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I’m not in a rush to be President-Mulenga Sata


Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata with former president Rupiah Banda and Dr Kenneth Kaunda  during  the Interdenominational Thanks giving requiem church service of President Sata at Parliament in Lusaka  on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata with former president Rupiah Banda and Dr Kenneth Kaunda during the Interdenominational Thanks giving requiem church service of President Sata at Parliament in Lusaka on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata says he is not in a rush to vie for the position of republican President.

Mr. Sata says he is currently content with the three positions he has of being Patriotic Front Lusaka District Chairperson, Lusaka Mayor and President of the Local Government Association of Zambia LGAZ.

Speaking to Journalists this morning shortly after his family by visited his late father President Michael Sata’s tombstone in the company of acting President Guy Scott and his wife Charlotte, Mr. Sata said his three positions are already demanding.

Mr. Sata says he is making steady progress in his political career but that his focus now remains on achieving the betterment of the livelihood of the people of Lusaka.

He could not however indicate clearly whether or not he is interested to become the ruling party’s Presidential candidate for the forthcoming Presidential by-election.

Mr. Sata says he is still consulting and therefore is no fixed position whether he would vie for it or not.
He says will do what is the best interest of all stakeholders as he still reserves the right to vie for the position.

The son of the late President Sata has however called for unity and peace as his party selects its Presidential by-election.

He has observed that if the wrangles that have surrounding his party’s leadership succession continue it is likely to affect the ruling party’s performance in the forth coming by-election.


  1. This man should go back to being a Dog catcher come Dog seller. His father was the worst Zambian we have seen in a long time. He is the cause of all this confusion in Zambia.

  2. At least you have been able to read the mood of the people. In addition, Mulenga’s parentage has already been brought into question (his mother is alleged to be foreign born) and cannot be resolved under the current constitution. It would be one area in which he would be attacked if he stood for the position. The same goes for Given Lubinda. It is pointless for either one to try and vie for the republican presidency at this point because of the parental clause.

  3. The 3 positions you hold were not based on merit. You happened to have been spawned by someone that held the presidential office, and that afforded you a position of privilege. That’s all.

    I see that you have tested the waters, found you are not wanted for president and now you’re trying to save face. You are implying that it’s just that the time is wrong – no. You never were suitable, and will never be suitable, even 300 years from now.

    Thank your God, Fate or whatever that you will never go hungry or lack a pair of shoes. For now, lay low, concentrate on discharging the duties of the offices that you hold (undeservedly) and give us a chance to miss you.

  4. The position of Mayor is a respectable position and must elevate Mulenga. An individual must not aspire for presidency if he/ she previously occupied junior roles such as Mayor, Deputy Minister. The minimum requirement must be that of MP. If one has never contested public office, then they can go ahead!

    • Lord Voldemort, you are really making it tough for people like HH. Maybe the criteria needs to be expanded.

  5. Well done Mulenga.

    You have shown true character in this decision. Your father would be truly proud of you.

    Political office may have its rewards but it is a mire in which most lose their character.

    May God Bless your honesty and sacrifice so that others more suited and ready can take that place. Take your time to grow. See, most Leaders are old from firm footed lift up the ladder as your father proved.

    Thank you for showing PF warring members how it is done. Hope Lubinda takes the same route.

    Try not to sit next to failed RB in pictures though! He will tarnish your crown.

  6. Jessie wa mu town my favorite blogger! Keep it up young woman. Now coming to Zambian politics when societies degenerate to the level we see today, the pyramid turns on its head. The worst of the worst rise to the top and best of the best sink to the bottom. That is what we are seeing now street vendors literally using their mob psychology to intimidate Lusaka residents and clog the roads to gain political mileage. Finally it has dawned on this Mulenga Sata that Zambians are not gullible like in Argentina where after Kirchner died a family member (his wife) took over. Ndise o chenjela so take a rest young man and mourn your father. I declined to become a prefect in 1979 when my father died because my load was to heavy. If I may ask which University did you even graduate from?

  7. @Oyaya

    “Ndise o chenjela ”

    Man, did you almost break my ribs. Ni kuchenjela kwa musango bwanji, to drag into state house the wicked late creature that no head of state wanted to come in contact with? That mocked dying people? You call that clever? Huh!?

  8. Wantashi, you know what it means voting with noses closed ai? That is what happened, it was change for the sake of change even if something was smelly.

  9. Hu HU (HH)’s tribesmen are all over dishing out crap and will be shocked to learn the results of by-elections. Hu HU shares of votes will go down by another 3% and Hu HU will go back to his drinking hole in Choma. The fella is a freemason and does not work on Saturday. Can Zambia afford to be ruled by a freemason, and by an acting president every saturday?

  10. @Mushota, what is wrong to be a freemason and an SDA, if that is what you are implying? Learn to respect our president, an elderly person.

  11. How one who used to sell dogs to be come my republican president, anywere nipa ZED like father like son.

    “I would give my VOTE to bo LUBINDA in PF, if NOT then HH”.

  12. ….meaning at some point in near future he may consider to offer himself to contest for the highest office..??..anyway I don’t need to comment any further because it is a birth right for every Zambian including all the bloggers on this site and ofcourse me…to dream and contest for the office….all that one need is courage and backing…..GOOD LUCK for him…he needs it

  13. If God ordained you to be president of Zambia one day, then that shall come to pass. But deep down in my heart, I feel that time is not yet. Listen to that small voice in your ear, it could be your late dad telling you to hold on, your time is still to come. Blossom in your current positions then show the world that your are product of the Cobra, when the right time comes.

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