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Adventists pray for peace ahead of the 20/14 Presidential By- elections


The seventh day Adventist church (SDA) in Pemba District yesterday held prayers for national peace ahead of the January 20, 2015 Presidential By-elections.

Pemba District SDA pastor Bednock Banji says there was need for unity in the country not only spiritually but politically in order to forge ahead in development.

Pastor Banji said it was only when the country was united that peace and development could stand.

He said it was not by chance that Zambia was declared a Christian nation but a blessing that citizens were enjoying freedom of worship and peace and unity, a privilege he said should not be mismanaged.

He said Zambians by nature were peace loving and hospital and appealed that the spirit should continue and not be indulged by selfish ambitions to the detriment of the peace it has built and enjoyed over the years.

Pastor Banji implored for peace and unity in the country and asked God’s intervention in the political wrangles that have recently rocked the political spheres so that the nation continue could to enjoy the peace and unity it has enjoyed from time immemorial.

During the service, various prayer petitions were offered among them to ask God to choose and give Zambia a leader who will lead the country wisely and amiably.


    • Being an action driven person, I really think that praying is a complete and utter waste of time.
      What motivates people to pray is not something I will ever completely understand, nor will I stop being critical of this form of non-action.
      The act of praying is not even remotely beneficial to a person in a crisis situation.
      What it does for the people of faith, either on the receiving end or the giving end, is offer them nothing but a false sense of hope.

    • you have reminded me of the annointment of king Saul for Isreal. they cried for a king, and God gave them a king according to their desire-physical statue…

  1. Prayer Is Useless…Why bother praying if prayer doesn’t actually change anything?

    There’s a very real downside to praying. It lulls believers into a false sense of accomplishment. We cannot solve our problems – much less the world’s – through prayer. We often see people with good intentions praying for victims in the wake of a tragedy, but prayer is useless without action, and those actions make the prayers irrelevant!!

    • Refusing asking God is like a person on support facility insulting an emergence doctor for being useless. Some statements are dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. Mob psychology does not help.

    • Thanking god for the positive outcomes in situations that had actual action attached to them is another silly thing to do. Silly and illogical. We have all been privy to many situations in hospitals where every nurse and every doctor are doing everything in their power to make sure the patient stays alive, and when they succeed, god gets the applause. Why does god get the thanks for that effort? Had no intervention taken place that person would most likely be dead, as evidenced by so many situations where children have died at the hands of parents who believed their god would take care of their young one’s illnesses.
      Just talking to yourself with your hands clasped is not an acceptable form of helping, to me. . Praying solves nothing, does nothing and contributes nothing but false hope.

  2. How do you know your God is the correct one? There are more than 30,000 distinct Gods defined in as many holy books. Most are mutually contradictory. They cannot all be true, but they can be (and I submit are) all false. Every one of those > 30,000 gods are worshiped by thousands to billions of people who believe they have the right god with the same fervor that you believe in yours. So sad that you think that of all the conceptions of God only yours is the one true God. What if you are wrong?

  3. There was no concerted effort to eradicate Ebola Aids, small pox or polio in Africa thru prayer !! Therefore prayer is useless!!

  4. when we pray , we simply request for God’s will to be done…but in this case we Zambians are known world wide as a pipo who choose wrong leaders, especially through carder mentality..

  5. One of the most fôôlish beliefs i keep hearing is when something good happens people thank god and when something bad happens they say god is testing them! People have this mindset. If they see something too complicated and dont understand it they assume its god’s work. This happens more in the case of natural phenomenon or calamity because they can’t control it. If they can’t control something it doesn’t mean it is controlled by god.
    A prayer is for those who want to keep false hopes. Keep up the Hope… but dont blame your god for not doing something about it. He will stay mute!

  6. Prayer helps those who pray maintain some kind of hope. The fact that it is useless as a way to get results as in get more money or beat cancer does not stop people from hoping. I think it is a self defense mechanism when a person feels all avenues have been exhausted and the only thing left is to hope something bigger takes control and fixes things. The positive effects of praying on the person praying, are temporary which is why they find themselves praying over and over.

  7. Unfortunately there was a time when humanity relied on God in absence of science and reason. That time lasted for over 5 centuries in Europe. Do you know what we now call that time in history? The Christian Dark Ages. Almost everyone lived in a state of near poverty and complete ignorance, and the church held absolute authority in the name of God. This held western civilization back centuries. If not for the Dark Ages, Columbus wouldn’t have set foot in the Bahamas, he would have landed on Mars. Now if you want to return to that, then I respectfully have to disagree with you in the strongest sense possible and question your sense and understanding of history. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, and the last thing I want is a return to the Dark Ages.

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