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Reconciliation talks hinge on Sampa: Kambwili and Nsanda reconcile

General News Reconciliation talks hinge on Sampa: Kambwili and Nsanda reconcile

Miles Sampa with his supporters at Cabinet Office
FILE: Miles Sampa with his supporters at Cabinet Office

ST Ignatius Catholic parish priest Father Charles Chilinda says he feels disappointed that aggrieved Patriotic Front (PF) presidential hopeful Miles Sampa allegedly failed to turn up to sign an agreement after reconciliation talks arbitrated by Catholic Bishops.

Fr Chilinda explained in an interview that he is taken aback by Mr Sampa’s decision not to allegedly show up to conclude reconciliation talks that lasted for six hours.

“We could not conclude the talks minus the presence of Mr Sampa, maybe the mistake we made was to break for lunch at 12:00 hours because we had been with him from 08:00 hours,” Fr Chilinda said.

Fr Chilinda said Mr Sampa did not return after the lunch break.

“We hope we can make contact with him again so that we can make progress,” Fr Chilinda said.

He said the areas of agreement were many and the other presidential contenders who included Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili, Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba, Nchanga MP Wylbur Simuusa and their Kabwata counterpart Given Lubinda were present.

On Thursday night, five of the presidential hopefuls met at Lusaka’s Pamodzi Hotel to kick-start reconciliation talks arbitrated by Catholic Bishops.

Those present at the meeting, which lasted for nearly five hours were Mr Mwamba, Mr Lubinda and Mr Simuusa, who is also Minister of Agriculture. Others were Mr Sampa, who is also Matero MP, and Mr Kambwili, who is also Minister of Youth and Sport.

PF president Edgar Lungu, acting President Guy Scott and President Sata’s widow, Christine Kaseba, did not attend.

Mr Sampa was in attendance for only a few minutes and left.

There was heavy presence of police at Pamodzi Hotel.

Others present were members of the central committee, who included Samuel Mukupa, Willie Nsanda and PF secretary-general Davies Chama.

Also present were Catholic Bishops Alick Banda, Clement Mulenga and St Ignatius Parish priest Father Charles Chilinda.

When Mr Kambwili arrived, he went where Mr Nsanda was and asked to be pardoned for disparaging remarks he made about Mr Nsanda at an earlier meeting.

In response, Mr Nsanda said he holds no grudge against Mr Kambwili. They hugged and joked about politics and teased each other.

After the deliberations, Mr Lubinda briefed journalists that the meeting had resolved that they unite and would make further efforts to get everyone on board.

“We have made commendable progress. We want to be part of the solution. We shall work together to foster reconciliation and togetherness in the party,” Mr Lubinda said.

And Mr Kambwili has urged all party members to attend the PF rally in Kitwe today, which will kickstart Mr Lungu’s campaign for the presidency.


  1. Sampa is an egotistical maniac. He is very dangerous and must never hold public office. He is a selfish prick!

    • Very disapointed that this Kindergarten twart seems to have fallen in the same boots that destroyed Wynter Kabimba (Thinking Fred MuMmembe is the match marker).

      Told you Miles to appreciate even the little Job you got, else even that will be taken away from you come January 20th. You are and will never be any factor in the PF.

    • The young man Sampa is unwittingly throwing himself under a train. He has fallen for Fred M’membe spirit of incorrigible hatred, greediness, fear, and delusions. I don’t just get it how all these people didn’t see it coming that Sata had long identified EL as his potential replacement. From being Sata’s personal lawyer to serving as Deputy minister office of the Vice President, then in all senior and strategic portfolios as Minister of Home Affairs, Defense & Security doubling with Justice ministry. Then given more training opportunity than anyone else in serving as acting Republican President. None of these people doubting picked it up what it meant. Lungu prepared and is the automatic choice. MS is better humbling himself and be available for service in the EL PF Presidency.

    • There is no future in M’membe’s obnoxious battles motivated by a demon of Covetousness clearly evident in his self seeking agenda, manipulations, coercion, lies, hatred,, confusion and lack of value system. Sampa is still young yet to build himself a national constituency. There is no need to be cheated and used by a M’membe a crusader of hatred and deceit only to realize late that you have been used and dumped under a cargo train.

      The young man must reach out to his big brother EL and arrest instead his free fall in the eyes of sober Zambians who want progress and stability. Otherwise, he is becoming a reckless deviant than an emerging leader of tomorrow’s Zambia.

    • Chi senior citizen leka ifyabupuba, tell us more about his cv nd character, this is not a monarchy , can the guy be trusted with the custordy of national coffers? What has he achieved for himself? Mwilachipisha bu president this guy is a known flop

    • Nubian princess

      The PF submarine is now sailing on its maximum speed of 33 knots 290 meters below the surface heading towards the state house.

      Docking is scheduled for January 20 2015 .

      Kitwe is roaring right now *

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Majority are not always right! The holocaust was started by one man who got the majority behind him and started making gas chambers to execute people with divergent views or deemed to be the wrong race.

      Let Miles Sampa exercise his right to partake in a democratic election of a head of state as inscribed and enshrined in our current constitution.

      The whole PF GC was a shambles and a farce. This is the reason Zambians can be duped with their eyes wide open. We should condemn what has transpired within the PF. There is nothing for them to be praised about.

      As far as the general public are concerned, the PF GC failed to unite and now Miles Sampa is being turned into a sacrificial lamb.

      Guy scott has left Miles on the altar for the slaughter and ran to kiss and makeup with EL.

    • Zamcab

      What do you want for Christmas my dear friend?

      Please note that we are sailing smoothly towards our intended destination which is Plot 1.

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  2. I will still be drinking kachasu, long after all this is over, and when I die please sprinkle some more kachasu on my grave.

  3. Gud development but let’s be mindful that Sampa is the man….the man from materi were everything could be Manufactured. He is fake=!!!! And is not a factor…

    • Monku4change

      I live in Matero my friend (kwa George compound) and Sampa is not a factor at all …..

      It’s going down here in Kitwe

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  4. Go Hon Sampa Go show them that you are intelligent, the old man has no vision, his incompetence will embarrass us at the UN.

    • Susanoo

      I hope you are having a good weekend. ..
      Ifwe kuno ku Kitwe nachimfwenkemuka…

      Come join us my friend

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  5. Hon Sampa has been at it from day one, the grass roots know him, he even built them a stadium (common who does that?), this is a man I would Gladly Vote for. Check his Facebook page below to fully understand where he is coming from. We need to give him a chance, maybe he will open a new chapter in the history of Zambia.

    Hon Sampa Get that injunction, Save our justice system before its to late. We cant just ignore that error, sort it out. We need law and order to fully develop as a civilised country. We want to become a model of democracy in Africa. We want other country to refer to us as the most civilised country in Africa and not a shabin

    Visit his Facebook page, his vision is already in pictures.


  6. even EL was not there, why pick on some one who even made an effort.Reconciliation when the same EL ministers want more confusion by trying to impeach the acting presido.

    • Jeffaro

      I don’t see these Jeffaro empire busses anymore..what happened my friend

      Please Mr Jeffaro come party with us in Kitwe

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  7. Sorry to mention this. The greatest losers of this year’s election are miles sampa, mama kaseba, shichinga, masebo, 2 kasolo,musa mwenye, musisika and HH. what has cost these pipo is failure to accept reality and greed. HH did well to attend funeral from there he would have told his MPs to raise a motion deferring elections to 2016 on pretex of mourning and saving resources.

    • Very shallow thinking. To defer elections? You have unnecessary bye elections artificially created by the PF every month and you only want these elections differed?

    • Monde

      Mutozi chwani…

      Have a great weekend my friend. ..we are now working 24/7 and spreading the word

      Kitwe has just said ….”I DO”

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Solwezi

      Are you aware if what’s happening in Kitwe right now my dear friend. ..mamamama

      Unbelievable scenes. …

      Wherever Kitwe goes…the rest of the country follows

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  8. Sampa should reconcile with who when Vodka Lungu was not there? This is crazy, shallow propaganda. Only in PF is one supposed to reconcile with himself while the other group is giving consent agreements to itself. Useless PFools! Sampa stick it into the drunk’s arse.

  9. Reconciliation in life is good. Sampa can never be President of this country, maybe Lungu by hook or crook but for Sampa he should be realistic and just enjoy his “wealth” and numerous chicks.

    • Mr Facts

      You are invited to attend Edgar’s Rally

      Come join the rest of Kiwe..

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  10. This is what Church organizations are supposed to do-practising Christianity, not just holding press conferences to criticize and condemn. Please take a leaf from the good work of the Catholics, the rest of you!

  11. Miles is only doing what any strong leader would do. Tbat is soldier on for cause and position be believes is rightly his. There is no reason for him to compromise bis principles. Edgar was not democratically elected either. Why should he be the one to back down? Too bad PF. Adres lack the decency of moral stnadards I don’t recall Miles stealing money from anyone. Unlike some candidates in PF.

    • Loadist

      Miles has just made Lungu more popular

      Come join us on the copperbelt

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  12. Plz pipo dont jus criticise find out why he failed to return to tha meetin afta the break,maybe he had an emergency sumwhere,bt am glad wit the efforts made by evrybdy involved

  13. @chitutuma. Actually the church should not involve itself in politics. Religion and politics create for a very dangerous concoction that can lead to very disastrous consequences. Through out history more people have died due to religions interfering with politics than any other reason. We need to trade very carefully when we allow people’s religious beliefs start to influence our political process. I say the church should stay out.

  14. Both Lungu and Sampa where not there why put the blame on Sampa alone . They should have said its sad that Lungu and Sampa where not there.

    • My friend who needs who? The one who is already in the boat and sailing towards plot 1 and the one who’s off in the waters drowning?

  15. Sampa has unteachable attitude. As young as he is he feels as though he owns PF. He shouldn’t have attended in the first place.

    EL & PF (2015)

    • Kashoka

      Is that your real last name. .?

      Keep spreading the word

      History will be made today in Kitwe

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  16. Seems the Catholic leadership has not learned anything from Ruanda. Why get involved in Partisan politics?. Why should PF seek solace in the Catholic church?. Why didn’t the PF requested KK, Grey Zulu, Kankasa etc to reconcile its factions? So the Catholic church is the king maker in Zambia?

    • Barefoot

      I do understand your concerns about churches getting involved in politics or taking sides

      Am asking you as a Patriotic Zambian just as you are to give PF a YES vote.

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  17. These talks hinge on both Sampa and Lungu. Sampa and 4 others ve been dragged to court for contempt by Wina and we know that Wina is being used by Lungu. Sampa and Lungu know each better and are determined to finish each other. Rev Pukva Mwanza counselled Scott, Lungu and Kaseba before the trio departed for Kabwe last week but the opposite happened.

  18. How do Kambwili & Nsanda reconcile barely a day after such heavy insults? Tells u how much these thieves have stolen & how far they’ll go to retain power. Edgar is just a pawn in the grand Bemba theft game. Also see the Catholic conspiracy here.

    • Deep thinker

      All the ‘fake’ fighting in the PF is just to get the publicity that we want….and so far it’s been working very good. .

      Just watch the crowd in Kitwe…the morale is high…very high

      Edgar Lungu will be the President of Zambia come January 21

      Breaking news:
      HH out of spotlight

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  19. This one step forward as senior member of PF have pledged support to Lungu. Bravo GBM,Nsanda,Lubinda,Kambili,Lungu for reconciling.
    To you HH,much a you started the race early, today we’ll be in front of you just wait for what will come out of Kitwe rally. You think you can be a winner running the race alone, this Tonga guy is a fool. We have joined the race today.
    You think because you have been endorsed by the lozis who want barotseland you will win,no no no no zambians know you little scheme with you little mbuyas.
    El all the way

  20. Hon Sampa must gauge his support, he has no support to warrant him cling to PF president. He won elections on PF name and should not think the metro cab or minor projects done in matero makes him better than Hon Lungu. Hon Lunvu has risen in PF from mere deputy minister to holding 4 important appointments (Defence, Justice, SG & acting president) at the time HE sata passed on. Hon sampa has been deputy minister throughout infact he was removed from deputy finance for failure. Those elders who converged reconciliation meeting are not foolish but more wiser than Hon Sampa. Hon sampa is only a factor in matero not in PF.

  21. Ref – MILES Sampa says he is ready to fight for what is right over the Patriotic Front presidency.

    Ref – SCORES of students from the Copperbelt University and unemployed youths yesterday afternoon held a solidarity march for Miles Sampa, saying they were inspired by his selflessness and passion for the future of young people. The students, who marched from the university campus to the City Square in the central business district said they were angered by the actions of some hooligans within the PF who damaged Sampa’s Metro Cab taxis that he had given to youths for simply aspiring for party presidency.

    Its not game over yet until ref Scott Blows the finale whistle. We in Fergie time (5 more minutes left). This keeps on getting interesting…

    watch this space….

  22. He is better than lungu. Who was he goin to reconcile with. Lungu was not present at the meeting so what agreement was he going to sign when the other part to reconciliatory process is not in attendance.

    It is the same with the so called consent judgement. In a proper country were there people with integrity that thing would have been sign. U can ask any normal lawyer not these crooked lawyers.

    • Wanabi

      Mwane mwane

      Please let’s do it again ..we did it in 2011 and let’s do it January 20

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  23. Twatotela ba GBM, kAMBWILI na ba NSANDA natubombelefye pamo PF will carry the day come 20th January,2015. You people u have laboured so much for this party why give the presidency to HH on a silver plate.If you do that God will neva forgive you, you have not yet finished the work started by our late President.

    • Shambala

      Good and very positive message. ….Spread the word..keep reaching out..that’s what Sata wanted for our beautiful country Zambia

      Kitwe is about to be set on fire..

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  24. The church should not get its self tangled up in Zambian politics, that is a no go area for men and women of God. It is not right, evolving God in Zambian politics is a big no no (too much greediness) ……

  25. Real reconciliation is done behind closed doors. This thing of mediating then leaking outcomes to the press gives an impression that the mediator could just be pulling a publicity stunt.

    • Umuntu

      Shani mune

      The fighting is not real…we just trying to get people’s attention. ..it’s campaign time so we need all the publicity we can get…good or bad….

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  26. This is a good move taken by the bishops, they deserve to be recomendade.its very clear now that edigar will win the election. He is very popular in Northen, Luapula, copperbelt, muchinga eastern and lusaka provice. Therefore he will win by a big margine because these are the provinces that mater in zambian politics.

    • Monze

      I have been to Monze and it’s such a beautiful small town.

      Just assuring you as a dear friend. …Hon Edgar will be your President come January 21

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • London

      Bwanji boss

      How is Liverpool doing?

      Just to let you know that the people of Zambia will be having a new great leader in the office of the president. ..his name is Edgar C Lungu

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  27. We know these Catholics related to PF elements. Why are they not reconciling RB and their Christian brother Nevers in MMD?

    • Joshua

      Don’t be left out…come join us and be part of the winning team. .

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  28. It is surprising that the Catholic Bishops are just interested in the PF challenges not the MMD. Why the interest imwe ba katolika?

    • KKK

      How are you doing today my friend

      Please spread the word. ..reach out to all Zambians that you know with a voters card. …January 20 “ifintu ni Lungu”

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  29. Don’t blame Sampa. Where was Edgar Lungu? Why do you want Sampa to be a puppy dog to Edgar Lungu? They both won presidential elections in their own sub-groups and infact Edgar Lungu is the suspect because he won by people just raising their hands…..where in the world have you ever heard a leader of a party being voted into office by people just raising their hands? Do you really think such a person will ever take his office serious? Ndimwe vipuba zoona. That is why most of you are poor even up to now. Good luck and I don’t care.

    • Judge Mashipa

      Tone down a little bit my friend.

      I hope you are having a good day so far…we are in Kitwe and the people down here are in good spirits

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  30. These Bishops are fools. Can you kindly be fair to all the parties and not only Sata’s Party………….What happens if the PF are booted out of the government? Bishops, this is what is called poor judgement from the people of the pulpit. SAD indeed!

  31. Miles you should know that you are young and chances are there in future for you but as for today get off that high horse and support EL. If he loses you will say l did it for peace and MCS.
    But if he wins with your support you will still be in line to takeup leadership like the patience our late MCS had.
    You all need each other they call it Unity of Purpose.
    Remember how some started sleeping with the enemy when there was a Pact PF-Upnd.Hh thought going with mmd was good but it only destroyed him because the man he refused to be vice president to has since passed on. He failed to see that the other man was old and that he should have supported him has passed on,had he supported him throughout he was going to be smelling state house now. No patience is dangerous. Anyway its up to you…

  32. This is what uncontrolled greed does, it blurs you from reality. Sampa the young man is now busy being romanced by the devil by dangling the Replican Presidency which in reality is in a Rainbow Juntion form or in short does not exit.
    Mmembe and group have waken up to the harsh reality and all along failed to detect the King Cobra’s poison which they thought they had in control.

  33. Let me salute Kambwili, Lubinda, Simuusa, GBM and others for showing maturity to support Hon. Lungu. Lungu never fought for presidency but people voiced it for him as opposed to other contenders. I do not think power was going to be transfered to scott if the acting presidency was in the hands of a different man other than Hon. Lungu before the demise of Our beloved Sata. Hon Lungu is not power hungry, lets face reality Zambians.

    sampa’s political career and integrity is in coma in intensive care unit.devil does not fall alone, thats why demagogue membe brought few to him, good that they have repented.fred membe is a cursed creature that satan has employed as agent in Zambia. But now the end of demon membe has come if “it” doesnt repent.


  35. Ati “patching up your marriage because your in-laws are visiting” ,it happens and pf is trying it. Zambian dont fall for its cosmetic reconciliation.it was just yesterday when Nsanda was name calling Kambwili as “a small boy” not worth responding to on his degrading remarks that Nsanda is only fit to be a president of chickens. These guys know that they have stolen from government,hence they fear that if HH wi

  36. I’ve been non=partisan, but the fool named Katondo Boys has actually made me want to campaign – For the opposition of course.

    And please Katondo DO NOT reply to any of my comments. Sha!

  37. Ba Sata was catholic. And so is Lungu, Sampa, Kambwili, Nsanda and Lubinda. They know insakalamenta sha katolika.That’s why Catholics are involved in resolving conflict among these ‘parishners’. On the other hand HH and Never are not. It is no secret that all the catholics will vote Lungu including ‘father’ Bwalya.

  38. Miles my brother let the spirit of humility fall on you. Forming a party will not lead any where. More than ten people felt the way you felt and formed the party. Where are they now except for Sata. Don’t compare yourself to Sata. He was more than 50 years in politics before he won an election and become the first to win election from difficult angle. They are just endorser specialist.he best I know may to abandon politics.
    Finally, ask Guy Scott what it means to babazok

  39. Miles my brother let the spirit of humility fall on you in the name of Jesus Christ. Forming a party will not lead any where. More than ten people felt the way you felt and formed the party. Where are they now except for Sata. Don’t compare yourself to Sata. He was more than 50 years in politics before he won an election and become the first to win election from a difficult angle. Those who have formed parties are now just specialist endorser .The best I know may to abandon politics and concentrate on business.
    Paul and Barnabus in the Bible differed on Mark but reconciled.
    Mind you even others were grieved when you were elected. They said things were not OK.

    Finally ask Guy Scott what it means to babazok. Him says “when we formed Lima party we babazoked”

  40. jessie wa mu town, so you feel the heat from Katondo boys? He is one ignorant irritating bastard, sorry to use such language, blogging is supposed to be constructive but the character is just like Sata.

  41. Dear bloggers, I have noticed that you are not paying attention to Katondo boys, no thumbs up/down for him, I glad you have noticed that he is just one of those ignorant bloggers, keep up with the good work.

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