Wednesday, May 22, 2024

FODEP condemns PF budget threats


THE Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says threats by some Patriotic Front (PF) members of parliament (MPs) not to pass the 2015 national budget unless their party adopts secretary general Edgar Lungu as its presidential candidate are extremely retrogressive.

FODEP executive director McDonald Chipenzi said Mr Lungu’s candidature is an internal party issue, which should not in any way be used to undermine national programmes like passing of the national budget.

He said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that his organisation is disappointed with some MPs that are threatening not to pass the 2015 national budget if Mr Lungu is not adopted.

“FODEP reads such sentiments coming from a political party supposed to provide leadership and direction to the country at this momentous time with great disappointment and shock.

“If the PF MPs can’t see the need to pass the 2015 national budget, it goes without saying that their relevance in parliament is no longer tenable, hence the need for them to dissolve themselves to facilitate the holding of the general elections in accordance with Article 88(6)(b) instead of holding the country to ransom,” Mr Chipenzi said.

He said in an event that an election becomes the only option, the PF must be reminded that the election is not meant for them alone but for all political parties registered in Zambia.

Mr Chipenzi appealed to all opposition political parties intending to contest the presidential election to show their relevance by hitting the campaign trail.

He also urged Acting President Dr Guy Scott to announce the election date in accordance with the law.


  1. A touching message from Edgar Lungu; This is what I will do once u vote fo me u people of the republic of Zambia. (1). I will turn State House into State Bear Hall or Kachasu Hall to benefit all Zambians, bear will be free of charge. (2). All roads leading to bear places will be tared to avoid inconviences to all Zambians who enjoy drinking. (3). I will re-introduce the production, selling and drinking of Tujili-jili as a way of creating employment to my people. (4). Teachers will be allowed to drink bear in class whilest teaching and all pupils including those from mission schools will be allowed to drink as they are learning in classes. (5) All Zambians above 18 will be paying mandatory taxes to the govt of K250 per month regardless of wetha one is employed.

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