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Guy Scott reinstates Edgar Lungu as Secretary General until the burial


Acting president Guy Scott at the State lodge meeting
Acting president Guy Scott at the State lodge meeting

Interim PF President Guy Scott has announced that Edgar Lungu has been reinstated as party Secretary General.In a joint statement signed by Dr Scott and Mr Lungu released shortly after an emergency central committee meeting at his State Lodge farm, Dr Scott said the position of party Secretary General will remain with Edgar Lungu.

“It is critical that we respect the mourning period and that we remain united as a party, as a Government and indeed as a nation, Dr Scott said.
He added, “We must work together in order to ensure that the family of the late President and the nation at large is able to put our beloved leader to rest in a manner that is orderly, appropriate and respectful of our traditions.”Dr Scott said leaders of the PF and Government are united in an appeal for peace adding that all party members, cadres and others must immediately desist from any form of unrest or violence.

“It is completely unacceptable that our grief and mourning be marred by violence and disorder such as has been observed in some places over night and today. Further, all party members must desist from issuing inflammatory statements to the media, including online publications.”

He added, ” In the context of the agreement on the foregoing, the Interim President of the PF has stated that the position of PF Secretary General will remain with Hon. Lungu. After completion of burial of President Sata, the PF Central Commitee will then be convened, following due process as laid down in the PF constitution. At that time, any member of the Central Commitee who intends to stand for election as Party Secretary General or holder of any other position that may present a conflict of interest will be required to step down from those positions.”

Meanwhile in Choma, scores of PF cadres gathered at their district office and called on acting President Guy Scott to immediately reinstate Mr Lungu as party Secretary General.

The placard-carrying-youths said they were not happy with decision by Dr Scott to drop Mr Lungu at the time when the nation was still mourning the death of President Michael Sata.

PF Choma Constituency youth Information Publicity Secretary Joe Kamoko said it was uncalled for among senior party members to point fingers at each other.

“As PF youths in Choma, we are disappointed that in the midst of state funeral for our late President Sata, we have seen bickering among our senior party members such as our acting President (Dr Scott) dropping Mr Lungu as party secretary General,” he said.

Southern Province political secretary Simalonga Siachoona who joined the youths urged Zambians to mourn Mr Sata in dignity and avoid confrontations that could deter national peace and unity.

PF cadres protesting against Guy Scott
PF cadres protesting against Guy Scott


  1. We strongly condemn this reinstatement and bow to the unwashed masses
    We believe the firing was in line with maintenance of peace and stability.

    If you support Guy Scott like me give this a thumbs up rating..


    • Scott should rest. Zambia is not in cabable hands in these remaining 80 days. Do we still have any doubt why Sata never left this man to act as head of state. It is now very clear to all and sundry!

    • Ba Mushota,
      you are not a lady, but just a guy pretending to be a woman.

      Further, you live in Chawama and you say you are in Scotland. What a wish!

    • Its going to end in tears…. the best advice i can give to PF is that after the funeral a motion should be passed to get rid of Guy Scott as PF president. Let him act for 90 days and his chapter is over. If he thinks he his popular after this Up let him recontest as MP in 2016 and see what a shock he will get.

      The passing of one useless dictator in the name of Ukwa has opened a new chapter for Zambia.

    • Wapya Munzi.It shows that there is confusion in the party and no capable leadership.Give the presidency to Given Lubinda.The man is calm.This could be the end of PF.The party i strongly supported in 2008,2011.shame shame

    • I am not saying zambians are unwashed masses, all I am saying is this zambians individually are nice people very nice but as a group they are like a flock of sheep and heading in no particular direction and hence unwashed masses

      I am here to demand Justice and the truth are reinstated and we CONDEMN this reinstatement, from the UK


    • I hope Zambians now appreciate the importance of a proper constitution and separation of powers.We have had a situation where the executive,judiciary and a law enforcement are all compromised and there are no laws to rectify this.Guy Scott can not be further trusted.He is the same person who lied under oath that Sata was fine and working hard. PF can not be trusted,they can’t even be trusted to mourn their leader in dignity! What a shame!

    • Mushota, the decision may be right but at the wrong time. This is not the time for squabbles but mourning although I know you are not mourning becoz of reasons known to yourself. But please you and the PIG as the placard is suggesting spare us.

    • Mushota:
      You need to be mature with your comments. lets not this platform to issue whatever you are thinking without considering what other people may feel. lets try to keep our country jealously. remember you have only one zambia. please check your postings. Regards.

    • Very stup*d whiteman , the waste muzungu ever lived in zambia . No wonder Sata did not trust this pig . He never allowed him to act whenever is out of the country . Very dull white man .

    • I have no further word. I am now going to campaign for my candidate HH. All I wanted was for peace to prevail in PF and the nation. At least for now as we mourn the late president. I also hate the evil cartel of Mmembe et. al. Thats why I was for Edgar Lungu on this one. Bye for now ,Naya.

    • I concur with you. Hynas such as GBM just want to use Lungu. Are hey not the ones who used to fight him? Please vote wisely for the Presidential candidate. Do not vote for the following:

    • Iwe ka Mushota, ule kwata amano maso yobe….ule kutika??? This is not Britain nor is it your fathers farm… This is Zambia!!!!! We don’t need shallow thinkers like…if am correct niwebo ka foreigner iwe ka skanka…atase….wapya!!!!!! Nala kuma it caught me pampumi….kembo iwe….

    • The swine farmer at it again. No end in sight to his delusions of grandeur. Even the villagers in Choma can see Scottie for what he is, a pig. Zambia’s Acting prez, wtf!

    • PF are embarrassing all Zambians. We need an apology for their fo.olish actions. What kind of leadership is in this party?? Where is the Zambian Military? They are no different to Boko Haram. They want to infect all Zambians with their unruly Ebola behavior.

      Please let us quarantine them before infecting us???? Let the Army / Chief Justice take over. I am disgusted that we have been subjected to such, making the world think Zambians are Dull.

    • Are you just naturally so dull that you can’t read the situation or perhaps just such an em-basil that common sense has forever eluded your peanut brain? Or are you just posting this to arouse debate. Are you for real or is your duty just to stir the pot so people can have something to discuss?

    • Kasi Banyane nifumbeko…. Telemundo Njavichi, or Nollywood Njavichi??? Titambenge waka Zollywood “Cartel OR Clique”, Starring, Guy Scot, Edgar Lungu.

    • I think this disunity should be taken very seriously. REMEMBER RWANDA AND SUDAN.They may be smiling for the cameras but anger and hate is brewing underneath. REMEMBER RWANDA AND SUDAN. When we start pitting bemba against tonga etc we are heading into dangerous territory. It is sad because most of the younger generation are in inter-tribe marriages. When tragedy falls the wolves come out and prey on the vulnerable. Maybe the army should take over for the next 90 days. Power corrupts even after only a few days in office.

    • @maharaji you are absolutely spot on about the importance separation of powers. ..all Department chiefs are more concerned about their contracts because they are presidential appointees.

    • It is clear that politics is a game of interests and patriotism out the window. We remember how the selfishness of MMD brought in RB not because he was better than Magande but because he came across as weaker of the 2 and so they wanted a break from the strictness of Mwanawasa which would have continued under Magande. Scott is better than Lungu and brings more hope to the table except the problem with so called cartel. This means Scott equals Membe and his ‘evil’ meaning GBM and the likes are fixed while Kabimba bounced back. Lungu means the death of the cartel and revival of GBM and the team back in the game. For now, Scott is out with his Cartel but let’s see how Bwinjimfumu reacts from now.

    • In PF they breath and drink confusion every day. The number of thugs in this party is big. Jean Kapata, Kambwili, Willie Nsande all these are hoodlums with dangerous personalities. I am sure many in PF are now regretting having joined themselves to this lot. Bo Lubinda sha, can you honestly say you are among wise people in PF? Mulenga Sata a dog catcher come politician, where is Zambia headed mwe bantu???

    • I may not be a fan of PF in any way but my impartial advise to the divided party is that use cabinet to pass a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in Guy Scott at the next opportunity.

      If he’s left for the remaining time, it may be too late to reverse what he brings next to the table from the cartel.

      As they say, 5 days in politics is too long. 85 days with Scott at the helm is suicidal. This is probably the best opportunity for PF to bring an end to Mmembe’s poisonous tongue and cancerous hand at the heart of Zambian governments for good.

      Don’t relent do the cartel a blow possible soon after the president is put to rest.

    • After burial, Guy Scott kuya bebele for disrespecting the mourning tradition. Even here in the UK, when one prominent member of society like a prince, or the prime minister dies, all political maneuvering is stopped until after the funeral.

      I wonder how Guy Scott was brought up with such disregard for the observation of the morning period.

      The Mmembe cartel lost the plot on this move and just drove the people to be more angry with it even more.

      Mmembe is panicking, because he is afraid that, should a sensible government be ushered in power, he will have to pay back all the tax arrears he owes including the ones Sata wrote off.

      Zambians; it would total f00lishness to allow the PF continue to rule despite its incompetence, deceit and violent nature.

      Vote HH and UPND.

    • Sit back and watch how these empty tins are dilly dallying….this is what we get when we elected a selfish empty tin in State house; this is the wisdom they obtained from the School of Sata.
      Pass the popcorns!!

    • LT remove picture with poster, it too racial. Imagine if it was a white woman holding a sign that Kabimba is monkey?

    • edagar lungu bit guy scott’s balls while sucking on them. scott then took it personally and shoved some hot sauce down lungu’s throat. guy scott clearly wants to take over our country and sell what ever we have left to foreigners. i guess we shall forever be slaves to foreign investors; evans mfula at evaduco reporting live from lusaka and getting my bottom massaged by kitwe prisoners.


    • The Skeleton Key is enjoying the PF fracas, how sweet and sour that these shenanigans cadres are outstandingly swatting each other on the necks.
      We are having the most laughable moment for 90 days before true leadership takes over what PF destroyed in 3 years.
      PF cadres, the constitution is clear, the veep takes over in the demise of the president and Edgar Lungu ceased to act immediately Mr Sata died, there is no debate about about it. Only the sheepish will listen to Kambwili or GBM, ABC and all, but nah. If Sata wanted Edgar Lungu to take over, he would have appointed him veep, but nah.
      PF always in denial and wondering when they will ever ceace, amazing!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Its really comedy at tits best.All well thinking Zambians should think twice to vote for PF.Voting for PF means voting for violence,corruption,Tribalism and nepotism.we need to start afresh .They think they can fool Zambians they just want to use Scott and Lungu so that they usher in one of there own(BEMBA CLIQUE) to hide there loot and ill stolen riches.we need a new revolution of a government that will bring sanity ,order and have a small but balanced cabinet.The only organized party is UPND under the leadership of HH.

    • Nostradumas is very right,
      the Portrait is not good for Mother Zambia.

      Also, PF has done very well to act swiftly and reverse the decision on Edgar Lungu, otherwise it was going to be a dangerous bridge on progress.
      My condolences to the first Family, PF and fellow Zambians.
      God Bless and Enjoy wisely

    • Now I know, have seen it.
      Zambia TRULY is a democracy:
      You may called the acting president of the country a pig in public –
      and get away with it.

      And these are the people who accuse Scott of having no respect for traditional culture. – Just try the same thing with the chief in your corner of the country and see what happens – to you!

  2. Comedy at it’s best. Imagine if you Zambians vote for these thugs in the forthcoming elections, there will be total chaos, it means more pangas and machetes in our streets. The writing is on the wall. Discard these thugs, press delete key, then follow them into the recycle bin and delete them permanently. Then use a registry cleaner to wipe-off any remnants, that’s the only way sanity will be restored to our beloved Zambia.

    • Scot is from a privileged back ground. Some one who has not faced extreme adversity does not know how to be humble. That is why I am not impressed by him. There are many africans in Scot’s age group who managed to get phd’s in a science from the top universities in the world against all odds (poverty,racism, nepotism etc). An african man/woman who came from a village in western or northern province and succeeded at obtaining a science a phd from a top western university is some one who can lead a nation. Some african men/women phd’s were walking to school( several kilometers from their village) bare foot when Scot’s Daddy was driving him to school in a posh car.
      A government,party or acting president that misjudges the mood of the people during times like this will not win an election.


    • Three big mistakes from the time muzungu took over. appoints someone turns it down, fires, he fails to justifies and reinstates him, says mourning period…him does the opposite. iam now wondering if that a real muzungu. I agree with him wen he says he is black indise coz it jst proved it

    • A lot of guys are not looking at the bigger picture. What has emerged from this whole episode is that

      1. Guy Scott is the one holding the POWER and AUTHORITY, and that He know how to use it.
      2. He cracked the whip and he GBM clique had to grovel to Scotts Farm with meekness and plead with Scott to re-instate LUNGU.
      3. Scott, with wisdom and a sense of reconciliation agreed to re-instate Edgar for the sake of Party Unity.
      4. He read the riot act in their face and they ALL NOW ACKNOWLEDGE that he Scott is the Boss and can call the shots.

  4. Guy Scot you are who are today because of Sata. Without Sata could have been nothing, be sensitive and I hope this begins the end of your PF journey, come January 2014, you will be an ordinary MP.

    • Sad that people can cast a blind eye on the racist remark on the placard in the second picture. Scots actions have nothing to do with his being white. lets be mature and look at things seriously. somebody wrote that and gave it to the innocent grandmother who cant even read what she is holding. Most of you people condemning scott have your own preferred candidates mostly relatives or tribesman , its got nothing to do with Guy Scot. Mushota- I support you on the candidature of Guy Scott, he is the only neutral Zambian without a family tree to benefit from his position.

  5. That’s what is referred to as eating a humble pie, Guy. You overrated yourself by taking the goodwill of Zambians for granted. Take easy, the cartel will destroy you. You must have the interest of Zambians at heart, not the wishes of a deluded recluse like M’membe and his fat friend Nchinto.

    • @Czar, you are being narrow minded. Look at the bigger picture. What has emerged from this whole episode is that

      1. Guy Scott is the one holding the POWER and AUTHORITY, and that He know how to use it.
      2. He cracked the whip and he GBM clique had to grovel to Scotts Farm with meekness and plead with Scott to re-instate LUNGU.
      3. Scott, with wisdom and a sense of reconciliation agreed to re-instate Edgar for the sake of Party Unity.
      4. He read the riot act in their face and they ALL NOW ACKNOWLEDGE that he Scott is the Boss and can call the shots.

      From now on no one in the PF leadership will dare question Guy Scotts legitimacy

    • Scot is becoming a liability. Zambia’s DO NOT harbour ill feelings towards whites who benefited from colonialism. This I can assure you is not the case in SADAC or the rest of Africa were he is despised. Diplomatic astuteness is essential to lead Zambia. You have to be able to interact with leaders from different continents and show respect for their culture whether or not you agree with it. A Zambian leader insulting South Africans like Scot did in the past is an abomination. If only he new of the special relationship between Zambia and South Africa. When he was living in the UK comfortably President Kaunda was fighting for South Africa’s freedom.

  6. Thanks Dr.Scott for listerning.Please never allow kabimba and membe to control u.Those people are not popular.We love u but when u make those grave mistakes and being controlled by the cartel iwe people lose confidence in you.Allow the chosen one Edger to rule us.We love him coz he was appointed by Sata.Kabimba people cerebrated when he was fired.Now have u seen now when u fired Edger?people couldn’t sleep.Everyone wanted to be in streets just because of one decision of sacking Lungu.The man is loved by cadres and by Zambians.he is our next president period.Membe will pay 14billions.Infact Edger is now more popular

  7. Edgar Lungu did not realise that his sacking was a blessing in disguise. He should have used it to propel him to presidency. Now the game begins. Zambia is at a cross road as far as leadership is concerned. Wapya munzi!!!

  8. The legacy of anarchy and confusion left behind by the PF leader Sata lingers on. Zambia does not need PF to develop. The roads the PF is always boasting about were started by MMD. Therefore the issue of PF continuity should not be entertained because another party will come and continue wherever they will end with road projects and other infrastructure development.

    We have experienced enough PF confusion and violence, we don’t need them any more. PF Zwaaa…….

    • We mbwawe kolwe iwe,mmd kwisa bufyono bobe did u nat see hw much thoz gangsters enriched themselvs? Others were even able to bury billions,while we were sufferin then iwe swine ulasabaila ati mmd fyonononofyononono

    • This is chaos proves we need a new generation of leaders. This is true across the world not just Zambia. We need to clean up the mess our forefathers have left and make sure our children grow up in a better world. In Africa we have the stain of corruption .In Europe it is exploitation and racism. What a mess! 1990’S generation start moulding your political career.

  9. Regardless the reasons the timing for dropping Lungu was bad. Iam calling all Zambians to be vigilant and mourn in peace. No selfish intentions should be tolarated.

  10. Can the Zambian people trust these guys! Come on Zambians wake up! We need another political party to lead Zambia. As for now let us mourn our president. Yes!

    • Oh yes…..a bloody scottish PIG who doesnt have any feelings for our African culture and funeral rites and traditons as we the indeginuous Black Munthu during the mourning of our late President Michael Sata.

      Never leave a stranger to superitend over your family lest he mistreats them. This is what the PIG wanted to do to us African Zambians. No apologies to the PIG and Cartel.

      PIG zwa zwa zwa………!!!!

  11. Guy Scot should be expelled forthwith NOT only from PF but Zambia as a whole for showing very gross disrepect to our culture values: Let Alex Chikwanda oversee the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION a former freedom fighter himself we will expect no less from ABC this time around – Scot has shown he true racist behavior already

  12. This man Scott has to stop this madness,we might have our differences but we are one Zambia one nation….we are planning on keeping our peace its somthing every zambian treasures….i for one would vote for Mr Lungu, if he was given the chance to stand as president.he is a good man.

  13. Problem with working in isolation, typical of dictators. Shame on you Scott. First “appointment” to act presido & you’re already wielding the axe in the midst of chililo? & you claim to embrace Zambian culture & traditions?
    Im not PF but Im really saddened with the turn of events in the ruling party & worried this confusion will spill over to the nation & adversely affect our peace & economy.
    These 90 days will be hardest Zambia will have to wait for a presidential by-election.

  14. Oh dear, dear! PF is truly self destructing before our very eyes even before it’s owner has been buried. This is the legacy our ‘dear leader’ left. I can only hope this self-destruction is good for the country. The opposition don’t have to campaign; they just have to sit back and relax as the PF is de-campaigning itself.

    You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet. What else has M’membe has in store for us? Things are moving very fast, like really fast!

  15. Most of you are following these politics blindly.From nowhere you can confidently mention people’s names and call them as belonging to a cartel.Just because some online media have said that.Suddenly Edgar Lungu is a hero!I maintain that Dr Scott was right to fire this guy:maybe the timing was wrong but he had no right to say he could have stayed in power.If he was wise we could have pushed for a statement from the party!I personally think he is not even presidential material.Thats why most of you get so dissapointed when government performance does not meet your expectations.You are busy campiaging for a man who has acted for 1 month,you dont know where he is from or what he can offer.For the sake of my children will not just vote for any one because they are on the PF ticket!

  16. Ladies and gentlemen for the very first time in the life of the PF, I can say we seem to have real representatives of the people (MPs). We need to safeguard the blood of our electorate. Let those who survive on human blood (Satanists) go and find it (blood) elsewhere. This rescinding of the decision would not have been possible without the people rising and some cabinet ministers rising to the challenge. We suggest that the honourable thing must now be done and that is to let the person (Edgar Lungu) who was given the instruments of power to act as president continue for the next 90 days. In the meantime we encourage Guy scott to continue his ceremonial position as vice president Amen.

    • You are an outsider, and just a spoiler. The constitution has ruled already. The vice President is acting President. Lungu committed a wrong that needed a correction, only that the correction came at a wrong time. Lungu was too bitter too quickly and talked too early. The president material is THE SATAs who can be insulted and called all kind of names but no rush to answer…in most cases SATAS ignore. Lungu shud just keep quiet until after funeral. Mwilamutumpika at eo fye, and yet he cant even stand a dismissal Kabimba has stood. Think twice before talking. So who is Presidential material lungu/Kabimba? You have eyes yet you don’t see….

  17. What Guy Scott did was very dramatic. At least he has stirred up the PF (dangerously though). This is a true litmus test for Zambia’s democratic maturity. Am not sure of the PF cadres’ behaviour. They are very militant and this is not good for peace and the people of Zambia.

  18. From the look of things it is like the acting presido is remote controlled .The big man has shown cracks in his leadership style. Did he not realize then what he is putting across before acting only to rescind after peoples reaction? Hence forth Edgar should watch his back or the cartel will pounce on him the Paul Tembo way, MHSRIP. These guys mean business.

  19. There are an enthusiastic HOUSE NIGGERs who are telling Scot the Bullshit he is spewing out – Every thing is at a price for some of these NIGGERS – Muzungu ani KONDE type. We need to stop this nonsense

  20. Hello,

    In true respect of the dead, I wanted to start commenting on LT after the burial of the late President. But seeing the resource coming from PF as a party, I won’t wait any more. Guy Scott, what were you thinking when you fired Edgar Lungu the first time? That was very unwise, Sir. Good you have brought him back. But look how foolish you look now. So it must be true there are some people who are controlling you, right? Some advice, don’t be too excited. Mindyour decisions next time.

    With Love,

  21. This PF party will go down with MCS. It is a finished party. If things can be like this this week, what next week after the burial. Watch this space!

  22. (At that time, any member of the Central Committee who intends to stand for election as Party Secretary General or holder of any other position that may present a conflict of interest will be required to step down from those positions.) Ati Scott has eaten humble pie really? He said all the above (-) in lungu’s presence. As much as I hate to admit it Mushota is right (Cho Chise, follow the leader).

  23. Indeed only pigs are oblivious to their environment, we are mourning a former head of state and and this man goes on holding dark corner meetings to fire legitimately appointed individual – whatever the reasons. This is a very good indication of why Sata felt this man (Guy Scott) was incapable of holding or even acting in the highest (head of state) position.
    Those who have been doubting the influence of Satanists in these matters should think twice.

  24. It is very comforting to see that the two are now working together. Let them now sort out their affairs peacefully as we wait to see who they adopt for election. Good day.

  25. the intensio of guy scott to fire Lungu was a good one but the cadres dont understand anything. Lungu will have to relinquish his position as SG of the party if they still want him to stand as a candidate, meaning his popularity would have grown to win a sympathy vote from public. Any one who wants to stand will need to give up their position in the NEC. Scott knows he stands no chance to stand was making way for Lungu start campaigns but at a Wrong time when the nation is still mourning.

  26. No 1 has the right to call another human being a pig,that woman is very stupid,wat message is she tryin to send to tha whole world?

    • I concur with you Chile .That’s how illiterate people behave .Ask Mugabe of Zimbabwe what happened to Zimbabwe.we have to be very carefull not throw out investors in as much as we are independent Zambia is poor to stand on its own let alone fund its presidential election.

    • You are right. That was too far people of Zambia. We are not known for such BIG insults. Scot may error ..he is human..moreover he has never acted in that position before and might not understand fully what it means. He may be ill-advised by wrong people and make grave mistakes but let us not forget the good side of him and his contribution to the nation. We easily forget! That’s were the problem is. The placard was too much an insult!

  27. Ladies and gentlemen for the very first time in the life of the PF, I can say we seem to have real representatives of the people (MPs). We need to safeguard the blood of our electorate. Let those who survive on human blood (Satanists) go and find it (blood) elsewhere. This rescinding of the decision would not have been possible without the people rising and some cabinet ministers rising to the challenge. We suggest that the honourable thing must now be done and that is let the person who was given the instruments of power to act as president. In the meantime we encourage Guy scott to continue his ceremonial position as vice president Amen.

  28. Zambia is bigger than Mmembe. Mmembe and Kabimba can manipulate the Post Newspaper, Guy Scot and others but they can not Manipulate the people of God. I repeat Zambia is bigger than Mmembe. What has Lungu done? The Post NEwspaper will say all sorts of rubbish Mmembe is wasting his time no matter what rubbish he will say no reasoning Zambian will listen to him. Mmembe should ask Chanda Chimba! Chimba tried to destroy Sata BUT ALL ZAMBIANS rose and voted against Chanda Chibmwii. If God has ordained that Lungu is the man of the moment NOT even Satanists like Mmembe will stop us

    • Don’t say us as in Zambians but say as Bembas meembe want stop us.kabimba was thrown out of PF because he was a Tonga aspiring to be president for PF which is a bemba party full stop.And now you want to paint Scott black and make Lungu look good when infact you are just using have put them in the front line when you know very well the person you want to user through the backdoor as president.Next week prove me wrong if the PF presidential candidate wont be Bemba.This will be the down fall for PF.Learn From UPND its only now HH has proved he is a good man.But it has coasted UPND a lot.Membe will make sure he skins you alive.

  29. Umulembwe wacipuba upwila mulitumfwe. What happens to the guy who accepted to work as secretary general? Bravo Davies Mwila, you are a wise man. As for Mushota, bamayo mulikapuba, IMBWA yalilya amano yobe. You lack so many things including natural intellegence and wisdom. You cant read between lines just like your GUY SCOTT.

  30. What’s the difference between PIG and all these insults?thought not, all you hypocrites have respect for people.

  31. The result of the late Sata’s weird and ineffective leadership is now being laid bare by the confusion that is being witnessed within the PF.
    It doesn’t make any sense that each and every PF member that opens their mouth sings the same chorus, ‘mourn with respect and dignity, bla bla bla this is un Zambian’ and all that stuff and nothing changes.
    Now Guy Scott is the scapegoat being blamed for the mess yet this was all started by none other than Mulenga Sata at the airport followed by GBM with his campaign materials. The PF has completely finished itself off.

  32. Scot has no rite to fire Lungu and infact scot will not stand during elections
    I now understand why Our Sata has never appointed him to act let him run his farm
    Most of us contributed a lot for pf to come in power and now sameone called scot wants to destroy WE SAY NO


  34. We have seen nothing, wait after the burial you will see the real thugs GBM, Kabwili, and the other rascals on the other team Mmembe and Kabimba cartel expose there demonic tendencies. Brood of vipers!

  35. Old man Sata was a boss and not a leader hence all this leadership crisis….a true leader nurtures and inspires his subordinates…never again should we elect a clueless kaponya with Councillor mentality into State House to lead the nation.

    • Where do you live? Do you even participate in voting in zambia? Are you a registered voter? So for the next election are able to afford (from your odd jobs your are doing there) an air ticket to come and vote?


    • Joxer….well said. Problem is that your type of (cognitive) thinking lacks in Zambia. Their perspective is so different, hence they ended up with the Late as our president and yet we had other alternatives. Let them suffer more and probably the misery will enable them to see the light.

      I dont trust HH as he has surrounded himselves with a bunch of losers like William Banda. William Banda is even his advisor……….? Like our Zambians song indicates, ” kuyamba bwino tima yamba bwino, but poor finishing ndiye ilenga” WELCOME TO ZAMBIA.


  38. @senior political analyst & joxer
    You guys I like your comments, Zambia can continue developing without PF. we cannot afford another mistake in January 2015.YES no sympathy vote for PF

  39. Dr Scott, just like yellow maize you forced us to eat in 92 you are unpalatable. You should’ve fired the likes of GBM and Kambwili instead of Edgar Lungu the most reasonable headed senior PF leader. Dr Scott you are actually an eductated racist precolonial minded white Rhodesian no wonder you are so accepting of exploitative white owned firms such as the racists in Zambeef and Zambia Sugar just to mention a few.

  40. A house divided against itself cannot stand. The fight between the two factions seem to be escalating. Much as GS may have blundered in firing EL, the backlash against him is too strong and equally misplaced. If GS needed to observe the mourning mood, those who fought back against him ought to have done the same. The truth is that the elite in PF, including the likes of Mulenga Sata, are all alike not in a mourning mood. It is all a power struggle. This party is doomed.

  41. Ba Sammy Ba sosa !

    Firstly i will go to the point ..RACISM HAS NO PLACE IN ZAMBIA….PLEASE LT Remove that picture with a racist placard….

    Secondly all of you posting racial remarks about the current Acting President..PLS stop it now !!..Zambia is a civilised nation with a civilised people,dont sink too low by identifying your selves with racism. Just point out the wrong Dr Scott has done in a much civilised manner and not calling him names.

    Thirdly…..To Dr Guy Scott , the action to fire Mr Lungu was unacceptable in the first place. You have called your self The Late presidents friend and yet even before he’s put to rest you are all over spitting venomous power at your own party members..!

    NOT the way to go Sir !!…let the will of the Zambian people count…

  42. People who insult Sata even in his death like Jay Jay and Engineer (now Germany or whatever) will be shocked when they win the elections. Even in the midst of confusion in PF, people from the compounds still like PF. You will cut my finger if PF will be dislodged. Devils like Engineer ( Australia or Germany) will wet their pants out. Chi Engineer (Australia) please Sata can’t hear you. Shut your mouth

    • @ There will be order, you have a point and only because PF have the numbers in Parley. I do not see the pendulum swinging in the way of the opposition in Jan 2015. A new President presiding over a Parley made up of majorityopposition (PF) is not workable (unless they all decide to defect and create even more bye-elections) and he won’t get anything done in the next one year until the next General Election in 2016. That is not to say that the opposition should not campaign for the upcoming election, they do need to get there numbers up, they could serve them well for the big one in 2016.

  43. To claim that PF are indeed mourning their deceased leader is hypocritical. It’s the struggle for power that is now the main agenda on the PF table. This mourning and funeral story is just the bush they are hiding behind.

  44. We need to learn to be objective as Zambians. Firstly none of us are asking the question why one man as in Edgar Lungu should have 3 portfolios. Even in a normal office or business setting you cannot run three divisions or departments to the best of your ability. There are other capable countrymen and women who can take responsibility. I am sure HE Guy Scott has seen this – but of course we would rather blame the cartel than use our common sense. Secondly the corrupt Ministers, MP’s and Directors, all people in influential positions in the government are what have made this cartel. The cartel exist because they have found weak links in democratically elected Zambians. We need to kick this cartel nonsense off the kerb and start making our leaders responsible and accountable.

    • I agree with you. Unfortunately, the mentality of people in Zambia is saddening. The only person right now who can see clearly is Guy Scott and that is the person being demonized.

    • On average a Zambian tends to be simple minded and less analytical. He/she is more apt to throw stones and shout slogans than to share ideas. That Lungu wears three hats and heads three portfolios cries for an explanation. But who cares?

    • @Uluse ine

      Ala wampela uluse we cipuba ca muntu iwe. Ati “The only person right now who can see clearly is Guy Scott…..”
      Mupeniko amafi ya musungu uyu. Apwiiile aamyaange ne fimina fya mbwa ya musungu.

  45. I would not accept the position if I were him. Just shows his motive. I’m Sure he was taken down for a reason. And any reasonable person would know that a reasonable leader will give you want you want, not what he wants. Leadership is usually sticking to your decisions. I did not see Scott do that here. Silly people are protesting about things the know nothing about.

  46. The white guy is not wise enough to lead the country its like from the fire into the frying pan .First and wrong move ! awe ba guy

  47. Guy Scott on this one scored an own goal, right in the 90th minute. He has actually effectively raised Edgar’s profile even further!

  48. All is very well that temporarily ends not so well. If Zambia must burn in order to resist the Monday Club and the Bloomsbury Club: so be it! This is a Christian Country by Constitution

  49. People like Mushota are very un principled like a prostitute. What Guy Scott did was illigal. The pf constitution infact allows for the SG to act as party president.

  50. Hey bloggers! I know you are all mourning, but can we begin with profiles please? I would love to know Lungu’s profile for a start. All I know is that he was disbarred. What happened? How was he reinstated a few weeks ago? Anyone knows the story – not rumor – but the true story. Would be nice to know the contesters in advance.

  51. The political announcements were started by Mulenga Sata.Dr Scot made a mistake but he doesnt deserve to be called pig by those illiterate women.Pls remove the pig picture and police must act on that.SHAME ON PF AND WILL NEVER VOTE FOR SUCH PARTY OF KAMBWILI AND GBM.I thought GBM was suspended when did he become party member?

    • what makes you think they’re illiterate? She’s holding up a sign, correctly spelt and grammatically correct.
      You want that she has Brazilian hair on her head to show that she knows what’s going on and has something to say?

      Mwandini mama, soseni ifyo muli no ku sosaa. Nimwe fikolwee fya maano tu kwete.

  52. Guy Scott has just revealed that he is the Chief Strategist behind PF’s success. He used an old tactic and the entire GBM clique fell for it.

    In the first place, it was Scotts legitimacy to Act as Presdo that was the Issue. They did not want to bow down to him. With his power he issued a command – no meetings. They played in his hands and defied him. But he has showed them that:

    1. He is the one with POWER and AUTHORITY, and that He know how to use it.
    2. He cracked the whip and the GBM clique had to grovel to His Farm with meekness nd plead with Him to re-instate LUNGU.
    3. Scott, with wisdom and a sense of reconciliation agreed to re-instate Edgar for the sake of PF Unity.
    4. He read the riot act in their face and they ALL NOW ACKNOWLEDGE that SCOTT is the Boss and call the…

  53. I stopped buying the post when Kabimba became the main subject. I knew something was wrong somewhere and may be that is why MCS never allowed Scott to act as President. May be he knew that Scott was compromised for some reason with the Post. Forgive the guy could be he was either drugged by MMembe when he made that pronouncement or may there was a gun pointing at him.

  54. You want to know the total picture: Contenders to the throne now vacant in Zambia. I have a question or rather questions:
    What would anyone be doing with islamists, and he is Zambian
    Why would anyone mislead Cabinet
    Why would anyone misread the PF Constriction as well as the Zambian one?
    Do we have a Puppet Maser during the Transition: Say M16; MOSAD; CIA; ISS you name any one of the ones you know for me?

  55. But baku dabwitsa ma kaffir, you took them for granted and forgot that these kaffirs have tasted independence for jubilee (50) years? So manje ulila kuli Chaloti ka? Ka skochi wisky not a bad idea too…….kikikikikiki.

  56. All the reason Guy Scott reinstates Edgar Lungu is because Lungu knows where the bodies are buried and was about to start talking about the billions pocketed under PF rule. So what choice did Scott have but to reinstates Lungu in hopes of not getting implicated in raiding the countries’ coffers (if Lungu start talking the whole SATA-N clan, Scott and the cabinet could be charged as follows: wire fraud, conspiracy, extortion, racketeering, money laundering etc.
    Too little too late, but I cannot blame you for trying to cover you’re a-s-s

  57. Peace should be maintained at all cost by all Zambians. Hallucinating Mushota amano yobe ya mugheto. Stop lying. You live mu Chibolya. But mune uli mupondo. Yoonse ama comment yobe ni chickenshit. Mushota is a chickenshit and a useless *****. Mushota can you comment on this year’s farming season, what should be done to produce more food so that your comments are sustained? Why have you run away from zwd, chief entertainer? Happy Christmass Mushota.

  58. Exactly where UNIP, UPND and MMD failed is where PF seems to struggle the most, namely how to transition out of the era of the party’s founder. For PF, the immediate concern appears to be how the party can sail through the 2015 by-elections unscathed.

    History has a tendency to repeat itself. MMD sailed through the 2008 by-elections and flopped the 2011 general elections. The key person behind MMD’s loss in 2011 was the MMD leader, RB. PF had to succeed because there was already a void that was created by MMD. It became clear that while RB had been long on the political scene, as president, he was still a novice.

    PF are having to play their wild card now. Theirs is to gamble both 2015 and 2016. Though this is not rocket science, the math involved is not simple.

  59. I have read all the all 100 plus comments, the consesus is that Guy Scott is not fit to Act as President of our Republic of Zambia for another 80 days for various reasons well articulated above. The PF NEC will therefore reconvene on the 12th Day of November and uninamously vote to expel Scott from the Party. He will remain the Acting Head of Government without any powers what so ever. Case closed.

  60. As it is in boxing, so it is in politics. The constant body jabs have a way to tire and weaken the opponent’s body and can be a prelude to a TKO! There is no question that these guys in PF are relentlessly and viciously at each other right now. The score cards are fast filling up. The fight may soon be stopped and the winner declared.

  61. That just shows that Guy Scott is not capable of leading this country. Anyway he has raised the banner for Lungu even higher. Team Lungu its time to strategise and get rid of Scott since you know his motive. You have 7 days!!!

  62. That woman carrying the placard hahahaha… Ok who is a PIG between URSELF OR A WHITE MAN? BE honest in your answer don’t be biased

  63. If Dr. Scott is naïve and a political novice, he may have innocently and blindly played himself into an already set trap. Should that be the case, would be political enemies of his may count on his immediate downfall.

    A possibility exists though that Dr. Scott is a hardliner. If he is, then his political opponents are better advised to postpone their celebration over his purported downfall. If a hardliner, it is unlikely that he acted alone and without a carefully and well-thought out political strategy. AS entertaining as it is starting to look like, this game can still go either way.



  65. The BIG question is ” Was Lungu in order when he issued the statement that he issued after the cabinet meeting?” Was Mulenga Sata in order to say he was ready to succeed his late father even before the body arrived in Zambia? Did Lungu and Mulenga inform the acting President before they lifted the suspension of PF cadres? Come on guys, lets not hide behind the “funeral and culture” to commit abominations and to snub authority. Such behavior is indeed unAfrican and deserves to be punished immediately.

  66. One just wonders why Guy Scott, a long time companion of Michael Sata can suddenly resort to provocative actions like dropping Edgar Lungu from the position of PF Secretary General, a position which Sata bestowed on him as masses file past his motionless friend in a casket. It is relieving that the action has been reversed. Our late president deserves a dignified send off. Political issues will come later after burial. Jostling and positioning for succession does not happen before burial in my village.

  67. Mmm but that woman sure, a PF cadre? Not UPND wearing a PF chitenge? Either way she is working for HH. These myopic fights are a free gift to UPND

  68. This is all nonsense.

    Remove Scott, the imposter with Western patronage.

    I say we cut straight to General Elections. PF are a danger to Zambia. They are not Zambian enough. They have Western Corporations at the centre. They are selling our country. They patronise Zambians.

    PF can’t even respect their Leader let alone themselves enough to lead Zambia for Zambians.

    Not everyone in UK s with Mushota on her stand. We want democracy and a democratically elected gov’t for Zambians.

  69. To Edgar Lungu: Watch your back and please DON’T trust Guy Scott; this gentleman does not respect Zambian Culture. I don’t know which culture he represents because even in Europe we have values such as respect for the dead. Firing Lungu barely days after Sata’s death is an equivalent of stealing from the dead. This is shameful. He is taking orders from Mmembe and his indebted empire which must pay back what it owes the Zambian tax payer.

  70. Scott is the most stupid white man on earth. What happened to the one he appointed? So he has been disappointed now. What is going to do after the burial, is he going to appoint and disappoint a lot? Uyu ni muzungu opusa zoona, he doesn’t qualify to be there. He is there to bring confusion.

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