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HH calls on Government to address problems at higher learning institutions


Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media
Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has called on government to quickly address challenges being faced by higher learning institutions in the country.

Party president Hakainde Hichilema said he is saddened with the current happenings at the learning institutions which have been rocked by riots with the latest one at the University of Zambia (UNZA).

He noted that Mulungushi University was recently closed due to lack of water and poor sanitation, a problem which he said persisted in other learning institutions.

In a statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Hichilema called on government to immediately pay the students their allowances in full.

Mr. Hichilema highlighted that unpaid or late meal allowances are also among the challenges faced by students in the country.

He said failure to look after students at higher learning institutions is catastrophic for the country.

Mr. Hichilema observed that students who have not been paid their allowances come from poor families that only depend on agriculture produce.

And Mr. Hichilema has however said UPND does not support riotous behaviour that results in damaging property.

Meanwhile, Police in Lusaka on Friday apprehended 9 Unza students, among them the UNZASU Publicity Secretary, in connection with the riots that happened at the Campus. The ninth student jumped off the moving vehicle as they were being taken to the police station and sustained injuries.

In a related development, police in Lusaka have launched investigations to establish the cause of the fire which engulfed a room at the Soweto hostel. As a result of the fire, a female student sustained injuries after jumping out from the third floor through the window.

Both students were taken to the hospital while the eight are still in police custody and will appear in court on Monday 17th November, 2014.


  1. ECZ and HH is smoking too much chambaaaa these days; these pf buggers *************** evans mfula at evaduco reporting live from lusaka fish market

    • What Government?

      The Government is disjointed and disorienting soon HH. Tell us why we should vote for you.

      I think he needs an adviser, he seems naive and needs guidance, as it is, he appears with misplaced priorities.


    • Mushota

      Its seems after the dearth of your buffoon Sata you seem to have nothing to comment on and now you are hallucinating

    • He always says. gvt should do this, gvt should do that,Honestly i have never heard him say that when am voted, i will put this kind of system at UNZA that shall be sustainable, i shall put this kind of system so that ZRL shall be profitable, all he says is broad words like the gvt should adress the problem. We all know their are problems that needs attention, but how do we attend to them?, the response is what many zambians are waiting, if you have it, then you have won, not just knowing there is a problem

  2. HH dont politic always!those students are *****s!they need more money mostly for beer and paying prostitutes!dialogue is the source of wisdom than resorting causing chaos on streets!these *****s have been doing this nonsense under all past Govts,so spare PF here u under 5 HH!thats why u never win bcoz u surpport ever useless issues!keep on annoying voters HH!

    • Is paying students upkeep allowance a useless issue my friend??? HH has already said he does not condone roitous behaviour where property bothj govt and for private individuals is damaged. Its just that PF is now Paya Farmer/Student.

    • if you are wise and use little of your brain, do you hear HH supporting the violence the students are doing? He is just saying what needs to be done- pay the students their allowances and address problems in institutions of Higher learning!

      He has further said he does not support Violence! Get your self to think, use your brains and not you mouth to think!

  3. The wishes of over 80% Zambians with regards to UNZA must be respected. The wish of majority Zambians is to ask the Government to close UNZA immediately, namailo litali, until February or even March 2015.The students at this institution are notorious criminals who are hiding under the banner of meal allowances. Most of students at UNZA are Satanists who are thirst of blood no wonder they resolve to violence each time they have a case with the government. And please this thing of paying students meal allowances should come to an end, they are not they only govt students in Zambia. The only deference is that they used leakages and corruption to find their way in. Let their parents or guidians pay for them. CLOSE UNZA TODAY.

    • If u think education is expensive try ignorance,why waste money on political power than on supporting the education sector.broken system.

    • You are an id!ot.. if you and your clan are satanist please dont include innocent students caught up in this mess because the people responsible of this fury is not doing their job right. Musatnyoko!!

  4. Riotous acts are condemned in the strongest terms. Students should not bite the finger that feeds them. The rioting students should count themselves luck that the government even put them on bursary while the majority students at UNZA and other institutions do not access free money from government.
    Students should also be wary of political vultures who are hovering over them to fan instability as a way of achieving their political end.
    There is a lot of innocent students at UNZA whose precious time to study is being stolen by the riotous atmosphere.
    Serious students who go to university to learn, do not pay attention to detractors. They face the challenges they encounter soberly and engage stake holders amicably to resolve their challenges.

  5. These students have gone too far,I can’t wait for the day the gov is going to come up with suitable ways this money should be paid back,that’s when they will start behaving…as for those caught in the act expel them. And dabo h thinks will gain mileage by politicking on this issue the time is go to areas where you never been herd of….

  6. @Umubemba Inkonko
    “Students should also be wary of political vultures who are hovering over them to fan instability as a way of achieving their political end.”

    I have to agree with you on that. HH is merely playing pointer to all ills in Zambia. However, HH needs to know we get him.

    Currently all of Lusaka and other regions are facing water shortages and there are hardships even for the well to do. This is natures doing, ………something about a low, dry water table!

    We urge the gov’t to provide for students. We urge HH to stop fanning the flames of young gullible minds. Tell us instead where HH intends to find the money when/if he wins elections. The fact is the gov’t does not have the money because they NEVER collect revenue from the Mines.

  7. Look HH, you are wasting time urging a non-existing govt doing something about universities. There isn’t a govt to speak of in the first place at this time. There isn’t a president to blame at the moment. He is dead, that’s why everybody is busy jostling and positioning themselves to be president! Now is the time to assert yourself and go to the villages in the north of the country and campaign there! This ‘business as usual’ approach at a time when you should be busy won’t get you anywhere again. You have been given tons of advise how to win this election but it appears you prefer your own home grown methods of talking about mundane and irrelevant issues and campaigning in the same provinces over and over again. Please get cracking if you want to get to state house.

    • You know Wantanshi, I agree with you. He should be pulling out all the stops at this point. Winning is everything, and then afterwards begin implementing the erious policies and solutions needed to right the existing wrongs.
      Right now it’s a show. Get you and all your leading officials decked out in sharp (well fitting) suits, get photographed at sophisticated dinners, laughing, smiling. In other words show some glitz and glamour. Zambians like that.
      Then the next day, get you and your officials decked out in ofoloshis (overalls) and be photographed digging imifolo in the centre of town. This will appeal to the kaponyas and the poors. All done with a swagger and style.
      Then the third day, give a serious political speech (Looking suave and presidential but no smiling).
      Rinse, Repeat.

  8. HH I feel for you becoz if you say you want to continue with PF programs they will not vote for you again if you say you want to change things pipo will not accept becoz PF programms are the best. May be creating riots but ba police will vist u and if you keep quiet you be deemed useless.

  9. the government is actually the key player to end all these riots in big institution without government coming in, these riots can not end.HH is on the right direction

  10. Villy – Oliseh John Odili – says Africans have put up with bad government for too long. They should protest more, like people in other parts of the world.

    Villy is a Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter, who splits his time between Lagos and Accra. He sings in Igbo, Yoruba, Pidgin and English.

    His anger at what he sees as complacency inspired Make Me Mad, the song he performs with his group, the Xtreme Volumes, for BBC Africa Beats.

    Inspired by a variety of artists, his sound reflects rock, soul, hip hop, jazz and African influences. Villy is bucking the digital trend and putting his energies into delivering strong live performances based on good old fashioned musicianship.

  11. @nyambe and @ Wantashi

    Concur with your compilation of difficulties he faces.

    However the ‘biggest,’ one is where will he find the money for a radical programme for the poor and students?

    Zambia is now in heavy debt, but we get no picture of how HH and other parties intend to find the revenue. There will follow a programme of heavy cuts on services, pay freezes and neglect of the poor for whoever takes the Presidential role. WE GOT NO DOUGH.

    HH, is the ‘Rubble Rouser’ of Zambian politics. Actually that is his title and game plan.

    @Wantashi points out his Achilles Heel. He is headstrong and just plod, plod, plods on incessantly in the wrong direction, even with advice. This ain’t going anywhere close to the Presidents Office nor do we the people want it.

  12. In well fuctioning Goverments even stray pets like cats & dogs get food allowance without wasting time. If yours is failing to feed the future citizens of the country you might as well hand it over to the Chinese and Indian who send their children with enough food money, while Zambian peoples money go to State funerals and family trips for the elite!!

    • You are an *****.

      The Indian gov’t does not feed all their children. It has the highest level of poverty in the world being so large a country, even a good GDP does not allow for it.

      Clearly you are just being offensive.

      Chinese always welcome, they don’t impose themselves in our gov’t by sponsoring foreign agents into the Presidents Office.

  13. Here is my take on HH. He is ordinary. A leader should be extraordinary. But are people who are ordinary ever become extraordinary? Of course. So can HH become extraordinary? It is said “If you love those who love you, what reward will you have?” “And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing out of the ordinary?” Matthew 5:46-48. Great teaching which HH can learn from. He can become extraordinary by joining forces with others. Otherwise he will reamin ordinary and otherwise the presidential assignment will forever elude him. Examples in history abound. Nkumbula was ordinanry and he died ordinary. Nalumino mundia was ordinary but he became extraordinary by seeing the light early that there was strength in numbers. Chiluba was extraordinary, Kaunda was and is extraordinary…

  14. (HH) instead of packing your bags to go on a full throttle camp in the remote grassroot areas, you’re busy trying to please students with cheap politics from the comfort of your safe zone. If you don’t make yourself more relevant in Zambian politics even your Underworld Phantoms and Nocturnal Demons (UPND) will kick you out of the party, you’ll soon be Homeless Hobo (HH). And high time you shaved that dirty kinky Afro, what juju do you hide in there?

  15. The best brains are not always the best communicators. UPND has to further invest in message branding so ensure resonance with aspirations of the common man. If there is one person in charge of the IEC unit, please infuse more human resource into this. Why do you think shops are constantly changing their appearance though stocking the same items?

    • @Barefoot

      I agree with you and that’s why HH must, yesterday, invest in, I mean hire professionals in their fields to clean up his unsmiling, not charismatic, funereal, morticians image and do his campaign, aggressively. He is clearly not doing well in this area and he will lose again if he doesn’t take drastic action rectifying his laid back attitude. It doesn’t appeal to the electorates who are mostly uneducated kaponyas, thanks to previous govt’s investments in education.

  16. Let this be HH’s last chance. He doesn’t look electrified enough to fight a winning battle. He is using baby punches instead of knock-out blows – scoring in his goal post even when there is no goal keeper at the other end!

    • Did you really have to state that you are Bemba? Why not ngoni … or tumbuka? You mean to say a Bemba can NEVER vote for this useless metor of yours if he ever meant any sense to them? One thing bane: say what you want to say in the best way you’d put it without making mention of BEMBA. Mwalifundwa bane? i doubt it!

  17. Look at how many insults are directed at HH. What for for Gods sake? It shows what type of people are in PF. You never hear such insults from MMD. This goes to show who mentored PF the so called sharp tongue ( the king cobra). Pf stop the negative critism , work on your confussion and sort yourselves out. WE are tired of listening to vulga lauguage. Insele tashipela umucinshi. Amaano yakwa kasaka atase. we ought to be civilised. you have been treating zambiians like *****s all along. i can tell the intelligent people like The Lozi’s , Luvale’s, the Ngoni’s , Lunda’s, kaonde’S just to mention a few are watching. Just wait and see what happens at the polls. Leave HH alone he is a zambian citizen and also has the right to be in politics ro be elsewhere if he wants.



  19. Dear HH, If you really intend to win the elections, you need to stop calling upon the current government to do anything. You need to to tell the students,farmers, civil servants, people peddling goods in the streets and markets,(list is endless) how you are going to take care of their problems. Calling on anyone apart from yourself to do anything won’t get you elected. Wise up and hit the ground running towards the polls, Obama did it, take a cue from his strategy.

  20. I applaud all UPND bloggers trying to advise this clown. The bankam is daft and stubborn. He’s so uncharismatic and his lack of political experience has clearly been displayed in utterances such as we’ve seen above. All can see that this is a campaign period, time to bring out YOUR MESSAGE. you’re out of sync with everyone and you are truly a sleeping cow Hingombe Hilede (HH)

  21. You see, that’s why people don’t generally like politicians. We all know there is this “big elephant in the room” about MCS’s death and the current power struggle, and yet this nigger decides to hood-wink the Zambian people with some long known problems of higher learning in Zambia. REALLY!!!!
    We know about shitty schools in Zambia!!! JUST, who are you and what are you going to give the Zambian people????

  22. Forget about Tongas their problem is inborn. Surely can describe this govt as bad govt? why didnt HH accept to work with sata if he has a heart for zambians? PF apoints Mama wina as chairperson they also apoint Nalumango. what does this show you? Go to UNZA and see how Tonga lecturers treat other tribes and be wise. Not my vote

  23. UPND needs to go back to the drawing board and correct a serious flaw in their strategy. There is no question that HH is a wealthy person. But there is a strong question as to whether he is a good politician. In my view, he is not. The back door that he used to take over UPND from his uncle Mazoka is not available for him to use to take over as president of the country. UPND need to recede that fateful decision that a Tonga needed to take over from Mazoka.

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