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Dr Kaseba finally speaks out, Sata never anointed anyone, urges respect for Guy Scott


Acting President Dr Guy Scott with  Dr Kaseba on arrival at Embassy Park for a wreath laying ceremony at President Sata's grave on November 16,2014 -Picture byTHOMAS NSAMA
Acting President Dr Guy Scott with Dr Kaseba on arrival at Embassy Park for a wreath laying ceremony at President Sata’s grave on November 16,2014 -Picture byTHOMAS NSAMA

Late President Michael Sata’s widow Christine has finally broken her silence since the death of her husband.
Dr Kaseba who led her family to lay wreaths on the grave of her late husband at Embassy Park Sunday morning used the occasion to speak to Journalists about the ongoing wrangles in the PF.

She said Zambians must respect acting President Dr Guy Scott as he was the one anointed by Mr Sata to steer the nation forward in case of anything.

“The late President trusted Dr Guy Scott and this is why he made him Vice President and we should all respect that decision,” Dr Kaseba said.

“I don’t like the word anointed because when President Sata was leaving for London, he did not go there with the intention that he is going there to die.”

Dr. Kaseba said she was not aware of anyone that may have been chosen by her late husband to succeed him as president of the PF.

She said she was, like any other member of the public, only hearing some claims from the media.

[pullquote]I don’t like the word anointed because when President Sata was leaving for London, he did not go there with the intention that he is going there to die.”[/pullquote]

Dr Kaseba has since called on all peace loving Zambians to offer their support to Dr Scott in the current transition period.

“By law Dr. Guy Scott is the leader of the nation and let us all accord him all the support and opportunities to take us to the next elections,” Dr. Kaseba said.

Dr. Kaseba said Mr. Sata had a lot of faith in Dr. Guy Scott and that was why he appointed him as Vice President.

“Michael was proud of Dr. Scott as he used to say Zambia was second to America which has a black president and a white vice president,” she said.

Dr. Kaseba further called on all Zambians to respect the wish and joy of the late Mr. Sata that was derived from his association with Dr. Scott.

“So I call on all peace loving members of the country to respect the wish of President Sata. The decision to make Dr Scott Vice President was one which the late was so proud of and it gave him so much joy. He derived pride from this association with Dr Scott and by law he is the leader of the nation and we should accord him the respect to enable him take the country though this period,” she said.

Dr Kaseba recalled how President Sata used to marvel at the fact that Zambia was the only country in Africa with a white Vice President.

She also downplayed proposals from some individuals that she be adopted by the PF to succeed her late husband.
Dr Kaseba said she is still mourning her husband and has no intentions of joining politics.


    • how can this woman be believed?,,, she told the nation with a smile that Sata was going for a routine medical check up when in fact he was evacuted,, please mama kaseba you are still mourning,, stop it!! dont issue public statements its against Zambian and african cultures,,, learn from winnie mandela and Gracia who took a year to issue public statements

    • mayo that’s where you belong Ku cartel….actually you need to tell us what killed the president. we are not interested in wreaths.

    • GBM doesn’t support anyone for nothing, we have seen it in the past. Remember when he had a difference with the late MCS when GBM gave up his ministerial post, he brragd that he is the one that sponsored PF and that without him PF would not survive. When he stepped down he didn’t want to have anything to do with PF, he started condemning it and calling it names. However when he got window of the President’s deteriorating health and the eventual firing of Kabimba he quickly came back to PF because he knew what lay ahead. People should remember that GBM has publicly stated he wants to be president , we know want he is up to. I WOULD RATHER PF LOSES THE ELECTIONS BY SIDING WITH THE 70 MPS THAN TO LOSE BY SIDING WITH A FEW.

    • It is not only by law that Guy Scott is now the leader. It is by nature. Unfortunately, the nature itself has segregated a white man, and people like Miyanda and that Namugala could see Guy Scott as a “foreigner”. How can earth have a foreigner.

    • Lungu sympathiers will now start insulting Kaseba as being under the cartel which has taken on a mythical character. Check mate!

    • Lungu sympathizers swill now start insulting Kateba for saying what they don’t want to hear. They will say she has been bought by the cartel which has taken on a mythical character. Check mate!

    • Dr Kaseba has put the issue of President Sata appointing an anointed person to succeed him to rest. In all these back and forth discussions, I have been amazed by the lack of imagination of many PF cadres and Zambians on this issue.
      If the president had the power to anoint his favorite instead of the vice president as the constitution spells out, what can stop a future president from appointing his own son, daughter or wife in preference to a sitting vice president and then abdicating followed by an automatic approval by a ruling party and a national election? With this scenario where a president anoints his favored children spouse or friends, the country could very easily be turned into a monarch! Zambians, try to please think beyond the 0.002% brain usage of an average citizen.

    • Leave Guy Scott to run that Country until 2016?? you will see how the economy will Improve. He is Zambian and make much a better leader.

      His appointment make Zambia a unique country in Africa? shows that we are a true open minded and peace loving country that does not look at color. Let alone far better than Britain who may straggle to have a black PM.

      Guy Scott for Presidency. No change.

    • From what she has said , it is very clear that anyone wishing to contest can contest ( including Mr Lungu ) !
      In the UNIP days , we used to have KK as the ” sole candidate ” ! To me it sounds like those 63 MPs want their man to be a ” sole candidate ” !
      The one who wins a fairly contested process will actually command more respect ! A ” sole candidate ” will be less well respected !
      Additionally it should also be clearly noted that being PF Candidate does not mean automatic victory in the coming elections ! Zambians have shown before that they can kick out incumbents.

  1. I am beginning to endear myself to Dr Kaseba. Stay well clear of politics dear and mourn your husband. Then retire and start a charity to give back to the community.

    • @One Hit Wonder!: Well said, she has actually really humbled herself, truly shown the real Zambian mourning values, she always was sitting down on the floor, except in Public gatherings. (Clearly we can not compare her mourning to Maureen Mwanawasa, who made headlines for herself, fighting with sata, then the mwanawasa infights??)

      Mama Kaseba, well done just stay away from the noisy PF fights. You can do better without them.

    • Madam, if bamwine trusted Scott, why did he not leave him acting President? Why did he leave Edgar Lungu as acting President?
      This just exposes you as part of the infamous cartel.

  2. Yah, stay away of politics of mad people. Nomba bakamifyanika lisa? I am an an aspiring husband of you ba former first lady mayo. kunzuna. Mine is bigger, stronger and more reliable than his

    • Can you, or for that matter anybody else, point out to a SPECIFIC Article of the Constitution which state “…Vice President and Acting President…”?
      Can anybody state a single instance when any Acting President was sent outside borders of Zambia?
      Why not?
      Please, enough of “learned interpretations” of the Constitution by Tom, Dick and effing Harry.
      As to EL, has he ewer been sworn as either Acting or Vice President?
      If interpretation and understanding of the laws was so easy, by now all of you will be either State Counsel or Doctor Emeritus in law.

    • Bwana, you have misunderstood Sata’s reasoning when he left Edgar to act as President, let me enlighten you; if me as a King, i select out of my five brothers, the impotent one to take care of my beautiful wife while i am away, should that impotent brother be construed to be the best person to take over my throne when i die?

    • Mark my words I told Lungu was fighting a loosing battle because his fight is not anchoured on the Zambian constitution and PF constitution.The truth always prevail.IF EDGAR FAILS TO STEP DOWN AND FAIL FOR NOMINATION AND NO MAKES AN APLICATION THEN MILES SAMPA WILL BE AN OPPOSED.Edgar if he is popular let him apply and go for the convetion just like the PF constitution says.No short cut ba Lungu.were are you going in such a hurry.This its not automatic that a PF presidential candidate will win as republican president.They know it will be tough.HH is giving them a nightmare.They even went to complain before sata died that HH is a threat.Viva HH viva Zambia.

  3. This is what happens when everything is done in secrecy. ….now we don’t know who is saying the truth…..everyone is trying to protect his or her interest….Edgar this..Scott that.. Sampa …GBM ….what the hell is going on

  4. This drama is good for the opposition,trust me GBM and the cartels will lose on this game.we all thought kabimba was winning but it was checkmate.bye bye pf.

    • Should the candidate be based on who you think Sata trusted? Or maybe some other methods of people who are not drunk?

  5. Wasn’t there word in the air that Mmembe was in London when the late president was bed-ridden? I smell a rat. Could be the cartel is using her.

  6. Still haven’t give up on lairs?

    Unless someone is put off by one’s education, tribe, creed, age, or riches. HH is the only candidate fresh from the shells like Obama, Clinton and JFK. Not Recycled, financially Stable, stabilised his party after Mazoka’s death, educated, young and a real talent.

  7. What do you mean “FINALLY” speaks out? I know that I haven’t been waiting with baited breath for Mr Sata’s widow to speak.
    I actually thought she would be so overcome with grief at this point that she wouldnt even know who Scott was, let alone tell us how to behave towards him!

  8. The so called cartel was backed by SATA after all…THATS WHY ONLY THE PF- CONVENTION WILL SHAME POWER HUNGRY mediocres..

  9. Mama Kaseba we love you as our mother and your words are those of a wise mother, however please, please look at what is happening around and see that Scott as much as we accept he will be Acting President up to the elections we as sound minded Zambians know he is not a genuine person. Whether someone is white or black if he has a flawed character and has issues that divide us let that person just resign so as to avoid confusion. Indeed no one is anointed and however is vying for the position must prove that he or she is the choice of Zambians, i personally see no one else capable of doing this that Edgar Lungu, no one is perfect yes but of those vying for this position my brother Edgar is the most capable and most suitable. Mama Kaseba please, see what is happening.

    • Democracy should prevail and not anointings nor endorsement. Guy Scot is merely acting to organise elections. Edgar Lungu would be mince meat for the opposition. Those disrespecting the free views of Dr. Kaseba would die of shame ‘ubwiminine’ she is very correct in her sentiments and let her mourn her dear late husband whether you liked him or not whom God had blessed him with Three years of presidency. It should be open race for at least five PF candidates, then let the best choice win. It is the entire electorate who have a right to vote for the next President, not few MPs from the East or job-seekers. The idea of General Conference for PF sounds more democratic. Viva peace-loving Zambians in a christian nation busy praying for the Will of God to give us the best choice of Presido!

  10. Lesson from the past: Maureen Mwanawasa too supported Magande for presidence then, even stated that her husband trusted Magande.

  11. Madam, if bamwine trusted Scott, why did he not leave him acting President? Why did he leave Edgar Lungu as acting President?
    This just exposes you as part of the infamous cartel.


  13. You should have advised your husband that its not an achievement to have a white vice president. he should have bragged that he has an effective vice president. personally i wont trust your sense of judgement especially that you smiled f00lishly while we all saw that your husband was quickly melting away

  14. Ba Lungu, do you have anything to say? Ba mayo, nabalanda, you were never anointed, how can we support you? With full of lies, never, just, forget about being a president,
    Chawama constituency, is waiting for you, to accompany you, for kachasu. No wonder, you are refusing to go to the convention, you are not a material wealth to vote about.

  15. This Kaseba lady has no credibility whatsoever…only the gullible would believe her; how can you respect a veep deadwood Sata would never leave the instruments of power with even when he went for a one day summit….its best if she just quiet as widow should and focus on family issues.
    Kaseba is a medical doctor and knew Sata’s days were numbered all she had to do is wait…anyone who saw the oldman on 19/09/2014 would tell Sata was gone.
    Wake up Zambians from your docility!!

  16. Most of the people commenting against the first lady comments are not really Zambians. Zambians do not insult elderly people. I take great exception for people with insults in their mouths. Only former street kids can behave in such a manner.


    • @Sandra Hamweemba
      So now people that have an opinion or sentiment different from yours are not Zambians?

      I have to tell you Sandra that I am fully capable of unleashing a torrent of insults that would make the devil plead for earplugs. And I am Zambian. And not a street kid – far from it.

      I think you need to get out more. An insult is just words. It’s actually very liberating to insult/swear, when warranted.

      Deeds, my dear, count more than words ever could.

  17. Thanks madam for clarifying that part, however ignore all comments that are of insulting nature. We have some people who were born from pigs, others from dogs and to them decency and respect does not matter. But thanks for clearing that part

    • people? born from pigs? Others from dogs? Phenomena! And Talanga, is this an observable phenomenon you can attest to? Discovery channel will definitely be a-calling at your casa, sharpish. Make sure you’re camera ready

  18. This is a good sign that the “cartel” is not done and out yet.
    It also makes the whole debate more exciting because it brings in an angle of the trust that men have in their women. Would Sata have trusted the wife with such “highly” sensitive information? Just thinking.

  19. Its not about the wishes of the late president now. its about the Zambian people. we dont care who Sata trusted and “annointed ” this is a democracy therefore the wishes of zambia as a whole.

  20. Its not about the wishes of the late president now. its about the Zambian people. we dont care who Sata trusted and “annointed ” this is a democracy therefore the wishes of zambia as a whole.

  21. I am inclined to agree with her statements. They is just too much confusion in the country. We have a government that is very docile and disorganised. They cant even come up with a simple message or statement to state when their leadership will be elected etc. And this madness will continue when they win the elections. This problem is even made worse by the fact that we have very weak leaders in the opposition. Everyone keeps on drumming on about HH as if is the messiah yet no one on these blogs will explain what difference or changes he might bring to the country. His just an empty weak suit…much the same like Mumba.

  22. Ba Kaseba twamipapata mayo we have eyes and we are able to tell with due respect we can’t be fooled for your own information. Sata entrusted Lungu and not Scot


  23. Shame upon on those disrespecting the former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata. Her long awaited comment has finally exposed the power-hungry wolves who wanted to cheat their way into higher offices. May I also remind all those barking out the term ‘cartel’ referring to Mmembe etc, that without the Post, H E the late MCS would most probably not have been Republican President. Anyone supporting the idea of a General Conference is a democrat and apparently the ‘cartel’ supports the same idea!

  24. Shame upon on those disrespecting the former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata. Her long awaited comment has finally exposed the power-hungry wolves who wanted to cheat their way into higher offices. May I also remind all those barking out the term ‘cartel’ referring to Mmembe etc, that without the Post, H E the late MCS would most probably not have been Republican President. Anyone supporting the idea of a General Conference is a democrat and apparently the ‘cartel’ supports the same idea!

  25. What throws away my packet of crisps is the disregard for people’s intelligence being exhibited here. Where people issue statements with little regard to the fact that people still remember how they were saying a sick man was very well and working in state house when they were abusing resources at the expense of the poor. And now they can’t even apologize, they want us to continue with them on the back of all that deceit. Who cares if Sata anointed someone or not? For all we know these might be all lies again. Do we even care if he aointed someone? Can’t people now be left to make their own judgement now. Go away!

  26. UPND supporters and the cartel don’t mean well for PF when they insist that PF goes to the convention. In the meantime MMD, UPND have had their presidential candidate already chosen by their NECs. Madam Kaseba with collusion of the cartel newspapers made people believe all was well with President Sata. Guy Scott is not working for common poor people but is there to preserve the business interests of the cartel. He can’t even explain why he fired Lungu. When that backfired with street protests, he now wants a general conference to ensure a puppet is brought in. No puppet with vested interests should rule Zambia again.

  27. Madam first lady… With all due respect pls stay away from politics. I feel you have just aired your opinion and not the fact. Moreover, we have a right to choose who should lead us… Just like we chose Mr Sata. We want Edgar Lungu full stop.

  28. I do NOT trust these sentiments from the former first lady. She’s even contradicting herself! Read this: HEADING: “Dr Kaseba finally speaks out, Sata never anointed anyone, urges respect for Guy Scott” …
    meanwhile we also have: ” She said Zambians must respect acting President Dr Guy Scott as he was the one anointed by Mr Sata to steer the nation forward in case of anything.”

    So, what sort of crap is this? Lungu is the man for now!

  29. It makes me wonder whether people actually understand what will happen in January. Even if Lungu is “anointed” he needs to face the people’s choice in January. Without support from even inside PF, what makes him think he will win? Do his followers think they can just chew all the money and disappear within 60 days, just because of interim presidency? Do they think the PF voters siding with “cartel” will vote for Lungu in January? How stupid can people be?

  30. These former First Ladies never learn. We have been here before. Remember Maurine Mwanawasa and her support of Magande? Magande who was supported by the cartel. How does the cartel compromise these First Ladies? First it was Maurine, now it is Kaseba. Does Kaseba believe she can sway Zambians to fall in love with Scott who 2 days after being chosen by cabinet to act as president nearly put the country on fire. This woman is advised to mourn her husband in peace. She can not choose a president for Zambia. Let her go to Maurine for lessons. Zambians have their own mind, they will choose who to lead them. What she is doing is anointing Scott although she says she does not like that word. In case she does not know, her Scott does not qualify, no matter how much she cries.

  31. I fill sorry for kaseba. Why is she accepting to be draged in this fights? Honestly, they went for wreath laying with Scot, They did the same last Tuesday. What made them to go tooday and start politicking tooday ?
    Pliz madman stay away.

  32. Zambia is a democracy mama Kaseba,so whether your husband anointed somebody or not is a moot point.

    We’re not kids to be told who to vote for.

  33. Im happy Mama Kaseba- Sata, has cleared the air, & misconceptions.
    One thing I cannot stand is a RACIST, whether Black, or White.
    We are forever complaining of Racism in the U.K, U.S.A, & other places we live, whenever we are shortchanged, but some of our Black People i.e, “Useless Namugala” are using the “Race Card” when it suits their CORRUPT Belllies!
    I’m NOT saying Guy Scott is Superhuman, BUT one thing I will NEVER dispute is HE IS ZAMBIAN, so please Judge Guy by his character NOT his colour.
    Mr Scott is ZAMBIAN, like any Black, Yellow, or Purple individual, & His Colour, should Never be a factor. Theres SO many Corrupt people Includic Dodgy Lawyers, who Zambians wish to be led by. SHAMEFUL!!
    The Double Standards some of us Black Africans harbour, is So…

  34. Awe mayo, please mourn back Sata in piece , don’t involve yourself in politics, its too early. I hope you are not vying for the top job as well.

  35. Christine, you truly deserved to be a first lady and you really stand out among the first ladies that we have had in Zambia. Your advise is timely and clears hallucinations that some people might have had. My advice to those who wish to ascend to power is to be like Sata, to perform their work allotted to them diligently and allow the Zambians to ascertain the position in our leadership hierarchy at which they can serve the nation.

  36. As bosses there are times that you replace a stubborn subordinate with a loyal one though he may not possess the right qualities and attributes befitting such an appointment. In most cases this may be done in the interim whilst searching for the right person to occupy such a position. I reckon this might have been the case with Edgar Lungu. PF will badly shoot themselves in the foot if they picked this person as their presidential candidate. Lack of respect to his superior spells out disaster to the ordinary citizens. Watch out!

  37. This lady should keep her trap shut. She would have earned my respect if she had tried to force her late arrogant dictator husband to step down. With a smile on her beautiful face she and the evil bunch in cabinet dragged the dictator to his early grave. Zambians must learn not to be stup!di all the time.

  38. If I was ba Kaseba’s chief advisor (which I’m not!) I’d tell her to stay the hell away from anything remotely related to Zambian politics. She’s done her part by standing by her no-good husband who fouled up Zambia the last three years. I think she should just F off. No offense lady. And I really think she’s sincere about her ***** husband not having anointed anyone. But this is not the place nor the time. Just F off lady. Please.

  39. Mama uyu nisoka!Maybe it’s true Sata said in parliament that she is bad woman.Some people say she knew very well Sata would not survive.Indeed she should tell the family members how did Sata die.She was busy smiling meanwhile killing da hasband indirectly.Let her keep quiet before she loses her respect.Viva Mulenga Sata please never support cartel.We still trust mulenga sata.In future he’ll be president after lungu.Please Ba mulenga play cards well u’ve the future but immediately u support scott and cartel then that’s the end of yo political career brothet.We can’t trust Scott!!!


  41. Let us hear carefully what the Former First Lady is talking about we should rush into blaming her. I actually respect her for coming out open.What she has said is totally true. I would advise Mr. Edgar Lungu not to panic but try to bring the nation together as a secretary general by telling the true if what Dr. Guy is doing. Believe in God, if this was meant for you it will be yours. General Conference is the right thing and rally behind whoever will be picked.

    God Bless Zambia

  42. So who can you trust dr. katema dr. kaseba? remember ka katema lied that sata was well? Lets not hide in tradition or mourning for dr. kaseba to keep quiet if she knows the truth on a subject that is dividing the pf and the nation at large why not say it? like i have always advised zambians it’s time to be objective than being partisan as it stupidly gives you loyalty.

  43. The respect I had for our first lady has vanished after watching her yesterday… and why do I feel like this whole ‘wreath laying’ was choreographed. If Sata did not anoint anyone, then why urge Zambians to rally behind Scott? It is so embarrassing that Madam first lady and ‘cartel’ had to stage the act to dowse the raging support for EL! Can someone educate me, is this Zambian that after a few days of burial the family has to lay wreaths on the grave on their beloved one?

  44. Christine’s statement is very important at the moment, it helps us.

    there is this dirty belief that, when widowed, women should mourn for a long time, but alas, the dead are gone, those alive must speak.

    she has spoken well of Sata over the matter, because she knows that some people are trying to say things on behalf of a person who can not come back and speak for .

    people should not take advantage of the dead, that is all she is saying.

    And i think she is angered when people say her husband went to london to die

  45. Mama you are right. How did Lungu know that he was anointed to take over PF.? Did he know that Sata was going to die? The Lungus can also be suspects in the big man’s death. Could this be the reason they quickly removed Kabimba from the position?

    • Life must go on. You can’t mourn for more than a week!
      Unless you have nothing to do! Everyday it’s work! We work in the mid-day sun, we work in the evening and if you ain’t gat nothing to do, it’s woooorK! Way to go Christine!

  46. Sata had several children from different mothers among them the first wife who we are told never divorced. Sata must have left words for her, after all she is Mother to Mulenga Sata Lusaka mayor who was with his father (Sata) as was dying in London.
    Mulenga Sata has hinted that he has been schooled by his father to succeed him and this would never have been told to him in the presence of Dr Kaseba. Knowing the unpredictability of Sata exhibited throughout his life, Dr Kaseba’s words needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Every Zambian knows well that Sata has left more problems than when he assumed leadership of Zambia. His absence in away, a blessing for Zambia to move on.

    • Being a public figure, even personal and private issues get exposed but do not forget what happened when Jesus told the Pharisees who wanted to stone a woman caught in issues pls. Leave the late bigman’s private issues to the family to handle. You yourself are not in the lime light and your personal failures are not not by anyone but yourself! Remember when you point out your hands to someone out there, four or three fingers are pointing back to you! Not meant to offend you my dear, we live in a christian nation, mind you!

  47. I wonder why people don’t believe in democracy! If you are confident that you can get the support required, why not just go for a gen. conf. rather than a few hand picking you? In the new constitution, Zambians have been talking about a 50+1; all this is because we want a majority decision to prevail. If the PF constitution outlines that a gen. conf. is what is supposed to be used, a GENUINE SECRETARY GENERAL is the first one to recommend that. PF should face two majority ruling in this case: 1- general conference for themselves and 2- presidential election for Zambian voters kwapwa. PF is not made of MPs alone and it is not every MP who is a member of the central committee, why then should they hand-pick someone on behalf of the general membership? Cartel or not Gen.Conf. is the best.

  48. Ki ki ki ki ki ki. Ati those barking out “the cartel”. If others are “barking out” on the same medium then what are you doing?

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