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Government reinstates all fired nurses

Health Government reinstates all fired nurses

MINISTER of Health Dr. Joseph Kasonde gives his speech during the Zambia and Zimbabwe (ZamZim) joint World malaria day commemoration at Mukuni Park in Livingstone
MINISTER of Health Dr. Joseph Kasonde

Health Minister Joseph Kasonde has announced that Government has re-engaged all the nurses that were fired for staging an illegal strike in 2013.

Dr Kasonde told a media briefing in Lusaka that out of the 570 health workers that were initially dismissed, 67 were immediately reinstated after clarification of their circumstances.

Dr Kasonde added that 431 who had re-applied have since been re-appointed while 71 have had their cases processed and are free to collect their letters of re-engagement.
He also announced that one staff member has since died.

Dr Kasonde said the Ministry is pleased and impressed with the cooperation that these members of staff have exhibited.

‘I am pleased to say that all those that were dismissed in December 2013 are now eligible for reengagement without loss of benefits,’ Dr Kasonde stated.

Dr Kasonde hoped that the matter of the fired nurses will now be allowed to rest.


    • This is a magnanimous move for the common good. Effective leadership is in realizing what is is gravely wrong and accepting to correct the mistake. This is what Zambians want in leadership.


    • This is a campaign strategy just to win votes. PF you are still going come Jan 20, 2015. This is HH’s time. Why didn’t you reinstate the nurses a long time ago? Just when HH announced that he will reinstate all the nurses, you do likewise. I pity you PF because no amount of lies will stop HH and UPND from forming government.

    • Nurses should not only be reinstated, but also paid for lost time. All lost wages due to Sata’s madness should be back paid. The government seems to be dancing to HH tunes. They are doing everything he is saying on his campaign trail. HH is already leading from the Opposition.

    • Thank you HH for putting pressure on these Pathetic f00ls(PF).

      Now katema you won’t lie to us look you just killed one. but can your statement go further and back pay them all their salaries NOW. Thank God for HH.

    • Desparate PF. Another win for HH and UPND. This is one of his Agendas including paying farmers and recognizing Chitimukulu Sosala. So why is PF saying that he has a wrong Agenda when they are copying his ALL the way.
      Viva HH

    • Yaba HH is already working before being voted into office! All fired nurses reinstated without delay.Wow!

      Next it will be Sosala to be recognised as Paramount chief of the Bashilubemba.

      This is how powerful HH ‘s message is. PF is now in panic mode.

      HH is so powerful, he has managed to change PF mind after they justified why nurses were fired in the first place. This is not want Sata wanted but what HH wants.

      Its true when HH said he is providing leadership from the opposition bench.

      Viva HH.

    • Dear Friends and Patriots.

      I take this opportunity to invite you all to the Nomination Ceremony of our party President, Honourable Edgar Chagwa Lungu at the Supreme Court in Lusaka, on Saturday the 20th December, 2014. Arrival is 08.00hrs.

      We need all of you with voters cards to carry them with your NRC as a requirement so that we can out-number the required 200 supporters. Come in thousands and let us send a clear message to Zambia and the World that we are THE PATRIOTIC FRONT, united more than ever.

      The next time we meet at the Supreme Court will be on 21st or 22nd January, 2015 for the swearing in ceremony of Hon. CHAGWA.

      I will be answering your comments on Facebook after attending Parliament, I just took few minutes to come and share this invitation with you all.

    • HH faka pressure, faka pressure. Damage to PF is already done. Too little to late. The workers are not fools they will not forget.

  1. “Don’t Kubeba” at work, soon it will be Chanda Sosala at the palace.
    What a way to hunt for votes. Just imagine being reinstated during elections.

  2. ‘I am pleased to say that all those that were dismissed in December 2013 are now eligible for reengagement without loss of benefits”

    Kasonde 2014

    “This Shamenda man came here last month when we initially went on strike and told us that we should put his head on the chopping board if government does not pay us our 21 percent salary increments. Our October salaries are still showing 4 percent and now we want Shamenda to come back to UTH and we chop off his head,”

    Angry Nurse, November 2013

    Not a loss really is it?
    Zambian nurses cant even work here in the nursing homes
    Fat slow lazy cant speak english, you name it

    Good riddance


    Mushota December 3, 2013

    I can’t wait to see how conflicted our BB2014 is going to be. Chuckle.

    • a phiri anabwela is an *****. ati cant speak english. nomba umusungu can he speak tumbuka,lozi, bemba or nyanja. where is your pride you stupid dull african?

    • @Zagaze – you do realise I am quoting a Mushota-ism with the date listed, right?

      An eye test and sense of humour is advised. Lighten up. No apology necessary.


  3. Hahahahaha, very funny indeed! What were you waiting for to do or say this bwana Minister? I think Sata was really a big Devil!

  4. The usual campaign gimic. Never be cheated Zambians, these are the very people who were making decisions at the time together with late SATA. It means that SATA was forcing food into their throats, why all of sudden change. These are cheats and we will not allow such dirty tactics from even old educated men like Kasonde. Where have they got the money so sudden. PF has to go, because if it does not go, then common people will continue to suffer. Or it is either they know they are loosing so they are transfering the challenge to the next leadership. Non of these Guys who are in PF right now should ever be allowed to come into leadership again. They have caused a lot of missery at grassroot level. There is untold poverty in rural areas this time.

  5. I now believe when the post say Edgar Lungu has no vision. He is following whatever HH says;
    1. To reinstate fired nurses
    2. To recognise Henry Sosala as Chitimukulu
    3. Lifting the wage freeze
    4. Paying farmers on time
    5. etc
    I wonder what this country would be if Edgar wins coz he has no vision for this country. He is behaving like Fr. Frank Bwalya who behaves like a head less chicken

    • Totally in agreement with you. Why didnt they reinstate the nurses while Sata was alive if they mean well? Bunch of i….d….i….o….t….s who have ran out of ideas.

  6. i have always advised those affected its too late the pain was too much to be forggoten just like that . we know some of you will not even enjoy this money cos its already finished in kaloba. hh started long time ago advising pf government to reinstate nurses but all in deaf ears . todate during elections and after realizing that they are loosing then they pretend to be a listerning government a great damage has already been done. to hell vote for the man who fought for you- hh chabe 20 january 2015. iam sure you will hear kanyanta sosala is now recorginised as chitimukulu these are foolish campaign strategies kuyabebele pf. . its only flight hh 2015 forward with zambia. let them also announce that all farmers have been paid all their money, simple may be one can say at least

  7. Unless the Zambian people are stupid they will vote for PF because this is political gimmick just to attract votes (PF) to themselves.
    Where were they all this long just to reinstate them now? Nurses open your eyes and not only your eyes but your inner eyes to see.
    This also goes to other civil servants and the rest of Zambia to be vigilant. The way you vote now has a bearing on your life today and your children tomorrow.
    Vote for HH if you love Zambia to go forward in terms of development. Southerners are hard working people and honest. If hunger was to strike Zambia southerners would be the last people to feel the sting if it!



  9. Aah, is this the late Presisent’s legacy? U guys, are u sure u are going to continue with the late President’s legacy? U have already started undoing what the president did too soon. Conclusion: u are just using the late president’s name for campaigns.

  10. Good to see you have your job back. Presumably now you will not be usurped by Christine Kaseba’s interference?

  11. what a way to continue with vision! MCS said we had a functional constitution but now i hear one EL say he will enact a new constitution. will it be an animal constitution because we already have a human constitution? these PF really feared MCS now i believe because whatever MCS did they didnt question but now they are questioning the very vision they purport to support – how ironic. you dont need to be serendipitous minded to see what is at stake now – continuity of their current lavish lifestyles. the nurses you fired had families and responsibilities and the days, the emotions and stress they have suffered cannot be costed and for that you should be ashamed of yourselves. youre the same people who signed as cabinet 65 retiremnt age but now are renegating on your resolutions. a vision!!!

  12. Honestly, you can’t please people all the time.

    Lungu is being tarnished by people’s anger towards Sata. However Lungu has proven time and again that he is a man of action and delivery.

    We got our draft constitution, Nurses reinstated and farmers are getting paid as promised by Lungu.

    He is a good Leader. Vote Lungu for action packed delivery!

  13. Only a fool can vote for such desperate stupid politicians.Why woke up now when the campains are running.I bet not any well meaning nurse or zambian can be bought with such cheap political tricks.Uku kutumpa sana.elyo mulemona kwati abena zambia fipuba ,nangula tabatontonkanya.Awe mukwai kwena muli MBUSHI mukwa!

  14. To All nurses in Zambia

    You have suffered so much humiliation from PF and work so hard under difficult conditions.You were fired for asking fairness of pay and you lost jobs. Today without shame or apology PF reinstates you to hoodwink you.
    PF does not respect workers and can fire you again.
    Vote for HH and UNPD for improved condition of service and respect for the work you do to Zambians.

    Viva HH viva UPND on 20/01/2015

  15. Kudos to HH bkos thru his pressure, the PF govt is now feeling the heat. I am sure the nurses will do the PF a Donchi Kubeba when voting! Let the reinstated nurses enjoy their arrears as jubilee package due to HH’s campaign. Viva HH!

  16. Mwebo If the UPND was not a regional party, a Bantustan party, it’s victory would have been assured in this election. But equally, it won’t be easy for them because they have done nothing to extend the influence and appeal of their political party beyond the borders of their Bantustan. They are now trying frantically to recruit a few personalities here and there to give them the appearance of a national character. Such desperate moves often don’t work. Instead of addressing the challenges of their regional character, they became defensive. If they had positively taken the criticism of their party having a regional character and taken positive measures to address it, this election would be a walkover for them.


  17. Dr Kasonde, you have left out other votes in ndola. Remember the innocent 60+ general workers you fired. Those are COOL votes for you(PF). Nalandakofye.


  19. HH is working even before being inaugurated.
    next time we will hear that Mwine Lubemba Henry Kanyanta Sosala has been recognised.
    The Desparate PF thieves are following every comment that HH makes and implements immediately even without the approval of the acting President.
    Shame on u Edgar Muhammed Lungu.
    Too late, the Katondo boys will still vote for HH, the Man of Peace and Progress.

  20. It’s painful to see a supposedly professional of Dr Kasonde’s standing stoop so low in handling matters related to human resource for health. So, what have you gained, Dr? We have lost several innocent souls because of you and your govt’s ridiculous decisions. Am not sure what you hope to gain by reinstating those “arrogant” nurses or perhaps they have now reformed.

    You see, this only shows your sheer desperation for power, power to rule your perceived mediocre beings. Unfortunately, Dr, its a missed call.

    • Imagine, Kasonde of all the people. These are nothing but useful *****s! MCS rightly called them useless ministers.

    • @ Missed Call – you hit the nail on the head. Desperate situations calling for desperate measures.

      These Pathetic fools have no shame or pride at all. Full of politics of the belly. Kuya beleble ba Paya Farmer.

    • This is what he gets for belonging to an illiterate party. You start working like them, taking orders from cadres.

  21. UPND, what happens next month when HH loses? Are you guys going to finally break from regional politics. You fellow tribalists the Bembas has stopped and are now multipolitical. Shall you guys do the same when need arises? Or shall you just go the UNIP way?

  22. UPND is in third place as a party, when the MMD sorts out their mess your votes are already split. Do not get hypertension, calm down and campaign without insults. 20th January remember UPND is still in opposition.

  23. ..it must be noted that whatever time and whenever they were going to reinstated was going to be a good thing…..of course the timing is conceived as a campaign gimmick…..
    ….but the issue is, how did the affected nurses survive the last ten months….most of them relied on soft loans, shylocks…they are in debts which may take time to recover from…..the opposition can also score by promising to look at the possibility of paying the nurses their ten months salaries or atleast meet them half way…5 months from legal point of view

  24. As a civil servant, either you vote for the ruling party or you abscond. They have a way of tracking you and no wonder you get fired. be wise!

  25. @Jayjay- think of upgrading your webbed warped grey matter. Voting is done in secrecy. I’m a government worker & openly campaigning for HH. I’m ready for any action from your outgoing Lairs Party PF. After all its only 30 days remaining for you to vacate. Zwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lairs Party PF ZwAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. We want civilisation to resume again in our country & respect living in diversity in a multi-partism democratic country-Zwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lairs’ Party PF zwa-zwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  26. Dr kasonde we are still waiting for your comments on the 60+ votes that you fired at Arthur Davison children’s. Mind you those workers are very very innocent

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