Is the stadium owned by govt? Mwebantu govt can’t run such things properly. A private company runs stadia here where I stay. Never govt.

  3. One can already see flaws in the way this stadium is managed another stadium like Levy which will be a drain on taxpayer’s funds….where were these people when announcements were being made?

  4. Away from the Disaster stadium topic, it is interesting to note that out of our 16-team MTN Super League division, 10 teams are fighting relegation (by the way Roan are no longer in that dogfight because their fate has been confirmed). Only the top 6 teams are safe going into the last three (is it?) games of the season.

    Talk about the most interesting football league in the World..!(La liga na EPL fimo fine akaya akalala!)

    I LOVE bola ya pa Zed!

  5. PF is a dead govt.They cant complete the stadium on time?Where is Cobra?Why does Scot occupy the vice Presidency when he cant act as President?These guys are a mess!Happy birthday Godfrey ‘ucar’ Chitalu!Its your birthday today and we celebrate with you in death.You were the greatest and a true Zambian.How i wished the Heroes stadium was named after you.RiP the goal king.We will always love you.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  6. Any news for ChARLES Katongo. Has that dog died yet. Eiish, I cant wait for the good news. Please inform me asap so I throw a big party at Times Cafe

  7. You fulls will die like flies for the game i hate so much. With 21 Days incubation period of Ebola, theres no way non the these charactors and their fans can be Ebolla free.

  8. So who certified it when Zambia played Sudan in the same stadium? who again certified it to hold jubilee celebrations there. We can use the same guy even this time around. Disclaimer from sports council has come too late.

  9. So I am assuming that the stadium s not certified for jubilee celebrations right? I believe the same number of occupancy would be occurring for the celebrations…

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