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Chipimo files in nominations papers

General News Chipimo files in nominations papers

Elias Chipimo speaking at the press briefing at the NAREP Secretariat
Elias Chipimo speaking at the press briefing at the NAREP Secretariat

Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo Junior has successfully filed in his nomination papers for the January 20, 2015 presidential elections.

And Mr. Chipimo nearly failed to file his nomination papers because 20 of his supporters did not have the required documents to be eligible for admission as a supporter.

The supporters either had only a national registration card or just a voter’s card and not both as required for them to be legitimate supporters of a presidential candidate.

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) officials gave the opposition leader some time to enable him raise the required 200 supporters.

Mr. Chipimo however managed to make arrangements for other supporters who had both documents and filed in his papers before Acting Chief Justice, Lombe Chibesakunda.

Mr. Chipimo, a lawyer by profession, also declared his assets amounting to K16, 268,000 million and K100, 000 liabilities.

The opposition leader, who was flanked by his wife Mubanga, his son, his vice president Charles Maboshe and a handful of supporters, said the successful filing in of his documents signals the begin of marathon campaigns ahead of the January 20, 2014 presidential poll.

Mr. Chipimo dismissed assertions that he has failed to raise 200 supporters required by the Commission but said there were transport problems and limited time allocated to him as well as mobilizing them to reach at the Supreme Court.

He urged the Zambian people to scrutinise the presidential candidates and their source of funding.

He charged that he is merely using his own resources in this presidential election.

He was optimistic that he will emerge a victor on January 20, 2015 elections.

He has since urged his party members to go flat out in campaigning for him for the presidency.

Mr. Chipimo joins Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi who has successfully filed in her nomination papers today.

Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda announced that Mr. Chipimo’s papers were valid and congratulated him for his intentions to serve the Zambian people if elected president next year.

Lusaka lawyer and Forum for Democratic Alternatives president, Ludwig Sondashi and Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba successfully filed in nominations in the presidential nomination exercise which started yesterday.


  1. this guy is broke 100,000 liabilities against 16,268 assets with a net loss of over 52 000. what uselesss presidential hopeful

    • It seems Chipimo got alot more than Nawakwi from PF after that journey to Rio.
      Narep is becoming more like a scumbag party for PF, no vision.
      Chipimo only talks if PF has delayed the paycheck, as it it can be seen by Nawakwi of FDD who together with Chipimo, were “chewing” with PF.
      Some parties need to stop seriously, Narep only barks at huha, they can’t even bite, let alone win the presidential election. Not in my life time.
      Chipimo has disappointed many by sun basking with PF.
      Good luck anyways!

    • Transport problems? This is such an important process Mr Chipimo. Your supporters should have started walking to arrive on time. They should have walked from Choma of Ndola for days to show how serious you are about this process. For now no need to even campaign, you are out, because you have show no seriousness at all. And the net assets you have, am afraid not enough. We don’t want you getting into State House and suddenly your wife starts donating billions of Kwacha left, right and centre and your children have more money that the country’s national budget. We have seen Mulenga Sata donating huge monies to the PF party for the muddled conventions from selling dogs? Henry Banda is in hiding allegedly with millions of Kwachas. NEXT NOMINATION PLEASE or we can settle for a GNU.

  2. Chipimo has not yet found a niche in the political ecosystem. He is a nocturnal political animal, fearing to work during the day with view of conserving “water”. I doubt if he will cross the number 20,000 in votes is this election.

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