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PF in counter injunctions againts both Central Committee and General Conference


Court hammer
A PF Member Francis Mulenga has filed a counter injunction restraining the party from going to the general conference to elect a presidential candidate for the January 20 by-election.

Earlier, another PF member Gershom Mumba last week filed an injunction restraining the party from using the Central committee to elect a presidential candidate for the by election.

This means that there are now two injunctions opposing within the PF against either method; the central committee or general conference to chose a candidate for the upcoming January 20 elections.

As things may stand, neither the central committee nor the general conference can be used to elect the party’s presidential candidate for the January 20 elections.

In the latest counter injunction, Mr Mulenga has argued that the PF constitution has provisions for the Central Committee to choose the presidential candidate.

He has consequently submitted that the central committee has jurisdiction to determine the process of choosing the presidential candidate.

This is contained in a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court.

Mr Mulenga has argued that the announcement on November 20th, 2014 to host the General Conference was made without consultation with the Party’s Central Committee and the National Council of the party.

He has asked the court to declare as unreasonable, null and void ab-nitio, the applications for presidential election for the party by aspiring candidates who have already done so.

But in the earlier petition by Mr Mumba, he argued that Article 52 of the Party constitution dictates that a Presidential Candidate should be selected through the General Conference.


  1. PF is in its dying throes. The indiscipline exhibited so far is unprecedented. After the suspensions and counter suspensions, we now hear of injunctions and counter injunctions. What next? But perhaps the top brass need to fight or stem this indiscipline by issuing more suspensions which will attract suspensions of those who are suspending and then injunctions……? Eventually, they will suspend each other to extinction as there will have been no one left since they will all have been suspended?

  2. These counters cancel each other scientifically or even in accounts.
    These people are not members of PF because they are scared that their candidates might not win if PF unites.

  3. Mulenga behave ukutumpa ala,thats its true dat sata ws indeed king cobra,his vernom ws too lethal,its nowonder we r only hearin of thiz animals only nw,bkoz they jav heard that the mighty cobra who instilled discipline in them is no mor they hav even grown wings

  4. With goings on in PF and MMD, come January, HH will be elected President of the Republic of Zambia.

    Not that it is a bad thing to have to welcome HH as Head of State.

  5. This is the party that I personally sacrificed a lot in terms of materials, financial and time. I spent all my savings to campaign for PF. Whilst in Kabompo district I almost lost my life as I was attacked by the MMD thugs under the instruction of Kavindere in 2008 bye elections.

    When the party was not known in North Western Province, I sacrificed my time and resources to campaign. I benefited nothing from all that I had toiled for but then, new comers want to put our hard earned victory into dustbin.

    My President and all MCC members please look where we have come from and where we are. We have built a solid ground for the next 20 years but we can destroy it in a flash of a second. Let us come up with 1 member of PF family, as we can not all be presidents at the same time.

  6. Scott, bring the election forward. We should vote tomorrow with candidates that are prepared. Please sere us from this circus!

    • ba Kamwale, I realize this is merely semantics has no bearing on the discussion at hand. You push a date forward and bring or pull it back.

  7. PF right now reminds me of myself when I’m drunk. I can be quite unruly and a complete knucklehead. And I don’t even know when I have over-stayed my welcome.

  8. Hehehe wala wala Sata’s ghost @ work! One Kingdom One King and that King, King Cobra not resting in peace because the PF villagers are destroying the vision of the King!

  9. These injunctions are welcome and I like our judicial system, more injunctions please, there is a lot of time to deal with them.

  10. Clearly each Judge in both cases should throw the cases out.

    This is infighting, and the court should treat them like kids. On a more serious side, Scott needs to be met with counter actions until he is so tied up in his own gamesmanship, he feels the need to stop.

    It’s all very strange.

  11. Counter injunction against central committee and general conference , PF what next , both processes of electing a presidential candidate have been static , GUY SCOTT, are u going back to adoption process? the time is not friendly on your side ,to make matters worse u (GUY) announced the date for presidential by election while you house is not in thing we are waiting to hear is to declear collective Dispute coz the entire PF members have got no brains to resolve internal wrangles within the party.

    continue filing injunction against your own processes, because u know that the time is on your side. HH continue to compaign especially in rural areas and make sure u decompaign PF.

  12. There is no one ruling. The CC suspended guy who suspended them. both camps are suspended

    MMD Nevers Mumba suspended Kachingwe who later suspended him. Nevers was suspended by Kaingu who was also suspended by Nevers and brought in Muhabi who suspended Never and brought in RB who had suspended Muhabi. Never Mumba suspended the NEC. All remains suspended

  13. Bushe mulefunya kwi indalama?What a waste of time by these individuals.Kashiteni fertiliser kuma famu yenu.Why going to Court people.Prepare for School,College and University fees for next year rather than wasting people’s time.Who are you people and where were you all this time sure.LESA akamukanda…there are people up there who have not even eaten for the past few days and you are business talking something else without substance.

  14. HH should not waste his time in Lusaka, go out there in the out skirts and sell your manifesto. The rural masses are easy to manipulate by giving them hand outs..very simple and basic things like Sugar and Salt , they vote for the one who dishes out! This is the time for HH to hammer his message in the other provinces like Western, Northwestern, Copperbelt and Eastern! Nabo nabo che while their house is still in shumbles!

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