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Guy Scott can act as President in the interim , but can’t run for presidency-Chipimo

Headlines Guy Scott can act as President in the interim , but can't...

National Restoration Party president Elias Chipimo
National Restoration Party president Elias Chipimo

Opposition National Revolution Party ( NAREP ) leader Elias Chipimo has poured cold water on assumptions that interim President Dr Guy Scott can stand as candidate in the Presidential by-election.

Mr. Chipimo said that while it was right for Scott to lead the country in an interim capacity he did not meet the criteria to stand as full time leader of Zambia.

“What we mean by that is although technically Mr Guy Scott cannot stand as a contender for the Presidential election he can lead the nation during the interim period if he is Vice President at the time there is a vacancy in Presidency as a result of death or resignation,” he said.

“Under the constitution although it may seem strange this actually what is supposed to happen Mr Guy Scott is supposed to lead the nation for the 90 day period.

“Remember he is not performing the full functions of President he is simply holding that position until elections take place.”

The opposition leader said this in a statement in Lusaka to add his voice to the current debate that Scott can take his political gamesmanship a step further after he was appointed interim President by cabinet

Dr. Scott was on Wednesday appointed interim President following a cabinet meeting after the death of President Michael Sata.

The interim President is constitutionally barred from standing Presidential elections as his parents were not born in Zambia.

During his reign President Sata never appointed Dr Scott to stand in for him and opted to appoint other cabinet ministers with latest being Edgar Lungu, who is both Home Affairs minister and Justice minister respectively.

The latter has since reverted back to his ministerial positions.


  1. Chipimo is right. Would rather listen to him than Kambwili who is organising youths to protest in the streets

    • I do not disagree entirely with Chipimo but that is his view considering based on the literal meaning of the words in the consitition. However no High Court nor Supreme Court Judgement exists clarified this undoutedly ambiguous provision in the constitution. General Miyanda has a point in his suggestion that one needs to be eligible to be substantive in order to be a VICE for continuity sake. Otherwise we end up in turmoil has we are in currently. The issue of Guy qualifying or not is one for the Higher Courts. Its their Job anyway. The MAIN issue for me is Article 39. Which clearly suggests that anyone who is “Acting President when the sitting President is away, can only hand power back to A PRESIDENT”. The PRESIDENT to receive the power can be the INCUMBENT or A NEWLY ELECTED ONE.

    • Lewanika and Others v Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba (Constitutional Jurisdiction) (S.C.Z. Judgment No. 14 of 1998) [1998] ZMSC 11 (10 November 1998);



      The five petitioners challenged the election on 18 November 1996 of the respondent as President of Zambia on the ground that he was not qualified to be a candidate for election as president and be elected because neither he nor his parents were citizens of Zambia by birth or by decent as required by art 34(3) of Sch 2 to the Constitution of Zambia Act 1991 as amended in 1996.

    • They pleaded that his identity and that of his parents had never been ascertained, contended that he was the illegitimate son of one of the witnesses born from an illicit liaison with the mother while she was married to a Mozambican and that he was born in the then Belgium Congo (Zaire) in 1944 when his father, the witness was an alien. They also gave evidence touching upon the respondent’s citizenship qualifications and of the possible nationalities of his father. There was no dispute that the respondent’s mother ‘belonged’ to the British protectorate of Northern Rhodesia, within the meaning of s 16(3) of the 1963 Constitution, before it became the Independent state of Zambia on 24 October 1964, and would therefore, but for her prior death, have become a citizen of Zambia at independence

    • Held: Petition dismissed

      To conclude on the question of the respondent’s qualifications, we find that the various accounts as to the paternal parentage were irreconcilable in consequence of which an affirmative case has not been proved to the necessary degree of convincing clarity. In the circumstances, there is no basis for foisting a father upon the respondent nor for finding against the one he has officially declared. Above all we have already explained how even the most favourable finding from the petitioners’ point of view would not have resulted in the respondent becoming unqualified.

      Applying the fundamental rule, the provision would not disqualify for example a person born in Northern Rhodesia or in present day Zambia 35 years ago of Chinese parents (say who died)

    • Supreme Court Judgement

      Another point already dealt with but worth noting again was the assertion by the petitioner Mrs. Phiri and other witnesses that there were no Zambian citizens as such prior to independence and that Zambian citizenship and nationality only commenced on 24th October 1964. This assertion which we accept as technically and legally correct means that the constitutional provision regarding parents or anyone born prior to independence who are or were Zambian by birth or by descent can meaningfully only be construed as a reference to those who became Zambians on 24th October 1964 or who would, but for their prior death, have become Zambians on that day.

    • Lewanika and Others v Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba (Constitutional Jurisdiction) (S.C.Z. Judgment No. 14 of 1998) [1998] ZMSC 11 (10 November 1998);

      The parentage qualification for election as president introduced into the Constitution of Zambia 1991 by the amendment in 1996 pose a number of difficulties apparently without solution, eg whether the reference is to legitimate or biological parentage and whether adoptive parentage is included.

      The parentage qualifications indeed raise a number of questions. For instance, it was suggested in the submissions that the reference to parents who are or were Zambians by birth or descent was intended by the legislature to disqualify those who are not indigenous.

    • The reason we need to have a new and clear constitution is to avoid the current situation where everyone can have their own interpretation of our law. Yesterday we had cadres marching through independence avenue with their own interpretation. This has the potential to cause chaos in our land during Scott’s stay at the top.


      To conclude on the question of the respondent’s qualifications, we find that the various accounts as to the paternal parentage were irreconcilable in consequence of which an affirmative case has not been proved to the necessary degree of convincing clarity. In the circumstances, there is no basis for foisting a father upon the respondent nor for finding against the one he has officially declared. Above all we have already explained how even the most favourable finding from the petitioners’ point of view would not have resulted in the respondent becoming unqualified.

    • Mr chipimo junior don’t be partisan.I expect you to tell your tribesmen kambwili to allow Zambians to mourn in peace and debate this parentage clouse after burial.What are you are afraid of? The truth is that scott qualifies to stand as president because his parents were citizens of northern Rhodesia and become Zambians in 1964.its up to scoot to prove if his parents Got the Zambian NRCs after Zambia’s independence. He scoot was born in Zambia and has lived I Zambia for over 70yrs more years than even our fathers who were born in Zambia yet they have foreign origin. The fact the scott qualifies to acting president indicates that he can contest as president. Heavy weights like HH are not scared of scott but chipimo and his tribesmen are scared of him reasons best known to them.

    • The Supreme Court ruled that although the petitioners did not prove who Chiluba’s father was (whether Kafupi from Congo DR or Zharare from Mozambique), but assuming that the petitioners’ argument was true, Chiluba still qualified to stand as president.

      Guy Scott’s father was Lusaka Central member of parliament, resident in Northern Rhodes in 1964. Guy Scott was born in Livingstone.

    • I am enjoying this scenario…Now the RACIAL alliances have started to show!!!! You see fellow Zambians, while we speak in our “One Zambia One Nation” motto that we are beyond Color, Creed, Religion etc… the situation at the moment is contrary. Chipimo and the like are totally in denial that they are RACIST!!! According to that constitution-enacted by Chiluba- did any of the last five presidents (KK, FTJ, LPM, RB or Sata) qualify to be president?? Its sad to see that suddenly the opposition are not talking of the “people constitution” but of by-elections. Chipimo are you talking out of seeing this as you ‘best” shot to being leader??

      1. Why did PF Don’t Kubeba us about Mr. Sata’s health and what guarantee do we have that they won’t lie to us again? Some people have to account for this….
      2. Why do you (PF) allow your cadres to misbehave and disturb our peace?
      3. Was the bloated cabinet under MMD reduced as promised? This is partly the reason for the high debt we have now accrued due to limited revenue thereby enslaving future generations.
      4. Constitutional reforms promised in 90 days, how far?
      5. Where are the jobs and more money in our pockets with this wage and employment freeze?
      6. Why allow the vendors to litter our streets?
      7. Charges and harassment of opposition political party leaders and people with divergent views, how and why?
      8. The unnecessar

    • 8. The unnecessary by-elections we have experienced, any reason?
      9. Appointment of relatives, cadres and friends without giving every Zambian a chance to aspire for the jobs, are others less Zambian?
      10. Many contracts to companies that have been corrupting you as alleged by Mr. Chikwanda and making the Anti – Corruption Commission toothless but used to settle scores, just explain?
      11. Why have you not pursued our money borrowed from DBZ to be paid back by the people that operated Zambian Airways? You know them…
      12. Why do you (PF) like Don’t Kubebering us most of the time? Any new promises to tell us during the campaigns?

    • @Action Man,
      Why did you have to do a RESEARCH, wasting all you precious time. Worse is that you have made this website so dirty with all those articles. Why do you have to find answers from somewhere else, what happened to your WISDOM, if you don’t have it then use COMMON SENSE.

    • The problem is too many people talking what they think is right causing without telling us that that is their opinion, they are making cadres who are drunk to believe them then start making noise instead of mourning the presisdent, why cant we put all this aside the talk after the funral?, Guy scott is ok, Lungu is a nice peroson, Winter Kabimba would have been in the state house assuming its him the president lefting acting. people!!!

  2. This is how PF will WIN AGAIN , The opposition will be busy talking about SCOT instead of campaigning . yaba useless opposition in zambia

    • What a shallow explanation from this incompetent Attorney General. Has common sense and reason become so expensive with folks like Musa Mwenye these days.

      There is a major difference between Rupiah Banda acting to Guy Scott, in that former President Banda was eligible to hold that office, while Guy Scott isn’t.

    • “Old rugsout” get your facts right, RB was born in Southern Rhodesia of Southern or is it Nyasaland Parents YET HE BECAME PRESIDENT! SCOTT on the other hand was born of Scottish, then Northern Rhodesian Parents, in LIVINGSTONE, who had emigrated to Northern Rhodesia, who all subsequently became Zambians on Independence day!

    • Leave guy scott alone,why re u saying z not supose to b the presindent of zambia.if you made him be v,president he z a zambian by nationality.wicked pipo leave alone.

  3. The law really is an ass. He was born in Zambia and that makes him Zambian and eligible to contest the presidency. What’s his parents being foreigners got to do with it?

    • @Wantanshi
      Emotionally lead thinking and assertions almost always lead to the wrong discisions. Scot may have been born in Zambia but alligience to a nation is not simply based on where you were born. Many British Citizens fighting in Iran and Iraq for ISIS today were born in the UK but are fighting against their birth nation.
      Scott’s parents were eligible to become Zambians in 1964 and if the opted to remain British, then their alligience was to Britain and not Zambia. Our current Constitution barrs anyone from the Presidency as long as their parents are not Zambian.
      Lets not change that to suit one person (Scott).

    • It’s called allegiance to the Queen. We all like to associate ourselves with where our parents hail from don’t we? You will not be surprised to see Guy Scott retire and settle in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK to see out his last days. Better health care and facilities for the elderly which we can’t achieve overnight. This is the time we need bold leaders, leaders with brave hearts to sacrifice for mother Zambia. Develop modern health facilities and not have our leaders die in Paris, London…Rome….New York…. you name all the major cities! A leader should be able to face the music of his own facilities because that’s what all his people have to do. They can’t hop on a plane to London for a medical so they will jump on a bus to UTH. Invest in better Health Care! Viva HH.

    • It’s a worry well done. Something is seriously wrong with the psyche of the Black Zambian. People are literally being silly.

      There is NO DUAL Nationality in Zambia, we know because we have been fighting for it. So Scott’s parents CHOSE their alliance to Mother England, NOT the newly Free African state of Zambia. As most whites did at that time. They left, we paid them (compensation, (reparations) for their (our) lands etc.

      Now the ‘educated’ children of Free Zambians are trying to muddle through using nonsense statements. Would MR Scott NOT know if he qualified?? He said clearly he does NOT qualify!

      Stop this nonsense. Most Zambians in the diaspora have taken British citizenship and not given up Zambian citizenship as required. Is Embassy in London NOT aware?

    • Zambians are shameful creatures! Alluding to intelligence and education, yet they cannot even interpret their own Constitution! Merde! Pardon my French.

      Scott does NOT qualify to hold either VP nor President role. There is NO room for debate on that one.

      If the ordinary citizen does not stand for the Rule of Law, what is the point. Now you all know, you are like puppies (I being polite here), raised by the White man to believe you will be better off under them. This is not Racist, it’s a fact that psychological damage was inflicted on Blacks. They cannot come out from under the Bushel they were put under.

      Hilary Clinton was Right to advise Zambians to be careful not to be recolonised by our own hands.

      Now Stand Up Zambian and Uphold your state.

    • You chaps, NONE OF YOU PARENT’S WERE OF Zambian descent on 23/10/64 just like Scott, they all attained Zambian citizenship on 24/10/64!! Talk about interpreting simply English!! The Constitution NEVER REFERS to NORTHERN RHODESIA – so stop making a meal of this. The constitution also NEVER SAY’S YOU CAN EXTRAPOLATE what you may think is logically right – so chose Either to go by the Constitution or by a RACIAL GUT FEELING, that never again should a Muzungu Rule you – Mind you, Scott is NOT A FOREIGN POWER – so we are not being RE-Colonized – it is simply mob psychology that Miyanda & & others like you are whipping up!!

  4. LT, the swine farmer was not APPOINTED, he became Acting Prez i.t.o the constitution following the demise of one Satan. Get your facts right.

  5. What a mess of a country Chiluba and his government fashioned from their fear of one KK! The chickens have indeed come home to roost. It is amazing how an innocent clause that was deemed irrelevant by a Supreme Court process can cause amongst the largely ignorant masses of a country. It is sadder still to note how suddenly everyoneis now respecting a constitution they have been so vehemently opposed to. Bigotry and useless calibre is all one can sense. The next elections are likely to produce more mediocrity at the rate this is unfolding.

    • Kalok, in Zambia, there is a proverb literary interpreted, ” umulandu nga wapita pa musula, naiwe pita pa musula.” Literary, this case has gone in between the two buttocks, however messy, we will not see unless we put a wedge in between.

      Forget who never respected the constitution, we want to respect it. This is our Zambia, and Zambia of ten years ago is the same as the Zambia of today. Who ever did this is spitting on my constitution, pooing on it, peeing on it and I am not going to sit watch this being done to my sovereignty let alone my dignity.

  6. Lets make PROGRESS than talking Politics. The zambian pipo want food on the table at the end of the day and NOT Kambwili. Bushe kanshi tamumfwa?

    • The only Zambian without progress is you who can import leadership. congratulations Britain for playing a fast one on us. You called Michael come, Michael is gone then you put your son to rule us.

  7. The opposition parties were anxious for a presidential bye-election and some got it by sacrificing 25 helpless villagers in their own Gwembe. Now that it’s upon them, they have no agenda, manifesto or message for the people.
    Chipimo, Bwalya, Nawakwi, Nevers and Sleeping cow Hingombe Hilede (HH) now is the time to shine, youu’ve gotten what you wanted especially (HH). Give a message of peace and unity during the funeral, then campaign as the election approaches. You’ll still be beaten hands down ba kolwe.
    Stop this cheap political bullsh.t you’re all shetanis.

    • @Kudo I have no kind words for tribalist like you.You live in the stone age period.people like should stay in the ituli forest for ever as monkeys because they are a hindress to development and civilization.Who gave the computer and who apys for internet you so hopless.

    • It is a sad state of affair because Mwenye should not have allowed this to take place. Instead of people remembering Michael, now people are in discussion of why a white man cannot come all the way from Scotland and leave children as kings in Zambia. PF be sober on this one. Opposition may seem to be on your side because they know it will be difficult for you to sell anyone else who will not be acting at that time. You will not even get a sympathetic vote like Ruppia. Scot cannot stand and should not have been allowed to act. Scot should check himself whetther he is doing the right thing or not. He should have refused to be part of the scheme in the first place since Michael never allowed him to act, people sir would have more respect for you. Watch what will happen soon.

    • Quick Joke:-
      What do you call a bunch of lawyers at the bottom of the sea held down by heavy weights?

      Answer:- A good start!

      Question:- what do you call a good lawyer?
      Answer:- A dead one

      Sorry but there is a good reason the world is full of cruel Lawyer jokes. Only a person who has no moral compass in his daily job, can think twisting things to suit the moment is acceptable.

  8. The problem with opposition leader waste the time and energy talking about things which doesn’t matter. We all know that Dr Scott can’t stand for presidency. Chipimo is that news? I guess they are scared because Dr Scott is presidential “material” . Ba chipimo can never be a president for Zambia. It will end on part level like chakomboka.

  9. Chipimo is correct AND wrong.

    It is wrong for Scott to act as president of Zambia in the interim because he would not ordinarily be able to attain the office of president role because of the parentage clause.

    Chipimo IS very correct in stating, Scott cannot stand as President in the coming elections because of the same said parentage clause.

    It’s like some party in the British government trying to make a foreigner become Queen/king of England!!

    We have a constitutional crisis. We have PF who really are trying to flog us this notion of a puppet White President, because we can then gain access to Western resources better. Sata was a typically psychologically damaged black man. He even went to UK to die rather than take his ‘check-up’ sand die in Zambia.

    • We have lot the Nationalist politician. We need a Nationalist Party to wrestle back Black Zambian Power.

      I am ashamed of PF. My dad Mr Bevan Mayo Nyendwa taught me right. Defend your country. He was loyal and I believe might have taught some of these politicians that same value.

      We have lost it, our Nationalist heritage which gave us Independence. 50 years of it and we get a joke president squawking on a Mobil excitedly!

      We can’t even mourn in peace! PF, PF why on earth did you do this. It would have been easier to go with Lungu! Now you WILL lose voters for sure.

    • ‘Lost’ the nationalist politician, it’s meant to say! Pardon my anger, BUT I am incandescent with rage at the conduct of PF in this interim appoint!

      I remain a patriot!

    • We will never know. But a patriot in gov’t chooses Home Hospital for a check up. Nothing wrong with that logic.

      Quick, his many foreign President from anywhere, RSA, France, die in Zambia?

    • Patriot abroad, if you are so racist, what are you doing abroad in a white man’s land & spewing the rubbish you spew??? Leave their country & get back to Zed to prove your mettle – Stop being A HYPOCRITE!!!

    • Patriot abroad, you don’t even seem to know the History of the UK to pro-offer the argument of someone trying to make a foreigner a Queen or King of England – This can only be obtained by a Blood-line so your argument falls flat even before it gets wings becoz you seem to know nuts about Royalty! Prince Phillip was not British before he married the Queen, those in line to the Throne are Half-british by bloodline, but the British are not beyond themselves about who the next King is.

  10. All those agreeing with Guy Scot to act are not PF, this will be a heavy song during the campaigning period. PF this is the time to see if the one you need can sell.

  11. Scott has already stated that he isn’t going to be a candidate so why all the yapping from irrelevant parties like NAREP? Go and campaign and maybe one day there will be one NAREP seat in parliament

    • @ Clutchplate Banda

      Because, our constitution is under attack. This shows us the heart of PF. A balanced citizen will not accept the very rules of constitution to be broken. The very fact that Scott has stated he will NOT stand as president is the very reason why he ought NOT to have been appointed as acting President. He does not qualify ordinarily. It is a mockery to The Office Of The President of the Republic of Zambia.

      We went to National Service to learn to defend our country. But now our politicians are asking us to stand aside as they break the state from within. It’s a question of, How far they may go in these type of constitutional interpretations. A centimetre now and a metre more later.

    • @Patriot Abroad: Your rationale is flawed here. Guy Scott can have other reasons for not wanting to stand as a presidential candidate.

    • Patriot ab— , Scot WAS NEVER APPOINTED, THE CONSTITUTION DETERMINED WHO SHOULD Ascend to the Presidency once the incumbent dies or is incapable of maintaining that office!

  12. That sounds better, let him act as President for Eighty-something days.
    My appeal to fellow Zambians is not be duped into accepting the abrogation of the consitution by allowing him to contest the presidential bye-elections.
    This is not racisim but just a preservation of the sanctity of our constitution, otherwise the consitution will become useless if people’s emotions and certain personalities are to be regarded as excempts from the consitutional provisions.
    ‘Abash Scott for presidency’ …..till the constitution is amended.

  13. Zambia just celebrated her 50th independence anniversary and yet Zambians still continue to live in the dark ages. Our ignorance is appalling.

    • If you don’t understand that a constitution is what a country stands or falls by, then you will accept all the PF delays to the amendments as correct.

      It is ironic, that people do not realise what an opportunity it is to point out to PF their own Folly in not listening to what the people have been demanding! We can now say to them “but if you had given us the new constitution in 90 days, you would now be correct.” But you didn’t and so you are now constitutionally incorrect. It is a great ‘aha’ moment we rub in their face.

      PF cannot behave like demanding children, stamping their feet to get what they want.

    • The slippery constitutional ground PF now walks on, was foolishly created by none other than PF itself. Let them stumble, fall and break their biting teeth.

  14. Chipimo is wrong GS is Zambian has the right like an Zambian to stand for president. My grandparents and parents were born before independence and there are not less Zambian than me. Anyone born before independence and was a residence in Zambia at Independence automatically became Zambian. No one was Zambian before independence as Zambia never existed prior to Independence as it was called Northern Rhodesia by then and Governed by the British Empire. On 24/10/64 all Citizens of Northern Rhodesia residing in Northern Rhodesia became Citizens of Zambia by default. Leave Guy Scott alone and I will advisor opposition to concentrate on matters that affect Zambians and campaign on that than time wasting.

    • These Bembas want only themselves to rule we power is sweet but don’t bring anarchy to Zambia.Leave scott a lone Go and blame sata is the one who appointed him as vice president in the first instance.We are fade up with you we need development.Scott is a Zambian full stop.If you go by that clause in the constition as it should be interpreted in real meaning only HH qualifies but all we are saying Scott is zabian like many of you are.Most tribes in Zambia come recently only the Tongas are indegnouse but Tongas are not sellfish like these who claim Chalo chesu my foot.

    • @16.1 Sido Mark. Chipimo is saying that it is right for Scott to act for 90 and you are saying “these Bembas want only themselves to rule”. What is your issue? I don’t get you.

    • Chipimo always going by the wind. Let’s face facts here, if Guy cannot become President, he can’t act as President. Thinking of pacifying a violation of the constitution just because a mistake was made, is tantamount to cowardice.

      Let’s follow procedure, reverse this act, PF has a cabinet which choose any other qualifying candidate for interim President. From the debate going on right now Zambia is ready to make this constitutionally right. If we go ahead and with the flaws, what else will be violated?

  15. Too many cooks spoil the broth!!! everyone is trying to make their own interpretation-mwafulisha. leave this task to those with the mandate to make the final decision.

  16. Those of us who have been victims of bigotry feel for Guy. Even when all conditions are right and you meet those conditions, something will suddenly come right out at you from outside of those provisions. You will not be ‘indigenous’ enough, or ‘the right birth’, or ‘not exactly qualified enough’ and the list goes on endlessly until finally you are nailed. The world is indeed a b.itch. Guy, do your best these 90 days and leave the useless population to continue savaging each other in their tribal and racist bigotry that will only see them slide deeper into the dark that they are blasting out the lights for themselves. Amazing state of affairs this.

  17. If the parentage clause is anything to go by, then no parent of any opposition leader was born in Zambia, they were all born in Northern Rhodesia, Chipimo are you telling us that your father was born in 1964? Scott like any of you qualifies even to stand for Presidency. This matter is closed.

  18. I f he was born in this land then he qualifies what does the new constitution say , that is why you quickly wanted the constitution , thanks be to your cries Kaunda ruled zambian for 27 years without being a zambian, how about this chola boy for sata just give him what belongs to him



    • Chipili stop being IGNORANT, RB was born in Southern Rhodesia, i.e. now Zimbabwe if you didn’t know! His parent’s were from Nyasaland or Southern Rhodesia but he still became presodent – you NEVER LIFTED ANY OF YOUR CROOKED FINGERS – but for SCOTT Who was born in LIVINGSTONE, with a lighter skin than yours, YOU WANT TO MOVE HEAVEN & EARTH – just declare you are racist, we will then Understand where you are coming from – we then won’t argue with you!!

  20. what a shame, too much incompetence in Zambia. Lets say Scott becomes president, what benefits will that bring to Zambia?
    1- tourist numbers will go up for obvious reasons
    2- more investment as the country will be attractive to investors for obvious reasons
    3- Zambia will be viewed as the most democratic country in Africa (beacon of hope), again for obvious reasons
    4- the true Rainbow nation
    5- our influence in Africa will grow because we are peaceful
    My point is my country comes first, we need to learn to manipulate the system to benefit from it. The South Africans forgave because they new they would attract attention. Today SA attracts close to 9 million tourists generating more than $5 billion. I don’t need a degree to see this, its just common sense.

    • Susanno you indeed exhibit “New age” Thinking!! You are a true descendent of REAL Zambian parents( I’m guessing you were born after independence), NOT Northern Rhodesians arguing ad infinitum about Scott’s Color or Creed! The World today, is so different especially Africa, there are no more Colonies – Scott represents Zambians & NOT ANY OTHER FOREIGN POWER!!

    • Typical. Always taking the path of least resistance. The advantages you list are so childlike and myopic. That manipulation starts by ensuring the right people are in power to manipulate FOR you.
      Ati “our influence in Africa will grow”. Why? Because a white man is your president? Sha!

  21. This is total nonsense imwe ba Kolwe….The more u will make noise about this issue the more u will lose track…2016 ni HH chabe….andweni….

  22. Guy Scott and Edgar Lungu are unifiers of the nation:
    Kambwili and Mmembe are genocidal dividers. Ignore them.

  23. Why shud Guy fight for acting when he never did that when sata was alive? PF will go thru becoz lungu has instruments of power given by sata. those who want lungu to appoint their tribes time to be counted is now. Tomoro will be too late.

    • Lungu WAS NEVER GIVEN INSTRUMENTS OF POWER by Sata, as Sata was unconscious!! Cabinet met & decided UNCONSTITUTIONALLY to hand over Instruments of Power to Lungu – let cabinet quote the article in the constituion which gave them such powers!! The only power the have to change the Presidency is to declare him Infirm – refer to Chief justice, who then sets the ball rolling in terms of replacing the infirm incumbent – this was never done within the short time frame that Lungu was “appointed!”

  24. So whoever wins the anticipated bye-election can only serve maximum 6 years, given that the bye-elections take place January, 2015, since in 2016 there will be General Elections! ‘Logic’ is inferior to ‘Constitution’, otherwise we could have done away with bye-elections until the 2016 General Elections. If Logic had authority, he could simply allow whoever is preferred acting President to go on up to the General Elections. Precedence is that we already have acting positions that have prolonged!!! This has been on record as the reign under whose highest bye-elections have been held in one parliamentary term, with the hugest costs.

    • I like your reasoning. I d add that the onus is on the opposition parties. If they can come to an agreement that they don’t contest in the bye election, then Guy Can go through un opposed, saving the country all the millions of kwacha. They can then prepare for 2016.

  25. Don`t even blame Scott or Musa Mwenye. Blame your small brains. Isn’t this the reason we tell you to elect sensible and smart people as national leaders. You elect people based on your tribe, and when things backfire you complain—–and too dull to realize that you are part of the cause.

  26. Money is the root to all evil, and that’s the case here (even our own spiritual leaders are showing off the wealth they are given by their congregation saying God has blessed me). Who stands to gain from all this?
    1- The people who have being looting this country since independence. And no my friends am not talking about mining companies
    2- The most corrupt politicians, the loudest
    3- The people who run this world, divide and conquer no military is needed common tactic being used in the middle east. (Zambia has probably the largest reserves of copper, colbalt, rare earth earth elements. I think we have just dicovered oil which should come as no surprise (great rift valley)
    If we flop, our children and the world will hold this generation responsible for holding this country back.

  27. Isn’t this the man who was yesterday saying this is not time for campaigns but for mourning? Why is he De campaigning Guy Scott then? Hypocryt!

  28. Guy Scott qualifies to act as President of Zambia-LAZ
    Time Posted: January 14, 2012 7:43 am
    9,372 views | 46 Comments |Email This Post Email This Post |Print This Post Print This Post |


    THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has said Dr Guy Scott does not only qualify to be Vice-President but in fact qualifies to act as President of Zambia in the absence of Mr Sata.
    This has been disclosed by LAZ honorary secretary Paulman Chungu in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday.

    “Our position is that Dr Guy Scott is perfectly qualified to be Vice-President and in the absence of the President, for whatever reason, to perform the functions of the office of the President as provided for in the constitution,” Mr Chungu said.

    Mr Chungu…

  29. Guy Scott qualifies to act as President of Zambia-LAZ
    Time Posted: January 14, 2012 7:43 am
    9,372 views | 46 Comments |Email This Post Email This Post |Print This Post Print This Post |


    Mr. Malila said: “In the event that there is a vacancy in the Office of the President in terms of Article 38 of the Constitution or in case of temporary absence of the President in terms of Article 39 of the Constitution, the Vice-President could act as President even if he may not meet the qualification for election to the Office of President. What he cannot do is to stand as President.”

    Some have described Mr Kunda’s statements as bordering on racism which must not be allowed to creep into Zambian politics.

    [Zambia Daily Mail]


  30. Fellow country men and women peace be to you all in these trying times. Fellow mourners, as much as it sounds logical for the current interim president not to stand for re election after 90 days, I strongly feel that Guy Scott should be mandated to lead us beyond January 2015 taking into custody the current position wrangles in the party which has the ingredients of derailing the country into anarchy if not prperly handled. Allowing him to continue would be a good move in the area of continuity and for a smooth transition, It will allow the encambet to identfy a man or woman of high calibre to take over the buttonof leadership. Please let everybody reason with their brains and not their hearts. My condoleces to the first family i know it’s never easy we share the same pain.

    • Chief,
      Guy has a handicap. He has the wrong coloring of the skin. When many Zambians look at Guy they don’t see just a man but a white man. Many cannot get past that barrier. I’ve been reading comments posted in the last few days and I’m appalled at how some Zambians feel quite comfortable in using racial slurs and innuendos that have been used against the Black man, much to our chagrin. That’s what I mean when I say Guy has a handicap. Not a real one but in the Zambian sense.

    • Now you want Guy for more than 90 days? Scotland is so lucky. In fact any Bazungus who want our newly-discovered oil.

      Be a little more clever. Muzungus are. Even if Guy is himself a good man, trust me the Bazungus already know how they will go about using his western affiliation to their advantage. Trust.

      This “we are peaceful” is really harming Zambia. Sha!

  31. Chipimo has the right balance. Regard for the law as well as savvy enough to know that appointing GS is folly. Please, don’t talk to me about constitution or peacefulness or benefits to Zambia – the point is, every Zambian should be saying “teti! Can’t. Never.” Ukushishita, mwe fipuba mwe.

  32. This is becoming like the scene of a car accident. Half of the eyewitnesses swear upon the life of their mother that the white car slammed into the black car. The other half of the eyewitnesses also swear on the grave of their grandfather that the black car is the one that slammed into the white car. A lot of swearing and almost impossible to separate the facts from the BS. Between the pro-Guy and the anti-Guy, one group is lying through their teeth.

  33. Zambians never cease to amaze me!They just love foreigners as clearly most of its leaders have been foreigners!What debate about Scott?He couldnt act when cobra was alive and now you make him acting President?Then Chipimo talks trash like he can only act and be a part President!What rubbish is that?you mean,he wont sign anything during that time?This is unacceptable.We cant go on like this as a country.Enough is enough.Come January lets correct this.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  34. It’s irrelevant to talk about the late president now.He had his reasons for not allowing Scott to act but that does not mean he was right. Zambia never belonged to Mr Sata,and so we cannot make decions based on what he used to do.Viva Scott!!!

  35. #CAF Why should Zambians hate foreigners? What is there to be gained? For Zambia to develop we need outside help.
    USA developed because of all the foreigners – Chinese, Indians, Europeans, African and all. Everywhere were there is development, they have had help from outside. Zambia as a landlocked country cannot do this by herself – we need to have an open market, create jobs, build more houses and hospitals and schools.
    Zambia cannot even afford to scholarships to her citizens, let alone provide better schools and hospitals. The country does not even own a National airline – Ethiopia and Kenya bail us out all the time – why?

  36. If Zambia joins other countries like Bukina Faso, Zimbabwe, etc in allowing hate and instability in the country, then the future of the country is doomed.
    At the present moment Zambia’s international record is good – a Claim country which has not experienced a civil war.

    Zambia is known for her acceptance of other nations and excellent culture and traditions.
    The president was nursed and attended to by foreign doctors and nurses, let us not forget that. It is sad they could not save him from his ailments.
    Let the passing of President Sata not cause havoc and instability. He was voted into power by Zambians, hence he was accepted as a leader of the nation.

  37. Bazungus do not want your newly discovered oil – if at all it is there, someone drilled it out and am sure it ain’t a Zambian engineer.
    The Chinese built Tazara, Mulungushi Textiles and now they have re-opened the mines which KK closed – closed and not working for 20 years.

    GROW UP..!!!!

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