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Dr Christine Kaseba’s decision to compete for PF presidency is shocking and morally wrong-Msoni


Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

Former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba’s decision to compete for the Patriotic Front presidency, and ultimately run for the presidency of the republic, is shocking and morally wrong and defying all established Zambian cultural and traditional norms of a dignified grieving widow.

Whilst it is within her democratic right and parameter to aspire for the highest office in the land as a bonafide citizen of Zambia, We think it is not correct and it is her timing and judgment that we are questioning. No-one believes that hardly one week after interring her late husband is appropriate enough for her to engage herself into active politics.

We also think it is entirely wrong for any other family member at the moment to aspire to immediately replace their departed relative without considering the feelings of the Zambian people.

We urge her to emulate other distinguished African and Zambian women who even in the wake and face of extreme enticement had refused and opted to respect and uphold the decency of mourning their departed spouses with dignity and decorum.

We must confess our uttermost and bitter disappointment in her ill-conceived and ill-advised political ambition to pursue her political ambition whilst the country relatively still remains in a semi-state of mourning for the late President.

Effectively her tendering-in of her application to contest for elections confirms that she is no-longer the point of contact for purposes of commiseration as she has with immediate effect abandoned that role to officially pursue her political ambition.

Nason Msoni
All Peoples Congress President


  1. Wapapusha i Ndola iwe wemwanakashi iwe… Nshakulumbule ishina nalakweba kofye… Abantu bonse balishiba ukuti iwe walifwilwa… ala ichindike twapapata…MUKAMFWILWA

    • I am now warming to the idea that she has played her cards well. She is the most educated of the whole lot.

      She is slowly winning my heart.


    • What is immoral about one exercising their democratic right!?

      Of all the contenders, Dr Kaseba is the:
      Most educated!
      Most neutral!
      Most trustworthy!
      Most credible!
      Non corrupt!
      Most appealing!
      Non Kaponya!
      Non Drunkard!
      Youthful! Energetic!

      What else do Zambians want!

    • My fellow citizens let us all wake up and rise, Guy Scott is shifting gears every day to favour him over other people he doesn’t like Lungu, GBM, Given, Mulenga Sata. If he continues am afraid things will really get ugly. Scott, Fred,Wynter,Mwenye cant be bigger than Zambia. PF CC why not expel Guy Scott.? How much damage do you want him to cause.? Rememeber we only have one Zambia. I plead with you lets show Scott that we can only stretch as far.

  2. what is morally wrong is to subject a widow to insults and injustice. Dr Kaseba will forget the agony of losing a husband when she goes into action. how long does a woman take to go back to work after a death of her husband? one month? one year? PF members have not found anything wrong in Dr kaseba standing. only UPND, MMD and opposition parties. why? Because Dr kaseba stands a chance of scopping all the votes. those who oppose her are even for a more rude shock! very soon nyone condemning Dr Kaseba may face arrest of abuse during the 16 days activism against gender based violence. and tradition should be separated from ethics and official duties. dont bring traditions into public life…not every one is a traditionalist. Leave Dr Kaseba alone.

    • you are so right my friend,even Jesus said that we sholud let the dead burry themselves,Christine had even gone a step feather SHE BURRIED HER HUSBAND now what more do you want from the widow????????just compagin on your own leave our to be female President aloneeeee

  3. i wonder what her husband would have said if the Widow of another man did the same. The man’s life was filled with hypocrisy. And people easily forget how he attacked Mrs Mwanawasa. The sooner the country does away with PF and forget they ever voted them into power the better. From Pabwato to Pachililo.

  4. It would be interesting to hear the views of Saulosi, Nine Chale, Maxwell & MMD Chief Bootlicker on these fast-developing events on MMD & PF candidates that have so far filed their nomination papers.
    And by the way where is George Chellah, is he on leave?
    I rarely browse on LT lately and therefore it is possible that I might have missed the above-mentioned bloggers’ contributions and if so my apologies them.
    To borrow MMD Chief Bootlicker’s favourite phrase, their views are always ‘jaw dropping’.

  5. What morals you numpties? Do we have to pass on good candidates just because they are moaning? Grow up people, allow her to sell her vision without being reminded of all this moral nonsense all the time. Pafwa bantu pashala bantu, if you think its wrong decision shes taken, dont vote for her we’ll vote for her and at the end of the day we’ll find out if the majority are arsed about your morals.

  6. wow… Its suprising to hear people claiming to uphold cultutal integrity just because Dr. Kaseba has lost her husband, and is running for office… Mr. Sata may his soul rest in peace has left us, there is nothing you and I can do about it, our lives must continue if she believes the best way to mourn her husband is through leading this country, then let her be… The fact that people are disqualifying her on the basis of culture… That means everyone knows what kind of development she can bring to zambia… #democracy

  7. It looks surprising to alot of people that she has changed her mind after making a public coment to the contrary. I am not a sexiest, but morality in Zambia especially for women deteriorated along time ago. How many women in zambia are morally upright. It fits with the morals of the majority in zambia and the general standard of morality set in Zambia. Anyone there?

  8. Power is sweet indeed. Has she forgotten what her late husband called Maureen on her attempt at the presidency when Levy died? The “Black Widow Spider” needs to explain to the Zambian people how the Cobra died on a routine medical check-up. She is a medical doctor qualified enough to spill the beans. We should not allow this woman to stage the biggest cover up ever by giving her the chance at the highest office.

  9. What is shocking about Kaseba standing for Presidency?! She is more decent (and more educated) than Nawakwi.

    Uzimvelako nsoni naiwe Msoni.

  10. If we were to consider respective succession of power in most Zambian tribes, including the Ngonis, nothing is strange about the Dr. Kaseba Sata’s decision to stand. If someone told me that Kaseba has remarried just a month after burying the husband that will be immoral and Zambian.

    Ask when the son of the fallen Ngoni will be crowned? Immediately after death of the father, and the would-be king holds chishango and mukondo during the burial ceremony. I despise leaders who mislead people just to buy votes and gain sympathy for stupid claims.

    Nason Msoni seems not to know the traditions of Zambian tribes. Leave culture out of this, tell people what you will do for them if they voted for you.

  11. Amazing how many *****s we have in Zambia. You continue supporting the Sata and banda families and in a few years time you ll be like sudan fighting wars. It doesnt take a genius to realise how power hungry these families are. Is this supposed to be a kingdom where inheritance is is handed over from one to another? Atase twatendwa!

  12. Culture, culture, culture,,, this is just a way of life. When it has to do with women, culture comes up, if it was a man, the comments would have been ..oh he is such a strong man. Dr Kaseba, go for it, you have every right to aspire for Presidency

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