HH campaign gets ready to return to Lusaka following Mansa rally


Despite being a Monday and a working day, rallies in Mansa, Samfya and Chilubi yesterday attracted large crowds, as Mr Hichilema continues to deliver his message of unity and development across Zambia.

The UPND leader, who was accompanied by former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba and former Luapula Province Minister Besa Chimbaka and others, continued to spread the message that in 2015 Zambians have an opportunity join together and move Zambia forward. Together they have preached unity and peace, committed themselves to forming a representative and open government, and pledged to tackle issues currently facing the country, including the high cost of living, unemployment, and overdue government payments.

The UPND leader told the crowds “I love my country. It is my country. It is your country. It is our country. It is one Zambia. It is one nation. It is one people,” he said.

Hichilema talked about the great potential of Luapula and its capacity to feed the whole country, as it is endowed with massive water bodies such as lakes and rivers and has good soils for agriculture. He spoke about the need to channel investment into these areas to unlock this potential.

The UPND leader and his entourage described the non-payment and mistreatment of farmers as unacceptable, they set out the work there is to do to open up the regions to trade and stimulate local business, and they pledged their hard work and devotion.

They also made clear that any government formed under Hichilema would continue with development and infrastructure projects underway. Mr Hichilema explained “Infrastructure will continue to be an integral part of the government agenda. The change we would like to make is to ensure that contracts are awarded in a more transparent manner which guarantees quality and value for money for the Zambian people”.

Meanwhile, former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa is now busy campaigning on the Copperbelt where Mr Hichilema is expected to return next week after launching his Zambia United tour in Kitwe last month.

Tomorrow Mr Hichilema will return to Lusaka after a visit to Mwense in the morning. In Lusaka four big rallies are planned ahead of ECZ nomination filing.

Chilubi Island Nalumango
Chilubi Island Nalumango
Chilubi Island rally
Chilubi Island rally
HH addressing a rally in Chilubi
HH addressing a rally in Chilubi
HH Arrival in Samfya
HH Arrival in Samfya
Katele Kalumba addressing a Samfya rally
Katele Kalumba addressing a Samfya rally
HH in Samfya
HH in Samfya
HH in Samfya
HH in Samfya
Mansa rally kneeling
Mansa rally kneeling
Mansa crowds
Mansa crowds
Mansa rally HH
Mansa rally HH
HH thanks Mansa
HH thanks Mansa


    • He wants to educate the whole nation when he cannot even educate his wife .

      Her speech was embarrassing. No wonder he confines her to the Kitchen.

      He laughed at PF for Kneeling kekekekeke

      Following Sata’s vision ?

    • Kantondo boys and Big L must be heavily sponsored by ECL. They appear to be the first or one of the first on each and every forum singing praises and denouncing HH. I wonder whether these honourable or dishonourable gentlemen have been put in full-time employment by the ECL team to blog. Just wondering.

    • @Katondo Boys & Robin you are disgusting creatures. I am sure HH is giving sleepless nights. start preparing to call HH his excellence because soon he will president of the republic of Zambia. Don’t chock with bitterness.Your Muslim Lunga Chagwa will fall soon.His Thugs will rip him apart,as he will have no money to pay them.

    • If HH make promise to look in to students grievances, Lungu will add also that to “Sata vision” and Katondo boys and Robin will tell us about great Lungu vision.

      In so far, HH biggest endorsement has come from clueless Lungu who is parroting word by word what HH says.

    • The Norther circuit tour brought out the happier side of HH. He was very well received and delivered his message. HH and the people of Luapula, Muchinga and Northern province are giving PF sleepless nights. I am waiting to hear Edgar Lungu campaign in Tonga when in Choma.

    • Did you hear that?

      “I love my country. It is my country. It is your country. It is our country. It is one Zambia. It is one nation. It is one people,”

      Zambians need to believe in themselves,
      They need to believe in this Country,
      Zambia now needs hope.
      My Zambia
      Your Zambia
      Our ZAMBIA!!!!!!!

    • @ Katondo boys u ALWAYS yap, PF is gone.
      To Nalumango,HH & others Come & rest a while. HH u r INDEED a Golden Jubilee Gift.

      I didnt know tht you ARE wealth billions of Kwacha unrebased. You are Indeed a BUSINESS MOGUL & a BIG ENGINE for Zambia.

      Here is HH ‘s true source of his campaign

    • My family and I will surely vote for Edgar Lungu…I know HH supporters will call us names…pea sized brain,fools,dunderheads,*****s and so on but come 21 Jan we will be having fun while the real losers will be gnashing their teeth after feasting on humble pies. VIVA Lungu

    • Please read between the lines

      Yes do not vote for the Southern Province Party = UPND

      HH is a pathetic Liar
      HH over-promising
      Don’t vote for HH

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • I wish all pro Lungu were as free to insult HH on ZWD site like HH supporters are insulting on LT and all other sites…HH supporters are blessed with insults on all social media its becoming their way of life…anyway am patiently waiting for 21 Jan…by that I mean we will be celebrating Lungu as presido…VIVA EL

    • how is HH over-promising? he is not promising to build new roads, new schools, clean/overhaul mansa town in 90 days.
      how is he over-promising? “to ensure that contracts are awarded in a more transparent manner” – instead of having all FRA contracts given to GBM. by promising to “continue with development and infrastructure projects underway”.(thats basically maintaining a budget)
      Under michael sata My Relatives one day slept in northern province and awoke in Muchinga. without warning/Planning/Budgeting.

    • Experiments are done in the labs not at state house…HH has no experience even local ward level while Lungu has experience as presido for he has been many times even more than Scott. So HH supporters tell me there’s no need for experience and I ask you if HH can employ you without it…Ni Lungu chabe.

    • HH ni nshimbi, ni musankwa. I can’t imagine alcoholic Edgar Lungu travelling all the way to Chilubi Island. The crowd he gathered in Samfya is more than the Edgar Lungu’s Mandevu’s historical rally.

    • @ Kotondo boys, Vote Chakolwa? Can’t Never! Its HH chabe, sober intelligent, hardworking, organized, loved ..continue the list! I want my children to grow up in a country they can be proud of.

    • @Silent Spectator am shocked you have only decided look at us…check wanzelu,Sido Mark, Mei, Enka, Prefessional fimo fimo…these chaps are on every news site and we don’t complain. Now the issue at hand, on the contrary, am self employed and I thank God I have other people to put extra work…not even a cent Edgar Lungu, am doing this because I know whats good for Zed, thus Lungu…you can say its HH but I will vote for the winning team (PF), I hate losing…

    • When someone listen’s to this man (HH) with a clear mind, it is open knowledge that he inspires confidence and hope. Yes, I love my country too, hence my support for a proper leader in HH.

    • PF minoins have run out ideas with which to denounce HH on. They are just continuously spewing the same rubbish over and over . Its getting boring man.

      In the meantime. HH and the team are gathering crowds even in small towns where over 90% of the population is in attendance. How nice.

      Viva HH,

    • HH for a better Zambia, amazing how people are committing themselves to support the Zambian dream. Is it true former Luapula Province Minister has started campaigning for HH?

    • When Edgar and Team went to Mansa, they told people there to chase HH. When HH went to Mansa he explained his vision for the country

    • I feel you Bro Obatala, I feel you.

      In short.

      HH is conducting a serious issue-based campaign. He attacks issues and not personalities. He states his vision concisely.

      But Edgar Chagwa is concentrating on personalities. – Attach HH, Attack Sampa, Attack Atanga, Attack Membe, attack this one, that one etc.

      Coming to vision, after publicly declaring to have no vision, now he is trying to purloin HH’s vision.

    • Helicopters are to use to go to Chilubi islands, not from Chawama to Mandevu. Edgar Lungu is indeed a confused fella.

  1. May God Jehova above in the third heavens grant us wisdom and streangth to tell Zambians and win there souls. Jehova’s hand be on HH save his life from his enemies ,that he may be installed as president in Good health,to lead this country in to prosperity.

  2. These are good signs for the UPND and the Alliance partners. It is refreshing to hear that there are 4 rallies planned for Lusaka before nominations start on Friday. This will be a litmus test as PF have had rallies in Lusaka in previous days. It will be interesting to see the turnout as that will be a clear indication of this momentum. I for one do not see how the PF or MMD will catch up with the amount of ground that HH has covered in this campaign. It has been a well planned and executed programme that anyone would love to be a part of. We can as well now start preparing HH to take those instruments of power from one Guy Scott. This will surely be a new dawn for mother ZambIa. It will be a true breath of fresh air, a new lease of life and a new direction. FORWARD HH, FORWARD ZAMBIA

  3. One of the biggest problem we have with HH is that we do not him. We all knew Sata as a canternkerous, old man with very little education, but a skilled organiser abeit using unconvetion means. He was a ‘popular’ trouble maker, Governor, minister and above all profoundly arrogant. But he was voted in by many zambians. Why? They knew him very well! HH is only potrayed as a young rich man and that is it. Zambians and riches….ummmh, is mixing water and oil. Zambians are looking for a politician, not a successful business man. HH must rebrand himself, more politics and less businessman like look.

    • @Kimbanguist. It is such shallow thinking like yours that has led to our country being stuck in poverty despite being endowed with great resources.

      Michael Porter, a leading strategist professor wrote a book “The Competitive Advantage of Nations” to help govts run their country successfully. He says “National prosperity is created, not inherited. It does not grow out of a country’s natural endowments, its labor pool, its interest rates, or its currency’s value,

      In the modern world, a country MUST be run like a business. It is a business that must either make a profit or loss. When it profits, the citizens prosper, when it makes losses, the citizens suffer.

      Hence what Zambia needs now is someone who will run the country’s economy to make a profit!!!


    • It is a shame that people in Zambia glorify poverty and they are ready to leave with it. It is a rear phenomenon to have one give more than what he has. What this simply means some of the candidates we have with little management skills,and have virtually nothing to offer in terms of skills to manage the economy of this country should not be voted for.

      Please people do not be cheated that Zambia needs a politician to be governed. By the way, we are all politicians by nature, however, not all of us are good economic managers and good strategists. It is the good economic and strategic management skills which leads to success in life and not politics. Simple example is the 90 days theory which is a political thinking and no one has benefited from it.

  4. @Thisisourtime,I agree with you.PF and MMD will by no means catch up with HH.The ground work has been well planned and excuted .This has demonstrated why HH is a good and successful business man.He works hard.This is the kind of president we need for Zambia to develop.Not one who will turn State house to a Taven or a Tempo or a brothel or tribal Village hurt(Insaka) to settle scores with enemies.Nkwazi house is for serious business.

    • @Sido Monk, I can’t agree with you more. The energy HH is showing has amazed me. For more than three weeks now the man has just been going on like he uses diesel. Conducting an average of 2 rallies per day, talks and visits in markets, churches etc, paying courtesy calls on chiefs etc. And he is still going strong!!

      Wow. That is something to marvel at.

  5. The pics above of HH rally cannot be compared to Lungu’s. Now the issue is convincing voters that UPND will do better than PF, mind you PF has done a lot in 3 years…Voters will not be swayed unless voting is done on ZWD site. Nalumango was in MMD…these chaps failed so what can she say now to change our minds.?

    • Iwe those are villages where the populations are small. For HH to gather such crowds, it means nearly every one in the village attended the rally.

      To be honest HH has done far better in PF stronghold than most candidates have.

      Viva HH

  6. Indee we have only one Zambia and a lovely one for that matter.

    To Nalumango,Katele,Mutati, HH & others Come & rest a while then we will escort u for nomination filing.

    God is marvelous for this Golden Jubilee Gift in form of HH.

    • Anderson Chisala
      Real name Anthony Hachiswenya

      Just look at the pictures above….sorry sight ….

      Even Kabimba is asking people not to vote for the Southern Province Party=UPND

      HH is a pathetic Liar
      HH over-promising
      Don’t vote for HH

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • @Katondo boys. Lets face the truths. When one scores lets give the due praise. HH is a ‘MACHINE’ Zambia needs at the MOMENT.

      @Big L analyse the sites. Me I get news from 5 Zambian sources:
      1.Lusaka times
      3.Post Newspaper

  7. i dont understand why one would claim that HH is over promising. For gods-sake michael sata(king cobra), a snake. promised you the world at your feet in 90 days. constitution, more money in your pockets, better livelihood. today you cant afford mealie meal and take your children to school.

  8. For the first time I want to state that I will vote for HH. You can talk about his tribe, his wife, his riches etc, I don’t care. This man means well and my vote is for him. In his tour, he has not spent a word insulting anyone else. He is simply giving us his message. This is as it should be. Well done. My vote is all yours. I will speak to my wife and lobby her vote as well for you. We need level headed politics now. Now more politics of insults.

    • Whats your real name again…oh you are Hichani Hakaswende… You have always voted for HH nothing new here just like I have always voted for the winning parties, Levy, Then Sata and next Lungu.

  9. @ Big L
    No sir, we won’t call you pea-sized brains or whatever; we will give it to you as your inalienable and God-given right to vote for Lungu. That being said, we will not let you forget that Lubgu wants to continue with Sata’s legacy; that’s fair game. The same Sata, who never bothered to hold a press conference throughout his presidency; who called Zambians “yappers) for calling for the constitutional enactment, who chose 90% of his cabinet from only 3 districts of Zambia (Mpika, Chinsali and Kasama) and the same Sata under whose reign PF cadres ran amok and played roughshod. Nay my brother, the legacy is there and you have the right to enjoy.
    We too, will vote for UPND unabashedly and no apologies.

    • Warlord
      Don’t waste your vote on HH……please save yourself some embarrassment

      January 20..ifintu ni Lungu
      and he is moving into the State house. .no doubt. ..with or without your vote.

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Hmmm now you are talking warlord… Just tell your lads keep it neat… I don’t think it will be fair to say cabinet is only for people from the places you mentioned, How about Lungu.? John Phiri.? Inonge Wina.? Wilbur Simuusa.? Now lets look at UPND… Vote for UPND and us the majority will vote for Lungu. Fulustop.

  10. Oh my God, running a country like a business, for profit? It will not happen. A third world country for that matter. What a dream! Who will benefit from the ‘profit’. People need services health, transport, schools, security. You mean people have to pay for police protection? HH is already promising free education, free health care etc . These are free services that are available free even in the most developed countries. These services will require massive spending by GOVT, not to make a profit!

    • Spot on , a country is not supposed to make profit , its a NOT FOR PROFIT MAKING ORGANISATION . It delivers services ,Efficiencey , effectiveness and economy .

      Experiments are done in LABS not on our country .
      The FREEMASON wants to sell the country.

    • @Kimbanguist. I wont waste any more time on you. I tried in your post at 6.1 above.

      Seems your mind is made up. Have your Vodgar and good luck.

    • @Robin let me try this.

      In order for a country to provide services and fend for its citizens, it requires money. Therefore, with the oversight of the govt, citizens engage in wealth creating ventures, such as mining, farming, tourism promotion etc. This it sells (exports), from the proceeds, the country can now build schools, hospitals and buy other things they can produce locally (imports).

      An economy is say to grow or doing well if it produces and sells more goods outside than it buys from other countries.

      Therefore, simply put, the more profit you make as a nation, the better you can provide quality social and other services to your citizens. They will have better roads, schools, homes etc.

      I short, a govt must generate its own revenue – AND NOT rely on HANDOUTS or LOANS!!!!

  11. My vote still goes to EL. HH was on record saying that the PF government had over borrowed in order to put up the infra structure. My question is since he has changed his tune and has promised to complete the same structures he was condemning, were is he going to get money from?

    • Mulekutikishya otherwise kuti wasenda po fye icushi.

      HH has been very clear on where the money will come from. For example he said, His core cabinet will only consist of 15 ministers. He will also trim off a number of deputy Ministerial positions as well as Provincial Ministers. From that alone, about K12,5 billion (rebased) will be saved.

      There will be no by elections that have been gobbling average of K6billion (rebased) each.

      Tendering of Projects will be transparent and projects will costed correctly .

      Increase tax base and other local revenue sources.

      Put stimulant measures to spur economy growth thereby generating more money.

      Exercise prudent and efficient fiscal policies


      That, my friend is where the money will come from. NOT BORROWING

    • You don`t need kaloba, HH will run Zambia as an entrepreneur. He `ll make savings from reduced government and elimination of all sorts of corruption.

  12. Dear HH & the Team: while u were out on national duty:- our Act. President accounted himself well to national duties. Guy Scott is simply marvelous. He can not be compared to any other in PF. He is truly a leader. HH, u can’t believe it but it is true. Simuusa failed to state wen farmers wud b paid. He simply said 5 provinces out of 10 have been paid & that he wud issue statement next wk. He does not seem to know that officially last planting date by farming calendar was 15th Dec. HH, u wud not believe but Simuusa like his friends has no vision. HH, pls on cabinet & in other Govt agencies & ministries, ensure all 10 provinces are represented but on merit. HH, issue of street kids is serious. Can we consider reintroducing ZNS where our kids will be exposed to skills?

    • I thot your HH calls Guy Scott muzungu bopusa.? so becoz he hates Lungu Scott is now a good guy huh.? We all know UPND is dead scared of Lungu…Viva EL

  13. This Edgar Lungu guy claims he want to continue sata’s vision. what vision?.
    Failed Justice system? – how many countries have an acting-chief justice for 3years straight unless you want to keep her on edge and influence her decisions.
    Poor Governance? – Very autocratic tendency, no courtesy. Zamtel sale reversal by word of mouth without consultation now costing us $103 million. overspending and excessive borrowing.

    Sata Edgar and Pf are not very genuine they gave us people to blame took office and did the same if not worse. i for one would love for PF to lose this election. PF has only been in power for 3 years yet look at the amount of wealth these individuals have amassed.

    • Also your HH claims he will complete PF projects…maybe he was just politicking perhaps.? oops you didn’t see this one coming…

    • Yes because PF was also just carrying on RBs projects just like RB was carrying Levis project. Those are called “National Projects.”

  14. Interviewer: Which of your opponents would you concede makes a good VP for you?

    ED: Anyone but Miles

    MS: Anyone but ED

    NM: Anyone but RB

    RB: Everyone as long as I’m president

    EN: I only want Doctor Kaseba, sorry.

    EC: Can I get back to you when my mic is on?

    GM: None of them. I like to be alone.

    HH: I have removed the word concede from my vocabulary.

    ED: You’re a sore loser.

    WK: Wait until I start talking about what we did ED.

    ED: You can be my VP if you quit now.

    MS: You can be mine WK and we will both fire ED.

    ED: But I am the chosen one. Shh.

    MS: Says who? Is it a secret?

    ED: I’ll tell you when we ‘panga’ a deal.

  15. people in the opposition camps are worried at the speed hh has gained . us we are very happy and comfortable that hh has been accepted countrywide and that his massege is simple and important that of uniting the nation and moving the country forward. he has his own vision insteated of depending on the dead man s vision . promises are achievable and has new ones which have not yet been taped people of zambia lets turn in large numbers to give this young man good votes.viva people of zambia viva hh viva upnd come 20 january 2015

  16. HH can promise heaven on earth but shall still lose!you call those few people large crowds?HH’s cadres amazes me a lot!i have always reminded u that in 2011 HH got 1,700 votes from whole Luapula against PF’s 151,800!so check on 20/01/2015 if your HH will manage even 3 000 votes from Luapula!plus HH got 2 400 votes against 260,000 for PF in Northern!gaps were massive!Those areas are PF’s bedrooms and late Sata did roads,clinics,hospitals,universities which voters are seeing today,all farmers are paid in Luapula,etc,so HH cant win there,never!

  17. HH, from wat Simuusa said this morning, I wud like to come up with 2 suggestions that UPND Govt shud consider adopting on paying farmers: let FRA open an overdraft facility with Finance bank equal to projected crop harvest. Every farmer will be given a voucher. A schedule will be sent to respective finance bank branch on wkly basis and farmers will be paid every Friday upon cross-checking details on schedule & voucher. This will ensure farmers are paid on time. Or reintroduce ZCF & revert to old system. Farmers were being paid on time by ZCF. I think rural farmers also need to be encourage to grow cash crops/farm produce. Fish farming shud be encouraged. CDF: use it to generate real businesses that will create employment in respective areas.

  18. I think I made a mistake. .
    UPND is actually DOA…dead on arrival
    …and Rainbow Party is BID..brought in dead

    A DOA has 1% chance of survival and can sometimes be referred to the ICU..Intensive care unit (red door)

    A BID has 0% chance of survival and goes straight to the police mortuary

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  19. When God says Yes no matter what you do it shall come to pass, come 2015 Lungu is the chosen one to be the republican president for zambia,for us that are spending time in the closet can testify, you can see how the enemies are trying to bring him down. Amen men of God

  20. pf guys here is latest guy scott writes to the chief justice not to entertain any presidential nomination from pf till the case in court is resolved ha ha ha tiye nabo guy scott the panga boys katondo boys whatever they call yourselves. and now it is viva hh 20 janaury 2015 ni hh chabe pf zwaaaaaaaa

  21. HH, We cant wait for you to come and bring sanity and redemption to this country. This country needs to move forward, we have had 3 wasted years under PF.

  22. “I love my country. It is my country. It is your country. It is our country. It is one Zambia. It is one nation. It is one people,” he said.

    For me the whole presidential election hinges on that statement. A person who says that cannot fail because he does not carry out his duties alone but will know they have 13 Million country men and women behind them all the way.

    We may not be the most prosperous nation but there aren’t many people in this world with our spirit of togetherness and hard work. What we have lacked are genuine leaders to galvanise and harness that spirit for the betterment of all our citizens regardless of which region they come from.

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