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PF’s Political Immaturity a Danger to Governance & Development


By Hjoe Moono

The few weeks post President Sata’s death have revealed to all the kind of party and ministers that surrounded Mr. Sata and oversaw Zambia’s political affairs: Immature, Greedy and Indisciplined politicians that have no heart for the nation. Politicians that have put forward their private gains ahead of the party and nations’ agenda.

When Mr. Sata said that his ministers were useless, I thought he was just passing a joke. His death has indeed revealed just what a bunch of worthless & useless Ministers he indeed had. This is a man who could not mince his words. He called a spade a spade, and yes, his own ministers he called useless. Today, we have seen with our eyes just how useless these people are. RIP Mr. Sata, your useless ministers, like vultures, are tearing down your party to shreds.

But beyond being useless, let us add that these people are also very immature and cannot match Mr. Sata’s political maturity and bravery. How else would we explain their failure to agree among themselves the mode of candidature adoption and then the candidate to represent them in the January 20th 2015 election? They are behaving like a bunch of high school teens fighting for the new girl at school, a girl they hear is very generous and so they all hope to get a piece of her. And these are people that have been governing us the past three years?

The suspension of the suspended by the suspended being perpetuated by Dr. Guy Scot is a clear indication that the PF’s current leader has lost control of his mental faculties. He has failed to lead the party in a manner that his mentor, Mr. Sata did despite being his close disciple for years.

The “lack of political consensus” in the PF and “atmosphere of distrust” is indeed affecting decision making process of the party and this will undoubtedly affect the smooth operations of government during this transition period. The recent events show that Dr. Scot is clearly a hostage of people that fell out of favour with Mr. Sata, people that now wish to come for the loot, like vultures, they waited in silence until the man was no more. They have come for the spoils.

Now let us ask ourselves this question: With such egoistic and immature politicians, who cannot even fix their own political parties, how can we expect them to fix the problems of this nation? Their house is in filth, disorder and repugnant, surely, can we expect anything good to come out of these people? Please, let us think twice, let us think again. But then, of course, it must be said that the problems we have today were brought onto us by ourselves by having voted for these immature and egoistic politicians, hence we really deserve the government we put into power! But not all hope is lost. We have an opportunity to redeem ourselves out of mediocrity. The choice is all ours, again, as has always been.

We have been governed by the PF for the past three years, and many would agree that on the governance and economic front, the more we see and live under the PF, the less confident we are and the less our people like the PF. Over the months, the more we had become familiar with the PF, the more deeply we sympathize with their childish unfitness to care for themselves as a party, and wholly unfit as a party to govern the affairs of Zambia.

Take a moment and just see the hullabaloo of succession. One would have expected that a mature party would have had politicians and visionaries that would have sat down and solved their differences rather than going to the childish extreme of ousting each other like currently being witnessed. Sooner or later, with these child play games going on, the PF may resort to asking a discredited or an unpopular candidate to rule for them as a sign of compromise, and then hope to impose this on the Zambian people. What a shame!

If ever there was a party to look up to in emancipation of Zambians’ problems, it was the PF prior to 2011. However, let us not live in denial anymore, we have brought onto ourselves wolves and vultures that do not care for this nation, but worse, these do not even care for the rules and regulations that govern their own party. To PF, more than ever, this is the time for political maturity.

With 50 years of self-governance, part of growing up as a forward looking nation that is intent on building a sustainable democracy solely rests in our political leaders’ ability to exhibit political maturity; Maturity in how they conduct themselves in the administration of Zambia’s public affairs and maturity in how they deal with their colleagues and opponents, real or imaginary in their respective political parties.

Clearly, time is long overdue for members of the PF, the party in power, to realise that they must show each other mutual respect. With mutual respect, only then will we, the electorate being represented by them respect them, and likewise, respect each other irrespective of who our favourite politicians are. The time for shadow boxing isn’t now, Dr. Scot. Time for playing victim isn’t now, Mr. Lungu. This is time for maturity in governance.

There is need for the current leadership to put their country first. The Zambian electorate has for long clearly demanded that leaders be selfless in their dealings and heed the call to put national issues before personal and political agendas. Selflessness in governance and a genuine concern for the welfare of others results in less partisanship in governance.

What is obvious, however, is that the current practice of partisan politics has left us a deeply divided nation, and now even more divided within parties. These intra-party divisions have potential to spill over outside the party and cause further nationwide divisions. If we wish for citizens to improve on their divided social interaction and bridge the communications gap, our political leaders have to set the example for us to follow. But of course, this is not feasible when you have immature leaders at the helm of power.

The immaturity we are today witnessing is a tip of what we have had as a nation for the past 3 years. Unless we are truly cursed as a nation, we cannot continue to be governed by immature politicians and experienced amateurs in the name of the PF. As stated by the Post Newspaper, the PF is indeed an indisciplined and divided party. This indiscipline comes from its indisciplined and immature leaders whose main aim is gluttony, at the expense of good governance. This cannot continue. Let us put an end to such immaturity in governance.

Again, let us ask: With such egoistic and immature politicians, who cannot even fix their own political parties, how can we expect them to fix the problems of this nation?
The choice is yours on 20th January 2015.


    • Good point raised by the author.

      @The One continue burying your small head in the sand while Zambians have decided time is up for PF madness to continue.

      HH is the man this time around. Only him can restore sanity in our lovely country.

    • Off course real intellectuals are UPND. What unprecedented development are you talking about? Constructing a few roads sub standardly with billions of dollars? Who cant do that?

    • He could be UPND but at least he cares for my country that’s what matters to me – Scott must be taught a lesson he is white he isn’t like us. Why is he playing with what belongs to us.? People must demand for Musa Mwenye’s head.

    • @The One

      All I have seen is unprecedented madness, violence, misapplication of POA, high cost of living, Uncertainty, fake promises, tribalism, nepotism,education and health negligence, and total confusion under PF ‘ 3 year rule.

      If you Vote PF then you want more chaos and violence.
      If you Vote MMD then you want more corruption and confusion.

      Vote HH and UPND, if you want sanity, order, and proper economic and development management.

      Viva HH.

    • Being a good President is more than just building roads with borrowed money. Wake up Zambians. What legacy is there to protect from Sata and PF honestly? Viva Flight HH2015, Tye wind of real change is iresistable

    • @ Wnzelu, quarrels are normal though I must confess that in PF it is too much. As UPND you have a huge task to convince people from Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, CB, Central and Eastern. Convince me that when HH becomes president, we won’t see tribalism of the highest order. Convince me that bembas won’t be ridiculed by others. Convince me that HH will balance all tribes in his carbines. And people saying that Sata built substandard roads, I think substandard roads are better than nothing. We never saw sub standard roads in 20 years. Atleast Sata tried. HH during his campaigns vehemently said that he will remove street kids from the streets. What has changed now? And mind you people who think UPND is full of intellects, Zambian tribes are well educated now. In the 1960s yes but not now.

    • Don’t blame guy Scott about PF . Thought PF ministers went to school but there action looks like the we’re APU students . Following the constitution is very simple but Lunga and his bandits are scared about losing there jobs . Ba RB please stay in chipata and eat your pension .

    • @BBC. Either you still young or dull.

      You don’t know which roads MMD did in 20 yrs? Do you know the state all roads where in in 1990? Do you know that literary the construction industry in Zambia had ground to a stand still? Do you the effort that MMD had to put in to turn the nose-diving economy around and be able to deliver a vibrant economy to PF? Do you also know that a lot of new roads where built under MMD especially in townships that sprung up during their reign – e.g Nyumba Yanga?

      As for HH’s tribal assurance. Do you know that currently the UPND leadership is already balanced – even better than PF. Was it not your PF that was busy barring HH from going into Northern, Eastern, Luapula even Western?

    • @the one! What unprecedented development are u talking about? Construction of a few roads at great expense! The roads which they would have failed to maintain had they remained in power. U can’t see the mess they have created thru their careless borrowing just after 3 years in power.$ 4.7 billion in 3 years what more if they had finished the whole term! If u were chewing with them know that things have come to an abrupt stop.

    • Let us not confuse things. Sata was a dictator and never took nonsense from anyone. what is happening now is because they all think they are free to do what they want.

      Typical style of “WHEN THE CAT IS AWAY??? THE MOUSE PLAY” these guys are not serious, they are a waste of time to Zambians.

  1. The PF boat has sank luckily enough we have Flight HH2015 ready to rescue us on 21 January 2015. I have bought my ticket and the choice is yours. Viva UPND and HH.

  2. The truth of the matter is the level of Political Immaturity in PF, is reaching a level where we shall start doubting their love for 1. the late president. 2. their party. 3. their country. Let me ask this question to all the MCC members of the party. If you don’t solve these differences who is going to loose. Is it the Guy’s group or lungu’s group or the kambwili’ group. Look at how you are
    betraying the trust the Zambian people had in you.

  3. Joe should take over upnd. Very articulate. Not hh. The chap is alone in ring even that he cant win shadow boxing with imaginery opponet. Those of you wishfull thinkers will cry. Hh cant win nationally

  4. PF can be charactorised as a party that has obeyed the third law of thermodynamics: in any process, the entropy [disorder] of the universe increases. From the time PF went into govt, we have witnessed increasing disorder. This is disorder is due to a general lack of selfless purpose and humanity in PF. Every is driven by the lust for money and power. The PF opportunists is so high that they claim that they wanna continue Sata’s legacy. What is the legacy? Due to high apettite for money PF corrupt and tribalistic elements claim that they are a pro poor party. But we all know how worse the poor have suffered under the Paya Fintu govt.

  5. You can’t say HH for now! Many people are waiting to know the presidential candidate for the PF. After that, judgement day will come. I think it is not possible for HH to win this one. He may, but it is not just possible!

  6. Do not insult Scot and accuse him of being paid. Scot is following the law to the book. Edgar is very dull lawyer. Mocsow answer the following questions.

    (1) How did Edgar become Secretary General (SG)? Was he not just appointed by Sata and not elected? How was Kabimba removed from the position of SG? Was it not just by the president through press statement? Was there any CC that sat and decided to fire Kabimba or hire Edgar? Sata did all this on his own using the constitution.

    (2) So what is wrong now for Scot to fire and hire secretary generals of the party using the same methods Sata used? Are you saying this is wrong because Scot is not Sata even when he is following the rule of law just as Sata did? Unless you are just a racist and tribalist then you can attack Scot.

    • He is just acting, no one elected him and he has no capacity to lead. Ask him what happened to his LIMA Party when Sata and others were forming PF.

    • @kavuyu,sata was elected at pf convention in kabwe whereas Scott is a secumsential care taker meaning he is not at all representing the majority pf members.thats why he has no power to drop any pf official who was appointed by sata ,his hands are tied.

    • @planzi

      There no elections at the rock of authority that elected Sata. Sata just told them I m president and went ahead appointing his party office bearers.

      Who challenged Sata if your story is true?

  7. @Wisi Nono…..we know your jealous.

    Zonda uzalema Wht God has designed or CONFUSED no one can undo it.
    Its FlightHH2015 chabbe……!!!

  8. Let’s be objective and analyse the curriculum vitae of each candidate. Lungu: dismissed from ZCCM and Barclays bank for financial impropriety, Law firm closed and licence revoked for financial impropriety. HH: successful business man, allegations of impropriety in the sale state companies, successfully runs and funds UNDP, helpful to the needy. GBM: semi literate ( just like Sata), successful businessman and helpful to the needy….let’s compare them, critically to help the voters make informed decisions…

  9. My concern as a Zambian is, where are they taking us? I feel this should be the concern of we, Zambians not in leadership. Be it UPND, MMD, FDD or UNIP at the moment we are being led by these people fighting for leadership, where are they taking us? Even if you want to be voted in office tomorrow, you are not yet in the office, you are being led by these people who are not caring about how you will lead us tomorrow. What are you doing about it? If you let them go on like this then you are also a problem.

  10. Well articulated article and well informed . Woo to the supporters of the party going into dysfunction with falsehood of unprecedented development . We have not seen this more so in almost every region apart from famous the muchinga. Zambia is for all Zambians not like colors you can choose to paint your desires of egocentric .

  11. You people lie don’t were you got that Lungu was ever fired at Barclays Bank and ZCCM no it is not true he has never been fired before go and check the records are there. Yes his certificate wad grabbed by LAZ and that’s about it. Who does not enjoy a beer in their free time? The guy has performed to the best of his ability in PF you can not compare him to any of those useless chaps lime GBM…..

    • I know you support Lungu but it is a fact that his practising licence was grabbed (as you put it), for financial impropriety involving a client ‘s money. This kind of blind support doesn’t help an honest analysis of the candidates. Let’s put this aside and debate further!

    • Kindly justify you calling GBM ” useless”! A businessman with brand name to mealie meal is certainly more useful to society the one with a record of financial impropriety! Come on! Justify your claim, sir!

  12. Confusions in a Party after the death of a vibrant leader, is NORMAL. HH is a result of those confusions, remember.

    PF will survive after these bruises.

    At the moment they are all in a trance, hence the suspensions of the suspenders by the suspended which boils all suspensions to ‘null and void’. They need one another. Pray they realise this soonest for their own sake as a Party.

    Sata has finished his race. it is up to the living MPs now to save the day.

  13. I predict when these “useless PF” are kicked out and the Nations books are audited by a proper Auditor we will find the 8.2 BILLION US$ has “disappeared”!!!!

    And Zambians will be left to pay for this F00LISHNESS and THEFT!

  14. This article is a campaign in essence.

    Zambians need to concentrate on understanding why they are tolerating a white man who would not ordinarily be allowed to, be President of Zambia.

    Scott is a big problem, yet people are tolerating him on grounds that he is only acting president. Equality and capability? However, equality is not allowing someone who is not allowed to hold the role in a fully meaningful way to ‘Act,’ only. That is actually even more racist than banning him outright.

    Nothing is being achieved by allowing Scott to Act President because he is banned from being actual President.

    When the case reconvenes at High Court, that principle must be relied upon to remove Guy Scott from the office of the President which he has sullied in past weeks.

    • The judiciary must step up to the plate, in the coming court case challenging the decision to remove Lungu for Guy Scott in the acting role; because Guy Scott is leading the nation into a violent election campaign.

      If they elect anyone but Lungu, PF will relay on violence AND THUGGERY to get that candidate through.

      The opposition may currently want to play the confusion in PF to their advantage, but it will work against them in the end.

    • According to the courts ( Chiluba vs. Lewanika case) Guy Scott is allowed to stand for presidency, which he has preferred to abstain himself from. Please get over your racism and accept that Zambia belongs to all Zambians irrespective of their ethnicity, race, and parentage. Chiluba introduced that law to bar Kaunda, that’s why the courts could challenge it. Your racism and bigotry can plunge Zambia into strife and chaos, if left unchallenged. Skin colour doesn’t guarantee loyalty! How many “indigenous” black politicians have stashed stolen money in banks in Europe and left their brothers to starve in Africa? If Lungu lost his law practice licence for stealing a client’s money, can you say he is loyal simply because he’s black? Lungu is could’nt succeed at law, and is a known…

  15. The pf wrangles indeed arise from immature thinking, violence,corruption,maximum nepotism/tribalism. Zambia Report at reports that zambia army has given an ultimutum to Guy Scott to cede power to them (army) by Thursday.

  16. pipo,lets not forget that the problems that are surfacing in pf, where there even in upnd when mazoka deid.many charesmatic men left the party becouse of the one you think is your seviour will resolve its problems and your hh will be left in the air as flight qzhh2015 whilest the boat will sail thru to the end.and my advise to hh is that should you fail to win this time around, then forget about your political carear.let others try from your party thats when upnd will win my vote…..

  17. We TOLD you that you were governed by greedy EMPTY TINS and there is no bravery or respect you should be bestowing on the now confirmed Deadwood Sata…he is the number one culprit for this mess had he appointed a worthy number 2 and not a ceremonial veep in Scot or this could have been avoided for 90 days…Zambians are docile people who are only good at complaining about things in bars after they have had 5 mosi drinks. We are fortunate that we have a sleepy Army that is half the time intoxicated on discounted cheap mosi in their barracks.
    To date HH is the only looking like a credible candidate and we have NO CHOICE but to elect him…we do not even know what type of tax policy…his govt would stand as he is promising heaven and earth to remove/ reduce everything.

  18. If HH will have a difficult time to convince voters from the Copperbelt, Northern. Luapula (Bemba speaking) Provinces and Eastern (tribal cousins of Bembas) then we should not brand HH a tribalist and regionalist. Sata was a tribalist who appointed 95% of Bemba ethnic to ministerial and diplomatic positions so did Chiluba. We now ve a window of opportunity to tell our presidential candidates to be more inclusive in their appointments because in all the 10 provinces there are educated men & women qualified to manage and lead.

  19. When pf fails as it has does not mean the pipo of zambia are docile such type of thinking lacks merit and it’s the type of selfishness that has evaded pf power wrangles. We have far better and best leaders in other parts of zambia. Sata was not a better choice at all he has left pf in confusion. Only the forthcoming election will finally diminish pf. Lungu must not be allowed to influence the army to issue ultimutum that’s diabolical influence.

    • How does it lack merit when we have let the government get away with everything even the costly implementation of the constitution was never going to happen in Sata’s term but we merely sat on our hands…such things can never happen in Kenya….remember what they did when the govt tried to increase salaries of ministers and MPs?
      Zambians are docile and passive. …you wake up! !

  20. …..’the success of great leadership is measured when that leader departs….’ – Myles Munroe
    You don’t invest in the party, you invest in the people around you…. unfortunately the old man invested so much in the name PF such that it became synonymous with his personal name. As result, a few want to ride on his(Sata’s) name to synchronise themselves with PF but without any vision of their on whatsoever……..
    Just yesterday you were a bus conductor….today the bus driver dies you claim to be the right ‘heir’ to the driver’s seat because you were the closest to him….first go for driver’s lessons otherwise you will crush….
    …ooh how I wish it was possible to direct and influence most of the people how, what and who to vote for…..

  21. Don’t waste time urging while Flight HH 2015 is on the run way gathering strength to take off. Meanwhile tuli na Pastor Pule….Go Man of God Go!

  22. The scramble for power in the pf just shows how any of the aspiring candidates will easily win the elections if adopted as president, wake up if pf was dying non of those guys was going to contest the party presidency….viva for the ka article the name of the author explains it all…

  23. The central issue here is the choice of the PF presidential candidate at the General Conference. All senior members of PF are free to contest the highest office but once one candidate has been adopted, then the rest of the members will rally behind the winner. It is not fair to call them names just because they are exercising their democratic to stand for office and also their democratic right to elect a candidate of their own choice. Democracy can be tedious but the option is really non existent.

  24. You look at the posture of Edgar Lungu in that clip with hands folded surely is that the caliber of leaders we should be considering for State House…oh my god this man is also the Defence and acting Justice minister. …its just shocking and scary! !

    There once was a farmer who discovered that he had lost his watch in the
    barn. It was no ordinary watch because it had sentimental value for him.
    After searching high and low among the hay for a long while; he gave up and
    enlisted the help of a group of children playing outside the barn.

    He promised them that the person who found it would be rewarded.

    Hearing this, the children hurried inside the barn, went through and around
    the entire stack of hay but still could not find the watch. Just when the
    farmer was about to give up looking for his watch, a little boy went up to
    him and asked to be given another chance.

    The farmer looked at him and thought, “Why not? After all, this kid looks
    sincere enough.”

    So the farmer sent the little…

  26. Events taking place in PF over the last fortnight are a clear indication that this is a party in self destructive mode. Its a party composed of self centered people without interest to serve the people of Zambia. For some reason, they are so convinced that the Zambian people are naive and gullible. Zambians may not know who to vote into office on 20 Jaunary 2015, but we certainly know which party we shall vote out. The roads they want to take credit over where started by others, but this corrupt government used them as a front to rob us blind! you don’t have to dig deep to see the rot that was going on behind the scenes! Pf Out come 20/01/15!

  27. HH must be strong, and I mean STRONG! If Chipimo was serious this would have been his year. U like it or not, because of the many tribes we have in this country the voting pattern is regional and HH comes from a region which is not so popular with people in Northern, Luapula, Copperbelt, Muchinga and Eastern regions! HH, strategise good, otherwise if u fail this time FORGET politics and concentrate on business!

  28. HH must be strong, and I mean STRONG! If Chipimo was serious this would have been his year. U like it or not, because of the many tribes we have in this country the voting pattern is regional and HH comes from a region which is not so popular with people in Northern, Luapula, Copperbelt, Muchinga and Eastern regions! HH, strategise good, otherwise if u fail this time FORGET politics and concentrate on business!!

  29. A good constitution is the answer!By the way HH campaigning manager we need stickers country wide yesterday than today! At least I have managed to send the latest song of- Janza Kumbele to many people through whatsapp & I’m reliably told many truck drivers have enjoyed it more especially in Zimbabwe.

  30. Dont waste your vote on the Pf. If u do, the likes of nsanda will continue to plunder the economy as sata allowed. VOTE HH AND UPND FOR PROGRESS. Pf are not reliable but thieves, crooks and swindlers.

  31. PF is the true under5 as there behaviour speaks for itself! For all those Zambians who dont like Zambia, PF is there for you to vote to see our country move further in destruction if the 3 years destruction is not enough!

  32. yes mr lungu is not presidental material.The way he appeared during that church service as if he had a hangover and looking very tired and wornout.This messy has been caused by Kabimba who sat on the new constitution and Our former president should have sorted out this issue knowong that he had ill health and had useless minsters.Pls sho respect to whoever is acting president now other wise you are setting a presidence.

  33. those telling us HH this, that. do your brains function properly, how you give support to a person that doesnt make sense when he opens his mouth. Someone says there is too much confusion in pf, well, such a person must ve been a toddler when mazoka died and the upnd held its convention to elect a leader. Saki was warned he would be killed today in typical tonga bull madnes. Someone says HH is good businessman, is stealing privatisation money now part of good business acumen.

    • May the best part win! Know that should UPND win, u will see OPEN tribalism being practiced by the TONGAS and LOZIS. Already they are celebrating and holding tribal small corner meetings with a lot of optimism. From inception of UPND these people have refused anyone who is not TONGA to be at the helm of this tonga and lozi part. U may not like what I ve said but that is the HONEST TRUTH!

  34. @ John James very true. In fact the Tongas taught other tribes to be tribal. When I came from the CB I never knew that tribalism existed until I saw how Tongas and Louis were behaving at UNZA, sometimes including lecturers. Off course not all of them. There are neutral ones like Wilbur Simuusa and Inonge Wina who I love. But the majority of them are pure tribalist and they think as if they are the only educated ones.

  35. hh will not find difficult to finish tribalism nepotism and the like cos kk set a formular that is why he ruled for a long time 27years compared to your man who cud say him was balancing brains now check the brains he was balancing even you cant like the balancing he left

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