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Edgar Lungu says he can’t abandon Sata’s vision and will not support Gay rights



Patriotic Front (PF) Presidential aspirant Edgar Lungu says contrary to assertions in sections of society, he has a vision for mother Zambia once elected as Republican President.

Mr. Lungu dispelled sentiments that he did not have vision for Zambia referring to how the PF emerged victorious in the 2011 general elections.

Addressing a public rally at Mulambwa Ground in Mongu District today, Mr. Lungu said that the PF party managed to come into power in 2011 due to a number campaign messages of developing Zambia under the leadership of the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

Mr. Lungu said that it was necessary for the people of Zambia to elect him as President of Zambia so that he could continue with the on-going developmental programmes that the late President Michael Sata left behind.

He said since the PF under the late President Sata had a vision for the country, there was no way he could abandon the on-going PF developmental programmes when he is elected into office on January 20th, 2014.

Mr. Lungu said that being a patriotic Zambian there was no way he could mess up on-going developmental programmes that were for the benefit of the citizenry adding that that him and his party would even initiate for more.

He said that the on-going developmental programmes in the health, road infrastructure, and education sectors in the province will continued by his administration if elected.

And Edgar Lungu has warned that he will not support gay rights in Zambia.

Speaking at a public rally in Mongu, the Defence Minister said he was not going to compromise human nature because of money.

“We will not support homosexuality. I will not compromise human nature because of money.

God made man and woman. A certain newspaper attacks me because they support gay rights. There is one small editor of one small newspaper who thinks he can overrule the will of the people” Lungu said

Earlier, the PF president first paid a courtesy call on the Litunga in Limulunga before proceeding for a public rally at Mulambwa ground. Former Republican Vice President under the MMD Lupando Mwape and other distinguished dignitaries where in his entourage.

Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu at the Mongu  rally
Edgar Lungu at the Mongu rally
Edgar Lungu at the Mongu  rally
Edgar Lungu at the Mongu rally
Edgar Lungu's convoy passing through Mongu town
Edgar Lungu’s convoy passing through Mongu town



Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Hon Edgar Lungu leaves the Limulunga Palace after a  visit with the Kuta and The Litunga
Hon Edgar Lungu leaves the Limulunga Palace after a visit with the Kuta and The Litunga
Hon Edgar Lungu leaves the Limulunga Palace after a  visit with the Kuta and The Litunga
Hon Edgar Lungu leaves the Limulunga Palace after a visit with the Kuta and The Litunga
Hon Edgar Lungu leaves the Limulunga Palace after a  visit with the Kuta and The Litunga
Hon Edgar Lungu leaves the Limulunga Palace after a visit with the Kuta and The Litunga
Hon Edgar Lungu leaves the Limulunga Palace after a  visit with the Kuta and The Litunga
Hon Edgar Lungu leaves the Limulunga Palace after a visit with the Kuta and The Litunga
The singing of the National Anthem
The singing of the National Anthem




Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Mimbulu Family entertaining the crowd
Mimbulu Family entertaining the crowd
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
UPND MP and Provincial Minister Siamunene
UPND MP and Provincial Minister Siamunene
Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti
Mrs Lungu addresses the crowd at a PF rally to drum up support for the PF Presidential candidate in the 20th Jan.2015, Presidential By-Election Edgar Lungu
Mrs Lungu addresses the crowd at a PF rally to drum up support for the PF Presidential candidate in the 20th Jan.2015, Presidential By-Election Edgar Lungu
George Chulumanda
George Chulumanda
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Given Lubinda addressing the crowd
Given Lubinda addressing the crowd
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Part of the Crowd in Mongu addressed by Edgar Lungu
Kambwili addressing the rally in Mongu
Kambwili addressing the rally in Mongu
Former Vice President Lupando Mwape at the Edgar Lungu campaign
Former Vice President Lupando Mwape at the Edgar Lungu campaign
Edgar Lungu at the rally
Edgar Lungu at the rally
Edgar Lungu at the rally
Edgar Lungu at the rally


    • Okay, so we expect more abuse of the public order act, delayed payments to the farmers, more debt, animal driven constitution, job/wage freeze among others? Too bad you have de-campaigned yourself visionless man.

    • Kaminamisa, Edgar Lungu…a few questions for you? Why did LAZ debar you? Is it true you misappropriated a clients money? Are you a habitual gambler and drunkard? Are these the traits we need for a republican president? Mr Lungu and your supporters, please answer truthfully .

    • The people’s deserved and natural choice is becoming clearer now. Vote EL

      upnd and its false start has been caught pants down and is even being chased in Luapula

    • i told you,,,,, the bigger portion of this crowd is not from mongu….. ati`´ dont pretend naiwe its lungu“,,, they should have written in lozi,,…. there is no sure language in barosteland

    • The people’s President Edgar C. Lungu has spoken and the good people of Western province have come out en masse to welcome their leader…PF is unstoppable I personally was there and saw first hand my brothers from kwa hae are for Lungu 100%…Lungu and PF will continue the development works that no other leader from any political party is capable of bring to our Lozi brethren…

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015***

    • Nice one on marriage only between Man and woman. We just confirmation that he is staunch member of the Catholic Church in Chawama and for how long has he been a member and who is his Priest, his plans on debt reduction, , upholding
      Zambia as a Christian Nation, value of life, empowering people in the rural areas with the same economic opportunities as people in the urban areas, quality health care with zero tolerance to medical tourism, zero tolerance to corruption, political violence, nepotism and tribalism, bringing our tourism to world class.

    • Meant we just need confirmation that he is staunch member of the Catholic Church in Chawama and for how long he has been a member and who is his Priest, his plans on debt reduction,

    • Robin…
      Mutozi chwani. ..mutozi

      Mongu has said ‘YES’ to Edgar and tomorrow the capital city will say ‘ YES I DO’

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )
      I thank you

    • Thanks for wearing a siziba and carrying a ” Barotse Men of Title” walking stick (the highest title awarded to any man by the Litunga– other recipients: Mwanawasa, former Namibian president, and Sata etc). Just advise Kambwili to be more respectful of the King when he goes to Mongu, instead of looking like a Nigerian. Note: you have my vote –just push for diaspora vote.

    • And thats the problem with Lungu..its all about Sata. He thinks Sata was a perfect saint that needs to be worshipped. He has no vision of his own for the country. And that to me is reason enough for him to be president of the republic.

    • Not to be. Lungu should not be elected has he doesnt have a vision of his own relying on a dead person who was one of the worst presidents

    • We should ask ourselves, what good will a drunkard Lungu who runs to seek counsel from a dictator in Mugabe with a Form 2 vice presidential candidate in Inonge Wina be for Zambia? Nothing at all. The thing is that Zambians are blind to such realities, bury their heads in the sand and vote for the worst and most corrupt candidate – then cola in about it afterwards.

    • Not sure why the size and content of the crowd bother people so much… As far as PR battles go the campaign has scored a success. ED looks appropriately dressed and he is staying on message…

      I give ED the benefit of the doubt in terms of campaign success but mostly praise the Western massive for being hospitable and accommodating to all who come-a-rolling-by… rumour has it there is a flip and funny side to this tale…hope for ED’s sake it’s just a rumour…

      Not sure I like the dead on display (same reason I can’t stand museums) but Campaign ED rhymes with visionary dead so… to each his own. Chuckle.

    • @ Chils FYI, mudslinging won’t take you anywhere. Debate on issues. RB whose disciple I am was a drunk much the same way as Lungu or was even much more of a drunk than Lungu but you people want him back. Your jealous of Lungu’s popularity will kil. #Iamjustsaying

  1. What’s going on? No comments from the career bloggers. They’ve all travelled to Mongu for the rally and no network on the way back to post. Too bad.

    • Did anyone call Edgar Lungu as a woman because of that skirt? Why attack homos? It was suicide for him to bring up The Post Newspaper in Mmembe’s village.

    • Vote wisely, vote for a good president who kept mealie meal price at K33, petrol at K6.7 and reserves at the highest. Vote for RB.

  2. hahahaha

    What a group of baboons…..

    The chief baboon Kabwili leading the baboons…

    kuya bebele….. Jan 2015 you will be history

  3. If the court rules that EL is the legitimate PF candidate on Monday, then I suggest even the bye election should be by showing of hands. Kikikiki. How many are for EL? How many for HH? We will save a lot of money in ballot papers etc Kikikiki. Surely declaring him PF President will be a clear testimony that our judiciary is taking us backwards. I know PF die hards will call me names and even dislike my posting just like the UPND supporters will like my posting: however my point is the democracy of Zambia not individuals.

    • Ine wine – please understand that he was unopposed because the people who set up the Convention found themselves overwhelmed and thought that they could dribble EL by absconding. Actually GS should be party to the contempt case. When somebody stands unopposed you just need somebody to propose the motion to elect someone and then a seconder – the rest — I guess you know very well. Challenge EL on real issues not this nonsense. Already you have heard his stand on gay rights – very important statement (even Sata waffled on this one). We know RB has also been categorical on this one. What of the other candidates? These are very important statements. As it stands, EL has beat his challengers on this one – everybody else will basically be responding to EL’s statement. That’s what leaders do.

    • Zambians what happens when there is only one candidate present at an election?

      Please let’s avoid commenting for comments sake, have an appreciation of facts. Remember they are two kinds of people in this world; those who say something and those who have something to say. I am sure you know where you belong.

      I am a proud Zambian, that’s why I am back home adding value to the nation at a very strategic level, with all due respect to bloggers who are in other countries looking after their “would be friends” parents in nursing homes, their close relatives have passed on (died) and they have failed to evene and attend their funerals as they are illegally living in the diaspora and yet they think they can tell us how to run the country. Come on guys we deal with real issues on the…

    • Forget tomorrow Ruling. That is PF internal matter.

      Tuesday Ruling may result in somebody been prosecuted under State Security Act (not less than fifteen and no more than 25 years).

    • When was the last time UPND held a convention? When was the last time UPND members voted for those who they wanted to be elected as their representatives. If you can remember when that happened please advise me. In the USA, HH would still not have been a leader of his party. HH lost so many elections and his party would not have allowed HH to continue as their leader. I wonder why long time members like Gary Nkombo are so silent. Is it because they do not like HH style of leadership?

  4. Enishangwe! Nimwamukolo Cheeeee!!!!

    Come 21st January 2015 we shall be sailing through the Barotse plains with joy and peace in the Holy Ghost…

    Go EL Go!!!!!!!!

  5. What empty trash. Edgar, state your vision not the so called development programmes of your equally empty dead boss. Vision & programmes are not the same. You are totally empty, incompetent & downright dishonest. And by the way how do you bring in gay issues? M’membe is hitting you on your incompetence & dishonesty. Hit back with substance not this nonsense. Please start to be presidential even though I know you are nowhere near that stature. What a loser! Anyway you are not getting it, that I promise you.

    • Ba Deep Thinker – what “vision” in 18 months? There is nobody who is real that can talk about executing a “vision” in 18 months (well, unless they are shortsighted). This difficult transition period is about discipline and accountability. EL seems to understand this better and is keeping it real – unlike someone who promises free education, free this, free that — in 18 months!!! Even old man RB is not making grandiose promises. This election is about the short term agenda – there is no rocket science here!!!

  6. It’s good he managed to give a speech today (thinking of his own ego). But am waiting for a report from Barotsepost on what really transpired. Read from various facebook posting that he was met with crates of beer. (nasty). And people bein feried from Lusaka. Wow the effort. Good Luck.

    For me it is Viva #FlightHH2015

  7. Only the naive can be misled by the comeback of Rupiah. We all know that even his son Andrew Banda is playing along when we hear him denounce his father. Rupiah is in a pact with UPND to spoil the vote for Edgar Lungu in eastern province. How can one explain Chituwo and Mutati endorsing HH after having worked hard to remove Nevers and install Rupiah Banda through unconstitutional means as MMD president? It’s all about making HH win. If they so much believed RB is going to win,they could have stayed with their candidate rather than campaigning for HH. That’s why RB is not concerned about his benefits, cause the UPND has promised to hand them back if Rupiah helps HH to win the election by spoiling the eastern province vote.
    Viva Lungu Viva!

    • Conspiracy theorist. Both Edgar and Hakainde are sold out to monied financiers. One sold out to RDA money thieves the other to Foreign interest groups, who want to take away every pound of copper from our land by ngwees, no tax, no good salaries, no nothing. Vote for any of the two is choosing of a lesser voice. Vote wisely, vote for anybody other than edgar and hakainde.

  8. The bus on which those fools are standing on, with an endorsement banner, has the slogan “Don’t pretend naiwe, it is Lungu”. Obviously that bus came from somewhere, and the only people who would be allowed to stand on the bus are the ones who came with it. In Lozi, the language I was born speaking, that “naiwe” would be replaced with “niwena” or “nimina”, but of most of the people at this rally do not understand Lozi

  9. The probability that HH will go through is 20/100,looking at the pictures it speaks more volumes that Haikande has got a high moutain to climb.

    • RB is the right candidate- highest forex reserves, mealie meal at K33, planned infrastructure development and petrol at K6.70. Vote for RB.

    • 1. Some pictures are from the kitwe rally
      2. Body language speaks alot disappointment
      3. Some people were ferried from Kitwe
      4. I am almost certain PF will lose these elections. Two weeks more it will be clearer even to the ordinary people that PF is going.
      5. Some Permanent Secretaries have publicly admitted that there will be a new party in gov’t next year.
      6. Without Scot on the PF team, Lungu is going no where.
      7. Some people with alot of hope in PF go to rallies to hear from their new leader only to come back disappointed by the lack inspiration from the new boss.

  10. As it was in 1991 when old Kenny lost the election to FTJ who had no MP in parliament so shall it be. As it was in 2011 when Bwezani lost to Sata who had no state machinery on his side and few MPs in Parliament compared to Bwezani so shall it be on that memorable day of 20/01/2015. As it was in 2011 when Sata whose vision Lungu is following promised to restore the Barotse Agreement but failed, instead continued harassing the people of Barotseland so shall these human right violations continue under Lungu who vows to continue implementing Sata’s vision.

  11. Mutozi chwani. .enishangwe mutozi. ….

    Western Province taken by Edgar…that was easy…just like that….wow wow wow

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )
    I thank you

  12. Refresh your memories sept 2011 and do your homework for jan 2015:

    Nominee/ party / popular vote / percentage
    1. M. SATA/ PF/ 1,170,966/ 41.98%
    2. R . BANDA/ MMD/ 987,866/ 35.42%
    3. H. HICHILEMA/ UPND / 506,763/ 18.17%

    Zambia needs to rewrite this history.

    • True on 20/01/2015 we will rewrite history of a ruling party losing to an opposition party despite the party in Govt ferring cadres from other districts and having mammoth rallies. It happened before and it will happen again.

    • ba hh ba dala! its safe to say mathematically you are relying on man bweza to split his vote and pf to loose part of their numbers to win… 18% is a steep climb but thats not to say you havent done well for yourself. prepare for 2016, you, nkombo or the other guy. on the ground the pf train was looking for a face; its found el and his looking good!

    • 20/01/2015 Results
      HH 53%
      EL 33%
      RB 11%
      EN 1%
      EC 0.3%
      The rest 0.7%

      Reasons for this result:
      1. HH has been very consistent and stable.
      2. Lost hope in PF due to divisions
      3. Lungu not inspiring(should have included new lines of hope in his message). Currently to the masses, Lungu has no direction.
      4. Increase in information flow in Zambia therefore are more informed than what was the case three years ago
      5. Civil Servants unhappy with PF gov’t on some many fronts
      6. Farmers frustrated by PF
      7. More confusion is still coming in PF that will disturbilise the ruling party
      8. MMD is a spoiler for PF in two ways:
      a) Lungu and RB are both from the East(split votes)
      b) Nevers’ haunding from MMD is viewed as a tribal move by the northern sympathizers. & MMD…

  13. Looking at the large crowd in mongu at hon Lungu s rally its awesome Guy Scot is ashamed I cant wait for Mondays supreme ruling because its clear scot errored in many ways. Guy scot he wl b more ashamed for not up holding the rule of law. No reasonable person would disregard a court order.

    • Vote for RB. Vote for a wise leader. Vote for a leader that left billions of dollars, who kept mealie meal price at K33 a bag.

  14. Edgar lungu so you don’t that sata support gays rights. So the vision that you are say is what? If you wanted to know the vision and that you are support of gay rights. You ask UN moon what sata said.

  15. Those who know the political crowds in western province understand that they are deceiving especially when you rent them.These clouds do not seem to be with Lungu.They went there to assess him and it appears they have been dissappointed. Please check the true picture of how Lungu was received on MUVI 18:30hrs news. It was all UPND symbol something that annoyed PF carders from Lusaka.

    Dont cheat yourselves.Flight HH2015 is way ahead and wait for him to go to Mungu for rallies then you will know that Lungus’ is nothing but child’s play.

  16. There is no doubt , EL will take the day come 21st January, 2015 ….HH and his friends will cry , this is the hard truth that they don’t want to accept. However, if God want HH to be a President nothing can change that.

  17. Tho Iam UPND member I now believe this man Edgar Lungu has been anointed by God to be the next Republican President for zambia. Without money but God has just given him the favour. Zambian lets continue praying am sure many men of God will agree with me.

    • Brother you are partly right. Edgar is sold out to RDA money thieves and HH is a sell-out to Foreign funders. Time to reflect and vote for anybody but any of these two thieves, Do not know which one but they are thieves and schemers.

    • Lungu is not anointed by God. Anyone who is anointed does not go around causing or promoting violence like his cadres have been doing. He is forcing or trying to cower people into voting for him. Why the violence and intimidation of opposition members?


  19. Mike you are patriotic you have seen that the people that we rejected have all regrouped in UPND. We have noted this development,which render us not voting for UPND because it has been diluted.

  20. Somebody has conned Edgar Lungu here. These pictures are full of people from Lusaka and Copperbelt, the buses that took them there are clearly marked. This is Emmanuel Mwamba trying to show his boss that he is better than Brian Hapunda at the job, the two are involved in a struggle for the communications job although EL favours Brian Hapunda. In the end, the loser is EL because what they just showed him today is a manufactured audience not an audience of willing voters. Loss….

  21. HH and his UPND can deny the fact that Edgar Lungu is very popular at their own peril!those pictures in Mongu speak volumes!so let HH’s cadres keep on denying until they’re beaten in 2015 like they lost in Mangango!PF under Sata did a lot of developmental projects across zambia while HH kept on blaming Sata in Lusaka.wait for tomorrow’s massive PF rally in Mandevu!once supreme court rules in favour of EL,all HH’s recent efforts will be buried!indeed my prophet is right by saying that EL shall be our 6th president in January!Go EL Go PF!

  22. Buses from Lsk and CB cant ferry all those people in picture.those are our PF supporters in Mongu!you’re shocked because you thought western people are like tribal Tongas in southern who only attend HH’s rally!shame upon u all and bravo to westerners for welcoming EL, zambia’s in coming president!moreover if all those masses came from Lsk and CB,it simply means HH’s cadres are admitting that PF and Edgar Lungu are too popular in Lsk and CB and these 2 provinces have the highest number of registered voters which is a huge plus for PF!

    • Replica 2011 MMD campaigns, big spending, ferried crowds, and even branding of buses. When it came to votes, yaluka. PF pulling in that false victory direction

  23. HH is a Pro GAY politician. Other than been a mason, that in itself will deter any sane citizen from voting for him.

    His past loses have nothing to do with tribalism (It was spiritual intervention) .

    Been Tonga myself doesn’t mean that I have to agree with his satanic acts and ideologies.

    • I agree with you to a certain extent where GAY and Mason matters are concerned, in fact the first thing the little FCUKER would do if it gets to statehouse would be to champion gay rights whilst sucking a white c0ck for money!.

      However I don’t think his past loses were due to spiritual intervention, that’s cra.p. It’s because he’s not the kind of leader that most people would prefer period!!!

    • HH paid some students at UNZA to start the recent saga that had that girl jump off from a window. He bought a car for the Union president just to cause confusion. no wonder here at UNZA we dont like him. We know his true colors, he hides his wolf persona in sheep coverings. be careful trusting such a man, he is too desperate.

  24. Stand firm Edgar Lungu. If your head is anointed, you shall surely wear the crown. They are trying to tie you to a tree like a goat to feed grass but they shall behold your cup binge filled until it runneth over.

    PF started a good thing for Zambia and this good thing must continue. UNIP and MMD had several chances to fail and start all over again. How many chances has PF had? Don’t judge them before their legislative period is over.

    It will go down the way it’s supposed to go down, folks. What is to be must be. You can try to block water but it will still find it’s way around.

  25. Rented crowd ferried from all corners. Candidate looking very malnourished and unfit. A lot of job seekers addressing the crowd. What a pity! No chance!!

    • lol, wadabwa boi!

      EL has just come on the presidential political arena and he is already giving hh a run for his money. That’s what I call a slap on the face! 🙂

  26. The facts are as follows:
    1.Mealie is more expensive today
    2.Zambia has acquired more debt during the past 3 years
    3.unemployment has increased especially among the youth
    4.Civil servants salaries are frozen
    5.There are no medicines in hospitals
    6.There is NO money in the people’s pocket
    7.No constitution in 90 days as promised not paid in time
    9.NEPOTISM in Govt!
    10.Increase in political intolerance!
    11.increased corruption

    As Zambians we should ask ourselves what we want.Do we want to move our country forward or remain Stagnant?

    PF you can fool people sometime but you can not fool people all the time!


  27. Thank you Lungu for standing for what is right. We don’t need politicians who are bought and fear to say or do that which is right in the eyes of God. God bless you! Wina azalila – again!

  28. By clearly promising, right from the onset, to build on Sata’s legacy of lying, deceit, abuse of office etc..etc.. which every normal person already knows, I have to say at least Lungu is promising to be an honest liar. Sata was a dishonest liar because he did not clearly say he will lie and deceive, etc.. whereas Lungu is an honest liar because he has clarified he will lie and deceive, etc.. as per his role model and mentor Sata. So voters beware.

  29. i am so happy to see my former prefect at Mukuba Boys in Kitwe……former MMD Minister Ambassador George Chulumanda. He is now PF and he deserves to be a minister under our next President Edgar Lungu. I wish I was in Zambia rite now.

    • Please come back and enjoy cost of living, lack of fundamental rights, institutionalized corruption, compromised judiciary, high unemployment, thuggery……………………
      You will be definitely happy to enjoy PF achievements.

    • Chulumanda just wants a position in PF. When he was in MMD he was appointed High Commissioner to Mozambique. This was short lived and he was recalled. Why? Mismanagement of funds. Parties galore!

  30. The people of the Western Province are more enlightened than our friends in the Southern Province. Lozi are not tribal and the only thing they do is promote their culture but they are very welcoming people…they treat every Zambian with respect…i have had a few Lozi
    Friends and all I have for them is some kind words.
    I hope all Zambians can learn a thing or two from our Lozi brothers and sisters .Especially our friends in southern province.
    I just had a very nice conversation with my Lozi friend Bwalya Nyambe Mukumbuta. …

    One Zambia One Nation

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • No Lungu, NO Hichilema. One has sold Zambia to local plunderers, while the other has mortgaged it to the foreigners. Vote for anybody but none of these two Kaponyas, educated white collar criminals.

    • My dear you will be shocked when Lungu fails to obtain the lozi price. Let me tell you that you are the most tribal I have ever come across.

      See how your tribe has been hijacked by the Easterners. People have realized that they were in a wrong boat and your boat has a huge hole underneath.

  31. ;;;I was wondering and anxiously waiting to hear what Edgar and RB are going to tell the Baroste…..I fail to understand how politicians manage to manipulate, hallucinate us electorates with impunity….. I was listening to news yesterday afternoon…during elections, the current Haiti president promised to build houses for the homeless affected by the earthquake in 2010….4 yrs down, they are still sleeping in tents….u wonder… are these politicians from the same mother…??


  33. From the time that our beloved MC Sata died the spirit has revealed to me that Edger is the one anointed president . The prossece is just not over until that day when he shall hold the Holy bible.

  34. Beating up of a MUVI TV Reporter in Mongu by Pf Bemba speaking NOT Lozi speaking cadres gave sad viewing. Let Lungu condemn this barbaric act. Fortunately the panga family will not escort voters into the polling booth. If Lungu is following Sata’s vision then he lied about his stance on gay rights. Sata supported one Alfred Zulu who was found with gay material and material on waging islamic war.

  35. This charade is becoming sillier by the hour. Seriously.

    What’s with the red bérets and the colorful long skirts? And what’s with the total B.S. these PFs are spitting out on their campaign trail?

  36. Forget homosexuality, let us concentrate about institutionalized corruption, grand theft of state resources, incompetence of Zambian Police, people driven constitution, tribalism, racism, fundamental rights, independent judiciary, employment, cost of living, free press, accountability…………

    By the way, why you are so much against homosexuality? Did somebody offer you ‘forbidden fruit”? Or you think that crusade about “sex sinners” will be sufficient for voters to forget how you come to power?

    Try to remember 10 commandments Mr. Lungu. That is important, not homosexuality.

  37. Life expectancy in Zambia is around 40 due to: poor medical facilities, high cost of living, late payment of farmers thereby inflicting abject poverty on farmers, very poor retirement packages as most cash is used in campaigns, reckless Govt spending part of which arises from induced by-elections, too much plundering of nat. resources due to weak governance system (weak ACC, weak police, etc), where permission has to be sought from head of state b4 a minister is investigated. Country men & women, let us unite and join HH, the son of the soil, the son of our motherland, the son of Africa. We need to redeem our Zambia, redeem our motherland. HH we are with u and u are with us. Let us unite gainst poverty.

    Zambia our country we love u. We shall serve u with all our hearts & soul.

  38. So now the number of presidential candidates is up to 19?… This is CRAZY??? We need to include in the constitution a close … which says…’only political parties that held National Conventions with representation from all the provinces at least in the last 5 years will participate in the Presidential election’… that way a lot of jokers will be knocked OUT!!!

  39. U see RB also said I am continuing with with what the late president started and Zambians Voted for him.But it didn’t long for Zambians to see that he meant something different and first chance Zambians had they voted him out for PF.Now again its the same thing I will continue with Sata’s vision which they can’t even can we vote for someone with no vision of their own but depending on someone else vision?what this mean is simply that the person has no plan and is not ready to lead our country.Let’s vote wisely

  40. RB is also on record in 2008 on campaign trail that he was to uphold ‘his’ late Brother President Mwanawasa’s Legacy. After getting into office as the fourth Republican President, we were challenged as citizens to show him where in the Zambian Constitution the word ‘Legacy’ was written. The rest is now history. I am afraid that history has a funny way of repeating itself. Hon.Lungu has challenges with written documents (PF Constitution, for instance) and forget it that he will defend late President Sata’s vision because he does not have it, let alone the vision of his own.

  41. Only a someone who is not honesty and want to play hind and seek like an ostrich will pretend that HH is carrying the day

    Its been seen in mongu and I am sure, he has work to do and never cheat him and make him more highly Help him to rate his chances fairly

    Zambian politics do not change paradigms quickly having tasted and see the roads and infrastructural development in mongu and more promising

    HH cannot win western province like other provinces also even in Choma and other parts of southern its bad

    In Chongwe with water and Chiawa bridge and road and farmers now paid after the funeral hectic, its done

  42. There’s only one problem here; most bloggers are not for EL but the Zambian masses have the opposite. It seems the ZWD bloggers have also invaded LT. No matter the dislikes where, come 2015 you will have to live with it that EL is president.

  43. You stay with the dead man’s vision while we move on as Zambia united. Am sure since its not your vision, you will be going to Embassy park for consultation.

  44. What is ‘Job-seekers’ allowance’-
    The amount of time you are allowed to speak to publicly endorse a Zambian political candidate when njala ya kunyokola.

  45. I love lungu but what is his position about retirement age because anything to do with 65 is a dream. So is he silent about it or he has something to promise.

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