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Masebo and Chenda named in secret registration and accreditation scheme for PF General Conference


Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
Sylvia Masebo

A secret plan to allegedly register and accredit delegates to this weekend’s PF general conference has been exposed.

Buses carrying purported delegates have been arriving from Provinces since Saturday and are said to be reporting to Local Government Minister and PF Treasurer Emmanuel Chenda and allowances are being given.

The delegates are then whisked away by PF Chairperson for Elections Sylvia Masebo who is also allegedly conducting a secret accreditation which is forming the official delegates list for the general conference.

Speech for Growth Executive Director Wallace Kalungu said his organisation witnessed first hand the delegates from Southern Province travelling in the Mahogany Bus Sunday evening who were caught, exposed and beaten by rival group at Lusaka’s Downtown Shopping Complex.

Mr Kalungu said his organisation also witnessed a second incidence where the Zambia-Malawi Bus from Eastern Province purported delegates arrived at 17 Hours at Inter City Bus Terminus.

“We are deeply concerned that the activities by the two senior PF members to conduct secret registration and accredit delegates without the approval of the PF Central Committee is recipe for instability, violence and a breakdown of law and order,” Mr Kalungu said.

He added, “We urge the Police to immediately investigate this matter and if possible arrest the two PF senior members for engaging in activities that can destablise the country.”

Mr Kalungu also called on Acting President Guy Scott to ensure that he promotes democracy, transparency and openness in the process of electing a PF presidential candidate as not doing so will plunge the country into chaos and instability.

“We urge leaders in the PF to ensure that the successful and chosen candidate is one popular within the party and stands a chance of winning them the presidential by election,” he said.


  1. It is all confusion in PF and MMD. This is a clear indication that Zambians who reason should never ever vote for this two Political Parties. Doing so will be sucidal

    • I am a Bemba who has been a staunch supporter of MMD from 1991 to 2000 and a staunch supporter of PF from 2001 to 2014. But from now onwards, I vow never to support these two political parties (PF and MMD) mainly because they have no heart for the ordinary Zambians but themselves. Please fellow peace loving Zambians let us try HH and see how best he will propel this country to greater heights. PF and MMD are a very big let down. Let HH govern this country. He seems to be a man of Peace and Progress.

    • @ Sandra Hamweemba, I agree with you 100%, Zambians should go for HH this time and not these thugs who storm ZNBC and quarrel within their party. PF and MMD are not Parties to vote for. Unless a voter is not serious with what he/she is doing. Please don’t vote for PF or MMD.

    • Dear government, what are you doing with TAZARA Workers that have not been paid for the last 6 months? Please, send them relief food before a lot of Children die. Mr. Mandona the current though retired Chief Operations Officer (Zambian Region) is useless and corrupt. May the Ant Corruption Commission investigate this man. He is firing TAZARA Workers indiscriminately and replacing him with his relatives. He is only promoting workers who bribe him.

    • This is what live sex with Wynter can do to a person,,,,, always causing confusion and creating deeper divisions….And those donchi kubeba lies have caught with PF, dying from self poisioning

    • Truth be said, the Cartel have already beaten the Edgar Lungu camp 10-0. Reason is the EL group is led by an uneducated cadre in Nsanda and others. The Cartel is educated and using intellect. Anyway, which ever way this is HH’s time. He is by far (light years) the best candidate among all candidates presenting themselves for the presidence

    • It has long been said the game of politics is dirty. Now we are seeing what this means. Vultures that were “patiently” waiting for the death of President Sata have now revealed themselves and using all means to get to the top. Nonsense!

    • Anarchy in PF continues to its breaking up point.

      PF is nothing but undemocratic mannerism and anarchy everywhere, they can’t even agree to comply with their own constitution.
      What a divided party and people can clearly see, including those whom were still in slumber that PF is a menace to democracy and freedom.
      55 days left and counting down for the final demise of PF.
      The Cartel exists in PF only, and if they are cartels, all I know is that, they all belong to PF. It doesn’t matter whether its a chicken, crocodile or duck eggs, when they are rotten, all stink unpleasant and should be placed in the rubbish bin.
      Vote for the future and a Hero of Humanity.

      The Skeleton Key,

    • Only backwards and demagogues will hold on to the PF, you see all the confusion going on and you still say pabwato..if these guys meant to serve the nation, this nonsense would have not been there…

    • @Patricia Mulenga Bwalya, you do not need to mention your tribe in modern Zambia to tell us which party you support. Your comment would still be respected regardless of what name or tribe you use. Please let’s keep tribal comments out of the current circus!

    • God has clearly answered our prayers. These 2 parties are not Good and will not move Zambia forward. We have no choice Let us Vote for HH as his party is the only one organized.

      MMD & PF have selfish Leaders. Time to change and god will see Zambia through this.

    • @ Patrica the reason you feel cheated is that you have been a cadre; you can still participate in politics without necessarily being a member of a party….you are going to make the selfsame mistake when you crossover to UDNP. You only need to critically analyse issues and balance them with needs of our people for the betterment of our nation.
      “CADRESISM” will not take us ANYWHERE!

    • Sorry i have to ask this> This Masebo is she a prostitute both for men and political parties? Moving from one man to another and one party to another? Why was she quiet when Sata was alive?

    • Bribing of the conference delegates is a danger to the party, yes we know some people have enough money to by their 17 yr old son a Hammer, they can bribe everyone if they wanted to. Even if they win at the conference they’d lose the presidential elections because they are not popular countrywide and people that vote country wide are much more than the people they bribed. If a person who is not the majority’s choice is elected at the conference it will result in many people voting for other candidates from other parties or simply stay away from the elections. So in the interest of the party and the nation even if you are given money, take it but vote for a candidate that you know will help the party win. After elections know one will follow you to demand their money.

    • UPND propaganda will not work at all.Its the wish of the people that will prevail.God knows who will be our next President.

    • Guy Scott these are the stoogies you have aligned yourself, why Dr Scott why..Masebo, Kambwili and GBM are all known dubious characters and if you think you are political sharp enough to dribble these loots you will be dissapointed because you are not as smart as you think you are hence you failing as a minister in kafupi’s govt as well as a failed pig farmer of your nkumba farms. now you want to subject Zambia to more of your failures…

      Well we wont allow that and as for my fellow pro PF:

      Dear fellow pro PF bloggers and those that will be attending the convention in Kabwe…




    • Please ba Lusaka Times, talk also about the plight of TAZARA Workers who have not been paid for the past 5 months despite offering their services to the government. Over 4,000 children born from TAZARA Workers risk dying of hunger. Please investigate this matter and report it widely for all concerned Zambians to be aware. Our fellow Zambians are dying and a lot of children have stopped school because their parents are not receiving their salaries. Only workers on TAZARA Contract are enjoying. This is very evil. Government should do something.

    • I agree with you Edgar, Mr. Mandona is a corrupt man, even the Regional Manager and the Chief Human Resource TAZARA Zambian Region knows. The PF Government should instruct the police to arrest him instead of harassing ZNBC News Room Staffs. Please show leadership by removing all old retired TAZARA Managers who are just hanging for nothing but stealing company money. Mr. Madona the Opreations Officer at Mpika should be arrested today. Tazara Police should help arresting this man and repatriate him to Mukobeko for massive fraud.

    • Dr.Kaseba has a better CV and has less skeletons.My mother will campaign and vote for her.The international community will support her trust me.She is humble, a mother whose heart is to serve Zambians.

  2. How or why should the police get involved?

    Whatever underhand activities going on in PF in the run up to their party elections are an internal PF matter and have nothing with state late enforcement resources

    • My dear countrymen and women, the methods Masebo and her PF friends are applying in PF now, they will use the same to win the presidential election. UPND and all Zambians be careful as these people can do any thing to continue in power.

    • Not entirely dear,they are the ruling party and got everything to do with state affairs.Yesterday’s cabinet sitting demonstrated just that were some Ministers decided not to proceed with government business which was about the Budget and instead demanded that the agenda be changed to addressing party wrangles.

    • You are wrong my friend. That is against the law of physics, in particular the thermaldynamics’s law of entropy. The tendency of things is to move from order to chaos and not the other way round and the bad news is that irreversibility is inbuilt in all entropy systems like the one we are seeing unfolding in PF. It is like pouring nicely organised water in a bottle on the ground. That process cannot not be reversed, even at a microscopic level, and the result is more disorder, that is why we have expressions like water under the bridge or don’t cry over spilt milk. This is going to get worse, load up on popcons.

    • lol chief. Like your physics entropy illustration, reminds of Prof HV Mweene at Unza. Just to add though, the laws of Physics also state the disorder can be reversible by expending energy to the system of disorganized objects. In this case, if a capable leader takes charge of the the disorganized party the confusion can be reversed. But at the moment I don’t see any capable leader at these 2 organizations!!

    • Am sorry guys stop misrepresenting UNZA as an institution that mis-taught you. I lectured Physical Chemistry at UNZA in the ’90s and there is a slight misrepresentation of scientific facts here. I understand what you are trying to say here but can you not use partial scientific facts. Bootlicker you should have first defined the system, boundary condition etc., first. and don’t mix thermodynamics with the English sayings. Sticking to politics PF is a disorganised party that depended on Sata and did not prepare for post Sata situation, Bashi Nono, vindicated. If PF can’t sort themselves out they will be out. What a short life they have had in government! I hope they don’t go into oblivion as is characteristic of political parties out of power in Zambia.

  3. Its very disappointing and shameful that our culture raises such women such as Masebo. This woman has risen to her various positions through manipulation and now she is at it again. Why do Zambian allow such people to hold authority. HH please when you the elections ensure you put a good team together that will challenge and erase the whole PF from Zambian politics. 2016 elections should be 90% UPND and other moderate political parties in Parliament. Never again should we have such a group of people in our political or social environment. To all mothers, please raise your children better than this desperate and shady woman.

  4. @Patricia Mulenga Bwalya
    Who told you the Bembas are the President makers. Your being Bemba is insignificant to people choosing their president my dear

  5. The wrangles in the PF will deepen after the general conference adopts Kaseba on Saturday. There will be massive commotion within PF structures between EL and pro Kaseba groups. The coming election is for HH because PF has fallen out of favor with the people. However HH has a lot of work to do. He also needs to immediately come up with a system of monitoring the elections across the country to counter rigging. PF are likely to rig their way through.

  6. Iyi hule yaku Rhodesia, Sylvia Masebo ifunika kuinyenga bwino maningi and later deported to Bulawayo. Your days are numbered hule iwe.

  7. Ni HH chabe…………………………………….

    Haleisa, Haleisa, Haleisa, Haleisa, Haleisa …………………………

    For the first time in Zambia we are going to have a credible leader in the name of Hakainde Hichilema.

    • Respect to KK,Kapwepwe.Nkumbula,Lewanika and all our fallen heroes who are a million times better than your HH iwe mumbwe!

  8. I see PF coming down like a broken sugar class even after a warning like they have continue fighting. groups have been formed and many will be formed after this week, some will may leave and join other parties. if this was a movie I would have called it A CATCH AMONG VULTURES because we were convinced to vote for PF by one man and one man only that is gone his catch has been left in the hands of vultures

  9. The shenanigans are putting this country’s reputation in a bad taste. This cantankerous way of doing things is not good for this country. We are a country of peace, and we want peace to prevail. The PF has embarrassed Zambia enough with their pawn (remotely-controlled) leadership of Guy Scott at the helm of the party and the country at large. Zambians should rise and stand up against this evil leadership of Scott and PF at large before they jeopardize the peace of this great country Zambia. Scott and the PF should know that Zambia is bigger than their groupings and that Zambians need peace at all times!

  10. Atase ka atanga and masebo!!You think kaseba will win.ha ha ha that will be the end of PF.Cartel to be in control awe twakana.Muleima ulubuli Masebo

  11. Where is Kabimba? He infiltrated and organised PF in such way that it was too late for Edgar Lungu to reorganise and has been caught pants down.

    Kabimba’s mama knows where he planted the seed. I can see why he is uncomfortable going to the convention and why he wanted to remain S.G.

    The regions that will refuse to give H.H a vote this year will be seen to be tribalists because it apparent that there is peace and order this party. I was one of those who voted for PF in the last election but I’m disappointing. I know that it democracy but what democracy is this if you can vote for confusions. That is why I’m saying that those who will give few votes to H.H must be tribalist because on what basis are they going vote for PF?

  12. As much as I believe that the the PF General Conference is the most democratic way of selecting their leader, I am of the thinking that General Conference will divide PF more that it is now. The rival groupings will now be evident and would want by all means fight the other one. The Cartel seems to be ahead with their evil plans but God is in control and He won’t let us down. The likes of Kambwili, Simuusa, Chenda, Masebo, Nchito, Musa Mwenye, Miles Sampa, M’membe, Scottish Whisky etc are all part of the evil cartel. But their will, will not succeed. We need peace in the country. Bad leadership from the remote-controlled acting president is causing this anarchy within the PF and it has the potential to spread across the country considering that PF is a nationwide party.

  13. May all this PF confusion result only in one thing, PF self extermination!!

    Then they can leave us Zambians, peaceful people to live in peace. We have known peace until the PF brought lies as a way of governance, pangas as a way of debate, intimidation as a way of dialogue. Forced resignations and hatched bye elections as a way of their democracy.

    The archives are waiting for you, PF!!

  14. My analysis is that HH will win in Southern, Western, North Western Provinces, parts of Lusaka, Central provinces and Copperbelt rural. Edgar will win Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern provinces, parts of Central, Copperbelt Urban and a large chunk of Lusaka. So were does that leave HH? This how the voting partner will be like.

  15. Guy should be made to answer and the Lungu people should counter this registration since it has been exposed changes have to be made at all cost it is just good that the other camp is not just sitting but working Scott is useless in such matters never trust him Zambia we are watching

  16. please watch out those people, they will plunge our country in total mess
    people have spoken that they need lungu.
    if you impose madam kaseba whom the people doesent want
    then it will be bye bye pf.
    so that we see who is going to loose big time

  17. from the look of things the aim of that cartel is tufilile munsenga they know that madam kaseba cant win the election , then they want to force her on people
    let us vote them out, and bring in ather people so that they can also chew,pf fools are conffused

  18. Its NOT EVEN the so ‘called Cartel” its God who has CONFUSED PF first by:
    Having Sata’s beath return to the Owner.
    2. By Confusing them with STEREOTYPED way of looking at things.


    There is NOTHING IN THIS EARTH. You r GREAT MY GOD and come 21 Jan will ve a PRESIDENT FROM YOU.

  19. PF will still win despite the writings by UPND trying to scandalize it.UP and DOWN only found in Southern and North western.They can only win through a miracle.Stop day dreaming cos whichever candidate PF picks will carry the day.

  20. All said and done, Dr Kaseba is the best of all the candidates including the opposition therefore better placed to win. For the first time in zambia l hear a silent women’s voice saying yes to Dr Kaseba. Men have let zambians down and I think they may just vote for her. Mind you she has a simpathy vote to her advantage. You watch.

    • Nothing is said and done. Speak for yourself by prefacing your comment with “In my opinion…”
      You say she has the sympathy vote? I say cultural insensitivity will nullify that

  21. I totally agree with you mr johnson, whoever pf will pick will win, coz most all the contenders have been full baked, there is no Anarchy this is democracy which is been demonstrated. Patricia mulenga bwalya who are a liar, don’t cheat bloggers your not bemba. I would not vote for HH even if he was put with a cow. We seen what pf have done in the last 3years, hh come that he will that and that he thinks zambians are fools who can be cheated, please read today’s post editors comments. The chap is surrounded by his tribes and 1 or 2 from the other tribe and he thinks people can’t see. Don’t take zambians for a raide.zambians watch out for this chap.

  22. We hope Zambian comedians are sketching this PF madness so that we can b entertained when (not if) PF gets kicked out of office. PF supporters are only confident of winning because they believe the foundation for rigging has already been laid and practised in by elections . This time you will face the wrath of the people if you refuse to hand over power peacefully.

  23. This is the same chap who instructed his MPs not to vote for the enactment of the new constitution. And today he has unturned that he will enact it. So what has really changed. He’s a liar Zambians are watching, if first needs to apologise to the zambian for the share I got from the privatisation of the mines, Zambian open up with eyes. This man doesn’t not mean well to the zambians. Only cows will vote for you, coz people of zambia don’t forget so easily. People watch out for this tribalist party.


  25. People in Zambia are specialised in lies bringing others down.With the coming of Dr Kaseba on the scene The Edgar Lungu group is frightened and can manufacture any story against the other group.I will vote for Dr Kaseba if nominated.Shes more than suitable.I would not vote for scruffy Lungu no no no with that background of not being honest no thank you.Sata made him act because he had no choice he just went for his education and this is the source of the problem in PF today.

  26. We the youth are in total support of Edgar Lungu for the following reasons:
    1.When the late President appointed him as defense Minister, no one doubted his capability. The man humbly worked very well and the called cartel never objected.
    2.When Mr. Sata knew the schemes of the cartel, he dropped Kabimba and entrusted his judgement in Edgar Lungu. Zambians were relieved and rejoiced. The cartel spinal cord was paralised.
    3. Before he left for London, H.E. M.C. Sata recalled Edgar Lungu from Angola and left him Acting President of Zambia, the duty he exceptionally performed.
    4. A Presidential vacancy has presented itself, surely who else can we the YOUTHS vote for? It is very apparent, Edgar Lungu has it all.
    Unfortunately for others, there is nothing to show and so our vote is on E…

    • We are not bound by what Sata wanted ,OK? Get it, he is dead, dead, dead and his will died with him. We are the ones living now and have a right to determine our own destiny without Sata’s spirit haunting us. By the way this same sata, wasn’t he of questionable character himself? Give us a break, puleeeze!

  27. Tribalism is a real threat to Zambia’s security than the bogus report being talked about on ZWD. Traditionally UPND is very tribal party, no non tonga speaking person can lead that party. Grow up UPND, meet Lungu at the elections. From your childish reporting we know you are dead scared of that humble man.

  28. No EL no PF and end of our maighty party.We have already even told our families in luapula,muchinga and northern.She thinks being a president will make her smtg.She’ll lose no matter what.She is hule,just like Masebo.Some pipo even say she knows why Sata died.She just loved money that snake woman.She killed our president period with evil cartel sponsored by mmembe.Sata after knowing da cartel he started chasing them.Masebo was dismissed and Winter Kabimba(unsellable chap).Winter can’t even win in his house.What a leader to impose on pipo.No EL no vote for PF.Sata even mentioned that this woman is evil in parliament.We’ll decampaign her(Mukafwilwa) if she is imposed.cartel will now run to UPND but Ka HH will sort the out.Why should small evil chaps control the country @ ransom?ata bane.

  29. There isn’t much on offer from tribalist party apart from misleading his tribe fox. We are not cheap try else where and not zambia.we know you are been sponsored but zambia is not for sale. We will develop it on our own. Vivi zambia. We don’t to be changing politicians like shirts even to the ones that don’t mean well to this nation. We r watching you and please zambia don’t vote for this chap. Those that work with these foreign company will be able to understand my point what will happen if this tribalist is voted into power the foreign company where he gotten money for his campaign will mistreat us even more. Causalisation will be back. I won’t tell u who to vote for, u r all wise people. Please reject these tribalist again like u always have done.vivi mother zambia

  30. Whoever will be picked on the pf ticket will win. It doesn’t matter who they are all baked by the late. Let democray prevail. People will chose, there is no prefered condenter at the moment. We are not changing government full stop.go commit suicide if u don’t agree. PF continues

  31. Will see where u re going, remember what u said abt street vendors, on sunday u turned, why should zambian trust such a man.we have been following u, with all these lies u have no space in zambia maybe in southern province or northwestern. Zambians let’s not entertain liars. Vivi zambia, its good be learned. Its not easy to forget. So HH try others lies, where are u going to get the monies to pay school fees and maintain school as the same time, where r u going get money to pay for water for people to have it free of charge..these and more question from zambians coming..VIVI ZAMBIA.

  32. Luapula fish whatever u call yourself, we know u love EL, but let democray prevail this is not a Monarch. If u don’t believe in democracy please out go ahead. We will vote for whoever will be chosen on pf ticket thanks. It doesn’t matter who, most of them are baked. I don’t think there is democray in UPND only a tonga can be a president in that party remember what happened some time back we had a lot of these that left party coz of tribalism, so what has now changed, why do u forget so easily. Open your eyes where do u want to take this nation. Zambia is not for sale. Go go go PF.

  33. Why are you only complaining about Masebo’s scheme.There are hundreds of cadres who have camping in Matero since Sata’s funeral and Miles Sampa is paying for their up-keep.
    The truth of the matter is that you cannot buy your way to the top.

    God is in control

  34. Can someone in UPND tell Zambians what HH has contributed to this great country to warranty their votes? Please don’t tell us about CVs, we all have them and some of us use them very well in our development.
    Just answer this very simple question. What has been HHs contribution to Zambia’s development?
    PF has demonstrated that it can transform Zambia in a specific time period and that’s what matters. Politics is about delivery and not yapping, please please advise HH accordingly.
    So the PF man will continue with its mandate for it is already written. People want and need this man in PF and am sure we all know him…..
    On Masebo and Chenda, you are not factors in ZED Politics and your cartel will NEVER work. This is not councils but Zambia with intellects watching every move you make!!

  35. it is time for us zambians we teach PF a lesson,let vote for HH,the standard of living high pipo GOD has given a chance again a chance to vote wisely.

  36. I f**king told you all!

    Well sit back and enjoy yourselves with PF, for the next 6 years. Please do not cease to continue writing on how Guy is the best thing that happened to Zambian democracy, childish Imbeciles.

    And this is just the tip of the ice berg.

  37. The time has come to finally vote this disorganised lot out of government. if they rip each other apart now, they can only rip the country apart when thy are voted into office. Sick fed up with the triabalism, nepotism, thuggery, theiving, lies, and corruption.

  38. Nothing strange with this story. That is PF DNA, its their deep rooted culture, marinated in it. And overall, what is happening in PF is not strange either. I`ve repeatedly (since 2011) that PF is a bunch of retards. So what do you expect from such a group?!

  39. I would like to appeal to the 70 MPs who have endorsed Edgar; these MPs will be dribbled at the convention slated for the weekend. It is clear that the Cartel do not mean well for PF. I can assure you that either Kaseba or Miles will emerge victorios at this convention. If that happens I would like to propose to the 70 MPs to come back from Kabwe and work with MMD and UPND MPs to propose the dissolution of parliament. They have the numbers to win this proposal in parliament. Once parliament is dissolved, they should all rally behind HH, so that we can start Zambia on a clean slate again. To have another election in 2016 would waste alot of resources. Lets have one election now in 2015 for a longer period. This can only happen if parliament dissolved itself. HH would accept this. Aluta!

    • corruption in councils require clean up mama mukafwila queen cobra has appointed venture kafula and chengo has town clerks for solwezi and mufurila both are related to kaseba mukafwila bwelela through their wives shame on this circles no proper qualification kafula has a certificate from an institution which gives qulification to people who has not graduated nipa and town clerk mufilira town clerk has a qualification not recognised by teveta too much corruption at LGSC

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