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Edgar Lungu declared PF President at the General Conference, went through unopposed


Edgar Lungu and his supporters on their way to Cabinet office to file in his nomination papers
FILE: Edgar Lungu and his supporters on their way to Cabinet office to file in his nomination papers

Defebce Minister Edgar Lungu has been declared new president of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) after going unopposed at the party general conference. Mr Lungu who is also Justice Minister was declared winner at 17:30 after other eight candidates could not show up or present the required 200 supporters when their names were called by returning officer Tutwa Ngulube.

The returning officer had hardly finished announcing the outcome when jubilating supporters of Mr Lungu broke into song while the new party president was whisked away in a waiting vehicle.

Earlier, there was confusion at the the main arena after Chongwe MP Sylvia Masebo, the party’s chairperson for elections stormed the conference with with heavy security and attempted to disrupt the proceedings.

Ms Masebo proceeded to the microphone to announce that election process which was going on was null and void but only ended up irritating the gathering that descended on her.

Some government vehicles have been damaged as security whisked her away to safety with 3 shots fired by her protection unit.

When Ms Masebo was whisked away by the police, peace returned and the process went on resulting in the declaration of Mr Lungu unopposed for the presidency.

PF chairperson for elections, Syliva Masebo, with armed police, insisting that the planned elections are illegal
PF chairperson for elections, Syliva Masebo, with armed police, insisting that the planned elections are illegal


    • how can a malawian be zambia’s president? this is illegal and edgar will not be nominated because he hijacked the convention will unaccredited delegates. and he z malawian

    • how can a malawian be zambia’s president? this is illegal and edgar will not be nominated because he hijacked the convention will unaccredited delegates. and he z malawian.

    • This is applying and a farce in a very sense of the world. This is not the end of course Guy Scott will retaliate in some sort.

      The chances of PF staying in power in January are very slim sadly.

      Too many egoistic persons in the party.



    • The writing had been on the wall for quite some time that EL would be candidate. For the sake of our resources that could be put to better use, let all PF supporters accept this result so that people can get back to work and do something constructive. A painful thought: if these people cannot have order within the party, how do we expect them to be responsible leaders of our country?

    • I am so happy these baboon are finishing each other after PF was buried at embassy park… some more nice good German beer

    • While blame lies on the entire PF, I think Guy Scott’s leadership and judgment is highly questionable. I thought he is edcated and has a PhD, but his conduct has been very lousy as an interim president of a party.

      Seriously, in his head, did he believe that he could just tell people from all over the country to travel to Kabwe and be accredirted there? What kind of a PhD decision is that? Accreditation should have been done before anybody stepped into Kabwe.

      The blame on all this should squarely fall on him and he needs to go to bed and admit to his wife that he is a failure and he does not have what it takes to be a political leader. No wonder LIMA party formed by a PhD holder failed and PF formed by a toilet cleaner succeeded.

    • Big congrats PF and EL for a popular and overwhelming support. Hope this popular democratic nomination by delegates from every part of the Zambia should teach HH competitive democracy. HH ascended to replacing late Anderson Mazoka on a Tonga decree that only a Tonga for UPND Sikota, Patrick Chisanga and Sichinga and all deputies to hell you are not Tongas to qualify. UPND for Tonga President anyone else, take our knock berries and spears.

      Power belongs to the people at national level than tribe. The will of the people will always be supreme and prevail.

    • Arm Pit you have just lost that is whichever party you support for as long as you are not on team Edgar. Guy Scott 0 Zambia 10.

    • I believe this is not over by a long shot. Edgar Lungu knows this too. To his credit, he saw this coming and I believe it is the reason he wanted the Central Committee to decide on who should be the president.
      Personally, I blame Guy Scot for all the chaos. Lungu buckled to their demands of a General Conference but Scot again shuns the venue and never shows. Scot is the problem, not Lungu. I wish people can see this and realize that all he sees in Lungu is a “KABOI” who belongs in his kitchen whipping out some great eats!

    • Only real Zambian to rule the country was Mwanawasa the rest of them were foreigners and need to make noise. Mwalibelela bane!

    • Congratulations, Mr President … Now use your charm and unite everybody around including those who opposed you especially Acting President Guy Scott. Keep your friends close but keep your supposed enemies even closer.

      Remember Nelson Mandele, use your position to galvanize people … You’re all one big family. The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise will choose who they want to lead this great nation, it could be you or anyone else so let the campaign start.

      God speed to all presidential candidates … The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise always get what they want. Smart people always get what they want but getting only what one wants is not good enough.

      Getting what you need is smarter!!! We are already smart so, let get smarter by voting for a President we NEED!!!

    • This is a very disappointing state of affairs. If ushering in Lungu is illegal, then what next? Another General Conference or Central committee meeting? I think Scot wants to impose his own leader, Kaseba to be exact. He thought people will give her the sympathy vote but alas. If this where 2016 maybe. But now it is just too early for people to consider her “sane” to run the country.
      Guy Scot is a manipulative SOB.

    • Arm pit wooooooo. You are a loser and HH is as good as buried with this result. Go EL Go EL.
      GBM tried to use his money but it failed. HH is going down too. Watch this space.

    • This is definitely the best news to come out of PF. Lungu, will not resort to campaigns of violence like Kabimba and his cartel.

      This means chances of RB are now reduced further because votes will be shared in eastern province. HH will pick up a few thousand votes in the east.


      Lungu is PF president but should forget becoming Zambian President because people have realised anything PF is utter rubbish going by their appalling record in the three years they have been in power.

      All the happenings in both MMD and PF are a clear sign that HH and UPND will win the by elections by far.

      We now want a presidential debate to access these two leaders. But I guess Lungu won’t and PF will chicken out like what Sata did.

      Viva HH.

    • @1.8 ,After smoking some weed at Mulungushi Rock of Authority, ingulu shatampa ukumisamfushya ba kolwe

      The tribal tactics will not work this time,tomorrow expect more legal issues.Let your president prove that his mother is a Zambian and please sort out your mesS.The majority of Zambians have now made up their minds who they will vote for come January 2015

      For development,peace and unity of Zambia

    • UNIP national council that outlawed Kapwepwe and Nkumbula to make Kenneth Kaunda sole candidate was just like this.
      History what a silly repeater she is! But this time, PF may join its founder in the grave, unless they rig the Jan 2015 elections.

    • Well done Mr Edgar Lungu! Time to restore order and clean up the mess. It is clear that PF is not a racist or tribalist party unlike UPND. Mr Lungu was mentored and taught by men of integrity when he practiced law

    • Very they say they is nothing new under the sun. PF are just another UNIP no differences at all. Hopefully come January 2015 they get obliterated from the face of this earth. I urge those supporting this party to think again. Dont go to the grave like sheep. Some of you could easily sale your grand-mothers because of PF and Lungu. Vote for someone else but PF

    • which conference as they failed to run???my dear, don’t be a pessimist. believe in your fair decision power…

    • Us EL supporters saw it happening from day one…now as a united front, a Patriotic Front we can move ahead but Willie Nsanda must be booted out of this picture, such loots along with the Masebos, Chimbwilis, GBMs are known scoundrels and don’t deserve to breath the same air as a poor vendor in Wusakele or a poor famer in Shangombo…no if PF is gonna win lets get back to the roots, PF is the poor man’s party regardless of tribe..we are there for the poor livestock farmer in Southern Province that exploitative firms like Zambeef (HH’s partners) are exploiting with low prices for cattle which they then sell at 300% profit, or mining and other firms that employ foreigners when Zambian graduates who if given such jobs would be able to take care of their large families. EL do the right…

    • Ba BrainWave great analysis there though it would show alot of maturity and capacity to forgive on Lungu’s side to let bygones be bygones and for Guy Scott to also swallow his pride might be very far fetched. Anyway this is good news for PF and the nation as a whole. These smaller factions (the Masebos, Chimbwilis, Nsandas) in PF are small and insignificant and would overall be a good riddance if they did decide to leave.

    • I thought the PF circus is nearly over not knowing that it has just migrated to another level.

      @Katondo boys et al you celebrated prematurely my friends. Guy Scoot and cartel want to frustrate every effort for the people to elect Lungu.

      As at now Lungu is not the official PF presidential candidate until this circus is over.

      The writing is on the wall HH and UPND will scoop the by elections this time around.


    • This Party is a Joke. Thanks to God to let it Go in this manner?? its a shame?? No wonder Sata called them names?? they can’t think??

    • I have been vindicated .let Kantondo boys and Umubemba inkonko speak.As I iam sending this the true convention has began.PF will have two oresidential candidates.PF is gone VIVA HH .HH will win with a landslide 51%.


      Ask Mugabe. White people who behave like Guy Scott have no place in Zimbabwe. Zambians should wake up and send this guy on his heels.

      You cannot allow a person to cling to presidency without being elected by the people. Musa Mwenye, Silvia Masebo’s cousin (or is it Nephew) forcibly made Edgar to hand over instruments of power to Scott, and on that score Guy’s presidency is highly spurious and constitutionally defective.

      The republican constitution is very clear, only when there is a vacancy does Veep become Acting President. Scott is so jittery
      he knows Edgar has been endorsed by the people.

      Let us use the Zimbabwe formula on THIS GUY. Wapya munzi!

    • I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Hon. Edgar Lungu on his success of becoming the PF President. Now real work should start, forget about the cartel.

      I am equally disappointed with the abominable behaviour of the acting President Guy Scott. How can a leader show such open hatred for his fellow leader? My only appeal to Dr. Scott is to just complete his acting period and leave Zambia in peace. If he fails short of that the blame will forever be on his shoulders.

    • What a waste of time and money. Scott and his team knew very well that Edgar is a little bit popular. Scott lost it when he tried to fire Edgar in the period of national mourning.

      This is quite a circus. Next week the dudes will be frequenting the courts. And suddenly Edgars mum is a malawian and Kaseba will stand on the PF Ticket…

      I voted in 2011 for MCS MHSRIP but in January i will try HH kwasila.

      We Zambians are docile. The country is being run on auto pilot and here we are ndwii. The PF ministers are not working because of this and that.

    • Naysayers. all you guys are PF supporters. ……

      You were watching these party elections with keen interest….wow that’s nice..


      2015 vote PF

      I thank you

    • I understand why Sata called his minsters useless .How can a lawyer like Edgar become happy after being indorsed when he has not received the adoption certificate from Secretary general Atanga.He has dribbled himself,Scott is smart he told Edgar never to use an short cut.Edgar wont file for nomation.Scott has many reasons of not supporting Edgar which he received from OP .Count Edgar out if he insists he arrested.

    • @Lusaka you seem to hired gun…you must be a foreigner you cant even spell Lungu… Us real citizens are happy with Edgar over Scott. So suck it…

    • It is now over for UPND, with Mumba and Arab Banda fighting. Edgar Lungu has already won Eastern and Northern province. Say what you may, the minister of Justice and Law has the backing of God and the people.

    • Sorry boss Lungu can’t win these elections. Here is how: If RB goes through in MMD eastern province is split, Luapula northern will grudginly vote for HH due to the ouster of Mumba from MMD. Copperbelt will also split with HH getting a good chunk of the vote due to numerous endorsements he has received. Lusaka will be a very difficult constituency for PF especially with these divisions. Central is fertile ground for HH. Southern, N/Western and western are secured UPND territories. It very difficult to even imagine how Lungu can win these elections. It seems HH is so luck that he is almost going unopposed.

  1. Guy scot must be deported, he made people sleep outside their homes, and then he does this foolish thing, whatever his intention, he has no excuse and their late EL rule and thats his end for he is partyless.

  2. Hellelujah, may the Lord God almighty Jesus be blessed. Now on to campaigning for president Lungu. Family forests start applying for colleges; no more nepotism and Sata-isms in PF or our beloved Zambia.

  3. Lawyers here is free money. Court cases will start tomorrow and the election will be declared null and void. How can an election with 9 candidates on the ballot paper be declared unopposed? The split of PF is here and real.

    • Well they did not have the requirements. Why not let it go. LUNGU IS IT, why are people so corrupt? Even out of gov’t people are lead with their emotions.

    • LUNGU IS IT. The people choice. Scott, Masebo and all the Sata gang criminals have failed.

      This conference was called and demanded for by Guy as proof of his democratic credentials. The majority MPs in PF have chosen.

      What in hell is Masebo doing storming the very conference they called. AND really guns fired! Is this group of people mad? We can see now that there was an attempt to fix it for a Sata.

      UTTERLY DISGUSTING. That my country can fall to a corrupt, deranged white man and a vile backward Sata family. That name Sata is now a shame.

    • “Bakalalila” Mozegeta playing right now my dear. ..

      Yes yes yes yes….

      Boostele. .tomorrow on the streets in Lusaka

      2015 vote PF

      I thank you


      Ask Mugabe. White people who behave like Guy Scott have no place in Zimbabwe. Zambians should wake up and send this guy on his heels.

      You cannot allow a person to cling to presidency without being elected by the people. Musa Mwenye, Silvia Masebo’s cousin (or is it Nephew) forcibly made Edgar to hand over instruments of power to Scott, and on that score Guy’s presidency is highly spurious and constitutionally defective.

      The republican constitution is very clear, only when there is a vacancy does Veep become Acting President. Scott is so jittery
      he knows Edgar has been endorsed by the people.

      Let us use the Zimbabwe formula on THIS GUY. Wapya munzi!

  4. Even a blind or dull person can’t vote for PF . All those thugs in Kabwe today from Lunga and his bandits . Zambians are you ready to be living like in North Korea under Lunga

  5. Zimbabwe comes to mind. How can we trust the instruments of power with people who have no democratic mandate from their own party? What is actually more disturbing are the reports that three government vehicles have been damaged. I thought PF functions were private party issues where delegates had to use their personal party property for party issues. If zambians have any sense in them, they will do the right thing come 20th january.

  6. The writing had been on the wall for quite some time. For the sake of our resources that could be put to better use, let all PF supporters accept this result so that people can get back to work and do something constructive. A painful thought: if these people cannot have order within the party, how do we expect them to be responsible leaders of our country?

    • What order are you talking about? You expect everyone to have same options. The confusion was when HH was hand picked on grounds that he was tonga. EL has been elected on popularity grounds. He is generally accepted by all the 73 tribes of zambia as presidential candidate for 2015. He is not a match to HH. My advice to HH is to wash the tribal tag on his forehead before thinking of becoming a president. Washing out the tag is not easy with time running out s fast. He needs to resign from upnd and join another political party where he should be elected

  7. HH vs Lungu. Nice one. Now we want to presidential debates. Our friends in Kenya held these debates. Lungu you have to speak to people why we should vote for and not hiding behind your thugs. So is everyone aspirirng for the highest office in the land. Not hooliganism only and beer as a qualification.

    • HH was elected with more 80% at mulungushi international center in 2006.The next convention is slated for next year.

    • SCOTT assumes that Africans are inferior to whites in Guy Scott’s approach to politics.

      1. Zambians in the PF have accepted Edgar as the new PF President
      2. The rest of the candidates most of them walking around and eating with Guy have seen how bleak and futile their attempt in the race has become
      3. The threats being issued from Guy are not new, but his old tactic of scaring away opponents
      4. Guy Scott must be having foreign elements who are determined to rip the nation apart through violence and war
      5. Foreign interests could be using Guy Scott so that they can supply weapons and destabilize Zambia
      6. Scott wants to weaken the PF so opposition wins
      7. Masebo has not right to declare the Kabwe congress illegal.

  8. Mamamama, tell me something Zambians, is this the kind of leaders we want to vote for? Please wake up and stand for your rights .

    Vote for HH 2015 the 6 th president to be.

    God is watching Zambia.

  9. PF must just go into extinction. and to think i gave these thugs my vote. I hope Guy scot does not let them use govt resources to campaign

  10. The history of Lungu and violence is very well documented. The famous Chawama fighting with pangas, Lungu and Sata were the architects. More recently when he was appointed as SG, remember how he started dishing out money in Mongu and Chipata. You haven’t seen corruption yet with this guy, just wait. And the mere fact the Chikwanda is supporting him, expect state resources including money to be seriously abused for this campaign

  11. Mother from Malawi and violence Lunga still camping to be president ? Can’t even understand the Zambian constitution or the PF constitution. Never meant a dull lawyer like Lunga , even GBM grade 6 is more clever follow the constitution ..

    • Akamuntu
      Edgar Lungu is now ‘our’ president. …we are heading towards the state house….HH is busy promising promises

      2015 vote PF

      I thank you

  12. My hope is that all this is just a joke.I can’t believe that mature people can gather and come up with such illegal decision.Edgar is supposed to be a lawyer,can’t he see there is something wrong with his presidency?

    • well said I am also wondering how a normal person can justify this non sense. Hena Bulawyer bwa aLungu nibwakuti mwebantu. Lawyer ifontini.

  13. EL is not going anywhere as long as his parentage clause is not cleared. This has now given HH even more chance to win because PF is now divided.

    • Uko kusabaila nomba mwatampa. At first u where saying Edgar is undemocratic doesn’t want to go for a convention, Edgar is an alcoholic, Edgar this Edgar that…., now He has won and you sense that HH chances are dashed you now want to raise another issue against Him. Go to the courts of law and challenge his parentage issue you will be humiliated again. Ask Scott, he called for the convention but never stepped his foot at the center. Starting a fight you cannot finish. kikikiki………………. VIVA EDGAR

  14. Thank you Scott for putting your foot down.

    These thugs have no respect for Scott, and yet they want him to legitimize the conference. If I were Scott, I would do the same, stay put, no conference.

    Scott is way smarter than Lungu and his thugs.

  15. Thank you Scott for putting your foot down.

    These thugs have no respect for Scott, and yet they want him to legitimize the conference. If I were Scott, I would do the same, stay put, no conference.

    Scott is way smarter than Lungu and his thugs.

  16. Now let us start campaigning, we knew that Guy scott had a hiden agenda with Masebo and group. Shame on them. The country supported Lungu but the cartel did not like it. Shame on Masebo ….good she failed to say useless ranting she prepared. Shame her indeed. These guys have been changing positions. They wanted a conversion but still they wanted to frustrate the delegates. This is a very good lesson for Scott, Masebo, Kaseba and the cartel.

    Peace and prosperity to Mother Zambia.


  18. There we have it the Coronation of his majesty King Lungu of PF…democracy PF style. And can now say with confidence that HH will win these elections. No way on earth are PF coming back to run this country with their tainted image. Even RB will perform better than Lungu. Anyone whose going to vote PF after the recent madness should have themselves examined properly. Our country deserves better. PF should never have been elected in the first place. Time has come to re-write the wrongs of the past three years. When January comes chuck these hyenas out of the door never to be seen again.

    • man, its you whose head should be examined. Walwala at hearing Lungu here he comes. Just wait, UPND and HH will be silenced just for a day. Now PF has started campaigning . Choka ba Lungu bapiteko iwe.

      Peace and Prosterity to Mother Zambia.

    • Truth Hates…with all the confusion that has rocked the country for the last three years I am amazed that you could consider voting for these people again. They have been the worst administration ever. Just think of the money wasted on useless by elections. Elo look at the confusion and un-democratic tendencies of the party. Is this the vision of Zambia you wish to see? But then again once a sheep always a sheep I dont expect you to change or at-least re-examine and reflect on the failures of PF. You are in denial and probably beyond any sort of redemption where Panga family are concerned.

  19. Fellow Zambians lets kick PF out. We have had enough of them . How many much money have we lost through bye elections since PF came into power? It is the worst government

  20. They stayed away in the name of fear, but the truth is none of them had the guts to see Lungu declared president as expected. They all can’t stomach the fact that sometimes wealth, influence or machinations don’t always prevail. Well done EL!!

  21. Oh shame to HH and may UPND stop wasting it’s campaign resources for a simple reasons, Sata’s wish has been granted through Edgar Lungu.


    • So how is Lungu going to campaign without the support of a united PF?Lekeni ukusabaila pantu the battle is not yet over.You will spend half of you time in courts instead of campaigning.

  22. Surely how can Lungu go un opposed with other 9 contenders?.Wonders shall ne never end.Are these now politics of the Easterners?Old Rupiah declared MMD Presidential Candidate,now it’s Lungu declared PF Presidential Candidate without considering other contenders.This un democratic and illegal way of doing politics,should not be left to flourish,it should be stopped forthwith.Thank God for the Courts.Let the Courts rule.

  23. Yaba, what a shambolic conference! Can’t organise a party in a brewery! This disorganised lot must be routed out of government come 20 Jan 2015 lest we have continuation of this same rot. And where was Roy Welensky all the time? Its bear knuckles now, the gloves are off!

  24. Lungu can’t understand the Zambian constitution or the PF constitution . Funny part the we’re 8 people for PF presidency what happened to the rest ? Not even the president was there ? Only thugs from lungu . even a GRADE 9 GBM follows the constitution . Still people what to vote for Lunga ? The education level in zambia is really low .

  25. Nothing is difficult here. Even a three years old baby knew that the president is no other than lungu. Un disputed president. Unlike HH, EL has been elected on popularity grounds by all the 73 tribes of zambia. Now the generally accepted EL will face HH who was chosen on tribal grounds. What a walk over presidential election for EL

  26. PF has just lost the presidential by-elections. All those guys he has frustrated will de-campaign him in his constituencies. Edgar will have a one-man army by-election campaign and will be difficult how difficult it is. His cadres chased away all the guys from the provinces, GBM has complained that his group returned before the convention, southerners and others also left. The challenge for him now will be to campaign in those provinces. He has no chance, absolutely no chance against HH and his opposition alliance.

    • You are really in dream land aren’t you? 70 MPs and some MMD MPs support Edgar Lungu. Those MPs still have influence over their people. Do not forget that. HH and UPND are now shivering.

  27. Zambia’s white interim leader is in denial. He can’t just believe it. The people in PF have spoken just let it go Scott.

    • I know, just like any human being, he realized that power is sweet and juicy. As ba make majory would say sweety and juicyy lol.

  28. Interesting. I do not think on 20th January 2015 Zambians will behave in this manner. Let us wait for Dec 17 – 19 and see if other parties will fail to bring 200 supporters. 51 days from today I can hear ngoma yabukali and namalwa sounding at the swearing in ceremony and people with reeds in their nose doing cing’ande and kalyaba.

  29. I don’t know whether Edgar Lungu can even celebrate victory in this sham election. Who voted for him? He cannot be declared winner when other contestants have not participated. It appears his supporters took advantage of the confusion and declared him winner. The Returning Officer by the name of Ngulube should be jailed if fight ensue in the PF party. In any democratic dispensation there should be a fair vote. Now in this case none of the contestant participated or withdrew their candidatures. Lungu’s supporters had predicated victory even before election and were prepared to cause confusion if the results did not go in favour of Mr. Lungu. His ascendancy to power will have serious consequences on the PF party. I foresee even his own party members rejecting him. Its really sad……..

    • Did you ever expect a fair vote in PF?
      Did you not hear about the wrangles in Mufulira? Have these guys ever done anything right?
      Didn’t you hear Cobra describing them as useless ministers and useless MPs?
      These are a bunch of losers. Unfortunately they reflect the quality of the Zambian electorate at some level.

    • Cry mother Zambia

      Why you guys crying. ..this wasn’t presidential by elections….it’s like now you all know that HH is not a match for Edgar

      2015 vote PF

      I thank you

  30. EL will be the next President. EL will get Luapula, Northern, CB, Central, Lusaka, EASTERN. HH will get Gwembe Valley, WP & NW. MMD will be spoilers for HH. Actually PF needs both Mumba & RB in the race. By the way, the other no-show PF candidates Bana Kaseba, Kambwili, Sampa Miles, Given have no pull factors as individual or collectively. Besides, the more Scot and his catel fight EL, the more they campgain for him.

  31. Ati president.. of all the pf members surely you cant find a reasonable person among you but only to pick a person who cant even manage his own life to lead you. kwena ni party yafikopo iyi. fortunately, Zambia know what they want now…and pf will be tought a lesson come 20 th january.

    • What about your HH who was just dragged into the UPND presidency on the famous saying ” ONLY A TONGA CAN BE PRESIDENT OF UPND”….so who is better , the one voted by the all 10 provinces and HH who was appointed coz he is Tonga??

      It pains but that’s the truth.

  32. What world does Lungu live in? After such a shameful and disorganized process he would accept such a nomination. This man has no honor. It is obvious that this entire circus was marred with irregularities to the extent that many forsee this as the official end of the PF. The true patriots of the PF will see this as a undemocratic take over of the party they worked so hard for in both resources and effort. To the Real Power houses like GBM cut your losses and move own you have the following and resources to start your own organization. May not be a factor in this election -ZAMBIA has a future beyond 2015. If I were GBM I am out!!!

  33. The fact is Edgar’s enemies are the disgusting Bemba clique in PF. They have no shame at all. Edgar must clean out proper in the next two years.

    That Sata name is vile. They are the most primitive people on earth. Spit, spit that name. As for that inelegant prostitute Masebo, please can we have her under house arrest.

    You can see their plan was to cause confusion and push their candidate. How can the judiciary fail to see that Scott is a grave danger to Zambia?

  34. Only in Zambia. What does Lungu stand for? The guy sits on grass to demonstrate humility. Beats up opponents then says he is intelligent. Then opens up a mosi…saying he is simple.

    I’m surprised at how dull some Zambians are. They even threaten and insult you if you tell them the obvious…Lungu is not suitable.

    It’s time for a real change. Out of all the rotten apples on offer, only HH is edible. If he can show capacity to be inclusive, the job is his. Period.

    • What does HH stands for as well. An under five who is going to lose for the fourth time. HH was appointed as president because he was a Tonga in keeping with the UPND saying that ” ONLY A TONGA CAN BE PRESIDENT OF UPND”. Thus Lungu is beter than HH.

  35. politics has no relation morals.
    i dont blame Edgar Lungu and his supporters if at all they had a hand in him winning unopposed which clearly only one who is popular with the masses can do. what did you expect mr scott by going against all structures paying no regard whatsoever to other committe members who put you where you are.
    my question now is what was guy scott’s end game?
    guy scott would have avoided all of this by using unity statesmanship and brotherhood and everyone would today be ruling out HH, RB and Mumba completely.

  36. The other candidates failed to raise twenty supporters apiece? And some of them with LOADS of money? Incredible! Talk of LANDSLIDE, come January, 2015!

  37. Yes Sata’s wish has come to pass but the man is 100 % not going to campaign for EL and his name will never ever have any influence on the 20th January elections. Mind you the following will be in the race
    Hakainde Hichilema 50 +1%
    Edgar Lungu. 26%
    Elias Chipimo. 10%
    Edith Nawakwi. 7%
    Godfrey Miyanda. 5%
    Nervers or RB. 1%
    What happened to MMD votes. Oh people defected to UPND in the ballot boxes.

  38. Edgar is blessed, he has single-handedly defeated the cartel and the Bemba clique. Edgar being president of PF shows that the PF truly has become Zambian and free of family forests.

  39. Now the real test! Unity of PF and unequivocal rallying behind Edgar Lungu by all party functionaries. Let the games now begin!

    I have made a spread sheet to compare the presidential aspirants to see which individual will score better for my aspirations.

  40. If the way El has usurped power in PF is going to be replicated at next elections then we have a serious problem; is he going to concede defeat or power himself to statehouse unopposed? Whatever the case maybe the leadership qualities (or lack of) demonstrated are not fit for a presidential candidate to say the least; the traits are not what is required for the challenges Zambia faces.

  41. Conference without voting resulting in Eddie Lungu as PF president.
    What happened to the 8 other presidential contestants? We need to hear from them but even with EL is no where near with HH.What has Lungu done to PF or Zambia? Even Kabimba did more for PF.
    Viva HH, viva UPND.

    • He released the constitution others hid. He helped secure futures for Ruwandese refugees and made them Zambians; he is defense minister and minister of Justice. He acted as president when our leader was suffering in England alone.

  42. @PH, cakubaba again? Bena bazalusa again! Hahaha! Go Lungu, go! Someone is going to retire twice! Hahaha! The other will lose 5x!

    • ZWD are dancing ndundeule. They were expecting a Bemba to win so as to deem the PF as being tribal. Sata played one last great trump card before he died. He knew ba kaseba and some of his family didn’t care for him. He loved Zambia so much he left Lungu in charge and gave him the powerful ministries of defense and Law. The two ministries that Mwanawasa and Sata used to revive Zambia. He has not dribbled, but nyu nyad and po mo-ed the cartel and the bemba clique. Remember though all glory belongs to Jesus.

    • that’s what your concern is? That ZWD cabababa? Shaking my damn head at your inability to think past your nose.

  43. How can he be unopposed? There were 8 opposing candidates.

    I await the salvo that’s coming out of Scott’s camp. No way, no how this is over. Scott is still republican president and commander-in-chief.

    I am worried.

  44. The writing was clear on the wall, EL for PF president. Even presidential polls conducted by MUVI TV shows EL scooping the presidency by 64%!! You cant stiffle the will of the people. PF, unite and soldier on.

  45. Aparently, PF has just become more mad than when Sata was alive. If we dont work together to stop these thugs, our country will decline and finally collapse.

  46. Well done Mr Edgar Lungu! Time to restore order and clean up the mess. It is clear that PF is not a racist or tribalist party unlike UNPD. Mr Lungu was mentored and taught by men of integrity when he practiced law.

  47. # 56 Jessie, Scots is a care-taker Acting president with no powers to hire or fireeven state house cleaners. I will tell you what will happen; Scott is now an ordinary member of PF. EL is the president. EL is Min of Defence and Justice. As is EL has more powers than the care-taker Acting president. Dont be afraid, nothing will happen. Scott could not prevent EL being PF candidate and Scott will not stop EL being a replican president come Jan 21. Scott and the catel thought they could intimidate PF followers into imposing own prefered candidate such as Bana Kaseba etc. It never worked.

    • @Pan Africanist
      Thank you for allaying my fears a little. Things just don’t seem alright to me, and being far away I have to rely on the various (sometimes opposing) media houses to get a feel for what’s going on.

      Based on that, this is no way to go. Might I also add that I have no preferred candidate.

    • @60,Get your facts correct! A united PF with with Sata’s charisma ,PF managed to get 43% of the total votes cast.
      Now the party is divded and Satamanya is at embassy park what do yo think?
      Food for thought.

  48. People of Zambia, let not your hearts be troubled. God has already appointed a leader to succeed the late Sata.

  49. # Jessie, we gona see in the coming days myraid of press conferences & statements from PF aggrived parties even court intedicts, but at the end of the day as far as PF is concerned, Lungu had and still have the majority support across the country, in PF terms. I guess EL need to embrace the ‘lossers’ now to show leadership. At the same time PF has time for internal make and kiss sessions. It is time PF hit the campgain trail.

  50. Guy Scott says accreditation of delegates is still on going and will continue until tomorrow 1st December in the morning and election expected to take place tomorrow where dully leader of PF will be elected. (From Tumfweko)

    What the hell??!!

  51. I cannot blame Scott for this. Lungu is a product of indiscipline. How can a leader accommodate society’s rejects among his supporters? Emmanuel Mwamba, Xavier Chungu, Emmanuel Chilekwa, Fr Frank Bwalya are all extremists with no sense of self-introspection. The Lord God Almighty, through His Son Jesus Christ should save us from the Mafia! They are worse off than the Cartel.

  52. To all peace loving Zambians! Honestly speaking, there is no point of one cerebrating when there is no democracy! The leaving of the arena by his fellow contenders means a lot!!!! No point of rejoicing!! Before PF was voted into power, what was seen was force! Even after being voted into power, what we have been seeing is force, pagan,killing,victimizing opponents, journalists and media houses. Last month their reader past on ,what Zambians have witnessed is chaos! something detestable in the eyes of God. An embarrassment to the international community!! It therefore takes an an undemocratic, selfishness, greed ,violent person to cerebrate as legible candidate!! What does our future in tells is that, note chaos is expected with Lung us thugs!! But will be accountable to some individuals!…

  53. The good thing is that Mumembe has been defeated, anything that defeats mumembe is nice and pleasant, and so do I feel good that Lungu has emerged winner. We hope that the cartel and teh SATA name go in oblivion completely. I must admit though that it has always seemed that Lungu was the prefered candidate by the majority in PF. As for Lungu being Zambia’s next president I can say that only perhaps his supporters know what he has to offer. To me he is a distant name politically. But his real un doing is being PF man. PF has no more moral right to rule this country; their misdeeds in the last 3 years are unforgivable. This is a group of people that is simply organised to plunder national resources. And most of those ululating for Lungu do not even know how the PF system sucks their…


  55. Article 55 of the PF Constitution Provides for the powers of the National Chairman. Amongst that includes the national chairman acting as president in the absence of the president or the v president at the general conference. Further, Article 52 provides for election of the office of the president. Art 52 (1) provides for the president to be elected at the general council. Art 52 (2). Provides for the intention to stand for election to be expressed to the SG. However, the expression of intent does not amount to a nomination because the names ought to be accepted by the National Council and there after nomination papers ought to be submitted to the returning officer with 20 delegates from all the provinces of Zambia as provided for under Article 52 (7). Consequently, where only one…


  57. The cartel is pushing for Kaseba-Sata, using Scotty dot….y.

    Then the Past newspaper will start with the headlines…..Kaseba-Sata this Kaseba-Sata that, we have been there, done that.

    The change, real change comes this January!


    Following the High Court injunction restraining Guy Scott and co. from proceeding with the Kabwe conference, Masebo and Scott with their cronies must be arrested by Police quickly.

    As we projected, Guy Scott must be banking on foreign elements who may be planning to bring violence and turmoil in Zambia. GBM, Sampa, Kambwili, must also be closely followed by the state security agents. Why is Sampa using chaps with red berets and camouflage attire? These things create fear and may just lead to anarchy and lawlessness. If war breaks out our blood will be on Guy Scott’s hands and he will answer at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

    Lungu should firm up and ensure he is not bulldozed by the cartel.

    I smell a rat!

    We only have…

  59. Am pretty sure that we all know the rules and regulations of the game/s.If you fail to be on time on the small thing like time keeping.How can you manage to rule a country with different types of needs from the people?SHAME.This is a christian nation we don’t need blood shade.

  60. This old grey-haired formal colonialist has put our country on edge politically. Perhaps Zambians now know why Sata never gave him a chance to act as president.

    The internal wrangles in PF were engineered and backed by him and his cronies. And it seems Guy Scott is a kind of man whose political judgement is very poor. As the party in govt, there campaign should have by now been spread country-wide.

    Anyway, Edgar should not worry. All hope is not lost. He has the right wisdom, judgement and is followed by a team of well-spoken and intellectually charismatic men and women. But should Guy insist on going ahead with the Sampa-led team, annihilation awaits PF at the polls.

    I speak as a Zambian concerned for the party I voted for! BETTER LISTEN NOW, NO EDGAR, NO PF VICTORY COME 20…

  61. The PF Central Committee currently has 43 members.
    Guy Scott abandoned 29 members and decided to work with 13
    When the time for the General Conference came, Instead of sending transport to all Provinces, Guy Scott only sent vehicles to three Provinces where he thought that his presidential candidate was popular. Matero Constituency suddenly became a province with more that 600 delegates.

    Guy Scott flew into Kabwe with Christine Kaseba and they stayed at the Government Guest House for three days as geniune delegates suffered.

    Let me cut what is supposed to be a long story short: The CARTEL is real and all peace loving Zambians MUST know that the enemy number one Zambia has is THE CARTEL, that made sure that they send HEMCS to his grave

    Guy Scott does not make decisions but obeys…

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