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Hunt for Successor 61: God has spoken


UPND rally -Zambians search for a leader
UPND rally -Zambians search for a leader

By Field Ruwe

Are we listening

“God works in mysterious ways,” is a trite so often uttered at the pulpit, and it is the one that precedes my article. I know there are many who will recoil with repulsion at my audacity to evoke God’s name and relate events of the past months to Him. I do so because Zambia is a Christian nation and innumerable devoted men and women find comfort in the word of God. They understand that what happens on earth is God’s incontrovertible decision.

Christians also believe that when a nation is subjected to trials and tribulations, as has been the case with Zambia the past months, God is speaking to His people.

In our case, if indeed God is speaking to us, are we listening?

What is He saying? Has He been speaking to us and no one has figured out His message?

Perhaps I should address the clergy. Why do we find ourselves in such a predicament? Why would God want us to go back to the ballot box after three years of choosing a leader? Is He turning a tragedy into a blessing? Is He telling us to leave the old Zambia behind and seek a new one? One more question: Does He want us to be part of the world’s glory and not continue to be treated as inferiors by other races?

Yes, God has spoken. He has been speaking to us since Adam and Eve. After they failed Him, He took away the Garden of Eden and gave them the tough world in which we live. It is in this world the lazy and slothful perish. It is in this world those who cannot rule themselves are ruled by others; and those who cannot find prudent rulers are ill-fated and disaster-prone. Indeed, it is in this world Zambians with God given gifts have failed to save the poor child suffering from kwashiorkor. Proverbs 19:15 sums it all up: “Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.”

After Adam and Eve, God continued to speak to His people through prophets such as Noah, Moses, Abraham, Job, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, Samuel, David, Nathan, Solomon, Elijah, Isaiah, Ahaz, Manasseh, Jonah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Haggai, and Zechariah. He simply registered His presence, gave orders, and left them to their own devises. They figured out His messages and created nations of the world.

In the modern world God continued to speak to His people indirectly and imperceptibly and urged them to make the world a better place to live in. Those who answered the call include Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, and David Livingstone; inventors Alexander Graham Bell (telephone), Thomas Edison (light bulb), Guglielmo Marconi (Radio telegraphy), Orville and Wilbur Wright (airplane), and Karl Benz (automobile). These men and women got the message. They understood that God wanted them to help themselves. It is out of this understanding that the axiom “God helps those who help themselves” arose.

By the way, “God helps those who help themselves” is not a biblical statement. It is a motivational phrase amplified by American inventor Benjamin Franklin to stimulate the spirit of initiative and self-reliance among the American people. The phrase was coined five hundred years before Christ by Aesop, who wrote, “The gods help them that help themselves.”
The phrase has become the intonation of successful and powerful nations. When God speaks to them, they turn not to Him, but to their mental strength, survival instincts, perseverance, and hope. It is the understanding of the phrase that has made them live together as a race and appreciate the other’s talent. In their societies they elect wise and judicious leaders who support the highly talented, sufficiently knowledgeable, and adequately skilled.

We Zambians, on the other hand, are dependent on Psalm 54:4: “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” With this in mind, we have left everything in God’s hands—our lives, our politics, our destiny. Divided as we are, we have failed to address our concerns for contentment, life satisfaction, success, joy, and desirable quality.
We are a people without direction, carried along at the mercy of others. When God has spoken to us, we have responded with the words “so be it” and gone back to our failing ways. And yet it is written that the almighty God “will render to man according to his works” (Psalms 62:11). This verse pinpoints why we keep failing for it is a verse unseen to us.

The devil is also at work in Zambia

On October 28, 2014, when we lost our leader, God spoke to us. He created a massive void and an opportunity for another person to emerge from 14 million inhabitants and lift us from the morass of failure. Because we do not understand His message, we don’t know who He has handpicked. Is it Hakainde Hichilema, Edgar Lungu, Mulenga Sata, Christine Kaseba-Sata, Nevers Mumba, Rupiah Banda, Miles Sampa, Geoffrey Mwamba, or someone unknown to us? And because He treats us like other thoughtful, sagacious, and astute people of the world, he is hoping we will pick His choice.
The problem is that the devil is also at work. As has been the case in the past, the lust for power has come back to haunt us. The devil has wasted no time to thwart God’s message. He has unleashed some of his evil emissaries to join the presidential race and make it difficult for us to elect God’s choice. We are informed some presidential hopefuls are members of a cartel controlled by a mere newspaper proprietor Fred Mmembe, who in the recent past has amassed questionable wealth and failed to pay taxes as required by the law.

Allegedly supported by the Acting President Guy Scott, the cartel has no desire to take the Zambian people to higher heights. Its members are not interested in taking a leaf from advanced societies and identify coherence as a conduit for absolute power. They are intent at hijacking the country for their own gratification. You know who they are. Look at them again; their lust for power is glaring. Their destructive desires are not only offensive to the Zambian people, but to God as well.

All Christians in this country, Catholics, Presbyterians, and Evangelicals, must condemn the cartel with spiritual discernment and urge members of their congregations to avoid voting for such renegades. Preachers must tell the stories of many unscrupulous individuals in the Bible who allowed greed to consume them. Judas Iscariot and his thirty pieces of gold, David’s crave for Bathsheba, Job’s lust for power, Gehazi’s ravenousness for Naaman’s gifts, and Simon’s corrupt efforts to buy the Holy Spirit. They must stress the consequences such people faced.
All dedicated Christians attending the PF convention on November 29, 2014 should avoid conjured candidates. It will be tragic to choose an amoral PF presidential candidate, especially considering the rewards God is offering us far exceed what a member of the cartel can offer. Similarly, Christians in other political parties must ensure they support a candidate who can lift us from the bottom of humanity.

God has spoken. He wants us to put an end to misappropriation of funds, theft, corruption, bribery, venality, graft, for these are the reasons we have failed as a people.

He knows that among the aspiring presidential candidates are some with fatal flaws. The mission for these Pharisees in Judas’s skin is to continue plundering our resources. God is giving us an opportunity to weed them out. Remember His words in Galatians 6:8: “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”
As you hunt for a successor remember God’s address to the people on the Mount of Sinai. He urged them to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” He has since been urging us to unite as a people. He has said,

“Let there be no Bemba, Tonga, Ngoni, Lozi, Kaonde, Lamba…let there be one people called Zambians.”

When you get into the booth to cast your vote, think beyond your tribe.
Between now and January 20, 2015, God will keep talking to us because He loves us relentlessly and has ordained us to succeed. He wants us to figure out how to run a successful government. He wants us to rid of tribalism and live as one people like other successful people. He wants us to sort out unemployment, eradicate poverty and disease, open the minds of our children to modern technology, and enjoy a prosperous life. He wants us to build a great nation; a Third World country that climbed to the top. This is the reason He is taking us back to the ballot box. Let us all help ourselves to God’s love by presenting Him with a leader of His choice.

Field Ruwe is a US-based Zambian media practitioner, historian, author, and a doctoral candidate. Learn more about him on his website On it you shall access his autobiography, articles, and books. Contact him, blog, or join in the debate. ©Ruwe2012.


  1. “Let there be no Bemba, Tonga, Ngoni, Lozi, Kaonde, Lamba…let there be one people called Zambians.”

    I love this line. On 20th January, 2015 we are all uniting under HH.

    • God did answer Zambia’s prayers by taking away the devil… Sata.

      He has now confused the devil worshippers PF

      Lets reverse the mistake of 2011

    • @Field Ruwe, continue rejoicing that you achieved what you wanted, Sata is no more. Some people will also rejoice when they hear your departure. But please before you leave the earth, it is better you clean most of these graffiti you have dented the internet. Some people are dirty man, trashing every week.

    • General quiz. Choose the BEST answer.

      Burial date : 11 / 11 /20 / 14

      Polling day : 01 / 20 / 20 / 15

      Winner : ____________________

      A) 01 / H / H / 15

      B) 01 / E / L / 15

      C) 01 / R / B / 15

      D) 01 / N / M / 15

      E) 01 / G / M / 15

      You are free to add presidential initials of your choice !

    • It looks like LT put the picture of UPND rally. Reading Ruwe’s article gives me the impression that he is urging Zambians to vote wisely. I doubt he is supporting HH.

    • @Nostradamus,
      the killer has spoken. When people learned he was the wanted Rueben Chanda wanted by the Chicago Police, they stopped associating with him. In the bloggers contest he got a pantry 70 votes and with great shame retreated in his conclave of shame. All he spews is death.

    • @Tyson, yes prepare for it. What did Reuben do to your mother, did he sodomize your father? Read all comments from people, the earth dislike Field Ruwe, and I am tired of promoting him. The ghost of Sata will torment him until he jumps off rotating earth.

    • @Nostradamus,
      Ruwe did nothing wrong. Because of your shallow mind you completely misunderstood him. He courageously provided the checks and balances worth an investigative journalist. He was blunt and to the point. You on the other hand have been spewing rubbish through out your blogging. Take time to see how many bloggers respond to your nonsense. Your comments portray you as a savage. Your are a murder. We all know you. Promoting Field, my foot!

  2. So do you mean its HH for putting his rally picture on top? Just wait a bit man. Your HH again is losing for the fourth time. It pains but that’s the truth.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • @Truth Hates…….GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS & one CALLED Micheal Chilufyanya SataN THOUGHT HE was UNTOUCHABLE.

      There is NOTHING IN THIS EARTH. God is GREAT and come 21 Jan will ve a PRESIDENT after HIS OWN HEART.

      In 2011 we WANTED CHANGE AT ALL COST and HE granted it through the Serpent, King Cobra.

  3. Maybe it’s all the devil’s work and God hasn’t kicked in yet…

    I don’t know. Sounds like part pseudo theologian part imposition of God in place of Ruwe’s thoughts.

    Each to his own. Maybe a guy just got sick and died without leaving a workable solution and those left behind have lost the plot and someone will rise from the debris and bring about sense. Voters are simply looking for a sensible solution that will be better for all.

  4. Ruwe you must be dull man. How can you say your thoughts are God’s . When did you become a prophet of GOD to receive HIS message. Man, you are a liar, if really you are a believer in Christ , I feel for you coz you have sinned by lying that GOD gave you this message and yet its just your hallucination. Don’t play with the Lord GOD mr Ruwe.


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  6. The problem with most HH supporters is that they think with tribe in mind. They see Bemba or Tonga in the entire nation. Anything Bemba is a threat! Let HH campaign on issues – not tribes. Zambia is bigger than the Bembas and Tongas.

  7. Its NOT EVEN the so ‘called Cartel” its God who has CONFUSED PF first by:
    Having Sata’s beath return to the Owner.
    2. By Confusing them with STEREOTYPED way of looking at things.


    There is NOTHING IN THIS EARTH. You r GREAT MY GOD and come 21 Jan will ve a PRESIDENT FROM YOU.

  8. What a message ba Ruwe. The biggest problem we have in Zambia are our brothers from the north who can never vote for the best candidate to rule Zambia because he is not from their tribe. Never in history. And their mbuyas, the so called wise men from the east, who keep on supporting them (muzungu anikonde mentality). HH will give us a people driven constitution before the 2016 elections. If he doesn’t, we boot him out in the 2016 election. The constitution solves 70% of Zambia’s problems. The remaining 30% is just building on the framework that the constitution has set up already. With a people driven constitution, corruption is low because the powers of the president are reduced. Under this it is easy to impeach a president and party in government and so the government works to impress…

    • impress the masses in office with little politicking. And this is what the PF has been denying us and will continue denying us. God has rally spoken really through you sir.

    • man continue the blame game. The fact is that your HH is losing for the fourth time in a row. Do not blame the Easterners or Northerners but blame your HH who has nothing to offer in politics. The man is clueless and acts blindly with respect to national issues. Mark my words, if at all HH will win then its by very very slim margin of may be 0.0001%.

      It pains but that’s the truth.

    • I was thinking of voting HH but since Derrick says we can never vote for him as northerners, I might as well not vote for him. By the way, have you ever heard of the self-fulfilling prophey?

  9. Field Ruwe may hide his partiality in his eloquent piece of writing, but as one comedian puts it in our local comedy called MWINEMUSHI, we have dug the root cause for this article. It is to rally masses for HH. It is this same field Ruwe who had been churning out hate articles against president Sata while he was alive. This article for Field Ruwe serves to justify his incessant calls for divine intervention to rid the country, Zambia of evil governance. To Field Ruwe and his cronies, the death of president Sata comes as timely intervention. While I have no problem agreeing with him on God’s choice for our next president, it is needless for him to parochially mention names of possible candidates in a nation of over 13 million people. Ruwe has exposed himself as wolf in sheep skin.

  10. What is happening in PF is not normal.Believe you me I told last year and this that sata made a sacrifice at Mulungushi rock of althority just before the 2011 election.All those who live in MU know this fact.A pastor was called to remove this thing and he did but told the audience that this person will win but will last for three years there after I can see darkness.This prophese come true this year.He futher said there will be confusion coupled with violence.We are about to see this seriously in next weeks.But he said God shall rise a youthfull candidate who will be high than his enemies.PF will never experience peace even after the general conference especially that it will be held at the same place the sacrifice was done.My brothers leave PF are alone or curse Zambia.HH is our David .

    • Your HH will lose for a fourth time in a row. Pacify yourself with illusions while ignoring reality that HH is losing for a fourth time in a row.
      It pains but that’s the truth.

  11. This is arguably the worst piece of article to come out of the the Field Ruwe Publishing House. ..surely ba Ruwe you can do better than this rubbish. ..were you intoxicated when you typing this piece of s@##$

    • He is usually drunk with this PhD candidate title of his. It looks like this guy will never get his PhD because of spending valuable time specializing in political fiction. Anyway, what does one expect from someone who decided to embark on his PhD in the evenings of his life after having gotten bored to the back of his teeth with dusting and spinning records at ZBS (now ZNBC) and having failed to be a comedian with his not-so-original Tiyende Pamodzi Comedy show. He was barking at Sata all this time from the US because he is being fed by his medical doctor Bemba wife of his. Otherwise, the character would have been a destitute by now.

    • @ze doc,
      Field Ruwe should be credited for introducing comedy on ZBS. His series were successful. Ruwe must also be congratulated for not giving up on education like you have done. He must be a model to those who wish to improve their lives. I am not sure about him being a destitute. In Zambia he was successful in what he did. He was voted the best DJ in the country in 1990 and his advertising and tourism businesses were successful. About him marrying a doctor and living on her. I don’t know what kind of wife you’ve married, look at her again. Believe me Ruwe does not live on her, he lives with her and they both a very happy couple. Stop the nonsense, young man.

  12. PF has always been a divided house. And we all know what happens to a divided house. The party has been relegated to the pile of history before our very eyes. The popularity has already shifted and all the chaos that is going on to vie for the top dog position is a shear waste of time. Adios PF. we can’t wait to see the back of these incompetent tribal bloodsuckers!

  13. Don’t use bemba language when campaigning for HH. use Tonga or English. The fuuul doesn’t even speak bemba and he want to rule Zambia. Never! Zambia is for bembas and we are the only tribe in Zambia who can speak our language freely anywhere in Zambia. We are blessed. Bembas you are great people. keep it up Zambia is yours.

  14. Damn fuc**ing right I’m recoiling! I didn’t even read past the first sentence, Ruwe.
    When people start saying “God”, my radar starts beeping – it’s either BullSh!t is coming your way, someones justifying their inaction and laziness or someone’s refusing to accept how helpless they actually are in a particular situation.

    Stop it.

  15. In God’s sovereignty, one group of Zambians is responding in hope

    and trusting for better things, the other is oblivious to this change

    still believing in status quo. Read the writing on the wall Mushota…..


  16. Act local, think global. This trumps all essays you may ever read. I like the fact that Myles Munroe (RIP) said very succinctly, “first you are human, then you are anything else.” With this said, I hope for once we can begin to turn the tide on bigotry under the guise of a language commonly spoken, or a chant elegantly embraced.

  17. This country is every day destroyed by people who think so low,by you putting tribe on every issue you are just destroying this Nation.This cheap politics was brought about by MMD and this party is dead can’t let this thing die with them.For just discuss issues without talking about this tribe and that tribe,so fun its only in Zambia that tribe is still an issue even after living together for 50 years or more.please stop this stupid notion and move forward as brothers and sisters of this great nation loved so much by God.

  18. Grade 7 speacial Paper 1 question.

    Complete the sequence.

    Presidential burial date: 11/ 11 / 2014

    Presidential successor : ____________

    A) E / L / 2015

    B) N / M / 2015

    C) H / H / 2015

    D) E / C / 2015

    E) R / B / 2015

    Zambia needs no leakage to this question !

  19. Whether you believe it or not HH has been anointed by God and Zambia is going to start afresh to achieve prosperity. Stealing in broad day light we saw in Sata’s government at RDA and elsewhere will be a thing of the past, come January 2015 when PF forms government. Tribalism we have seen where 90% of appointments to key positions in government and parastatals are reserved for one tribe is a thing of the past, come January 2015. All regions will be represented (every tribe has brains and we won’t have only useless ministers (as Sata used to say) mostly from one region). Confusion in governance and violence will be seen and used as a political tool no more. HH is not going to State House to test riches and therefore he is better placed to safeguard Zambia’s resources. Simply said, HH is…

    • HH is not going to State House to test riches and therefore he is better placed to safeguard Zambia’s resources. Simply said, HH is the best thing that has happened to Zambia.

  20. Now you agree that you are a tribalist. Sata had more than 95% Bemba ethnic cabinet ministers and diplomats. What did he call his ministers and MPs from Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern? USELESS! Even Sata was USELESS because he failed to manage his health, home, party and nation. He entrusted the nation to USELESS ministers. One Zambia One Nation is a slogan of love, it doesnt put a single tribe above others.

  21. When one looks at comments like these at times you are forced to wonder at the caliber of people that post them especially those from advanced economies like UK. If Ba Mushota, the Zambian representative from UK above does “mix” a lot(as in discussions) with others out there then I wonder what the locals in that country “really think” about people from her country of origin. Was that a “deal done” after the change of government in 2011?

  22. So are you saying Mwanawasa had to die so that RB takes over, or even Mazoka so that HH takes over and PF becomes the top opposition . Dont become force prophets to suit your opinion. use your intellect for the good of everyone and not to deceive people. Gods principle of Seed and harvest is firm. If HH seed is unity and genuine concern driven by Gods inspired vision and hard work he will become president and so can anyone who meets those qualities. Stop displaying your ignorance using religion and sweet words cause some of us can see through that. In fact you may just be damaging your character if things where to turn the other way. In the year 1999 we had people prophesying the end of the world with the famous millennium theory, where are they today. The word of God is sure prophecy.

  23. God has not anointed HH.


    Majority HH supporters speak out against people who mention God in their postings. Every Sunday you see and read them on the religious message post, insulting God himself. They criticise Zambian Christians and say we are superstitious, and uneducated etc. etc.

    Would God really be so confused as to anoint the man whom those writers support? This is just a cynical use if the Bible in an attempt to undermine Christians and to blind them to vote for the Golden Calf. @ JOJO BBANDA I concur with you. They have set up a Golden calf and ask Christians to vote for it.


    • No one is above God you talk mountains of words and different thoughts but who created heaven and earth knows whow is the president so just leave everything to God the creater to do his work.

  24. The word tribe is a contested word.It does not mean anything in a changing environment. It is was used by colonialist to divide African people. Today’s politicians use it for their own advantage. Either for business purposes or for power gains. Nobody in Zambia can claim to belong to a particular bigger tribe, because anthropologically it does not make sense. In fact we must reject the word strongly. Bemba is not a tribe, but a language spoken by majority Zambians.Why because it simple to speak as it does not have heavy intonations. Anyone can understand Bemba,and the majority of people prefer Bemba, because of its simplicity in speaking. Nyanja is equally not a tribe, but a lingua- franca, spoken by almost any Zambian. Stop talking about tribe.Vote on issues affecting you.

  25. Stop talking about tribe, because it is an illusion to think so. Some comments suggest, Bemba speaking people like myself are thieves. Such is an insult. I speak and write in Bemba, Tonga and Nyanja but my parents never spoke in any, but Tumbuka. Individual character not determined by the language one speaks but biography. History and biography are always connected. Easterners are not a tribe, so are northerners.In fact, it is such stereotypes about them that blocks HH, from wining the Presidency, as it makes people from these regions to regroup, and block anyone from the South. HH, is not the only one with money. others have more money than him. In fact, having money does not qualify him to be president, but what he will do for Zambia. I wanted to vote him, but now I am afraid may not

  26. ….now I challenge Field, as a historian, to publish detailed profiles for all the candidate who shall successfully lodge in nominations….weeks before the 20th January…..
    ..enough about MCS..he is history…….

  27. While HH, maybe the best alternative as at now for the country, but my brothers and sisters from the South stop thinking he will come to push out the Easterners and Northerners for you, he may not. He has to trade carefully as the bigger population according to CSO 2010 is in the same regions you so much want to kick out.Do not depend so much on Lusaka, as it is never a united province when it comes to voting. I support his policies, but stop Tongalizing him, as doing so will make the other regions walk away slowly.

  28. He is not the best alternative he is far below the benchmark of the office of president. Come January 20, 2015 HH will flop. Zambia has 10 provinces I really do not see how this your HH will manage to ge enough votes even from just six provinces. All who are singing the songs of victory for this man are living in political utopia. Wait and see

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