Beston Chambeshi cherishes Golden Jubilee medal


Zambia and Nkana legend Beston Chambeshi says he cherishes the first ever Special Single Class Golden Jubilee medal bestowed on him by the Government to mark Zambia’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

Chambeshi was among several sports personalities Government honoured today for their contribution to the development of sports in the country.

“I am very happy and I thank Government for recognising me. I also thank my former team mates and coaches, without them I wouldn’t have reached that high level when I was playing soccer,” Chambeshi said.

Government further honoured all members of the 2012 Africa Cup winning Chipolopolo squad.

Some of the 2012 Africa Cup stars includes Kennedy Mweene, Stoppila Sunzu, Christopher Katongo, James Chamanga, Joshua Titima, Collins Mbesuma, Isaac Chansa, Kalilo Kakonje and Evans Kangwa.

Government also honoured Zambia’s captain at the 1974 Africa Cup, Dickson Makwaza, Kalusha Bwalya, Charles Musonda, Manfred Chabinga and Derby Makinka among others.


    • Note the laziness and consequently the carelessness in that very last statement. Suddenly all those players were captain in 1974! Interesting reporting style – sometimes free things are really dangerously expensive. Good note, @Laso.

    • The last paragraph is very clear. Dickson Makwaza (Magwaza) was Captain of the Zambian Football National team which went to the finals against Zaire at the Africa Cup of Nations tournament held in Cairo in 1974.

    • As this anniversary is of a date 50 years ago I hope that the awards are also posthumous. This is the nation’s history and it is right that those that created history are remembered. The memory of them, their deeds, their families and their admirers live on. Honour these forefathers and all they did.

    CHAMBESHI was a talented KALAMPA stricker & has done alot to the CLUB in his time. As club we are still keeping him he is our MAN right now he is our HEAD coach so he desave for that AWARD even though he has disapointed me this season we have NOT done anything ever since he took over from our BELOVED late coach.


    • There uis no need to answer that schizophrenic fecal matter of a human being like mushota.She best belongs to an isolation ward at chainama psychiatric hospital

  2. So what about remembering and honouring those that made independence happen 50 years ago. The anniversary should surely be about their sacrifices to give Zambia its freedom. Sports personalities are v important to the nation but is this anniversary really about them?

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