Thursday, May 30, 2024

Infamous Mushota voted Best LT blogger!


zambia jubilee

In celebration of Zambia’s year of jubilee Lusakatimes decided to honor our esteemed readers by allowing you to vote for your favorite blogger and we offered free advertising for any Zambian company a period of one month.(Should you still be interested in this offer please contact us)

The top 7 nominees, for Best blogger were Mushota,MMD Chief Bootlicker,Nostradamus,Wanzelu,Ndobo, Saulosi and Jay Jay.Due to the passing of our President Michael Sata the announcement was delayed.

The results for best blogger were as follows:

Total votes: 4608

Jay Jay (1648 votes, 35%)

Mushota (2334 votes, 50%)

MMD Chief Bootlicker (200 votes, 4%)

Ndobo (121 votes, 2%)

Nostradamus (70 votes, 1%)

Saulosi (53 votes, 1%)

Wanzelu (182 votes, 3%)

Congratulations to Mushota.Please contact us at Webmaster AT Lusakatimes DOT COM for your prize.


    • No matter how much Zambians hate you and insult you they will still vote for you.I don’t understand this psychology.There is hope for Dr.Kaseba to be president after all!

    • This only vindicates those that have considered Zambians as docile, lacking critical thinking skills but being trivial and emotionally lead in their judgements.
      One can see why why we ended up with a President who was a plain clown, a lair and unable to lead the nation from the front. Zambia needs salvation and mental emancipation

    • You see how contagious and likeable Mushota is? Even you has copied her/his/It’s “Thank you” Salutation

      Thank you…..LOL

    • Yes Ms Mushota is the best blogger. She has mindful thoughts that exemplifies solutions to practical solutions for our Zambian Politics of Poverty controlled by personal interests with great selfishness. Very much behind you Ms Mushota.

    • Nostradamus

      Thank you. I have never won anything in my life as such so I will take this one.

      Good luck next time/year.

      I will continue ruling by an Iron fist indubitably.

      I know I am the best at what I do. Not sure I am make the most sense in my blogs.

      The distinction is what people that are against my ‘oscar’ are failing to distinguish.

      LT is the only place when where you win when you lose.


    • Ba LT, How come Mushota is getting a prize for being a loser and yet I didnt a prize for winning two years ago. Is it because she portrays to be a female even if she is a man. This is discrimination and I will consult my international lawyer regarding this matter. Twalafilila munsenga!

      Nkalanda Reloaded

    • This a true reflection of useless Zambians are. Giving votes to riffraffs. I won’t be surprised if people like GBM or Kaseba wins the Zambian presidency next year.

    • This Mushota boy deserves a big round of applause. He has accomplished what even I couldn’t at the very peak of my chamba smoking days. It is no easy task to achieve this kind of prize with chamba prices being so high these days in Zambia.

  1. Congratulations Mushota.I left this website and when came back I found that you were still blogging.I had no choice but to vote for you.You are the only one using your real name and you have your photo.You express your self honestly to me and I think you are not a job seeker like some bloggers abroad.Keep it up!

  2. Mushota has won not because his/her blogs are the most sensible but consistent i.e. consistently infuriating. He/she also blogs on most topics. I don’t know where he gets the time or what he does.

  3. I strongly feel there has been rigging in this LT voting and I feel I have been treated like General Miyanda, has been on the Zambian political arena in the past elections. I could not even make the top 5 and yet I have blogged sensibly and reasonably. Mushota has been erratic sometimes out of topic and she wins . Is there hope and fairness in the forthcoming bye elections? have a nice weekend. this accolade!

    • I beg to disagree with you Messir.
      Give juice were its due
      Mushota has outlived all of us.
      Actually, Mushota brings life to LT and LT must thank her.
      Every time I log onto this site I look for Mushota’s comments and opinions

    • ?”@”chamba
      Because you are thriviling on insults.. Mushota has no heart for Zambia, habouring more negative response than anyone else. I wonder what goodness do you see in her/him? .. Those that voted for are the ones s/he was insulting inhere.. SHAME ON THEM

  4. This election has been rigged. However, Mushota and Saulosi have won legitimately. How do you vote for insulting cartel of Wanzelu, Nostradumus, Ndobo and MMD chief bootliker?

  5. I”m seriously contemplatimg a petition to challenge these results so that only deserving bloggers are arranged in the correct order, i.e Mushota, Saulosi ……………….. The insulting cartel who have erroneously ranked high on Lusaka Times have their awards on demonic Zambain watchdog.

  6. lets get this straight. where we voting for an early blogger without substance or we were voting for bloggers with proper insights in every topic brought forward. We need to be serious with how we vote in Zambia. seems making noise always wins in Zambia.. Now ander people like mutate, chipimo cant be presidents coz they don’t make noise but speak points across when analyzing topics

    • Terms of reference unclear and everything all over the place, synonymous with the Zambian political landscape at the moment. RB just walks in out of a difficult family situation elbowing Nevers Mumba and wanting to be President. With under two months to go to the elections the ruling party have no Presidential candidate. UNDP problems are brewing. Another weekend of drama ahead and beyond. Goodluck Zambia.

  7. There’s something wrong here. Mushota has admitted she works with LT as part time editor. She is part of them. How do we know they didn’t rig in her favour? What I know is staff and their family of Lottery companies are not allowed to participate in draws. Why would LT want an outsider to win the jackpot when one of their kids is participating? I smell a rat.

  8. Even Senior Citizen won some award way back when dont kubeba was at its peak and he consistently did not hide his opinion. Those who were there can remember. Ba LT how can a funeral delay an announcement which is not of an entertainment nature.

  9. LT itself is highly questionable in conducting this survey so called best blogger. A plethora questions beg to be asked;
    1- What was the core criteria of a best blogger.
    2- Was competency on subjects blogged considered.
    3- Did intelligence and good communication matter.
    4- Biasness by both LT and winner (Mushota is said to be part of LT).
    5-LT is considered to be PF mouth piece- Mushota is its disciple.
    6- Is it frequency blogging with gibberish language (often by Mushota) or moderate with profound truth as MMD Chief bootlicker.
    Get your act together before you can claim first slot from ZWD.

  10. …ba LT you have lost me here once again….what was the voting all about…??….best blogger in what sense..??…why the have stated your article with…’the infamous…..’??…how can the infamous be the best or you meant to say he or she(the infamous) turns out to be the most famous…..??

  11. Wait a minute!

    So Mushota and the other literary hoodlums listed in that jumbled list actually run blogs? I am definitely missing something here…

    Can someone please give me their sites, someone please…

  12. Me I am the new entrant so next year please I will scoop this prize. Thank you Mr Mushota for the prize now contribute positively to the Zambian news and politics. Twatotela sana Mr Mushota

  13. LT I have failed to agree with the way the percentages are put, they are not corresponding with the total number of votes. Let us take for example, Wanzelu = 3/100 x 4608 which is the total number of votes the answer should have been 138 Votes. Now its showing that Wanzelu had 184 Votes which is not representing 3%.

    By simple mathematics, Mushota is showing that she is having 50% of the total votes, but look at that, 50% mean half of the total amount. in this case for instance, half of 4608 which is the total number of votes is 2304. But look at Mushota’s votes are they true, i question the criteria used Ba LT?

    Congrats Mushota anyway.

  14. Guys don’t hate on Mushota. People voted for her as the most popular blogger not necessarily the most sensible. Guys this is a light thing, eish does everything have to be so serious and political??

  15. She definitely is dedicated to the LT blog and deserved to win. Congrats Mushota for being the woman you are not among men and all LT bloggers!

  16. Oh my word! I don’t believe this.

    Let me try again..

    First of all, I am surprised you would vote for someone who despises most of you.
    In all honest I am not here to make friends but to rattle a few feathers call a spade a spade
    and most of all to seek Justice and the truth.

    Do not get this twisted I love you all, but please do not return the favour because I am not interested.

    Anyone that voted for me, thank you. You have aroused my ego, just that little bit more than
    I cared, Nototetela mukwai.

    LT You and I have come a long way, may our camaraderie continue to burn and thank you for forgoing my bunkum
    at times, I am only 27 years old and still growing.

    I will avoid saying much before I break the 4th Wall (Proscenium).


    • Oh no now they have added fuel to fire! Now we will be inundated by one Mushota with her never ending s!lly comments.

      In all fairness you have to give it to Mushota… the consistency of being s!lly is just remarkable. How she is almost always the first blogger to post a comment on every article just defies logic.

      To the LT bloggers above being critical of the outcome of the vote, please try to have a sense of humour and have a light moment… to link this vote to real-life events is being too ‘tight’.

      Never heard of the vote myself but yeah this will lift her spirits and energise her even more after the passing of her demi-god Sata.

    • I look forward to receiving and invitation to the dramatic ceremony where this accolade will be presented to the almighty Mushota.

    • Dr Wabo, a bit cheeky of you demanding I speak English, I don’t often laugh but that was hard to ignore.
      You were not part of my Christmas card list, you just squeezed in somehow.

      Maverick, nice name and thank you for showering me with your thoughts. Not sure I need them but I respect them
      soon and of course I may find it very hard to ignore you. Thank you.

      Ichalo Lifupa. .
      Thank you I am not sure I deserved it but again I will keep up the ‘goodwork’

      Any suggestions what I do with my gift people.?
      LT are waiting for my call as we speak..


    • Mushota don’t you worry about my Christmas arrangements. I have them sorted already. ‘Ichalo Lifupa’! I still insist English, please (and ‘Thanks’). We have to do as we preach, a basic rule of life. You are one of a kind, have a nice weekend.

  17. Thats Zambia for you.The most docile nation in Africa if not in the world.
    Pa Zed where thieves,call boys,amaule and the likes are voted into political office.
    Its like what is prevailing in the U.S where ISIS is beheading American citizens yet it is more popular among university students than Israel.

  18. There was no discerment used at all by those who voted for her..or is it him.This simply tells how people lunatically vote for presidential candidates in office.Whether one’s background is coulped with violence,illitrace(poor education) nor is a tribalist or haven’t been in any leadership position in the past be it at school,at work or in the community people can vote for such one.That’s how voting goes among people.There is no use of discerment,valuation nor wisdom dispite many appeals to vote wisely.Surely how do you get to vote some one who is just an attention seeker,brags about her foreign stay,her boy friend and fake possesion of academic qualification in accounts, e.t.c unbelievable!

  19. Mushota has won because she has no plan for her future. She has won because she spends a lot of her precious time commenting on whatever is posted regardless of what time. Anyway i dont blame her.

  20. I read your articles with interest, nevertheless the sometimes blogger put me off because their ccontributions sometimes dont make sense at all. We congrate Mushota for win nevertheless please improve on you comments

    • You sir, have warmed my heart. In all honest the bottomline is to come and seek Justice and the Truth.

      I speak with heart on my sleeves.

      Again, the whole idea is to try it in a subtle way. I bet you cant win everything.
      Enjoy your weekend.


  21. Congratulations my frend Mushota. Don’t mind these disgruntled ungreatful bloggers. Wheather they like it or not ur the King/Queen of this site. U won with the landslide victory. I like yo style of writing and analysis. Keep it up

  22. Congratulations Mushota from Barotseland dear. But what are you, male or female? Everybody wants to know. Once again congratulations. Thanks. Lol.

  23. If you put lipstick on a monkey its still a monkey and if you vote for deranged heartless folks you’ll continue to be abused.I see absolutely no sense in voting for this egotistic thing as blogger per excellence.

  24. Ba LT, How come Mushota is getting a prize for being a loser and yet I didnt a prize for winning two years ago. Is it because she portrays to be a female even if she is a man. This is discrimination and I will consult my international lawyer regarding this matter. Twalafilila munsenga!

    Nkalanda Reloaded

  25. And the fake Mushota takes the accolades.

    You can spot a fake from far away. The real Mushota is in the UK…and is a lot less vocal in her blogs…despicable but to the point, and provocative.

    So Mr. Fake Mushota in Austria taking the glory in this post…look up the definition of shame.

    To the real Mushota, in Scotland, congratulations.

  26. Congratulations to you Mr Mushota, yes you are male not female.
    This vote confirms what Zambia trully is, anyone or anything can easily win the presidency.

  27. LT, why is it that one day I am give an American flag, the next day the Union Jack (UK) and today the Canadian flag. For clarity’s sake I have never been to the USA or Canada but have been in the UK all along. Thank you.

  28. Congratulations, Mushota! Unfortunately for those crying foul, LT did not give any criterion aside from ‘Vote for the Best Blogger’. It was left to an individual voter to decide whether infamy or popularity meant BEST. It is NOT Mushota’s fault that the majority interpreted their ‘Best’ to translate into a vote for Mushota. Well done, Mushota! This also shows you how voters at political elections in Zambia interpret their candidates… it is a VERY good case study!!

  29. I insist and need to be heard, LT need to come clean on criteria of best blogger.
    Congratulations to Mushota for majority voting for your commentary on the blog. I think you carry a title of a national icon representing unity from expression of diverse views on our nation.
    Once again congrats and enjoy your new celebrity post.

  30. Congratulations Mushota! I always understood your blogs while those who took you literally fully misunderstood you. To me you are your own peculiar version of Kalaki, but more obnoxious and therefore annoying and unlikeable.


  31. How can she fail to win, when it is her full time job to blog. Congrats Mushota and keep working hard so that we can give you a Zambian Oscar from the east next year.

  32. I VOTED FOR MUSHOTA , THE DAUGTER TO REMMY MUSHOTA FROM CHITULIKA VILLAGE, WE STUDY AT THE SAME UNIVERSITY AND SHE is good at journalism. she likes african men (zambian men in particular) contrary to what many bloggers know. The prize is a brand new jAGUAR, DONT LOOSE HOPE continue blogging , who knows next it will be you, iam really encouraged with the prize to BLOG

  33. She must have used brown envelopes on the entire family of Nick her boyfriend and his friends friends.

    I’ve filled in my petition. Injunction granted, L.T halt the inauguration of this Queen of the pack who want to rule with an iron fist here.

    On this one, nau nshota mushota.
    See you at the kangaroo court, Mrs Nick.

    No thanks!

  34. For what its worth. I remember checking LT comments as far back as 2011 with a colleague of mine in Malaysia to see what comment the “Infamous” Mushota posted.


    We may continue with healthy discussions and dialogue

  35. No wonder we Zambians are docile and passive and why real development will be hard to attain. No wonder tribalism is on the increase. How can a blogger who thinks that blacks are inferior to whites be the best blogger? How can a blogger who thinks that as long as one is a Bemba that person should be the ruler or minister even though the person is be the best blogger? Napapa sana!

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