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Zambia’s Former First lady Thandiwe Banda diagnosed with cancer

Health Zambia's Former First lady Thandiwe Banda diagnosed with cancer

Former First Lady Thandiwe Banda
Former First Lady Thandiwe Banda

Zambia’s Former first lady Thandiwe Banda has been diagnosed with cancer.Former President Rupiah Banda confirmed this in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

Mrs. Banda has been in a South African hospital for more than two months undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The Former President says his wife is responding well to treatment.

Mr. Banda says his wife will remain in South Africa for the next two months in order for her to finish her treatment.

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  1. That is sad news.Our prayers are with our former first Lady..The cartel – Nchito ,Mmebe were not so long ago preventing RB from leaving the country when the man was trying to to attend to his sick wife.They are pure evil!! Zambians wake up!

    • RB has started campaigning trying to show that unlike Sata, he will not hide sickness but this is actually decampaigning himself! We don’t want another state funeral, unrestrained use of public funds through globetrotting for medical attention and return of MMD’s rampant corruption. Please stay AWAY!!

    • @ With this sad news,If really Rupiah loves his wife,he should forget about this Rupiah comeback Nosenes so that he remains by the side of the wife as she goes through this trying moment.

  2. Too bad for Thandiwe, cancer tefintu iyo! But imagine those women who have no such money to seek such advanced medical care abroad, they just die in their homes, clinics and the various poor standard hospitals, what a pity!

  3. MANJE MWAONE RB Wapaya kamfana chabe who could have been married to a young boy without Cancer. Also its a lesson to young girls kukonda bakulu, iam sure KASEBA is also on the same queue. so RB forget about politics coming back, go and wait for Thandiwe’s……. in SA

  4. RB I salute you! This is true leadership, no need to hide sickness. It now means the whole nation, politics aside, can now stand with you in prayers and any other way.

  5. Thandiwe Banda has breast cancer and is undergoing treatment in RSA.
    “Am glad to mention that she is responding well to treatment, but she has to undergo a series of chemotherapy for the next nine weeks,” Mr Banda said.

  6. While I offer my heartfelt sympathy for Mrs Banda and the former president, I have one question. Why didn’t Mr. Banda ensure that such facilities were set up in Zambia while he served as republican president? Should we all aspire to be presidents so that we can ride on the taxpayer’s money to access world class medical facilities? It is actually to our shame, particularly for the sitting president and the past president’s to seek medical attention abroad while their subjects are left to die at home

  7. There is a fruit called soursop, its deemed to be 1,000 better than chemotherapy for cancer treatment. The leaves are boiled in water and treatment is one month. Don’t let your relatives suffer from this devastating sickness when cure is at hand. Please share the news.

  8. Dear Former First Lady Mrs. Thandiwe Banda,
    Wishing you a quick recovery. Jesus Christ is our healer, everything is possible through him. Place your trust and faith in him and all will be well. You supported a lot of poor communities whilst you were First Lady and many women and orphaned children still remember what you did for them.
    Remain Blessed
    Petronella Shiaka
    Former Country Director
    Habitat for Humanity Zambia

  9. What is wrong with our leaders? Why can Mrs Thandiwe Banda be treated at UTH? You built hospitals ,but you don’t trust your own hospitals. UTH cancer is full functioning. You are making South Africa rich .

  10. All the money stolen is being used up for hospital bills, so RB needs to get back in State House to get the Zambian people to pay for his wife treatment. Wow! Never see smoke without fire.

  11. Our dear mother, the GRACE OF GOD reach out and touch you and remove that cancer from your body. Trust God does not fail. Painful as it may be, that’s when God is nearer. Keep holding on to HIM in faith. We are praying for you. However, if there is any thing you would want to make known to God in your confession, time is now for God will be willing to hear your heart’s petition. Speak to HIM and HE will speak back to you dear mother. God loves a broken heart to mend. Surely cancer is not above God. In the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I COMMAND THE DEMON OF CANCER TO LEAVE YOU. The Good Lord Bless you with Grace.

  12. Children ov God let’s learn to pray for our friendz wen they are sick rather than laughng coz 2moro its us wishing you a quick recovery our mum

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