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Zambia and Zimbabwe set to launch single visa entry


THE Governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe are set to launch the Kavango Trans-Frontier Conservation Area (KAZA) uniform visa (UNIVISA) this week on Friday, director of tourism at the Ministry of Tourism and Arts Albert Muchanga has said.

Under the UNIVISA arrangement, tourists visiting any of the two countries will only be required to pay $50 and the charge is valid for 30 days as long as the tourist remain in either of the two countries.

The launch, which is expected to take place from the Victoria Falls Bridge, will be officiated by the Ministers of Home affairs and Tourism from both countries.

Speaking during a press briefing in Livingstone yesterday, Mr Munchanga said the introduction of the UNIVISA for the KAZA region would among other things help tourists save on time and money as they would only need to obtain one visa to visit both countries.

Mr Munchanga said Zambia and Zimbabwe were selected to pilot the KAZA UNIVISA following the successful co-hosting of the 20th session of the United Nations World Tourism organisation (UNWTO) general in August last year, which facilitated seamless border crossing of delegates between the two countries.

He said the pilot project between Zambia and Zimbabwe would run for an initial six months period and it was intended to be rolled out to three more countries in the KAZA region.

He named the countries as Namibia, Angola and Botswana, while other countries in the SADC region were also expected at some time later to join the UNIVISA initiative.

“The UNIVISA will be effective immediately after the launch on the 28th of November, 2014 and will be administered at 8 (Eight) ports of entry,” Mr Munchanga said.

“Each of the 8 ports of entry stated will have a dedicated counter where the special visa will be processed using the KAZA UNIVISA enabled equipment,” Mr Munchanga said.

Mr Munchanga mentioned the eight ports of entry as Kenneth Kaunda and Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula airports, Victoria Falls including Kazungula borders for Zambia, while the ports of entry in Zimbabwe would be Harare and Victoria Falls international airports, Victoria Falls and Kazungula borders.

He said citizens from 40 countries shall be eligible for the KAZAUNIVISA obtainable at the eight ports of entry.


  1. I wonder what that stupid mugabe is up to now. When Zim tourism was much better than Zambia’s, way back when, I never heard of any of this single visa nonsense. I think the crook mugabe is trying to take advantage of the confusion in Zambia so he can funnel tourists from Zambia into his dictatorship goddamn country.

  2. Mugabe will be sucking Zambia’s visa fees into his Shona kleptocracy lacking in oversight,rule of law and democratic institutions.Do you really wanna trust that type of nation with your money?

    • Do you really want to trust PF with ZAMBIAS money?

      Sata – 3X salary increase………..

      Kaseba – Unconstitutional cash payment…………

      Lungu – Too drunk to notice corruption………………………

      Where has the 8.2 Billion gone?……….RDA contracts from Satas bedroom? ………… Nobody knows!

  3. The confusion is within PF and not Zambia as a country.It is very easy for Zambians to replace PF as a ruling party and not the opposite.It is important to note that PF also came from the opposition and we gave them support to put them where they are right now.Zambia is too big to be dragged into wrangles that affect a single party because not all Zambians belong to that party!
    Zambia is for Zambians and no single party will drag Zambians into their uncivilized wrangles.Governments come and go but Zambian being a christian nation shall remain standing strong.Note that leadership is spiritual,it all happens in the spiritual realm before it can manifest into the physical.
    So great leader has already been appointed for Zambia its just a matter of months from now.God bless you all!!


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  5. Muchanga tell us how much extra revenue Zambia will gain from this arrangement as opposed to the status quo.Zambia has always lost out because of putting interests of other countries, before her own.


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  7. Zambia and Zimbabwe should just join up into an Economic Union. Pooling its resources can make the two a force in the region.

    It’s time Zimbabwe was rehabilitated.

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