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Now Guy Scott appoints Nickson Chilangwa as Secretary general, Chilangwa accepts position

General News Now Guy Scott appoints Nickson Chilangwa as Secretary general, Chilangwa accepts position

Acting President Dr Guy Scott  shortly after  a Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Acting President Dr Guy Scott shortly after a Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Acting President Guy Scott has appointed Kawambwa Central Member of Parliament Nickson Chilangwa as secretary General of PF.

Dr Scott fired Edgar Lungu last night and replaced him with Davies Mwila who turned down the offer.

In accepting the appointment, Mr. Chilangwa who is also Deputy Minister of Home Affairs said:

“I look forward to the task. We shouldn’t use this period for posturing. We need to mourn our leader with dignity and protect the legacy of president Sata. This is no time for anybody to think they can come to the top using the back door,” said Mr. Chilangwa.


  1. Guy Scott is a useless and stup1idy white man who should just be deported back to Scotland. He has no interest of Zambia at heart.

    • This will give me a thousand negative votes but welcome to the Colonial rule! This is just day six of your national mourning. The Cobra’s carcass has not even been disposed of. Power sharing and threats are still simmering, the acting head of state is antagonising his colleagues, creating divisions in the PF, the “good” constitution is still being quoted differently since everyone is a lawyer. On the 11th November, i don’t know what to expect from the ruling party cadres with so many camps! I just pray that no blood is spilled as Sata himself would have loved to see all his people mourn him like a King – with dignity, honour and restraint.

    • Typical Muntu.. no one on this site is asking the question why Scott has decided to act… This is a Cambridge scholar.. He must have a reason Lungu must be scheming something for this guy to act like this…. Just wait bane Scott will tell the nation why he sacked Edgar …

    • We have now witnessed first hand the deficiencies of a leadership fashioned around the Big Man. When the big man is not around, the followers are like headless chicken.
      PF never bothered to have a convention and elect its leaders; leaders were appointed by the big man and are being disappointed by the next big man.

      If PF had elected its Vice President, Secretary General etc; only the electorate would have had the power to fire and replace them . A lesson to other political parties not to fashion their parties on such disorder.

    • Mr Chilangwa, can you be sincere sir. Your advise is not corresponding to your action, for you have more than postured yourself but gained a new job. Really something is wrong here.

    • Well said You & Me @ 1.5.
      Everyone is diagnosing this problem incorrectly, similar to attempting to cure Cancer by putting ointment on the melanoma.
      P.F.s problems we are now witnessing are all due to the Un Democratic nature appointments have been made. Coupled with their refusal to release THE CONSTITUTION, Power is now Undemocratically in the Few hands, who will use it to Usurp Power, & better their personal interests.
      You reap what You sow as Chickens come home to roost!

    • Mbuzi point of correction being a scholar from any university does not make one to have a monopoly of wisdom. Leadership is more about wisdom than educational back ground and for your information the argument here is not but reasons but more is about the timing and intentions behind Guys actions .

      1. PF has no credible leaders to steer this country forward. They are specialised in telling lies and causing confusion.
      2. The late Mr. Sata CURSED the leaders when he declared them USELESS and only dull people wouldn’t agree with Mr. Sata.
      3. PF is very uncoordinated and disoriented = Chimbwi no plan.
      4. PF is a very dangerous party due to the violent behaviour. (Panga Family)

    • This headline should have read –

      Now Guy SNOWBALL appoints NAPOLEON Chilangwa as Secretary general!

      Thanks Sata, we now have your ANIMAL DRIVEN CONSTITUTION on you ANIMAL FARM called Zambia!


    • This purely GAME OF THRONES at play. I am loving the GAME lets play it.. I lke this young man Lungu yeeh HE is Wise a good fruit for Zambians.

    • @Suntwe

      Right now you have 22 POSITIVE votes! Well done!

      This guy, Scott really does have black blood in his veins! He is just another hyena or vulture feeding on the carcass.

      PF, hurry up and bury Sata, otherwise these hyenas will have eaten all of him, and there will be nothing left to throw in the hole!

    • He cant, he has already started using Mmembe’s language, “Posturing and getting to the ntop using backdoors”……shame

  2. The stupid ***** must leave our country with immediate effect after all his acting president illegally his not upto no good

  3. really don’t know what to say about this party, just when you think they have reached the highest level of craziness or whatever you chose to call, they just seem to find another gear to push their party into even more insanity. Amazing indeed.

    Some of us a re trying hard to mourn and respect the declared period, but please can PF lead in this endeavour. We know PF has problems and this is not new. The timing is just plain wrong. And this is a wake up call to all parties anchored on individuals. Power needs to be vested in instititutions and not individuals and that is what makes MMD a solid party and that is why we are still in it.

    • Very well said…….my boss

      what makes the likes of huge corporates like Microsoft, Barclays, Toyota, IBM successful?

      It is because….Power IS vested in the institutional structures and not individuals! So the departure of the CEO does not bring mayhem as we are seeing in PF.

  4. The very fact that Scott can appoint someone to such a sensitive position who later turns him down shows that Scott is truly deficient in wisdom. Scott please remember that for all our weaknesses as a nation we have at least been peaceful. Give us at least that.

  5. Why didn’t this debacle not wait until the burial. This jostling for power and influence in the PF will be their undoing. While the opposition is busy arming itself, the ruling party seems to deserting its sentry posts.

  6. Go for it Nickson, we want dignity and integrity not these guys who are posturing. They think they are united, but very soon you will see them killing one another with machettes. Let Lungu go to court if he so wishes.

  7. What is Gay Scott upto. Honestly Mr Acting President, you mean you cant wait till you bury. Who is putting you under pressure. What is the rush all about. Why the panic and who are you consulting on these quick decisions. Please spare our Zambia, some of us only have one country (Zambia) unlike you who has a second option. Please Sir for the sake of harmony give peace a chance. Registrar of Societies you have been been very vocal on churches to an extent of disturbing people during worship. PF is an organization under you. Can you interpret the constitution for them. When they registered as a political party they registered under your office and they submitted a copy of their constitution to your office. The same way you act when churches blunder, we need to see you in action over…

  8. At the centre of the PF confusion is Membe. Read the Post….he said Chilangwa and not Mwila having been appointed SG. Everything Countrymen is being engineered by Membe. Scott is Membe’s puppet. Membe talks of people who were corrupt and now fearing prosecution….and look at this man who ‘stole’ K14 billion from DBZ and many more billions from ZRA. He is the one now panicking and wanting to set up a friendly regime.

    What is wrong with you my Countrymen….why allow this cartel to wreak havoc. We are neither PF nor in Govt employ or benefiting from contracts but we can see that Membe is doing wrong things as he always has been doing. Today he has trucks, internet business etc. These are what he is protecting!

  9. (1) In the event of the President of the Party resigning, or being removed from Office of The ?President of the Party, he shall cease to be President of the Party and the Secretary General shall act as President of the Party until the new President is elected in accordance with provisions of Article 48 of this Constitution.

    (2) In case of absence of both the President and the Secretary-General of the Party, the President of the Party shall choose one from amongst the members of the Central Committee to perform the functions of the President of the Party until such a time as the President or Secretary General of the Party shall resume his duties.

  10. Mwenye musa blood will be in your hands tell the world the truth. Scott think about other whites in Africa and respect sata gave you. which African country will trust a white man? chilangwa of all the pipo why you? you cant fight what God has chosen lungu is our next president.

  11. Instead of him (Scott) going in circles, why can’t he just appoint the person he wants to take over so that he sees the reactions from the Zambians? Let him just appoint Kabimba.

    • Kabimba for President!

      You are THE MAN. You knew how to hide the animal driven Constitution!

      My vote for Kabimba!

  12. Bwana Chilangwa, do you know what you are getting into? Be careful of the cartel! Scott and his friends don’t mean well for this country. If they had a way, they were going to expel all senior members from Luapula, Northern, and the Copperbelt. The truth is, these provinces have been the strongholds of PF. Scott and his cohorts know what is at stake. They will do everything in their arsenal to dupe stupid people like you to win votes from Luapula. But be reminded that Kawambwa parliamentary seat is normally a one term arrangement and you might be digging your own grave.

  13. There is nothing wrong with Scott here people. He has just done the right thing. This Lungu said some bible story of women with a baby taken to King solomon. Ba lungu was trying to say that he gave up power like the real owner of the baby giving up babay that is not split. Meaning that he gave power to a wrong person.
    I would fire Lungu if I had the same chance. Good work Guy.
    Zambia needs a strong guy who can face any body in the face.
    Lungu has already shown us that is weak. He gave up power to scott. today he says scott is illegal, what kind of lawyer is this. You sold the country now you are complaining.

    • Well said @cha. Lungu started positioning himself long time ago while working with Winter, but has been pretending to be the good guy. When Winter wa fired he should have gone too. H e has been talking of cleaning the party, while infact what he has been doing is rearanging this to suit him. Why should he be fighting when he knows Guy might not start. Its a pity in his Acting Capacity he can not fire a Minister. Other wise I would relieve him of the Defence and Junstice Ministries. Defence foor using the work provocative and justice for the bible analogy he used and trying to subvert the constitution. As a lawyer, I pick up from Zambia reports he ate his clients money.

  14. Stop this nonsense by stopping to buy post newspapers. The editorials have become so shallow and full of hatred and bitterness.

    • NO! this is exactly what Fred wants! Create a crisis and sell more newspapers!

      Then maybe he will afford to repay the 14 million and pay his tax bill!

      Even you, @Political Mugabe chinyanta are advertising The POST NEWSPAPER. Fred is saying to me to tell you thankyou for the free advertising!

  15. Since our Police service just looks at the PF cadres when they are hammering each other with Pangas, how are we going to survive. The Police was effective during the days of Wasakaza Ng’uni, believe me we are on our own now. These two factions will fight and I think at the burial. Zambia Army should be on standby

  16. I love the step he took of refusing the position because its being heartless,evil and lack of respect to our president. Kascott ulibe nzelu because you are thinking that by chasing lungu you will prevent him from becoming the presido wawa.
    Lungu is the man at the moment

  17. Violence and mayhem are to be expected. Sata’s PF was organised and molded to be a violent and directionless organisation. I am not surprised. I just hope the violence will snowball into a shattering crescendo that will pulverize this evil party into oblivion. Only then are we going to have peace, for now lets pray they kill each other to pave way for sanity in the country.

  18. Chilangwa you still have time to look at the bigger picture. Think man think! Why you? Why Luapula? Think man think! Don’t just walk in to the ditch like a man with no brains!

  19. Lungu is just being stupid, and the little power he tasted while Acting has made him grow wings. It is a fact that Guy Scott is the Vice President of the PF, and in the absence of Sata, he is the President of the Party. The SG position is junior to Vice president and Lungu shouldn’t have been so disloyal to Scott. Even those stupid words he quoted from the bible about Kind Solomoni was just an act of foolishness . Humility is the best medicine , he has forgotten that he has a bad record of embezzling funds for client when he was practicing as a Lawyer.
    Let us stop this racist inclination, Scott suffered for this Party , he used to cross lots of streams in Valleys of Chama and in other wild places, the Man deserves respect. GBM joined PF after losing to Lubinda in 2006, greedy *****.

  20. hmm..You bloggers don’t just blame scot he is no a fool, EL MADE a terrible mistake by organizing cadres to demonstrate against the white man, also EL has been holding succession meetings, infact SCOT and EL belong to the same group of CARTEL but Lungu was drunk as usual , hence the action by SCOT. SCOT really wants to mourn SATA WITH DIGNITY LIKE ANYBODY ELSE, WATCH THE SPACE

  21. PF trying very had to shift Zambia, known to be some kind of a haven for peace, into some chaotic mad house. Human beings all designed to relish chaos, SATA’s trade mark. Am surprised that some blind people are showering him with praises, typical when one is dead. I once witnessed an incident where a murderer was mourned and in the characteristic style of calling a spade a big spoon, he was said to have been a ‘nice man’.

  22. Pipo…this is what you get when a party structure does not support democracy…elections of party executive members. The PF has always had appointees to its central committee… All Parties must learn from this because if Edgar was elected as SG, The Guy wouldn’t have FIRED him. There was no need for The Guy to be embarassed by Davies Mwila turning down the appointment and now we have another charlattan oh appointee in Chilangwa…
    This is getting interestingly dangerous!

  23. Trouble in the sea!!! This is What ba Sebele Hon. Sichiinga was telling bana Nono in bed that when Micheal dies Zambia will light up its true! Lungu’s cowardness/cowardance will cost this hand somely.

  24. I think we should look at the situation on both sides of the coin. So far, as bloggers, we have, or should I say most of us, have been very critical and at times using very malicious language towards Dr Scott. We have not considered that we are observing the situation as outsiders of PF. He surely had a good reason and must have consulted other high ranking members of PF. Let’s us be calm and be responsible as our language is bound to bring about anarchy sorrow. A statement by the PF to clear the air will surely ensue.

  25. I warned before that PF headed for disaster. Why is it that the colonial leaders never prepared someone to take over.

    KK did the same, Sata has repeated it.

    The Infighting in PF will result very soon in deaths.

    let us VOTE PF out, they seem NOT to have a formula beyond SATA. Zambia is not a chiefdom of Mulenga SATA to also aspire. We have great leaders the era for a SATA is over moreover Mulenga was being rushed thru from selling dogs to be PF leader.

    ba Labishi.

  26. 1) Why was lungu fired (there is no smoke with out fire)
    2) lungu had his chance, but he decided to show his weakness
    3) Bembas are only about 20% of the population
    4) As a country we need to stop being manipulated by *****s (Kambwilli)
    5) HH will dismantle lungu in the election that a fact (weakness)
    6) Scott has a trump card up his sleeves (watch this space)
    7) Zambians complain too much, always complaining, there is no end to it
    8) We need to look at the benefits of having Scott as President (say you are an investor coming from china, who would you want to do business with Lungu or Scott?). lets take two steps back and look at this at a different angle think about what’s best for Zambia. Like who will attract the most investment, tourists, etc.
    No one is bigger than Zambia.

    • @susanoo …….”who will attract the most investment, tourists, etc.”

      Anyone except the people stinking of this PF SH!T!

      They are all contaminated. We need to start with CLEAN PEOPLE, not recycle Satas riff raff!

  27. Like them or Hate them – the Cartel are very smart people. They are way ahead of all of you. While you use emotions to demonstrate and shout on hill tops, they are working practically to create a government they want. The next move will be the announcement that Wynter is presidential candidate.

    Use your brains if you want to counter the cartel. Frankly you have no options. If you go to court – Guy Scott will win – the constitution is clear – vice president acts when the president dies. In the PF there is a Lacuna in their constitution the courts will always go for that which reflects stability so article 55 of the PF constitution will win over article 53.

    Bane the Cartel is far ahead of you. So far you have lost.

  28. Although Australia is too dignified to compare with Zambia, one aspect stands out. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard spent a great deal of time ousting each other and publicly spatting that they ended up losing at the polls. I said this a while ago even before the President’s demise. Now watch the dominoes fall. If you think Zambians are so st.upid that they will watch you destroy each other and then usher you BACK into office you have another thing coming. Foolish, power-hungry PF thugs!!!

  29. Ba nickson chilangwa has failled the first test bwana lungu we dont need these traitors please get not.
    Where is he now full of shame

  30. I like hon lungu very much and no doubt he is my preferred candidate,bt I feel he error ed when he issued that statement,he shud hav showed maturity and wisdom by keepin quite and only comment after the mournin period,all the same big ups hon lungu

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