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IG commends Police Officers in Luapula for commitment


Western Province Commissioner of police Fanwell Siamundenge (l) and Colonel Chewe (r) welcomes Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani at Mongu airport.
Western Province Commissioner of police Fanwell Siamundenge (l) and Colonel Chewe (r) welcomes Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani at Mongu airport.

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani has commended Police Officers in Luapula Province for the commitment and passion they have shown towards their work.

Ms. Libongani said Police Officers in the Province have been exemplary despite operating under difficult conditions ranging from lack of Police posts and staff accommodation.The Inspector General of Police said this when she called on Chief Nshimba’s Chiefdom at Kilwa Island in Nchelenge district recently.

Ms. Libongani who is on a three day tour of the Province said the presence of Police at Kilwa Island is a good thing as people there will be assured of security especially that the Island is near the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She also said the Zambia Police Marine boat which was recently procured will help Police Officers on the Island to conduct patrols on Luapula river and lake Mweru in fostering the maintenance of Law and Order.

And Chief Nshimba of the Shila people of Kilwa Island appealed to government to establish a Police post and build houses for officers on the land mass or isle.
The Chief’s Representative Jones Mbita said Police in the area need bicycles and other modes of transport which could help them conduct patrols to other parts of the Island.
He said there was also need for Police Officers to be stationed permanently on the Island adding that security was vital for his people especially that Kilwa Island is near the Democratic Republic of Congo.


  1. In other news a Tonga Chief was campaigning for HH on Sunday telling his people to all come and vote in large numbers…nothing wrong with that however my problem is if a Bemba chief or Paramount Chief Mpezeni did this HH supporters would be crying foul…

    Now imagine if this was encouraged do you really think UPND would come even 3rd.? I for one would appreciate it if chiefs were non partisan.

    • @Big L, I think you having nightmares. Wake up, stop dreaming. HH is the president starting next month.
      Lungu has no time to campaign he got issues:
      – He has to deal with Miles Sampa
      – He has not apologized to Guy Scott and continue disrespecting him
      – He has yet to resign as Defense Minister before nominations.

      Big L, just find something more productive to do in you new life.

    • notras you don’t seem to understand the magnitude of my comment, by the way have completed my calendar for 2015 its parked with a lot of things to do. next on the cards is 2016 God willing I will start my multi billion dollar corporation. come 21 jan lungu is your president mark my words.

  2. Sorry madam. After watching police on YouTube brutally beat Hon. Habeenzu, it is clear that your police needs to change culture. You need an overhaul that will start at the top.

  3. Libongani you are as well welcome to Luapula. HH is simply in love with that province, so we are also so much like HH there, the peaceful province.
    It is HH & Libongani Jan 2015.

  4. UPND completed its campaign tour of Zambia United without any violence, remember the PF convention in kabwe!! now we known the bad seeds police and PF.

  5. Madam, you have disappointed me gravely in what has been reported as biased policing.

    I love it when women appointed to key posts successfully execute their offices in an exemplary manner – I can’t confidently say that you have (Check Irene Mambilima in case you need an example).

    However, I give you the benefit of the doubt because it’s been alleged you were a nepotistic appointee, and thus compromised and thrown into a position you were unsuitable for.

    Going forward, you have a chance to overhaul first yourself, followed by the police force to become dedicated, fair enforcers of the law. So carry on ma’am.

  6. My only complaint against Libongani is that she only acts when someone talks. PF panga marauding thugs attacked delegates who were going to Kabwe in Lusaka and PF dagga smoking filthy thugs attacked someone who was wearing a UPND regalia at Intercity and these blood-letting thugs were only apprehended when our Acting President demanded that the police take special interest in these cases. If the Acting President did not say that, nothing wud have happened. Mayo, bwekeleni fye ku kitchen. U are underweight for that position.

  7. This Stella Libongani has been so quite since the death of Sata, what is she scared of now. She is now preaching Police Professionalism, but where was police professionalism when her policemen were busy brutalizing HH’s cadres at Court and she was just folding her hands. Makes me wonder!!

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