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Government calls on all Zambians to turn up in large numbers and celebrate Golden Jubilee

Headlines Government calls on all Zambians to turn up in large numbers and...

Children  catch a jubilee ride on the Zambian Lotto promotional truck
Children catch a jubilee ride on the Zambian Lotto promotional truck

Government has called on Zambians across the country to turn up in large numbers and celebrate the country’s Golden Jubilee of independence.

Chief Government spokesperson Joseph Katema says the Golden Jubilee is a historic and non-partisan event requiring all Zambians to express their eternal gratitude to God for preserving the nation as an oasis of peace in a world beset by civil strife and man-made and natural calamities.

Dr. Katema who is also Information and Broadcasting minister said it was now time to put aside political diversity and celebrate the hard won independence been celebrated under the theme: “Commemorating God’s Favour of Zambia’s 50 Years of Independence for Continued Peace, Unity, Democracy, Patriotism and Prosperity”.

He said in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka that the theme aspires to encourage the nation to continue to pursue the ideals of democracy and to strive for prosperity for all.

Dr. Katema emphasised that Independence Day is the birthday for Zambia and as at every birthday, which is a reminder of one’s age, whether in poverty or riches, it is time to reflect on one’s life and give thanks to the Almighty God.

He said it is in this spirit that government is calling on all Zambians and the peoples of the world to join hands and celebrate the country’s Golden Jubilee which was attained at immense cost and sacrifice.

The Information Minister said beyond 50 years, Government under the leadership of President Michael Sata reaffirms its commitment to work to the fullest of its ability in making Zambia a better and prosperous place for all.


    • PF…….and you want to push President Lungu out of the Party….!!!
      Zambia belongs to all , muza jama ba PF

    • The picture tells the story. What you seeing in the truck are Zambia’s future leaders. Let’s be real people. Zambia is barely 15 million people with abandant wealth, but 50 years on we are still wallowing in abject poverty and desease. Yet you have a jet setter for a president hoping the world for concierge medical treatment while his minions plunder the economy. Government does not see any sense in informing the public where the president is and what his condition is and yet they expect you to celebrate. What are we celebrating when the majority of our youth population are hungry, unemployed and street kids? What are we celebrating when we can’t look after the elderly and treat the sick? People aspire to political office for personal enrichment. Politics of poverty.. Forever cursed!

    • @Saulosi, sounds you are in Heineken already.
      I tried all kind of tricks at work yesterday to find excuse of taking a day off , but in vain. Everybody heard me telling history and culture of Zambia all week long. I have to work.
      My friends celebrate responsibly. We need you he at LT.
      And remember to come and vote for me, as LT President for next 50 Years.
      JAH Live!!

  1. Expensive ubunga,bad hospitals with poor services,endless by-elections,expensively bloated govt,dusty slums galore and a clueless sick president.

    What is there to celebrate apart from new stadiums and a few km of roads?

    • Ubunga K60, is not expensive, after all you eat for the whole month.
      Hospitals are not bad, why do you go their if they are. Nokupola mula pola ba mambala. By elections are according to the constitution, unless you change it as it it about to be done now. The government is not bloated, every one wants a job and to survive, let poeple take care of their families. Insansa kucinjana, Lesa wa bonse. Dusty slums are even found in developed countries. Learn to travel.
      Have you ever been a president before, for you to know any cluelessnes interms of governing country?.
      Bull shit!!

  2. Lets commemorate 50 years in which, an apparently intelligent nation chose not to use its brains to transform our already rich country. Each successive govt, save for Mwanawasa’s, toiled hard to ensure Zambia doesn’t rank higher than Somalia, economically and socially, and they have achieved success in this effort. If this is what you want to celebrate by all means go ahead. I think it’s sheer lunacy to celebrate failure. Lets use the time to reflect on where we went wrong and resolve to turn around the depressing situation.

  3. And it’s time to reflect too!
    Just a few question-marks and a very bad taste in the mouth thereafter:

    Stand and sing for Zambia, proud and free ?
    Land of work and joy in unity ?
    Victors in the struggle for the right ?
    We have won freedom’s fight ?
    All one, strong and free ?

    Africa is our own motherland,
    Fashion’d with and blessed by God’s good hand,
    Let us all her people join as one,
    Brothers under the sun.
    All one, strong and free.

    One land and one nation is our cry ?
    Dignity and peace ‘neath Zambia’s sky ?
    Like our noble eagle in its flight ?
    Zambia, praise to thee.
    All one, strong and free ?

    Free men we stand ?
    Under the flag of our land.
    Zambia, praise to thee!
    All one, strong and free ?

    Well, God bless us still – is there a ghetto in heaven? 2Pac asked…

  4. Especially discendants of favoured freedom fighters who continue to be appointed into lucrative government positions as if other equally or even more experienced Zambians do not exist. I agree with some politicians that this anniversary is a commemoration for many.

    • You are pitiful. All around the world the Honour of a favoured son is passed onto the children too. In UK you have aristocracy, and the honour of the parents pass on to their children too.

      I think what you need to do is to become a better patriot and DO for your country so that your progeny will also enjoy your honour. Do something today that will be thanked by all who come behind.

  5. after sowing seeds of disunity daily for 36 months, today in single one day all transgressions must be forgotten, and tomorrow it will be back to business as usual. That sounds like a tall order Sir! I suggest that you start by apologising and assuring citizens of a new beginning in your approach to politics and national affairs, we are ready to forgive on this jubilee day.

  6. There is no doubt that today Zambia is more disunited than ever before in its 50 years of existence, starting with the ruling party itself.

    • @Bro Jay Jay enough of jokes.
      It is not funny that Ba Sata is absent. The man is wise enough, he knew his presence will just bring sorrow to people. He could have been forced to give a speech, and caused tears and sorrows among the citizens. Me too I am tired of getting sad.

  7. F**K your joys!!!, F**K your pains!!, F**K your everything! All that maters today is UBUNTUBGWA!! Sadist and sceptics will “celebrate” by complaining and listing all the problems we may have and those they imagine we have while happy and optimistic people will celebrate with thanks in there harts of what and who we are 50 years down the line and positive projection of our future! Some people being sad and negative is who they are and are happy that way, they die complaining and pointing at faults while other are a complete opposite! such is life!!

  8. Independence day or National reflection day? I choose the later. Everyone gets independent in their mind at different times. The process is not communal as we know. The process of political independence is a fallacy that should not be entertained. We have shows and trade fairs if we need any gatherings to make speeches and look at achievements. The concept of independence will just be to accept that we were once slaves. Were we? Zambian as a people have always been free in what we have done anywhere. Am at home reflecting.

  9. Happy Jubilee Zambia!

    Let us celebrate our nation and thank God for the peace and stability that has endured in 50 Years. We may not be where we are supposed to be yet but we’re moving in the right direction.

  10. Zambia’s Golden Jubilee.

    50 yrs of independence: that we have to celebrate.

    I well appreciate the concerns raised by some regarding Zambia’s economic emancipation; however, I abhor the spirit in which it is being expressed—with a smack on the face that reveals the hidden massage that someone is actually enjoying the state of affairs as they stand. Like they’re saying, “At least me I’m rich”.
    Zambians can read between the lines.

    If you lead the poor, your poverty is worse than theirs.

    The spirit of Zambia is that of perseverance in times of need; upholding the value of knowledge. Simply put, Zambians never give up!

    Our 50yrs of independence and peace has paid off: today, a Zambian can walk into any country, head up, and declare, “I’m a Zambian”.

    We’re indeed proud and…

  11. The good book says:
    ‘May peace continue to reign in your walls, in your palaces’
    ‘Look I make all things new!’ says the creator.

    Indeed may we continue to uphold our peace and that we may challenge ourselves to utilize our resources and develop our homes and country.

    This jubilee could mean:
    Each town increasing the number of water reservoirs by tapping on the water resources,
    improve agricultural outputs, build the silos… let there be provincial competition in food production…
    Reclaiming our title ‘food basket’

    Happy Jubilee people of Zambeziland!

  12. What are we celebrating if I may ask those who have shunned the 50 years Jubilee? We are celebrating the fact that for 50 years we have been given the choice to rule ourselves, to choose a government of our choice, to remove non – performers. It has nothing to do wit Sata, or RB or anybody for that matter. Therefore boycotting the event is wasting one’s time. I see Nevers Mumba in the grand stand as a patriotic Zambian should do. To me he has earned some points. I fear that the ‘other’ party will harass people from other tribes should it assume power. It is full of hatred and bitterness towards other people.

  13. Happy 50th independence anniversary to Zambia. Wish ZNBC could stream the proceedings but of course that was shut down just when I discovered it. It’s a big shame for Zambians living abroad…..

  14. Hon. Katema, we hear you!

    Here in the UK, we are gathering in numbers to celebrate! Tomorrow we are going to a country club to eat, dance and be merry. On Sunday I am going out of London to a church service to celebrate our Jubilee with Christian friends.

    Happy Jubilee dear Zambia

    This Land is my Land
    From every corner to Victoria Falls
    This land was made for you and me

    • Thank you dear Father in Heaven, for our land and the joy of this day

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