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Government declares 14 days national mourning

General News Government declares 14 days national mourning

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska has announced the declaration of 14 days of national mourning in honour of President Michael Sata who died in London on Tuesday aged 77.
Dr Msiska said the 14 days national mourning is effective from October 29.

Dr.Msiska said President Michael Sata’s body will arrive in the country on Saturday, November 1, 2014 and body viewing will commence on Sunday with funeral sermons earmarked for the Lusaka Showgrounds. Traveling family friends and relatives will be accommodated at Belvedere Lodge in Kabulonga.President Sata will be put to rest on Tuesday, 11th November at Embassy Park in Lusaka.

A committee comprising PF members of parliament has been constituted to oversee funeral arrangements ahead of burial. The committee, chaired by Ronald Chitotela, comprises Lawrence Evans, Miles Sampa, Phillip Kosamu, Professor Nkandu Luo, Esther Banda and Obvious Mwaliteta.


    1. Why did PF Don’t Kubeba us about Mr. Sata’s health and what guarantee do we have that they won’t lie to us again? Some people have to account for this….
    2. Why do you (PF) allow your cadres to misbehave and disturb our peace?
    3. Was the bloated cabinet under MMD reduced as promised? This is partly the reason for the high debt we have now accrued due to limited revenue thereby enslaving future generations.
    4. Constitutional reforms promised in 90 days, how far?
    5. Where are the jobs and more money in our pockets with this wage and employment freeze?
    6. Why allow the vendors to litter our streets?
    7. Charges and harassment of opposition political party leaders and people with divergent views, how and why?
    8. The unnecessary

    • 8. The unnecessary by-elections we have experienced, any reason?
      9. Appointment of relatives, cadres and friends without giving every Zambian a chance to aspire for the jobs, are others less Zambian?
      10. Many contracts to companies that have been corrupting you as alleged by Mr. Chikwanda and making the Anti – Corruption Commission toothless but used to settle scores, just explain?
      11. Why have you not pursued our money borrowed from DBZ to be paid back by the people that operated Zambian Airways? You know them…
      12. Why do you (PF) like Don’t Kubebering us most of the time? Any new promises to tell us during the campaigns?

    • What a joke!! Can you write the funeral committee members again?
      A bunch of thugs? What kind of Church choirs will they bring?
      I see disaster…
      They should have just handed over funeral to the Catholic Church where Sata belonged, not street thugs.

    • Too short and disrespectful to the ‘appointing authority’
      More like 14 weeks.

      These people are forgetting Mr Sata put them where they are?


      Mushota Chimfwembe

  2. May HEMCS’s Soul Rest In Eternal Peace. After the dust has settled it will be pertinent that PF machinery tells the Zambians why they behaved the way they did during the ill-health of the President. Zambians needs and deserve some kind of sensible explanation about the events of the last few months. To just carry on as if nothing happened will be the greatest criminal offence to the citizenry. I hope while the country is in mourning, advisers are busy looking at how this part will be addressed going forward. You can f00l some people some time not all the people all the time. I think even all other PF cadres deserve an explanation and feel ashamed about how deceitful the top leadership has been. It might help to at least just apologise then get back to the political arena.

  3. still no pictures of the mass has it not finished yet? We can only connect with the proceedings and take our focus of the bickering PF hooligans if we are reminded of the real focus of this period by pictures. Believe it or not some of us are mourning and want to feel connected in the only way possible.

  4. This is too short, why cant they give it one year? Sata was the greatest leader. His spirits will rebuke us for mourning him for such a short period. This period fits the status of a headman not a popular president like the late Sata. Am so annoyed.

  5. Another funeral: Mpezeni has died. He was recently flown to SA for treatment. Two funerals for two kings in the country.

  6. No sense, I DPP will not shed a single drop of tears on a savage who spent all his life time telling lies, brutalizing and mocking other people’s health conditions. I will instead go out to East Point and **** 10 prostitutes as a special celebration.

    May his stinking chitumbi and evil spirit rest in pieces in eternal hell.

    Let others mourn it is time for us to be jubilant

  7. No sense, why worst tears on a savage, lair, violent and tribal creature. It is time to enjoy you beer and go to East Point to enjoy prostitutes

    • wow ba chief, I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side if this is how you dance on the grave of those who ticked you off.. And yes I have heard men who go to great lengths to come up with an excuse for soliciting hookers but I think it’s fair to say this is my very first time to hear someone use a dictator’s death as an excuse to knock up a hooker ka.

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