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Father Bwalya writes Open Letter to Guy Scott

Columns Father Bwalya writes Open Letter to Guy Scott



Dear Sir,



I wish to begin by expressing my disappointment at the manner in which you responded to my revelation that you were a member of the new Rainbow Party. In responding to my revelation you asked me to go to hell. I think that a good leader should not answer people in the manner you did. Therefore, I urge you to be civil your language.


I insist that you are a member of the Rainbow party. My source of information is very credible. Some members of the Rainbow party who are close to me informed me about plans to form Rainbow party and tried to convince me to join.

When I asked who was behind it I was informed about a number of people including yourself.

So I am very convinced that you are a member of Rainbow party and your recent destabilizing conduct in Patriotic Front (PF) is part of your plan to diminish the fortunes of PF before you formally join your new party. But you must know that your destructive schemes are posing a serious security risk to all citizens.


I wish to disagree with you over your claim that you were committed to maintaining law and order and upholding the Republican Constitution because you notoriously disobeyed a court order. Information has come up that you were aware of the court order not to go ahead with your illegal general conference at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority near Kabwe after shunning the legally constituted general conference which was called by yourself. It is common knowledge that you have no respect for the law and our courts. You are lawless. If it had not been for the presidential immunity from prosecution that you enjoy as acting president you should have been dragged to court for the criminal offence of contempt.

It is therefore a scandal that you ran to the same courts to obtain an injunction to restrain PF leader Mr. Edgar Lungu from demoting you as PF Vice President. You want Mr. Lungu and PF to obey the order of the injunction you got and allow you to continue occupying the position of PF Vice President and yet you refused to obey a similar order from the same courts. This shows that you are a bad leader and you don’t deserve the respect of our people.


Your action to write a letter to the acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda instructing her not to receive nomination papers from Mr. Edgar C Lungu who is the duly elected leader of PF and sole presidential candidate is an example of your lack of respect for the separation of powers. Are you telling us that the acting Chief Justice is ignorant of cases before the courts of law for which she is Chief Justice? Are you telling us that the acting Chief Justice would not do the right thing without your counsel? And who are you to start instructing the judiciary? Do you think that just because you are a white man you are the only intelligent and wise person in Zambia and that the rest of us are stupid?


The cheap propaganda that you have been spreading has exposed you as a very shallow leader who is not fit to govern our country as acting president. Your claim that the reason why cabinet ministers have risen against you is because you have refused to allow Mr. Edgar Lungu to abuse public funds in his presidential campaign portrays you as a lair and cheap propagandist. You know in your heart and the country knows as well that the reason why Mr. Lungu demoted you as Vice President of PF is due to your indiscipline exhibited in your misguided letter to the acting Chief Justice which was an attempt to block Mr. Lungu from filling his nominations.

If I may ask you, what is the connection between your letter and the misconduct surrounding it, on the one hand and the issue of abusing state resources on the other hand? Even a grade one child can see that you were just playing cheap politics by trying to link the action of Mr. Lungu to discipline you to the issue of his alleged attempt to abuse public resources. You know better than any citizen that Mr. Lungu has never approached to help him abuse public funds. You also know that Mr. Lungu has been hiring private planes and motor vehicles for his campaign. However, you have chosen to lie and engage in cheap propaganda to tarnish the name of an innocent person just because he was not your preferred candidate.


I wish to warn you to stop taking Zambians for fools. Our people have embraced you after deciding to forget about how you were fired by late Dr. Frederick Chiluba after that scandal of slaughtering pigs. Our people saw in you a man who meant well for our country until recently. Be informed that majority of our people are very upset with you. They have now seen your true colour as an enemy of the truth, peace and common sense. The manner in which have been insulting the collective intelligence of our citizens and mistreating an innocent man namely Edgar Lungu has convinced our people that you are an enemy of the Zambian community.


Finally, I urge you to repent and do your job of managing the transition in line with the law, professionalism and common sense. I know that you are very frustrated after failing to manipulate things to impose a presidential candidate for PF. But your decision to vent your frustrations in a manner that endangers the peace of our country shall never be tolerated.

Yours faithfully,

Fr. Frank Bwalya

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    • The bantustan party were and are still enjoying the wrangles in PF caused by the muzungu.

      He is finishing the party.

    • Malabishi indeed!

      Fr Bwalya you are no longer a factor! Yesterday you left PF because it was rotten. Today you are back because you are broke already.

      We cannot vote for Vodka no matter what.

      Ni HH chabe!

      20 Jan 2015! Ni HH chabe baane!

    • Rubbish, rubbish! Father Bwalya you threw the first stone now you cry foul. Are you truly an ordained priest? Your behavior leaves real priests squirming in their seats. Why did you get involved in politics? Disgrace!

    • That Priest Bwalya will go to HELL for condemning Guy Scott.
      How can a priest disclose what someone told him during a confession? I will sure Bwalya on behalf of Guy Scott in capacity as friend, just the way I joined a law-suit suing Jews for killing Jesus.

    • Father Bwalya a real man of God has spoken and told the truth about this atheist racist that wants to destroy Zambia, this Guy Scott that has never meant good for Zambia, this Guy Scott has deceived many a Zambian upon first glance but once you study and analyze this racist scumbag you will see he is just like the worst of all racists..Guy Scott is a liar and a failure that has completely failed to succeed in any vocation.

      He failed as a researcher for the then European Economic Community and their research on wheat in Mpongwe.

      He failed as a minister under the miserable cretin Chiluba.

      He failed as a farmer of the diseased piggery called Nkumba farms.

      He failed as an opposition leader of Lima Party.

      Now he lamentably fails as an Acting President.


    • Timely warning , he will run away to Malawi like skinner .

      He thinks we dont know about his corrupt deals. We know you are paid millions of dollars to facilitate illegal business favours to his crooked friends.

    • Ok ladies and gentlemen

      The stage is set…..Saturday

      Any crowd control specialist on this site…..????? We need your help please come by early tomorrow morning at CBI building in Matero…..

      Nomination will just be done for formalities sake…otherwise we are already looking for a moving company to help us move Hon Edgar Lungu to his soon to be new address. ..Plot 1

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Kambwili already discredited you on live radio, called you ishilu and you accepted it. Now his group of thugs and you are friends all of a sudden? *****

    • Well said right to the point, if PF loses the election uyu Muzungu afunika ku pita. For sure he is a member of the umukola nfula party, by all means he wants PF to be kicked out of power. Mr. what we call boma ni boma we are in government and in control this is our term it is ending in 2016 and we shall hammer them again.
      This so called muzungu bele surprised us,he pretended to be guiding us we went for the convention Saturday not seen for the opening ceremony ,Sunday no show kanshi ninshi natumusopolola kale.

    • Thanks Fr Bwalya for calling a spade a spade. These same bantustans were saying Muzungu wopusa….now what has changed today?

    • What a strong worded letter by Fr. Bwalya, hardly the kind of language one would associate with priesthood.

      I wonder if catholic seminaries, schools or whatever they’re called that confer ‘Priesthood titles’ tolerate this audaciously crude behaviour displayed here.

      Medical professionals observe ethics, accountants adhere to standards of practice, so are lawyers. Failure to observe often lead to enforcement of discipline which can mean taking away practicing licence, revoking titles or complete removal from register.

      It looks like Catholic priests lack that code of conduct. Otherwise Frank Bwalya’s “Father title” would have been stripped ages ago. He reminds me of Sata the MP who knew no boundaries. At least he had no priesthood title and could get away with it.

  1. Why is this a$$ho still called “father” who covers such lumpens? somebody spill chibuku on this tole again!

    • That made me laugh bro! This world, I tell you folks we don’t have to comment on every utterances by some of these lunatics, we won’t keep up. A serious flawed individual this Bwalya, is he really a Zambian?

    • Father Bwalya a man of God who just say the truth. For sure this man Mr Guy Scot wanted to separate the part into two. Thank God he intervened. ACC

    • Ur just like yo frend. Dr Scot is doing what the priest has failed to do. He deseves praise. Even young HH has noticed how wise scott is

  2. Father Bwalya, which Zambians are you speaking for? You are completely wrong showing such disrespect for a man in authority. As a citizen I disagree with this barrage of insults to our acting President.

    • GUYscott is acting for HH and Rainbow not the pipo of Zambia…He has shown us a bad leader he can make to a nation like Zambia nd if anyone supports his misconducts,it means that person or that particular political party does not mean well for our mother Zambia,,we don’t want pipo that av no respect for the separation of powers nd the rule of law..

    • What kind of acting President was he, who can not even unite the children when they differ.

      We don’t want people like him.

  3. Hate speech. Why do you make false accusations bwana former priest. The truth is you have failed to run your own ABZ party and now you are trying to be a PF cadre. Good for you sir, they’ll use u and dump you again.

    • He fits to be a PF cadre. He is one already. Can’t stand this pries. He brings confusion instead of preaching peace. He is also a stirrer. Someone buy him a large wooden spoon.

    • Father Bwalya has spoken the truth,,He’s managed to get the card out of the bag…thnx so mch for openning our eyes………………………………………Nipabwato………………………………………..PF for life

  4. Who the hell is this Bwalya? You failed to feed yourself through Church tithe now you are trying politics. For your information people of Zambia have more respect for Guy Scott than you. You even call yourself ‘Father’ what kind of father are you when you can’t get married to father a child. Your time is up. No more feeding from public funds. Go to HELL.

  5. Faza Bwalya you are just a chancer ! You are a headless chicken .Why don’t you use your head for thinking instead of using it just for shaving ?

  6. Proper Malabish, our priest is now an opportunists. Scot was right. This man seems to be a champion of confusion. He is also a hypocrite. He is a president of ABZ but ever meddling in the affairs of PF. He sees nothing wrong with that. Father Frank is playing the devil in PF. He is using the name of the party to make himself popular. Its time he went to were Scot said he will fill comfortable!

  7. I’m trying to care but it’s easier not to. A reminder why I don’t like politics beyond the MJ popcorn entertainment value.

    We are a young enough country to dream, visualise, plan and achieve. This will take inspirational leadership. Scott’s job is over in a few weeks and taking shots at each other is such a waste of time.

    Can one of you lot… just one… actually spend time out there with people saying something other than what exposes your messy internal organisation? There are people sleeping hungry, payless, shelterless, jobless, prospect less etc. tonight. Tonight. And this is on your watch!

    Slap each other around by all means. Privately!

  8. We know that Frank Bwalya has to eat but he shouldn’t waste our time. This is not the way people go about asking for jobs. Are you not the one who was apologizing for campaigning for PF. Preoccupy yourself with your party assuming it does even exist

  9. Thank you father Bwalya for that letter.If Guy Scot was food (nshima), I could have stopped eating long time ago. This Guy is a danger to our society. The earlier is booted out the better for our country. You have spoiled it for other whites living in Zambia never to be trusted or bring them closer to the corridors of power. Here, Mugabe is vindicated.

  10. This Father or Fatherless Bwalya is one of the lowest ranking citizens of this country. The bastard has utterly no substance…

  11. Malabisi, brainless “father of thugs” who deserted his flock. Leave Scott alone and please speak for PF supporters and not all Zambians.

    • Nyau or nyoko or what ever you call yourself, do not bring my church into this. For sure if Miles Sampa had been elected as presidential candidate of the PF would GS be singing the same song? We know most PF supporters would rather have HH stand against Miles Sampa because they know against EL, HH has no chance.
      EL will stand against HH
      EL is one of us.
      HH is for masons and the rich

    • ba Mwine,
      Thanks for expressing your opinion so candidly. Your displeasure notwithstanding, it’s a fact that this noisy chap Frank is an ex Catholic priest. I know more than you may think about the Catholic church. They invest quite a bit in the education of their priests. The chap is a product of Catholic education. I doubt he would have the platform he has today had he not gotten that education from the Catholics. Hence my fair question. You can answer the question or you can choose to ignore it. What kind of scum does the Catholic church produce?

  12. The people who are opposed to this open letter have the same problem that Scott has… twisting things and changing the subject. Why attack the Father personally? He has articulated important issues, why not intelligently argue the contents rather than throwing words around meaninglessly?

    • I can’t believe the response by bloggers here to Father Bwalya’s letter. You accept to be taken for fools by a white racist settler just because it plays in your preferred candidates favour?? Unbelievable!!!! I hope EL wins.

    • If in response Dr Scott made a mistake to what ‘Mr’ Bwalya said as originator of the exchange, there was no need for Bwalya’s response to be tactless!

  13. Racist father or whatever. Asking the acting president to repent when you yourself you are full of hate. How can you claim to be a follower of jesus with the racial segregation? Unlike you Scott has got morals and is not a scavenger.

  14. It is unfortunate that the so called father has nothing to give our beloved Zambia direction . He has no home just like he has no party , he has no job poor man. Forget about him he will be no where near after 20/01/2015.

  15. This so-called father Bwalya is a retarded chap, is it his business to know how a party was formed and its composition? If he was mentally sound he would be talking about his defunct whistle party instead of carelessly poking his nose all over the place.

  16. scott started pf and wants to destroy it.Whoever comes after 20 jan shud arrest scott 4 gross indiscipline.hw can he go to court after being fired by the person he doesnt rcognise as his presdent.VIVA LUNGU

  17. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha just when I thought the weekend would be quiet, the former Busa types a letter. hahahahahahahahaha
    This election has given me joy.

  18. Go to hell Father Bwalya. You are a sniper and distructive. You
    should have just gone a scholarship for British Council as advised by that late Sata. You are not adding value to Zambian politics. Alternatively you and Pastor Mumba go back to your flock or repent and shut up.

  19. Countrymen and women. Guy is doing a good job. This cabinet had it not been for Guy they would have messed up worse than they would mess by the time they will be asked to hand back the instruments of power to honest leadership.

    Guy may have misjudged by writing to the Electral cvommission but we should understand that he did that in his desperation to put things straight. How can you allow someone to file when there is still an issue in the courts of law.

    These people have regrouPed to finish the country. I really feel sorry for Zambia under PF. God have mercy

  20. For the sack of respect this maroon should not be called a father. Why does Zambia give a platform to these chaps who were failures in school and opted to become a fake preacher because even 48 points in grade twelve is acceptable to be a father. I doubt God is on his side, he is the reason why PF won’t win. You don’t play with God and God’s people. I rest my case.

    • Kambwili was right! The ABZ leader has rabies and is getting mad! Can somebody close to him help please before he starts undressing in public. The spirit of that chicken he strangled in public is haunting him!

  21. Bwalya, find something to do or a woman to give you advice about life. You are a failure and have no identity in life. Failed Priest, failed politician and not even morals. You are a Bemba – Tonga coloured. Very bad combination.

  22. u stupid F00ölish bantustan party as membe cals u .
    its gud for MUTATI to suport HH but not gud for Bwalya to SUPORT EL
    wen are u going to wak up n face the reality that no normal person will vote for u?
    u go round the country n see for yourself that people regard your leader as a tribalist party.
    mark my words upnd will neva win an election under the leadership of HH not.
    keep on fuling yourselves with your online popularity while we enjoy grasroot suport.

  23. Father Bwalya, you delude yourself and embarrass us. I am surprised that LT could publish such trash. This man sounds deranged and very keen to get some publicity at every opportunity. How can he be so racist and provocative, yet call himself a priest? How he no clue how he came to be a priest? He has supported and then fallen out with almost every grouping he has associated with, including the PF. He seems to believe that GS is an impediment to his aspirations, even though GS’s role is that of gate keeper and facilitator at this point in time. He is not a contender to be shot at and gain approval from the electorate. Why the inferiority complex, believing all GS’s actions are driven by his racial makeup? It’s preposterous and demeaning to all Zambians. Screen out some of these…

    • Wheneva I hear or read abt bwalya’s nonsense I remember petersen’s song and sing ” messiah bwelanso pachalo ukwapula nafuti”

    • Frank has just nailed it spot on,this muzungu belela was up to destroying the mighty party and some of us were following him blindly. Not until we caught him pants down trying to buy time ,busy dividing us, brining confusion in the party.

  24. Frank Bwalya is a piece of Sh$t! As fa as I am concerned he can go F$uck himself with the rest if the catholic bishops in Zambia.

  25. people, one person desobeys court oder and same person wants another person to obey his court order????????? no please, this person should just resign on his own . father bwalya is very right. imwe tu upnd have some senses in your senseless heards.

  26. Father bwalya is better than all of you hating bloggers because unlike you he has expressed his mind without fear. You are just tambas watching things unfold and you claim to be patriotic Zambians, if you feel Scott is a good leader why can’t you go to the media as well and see if anyone will pay attention . In a democracy everyone is entitled to an opinion, blogging every time is cowardice.you can’t run the country on the internet,go out there and express your opinion in the real world than insulting someone like Frank bwalya you is just speaking his mind. Cowards of the country .

  27. Lyk I said,i feel no sympathy 4 men who use God’s name to enrich themselves,so dat been said mr bwalya ( I address u lyk dat koz to me u nat a father) u deserve evrythin dr scott said to u,probably even mor than that

  28. The problem here is the number of ZWD immigrants infiltrating what was positive space for PF!

    Father Bwalya is correct to help put things in perspective. Every Right Thinking citizen will see how wrong Guy Scott, HH and supporters are.

    They have formed a contorted Hell on Earth, helping each other to the winning post!

    Ignorance is a problem in Zambia. Fr Bwalya has confirmed information has come up stating Guy knew of the injunction but carried on. Confirmed also is that he is a Rainbow Party Supporter. Every responsible citizen should hope the Legal team has it. We can’t prosecute Guy for the immunity, but that he has tried to manipulate CJ is clear and unquestionable. That he has caused a terrible environment in the country is true. Even the IMF have urged peace.

    • The reason this page is so full of attacks on Father Bwalya is because of the Anti-Christ HH supporters. They come out in force whenever someone calls on..Jesus.

      Jessie wa mu town is one who has bullied others for marely applying their Christian morality.

      It’s like vampires out of the woodwork!

    • ZWD does not entertain others , i guess it has become boring , every day true true true Lloyd Himmanbo and Clayson Hammasako.

    • @Patriot
      Gee Patriot I didn’t realize I appeared so against christianity! Not so. I’ll explain:
      I detest it when people abrogate their civic responsibility or ability to influence their own destiny because “Only God knows” or “God has already chosen”. That is sheer abrogation of responsibility and an excuse for inaction. It makes me angry.
      Here’s how I see it – there is a higher being (God, Bhuddha, Allah, the universe …) that has already endowed you with everything you need to enjoy your allotted time here on earth. Use it. Don’t go running back asking for more, just because you are too lazy to use what you’ve been given.
      Nothing against whatever you believe in!

    • aaaawh @40.3 jessie wa mu town

      See you are not a Christian! There is only ONE. God, King of Kings…..Jesus is his name.

      None of that ‘in the Universe,’ Buddah cuts it! Also self determination is not a Christian concept unless it is obtained in the blessings of one who can make all things possible.

      It’s okay for Christians to leave matters to Christ in unforeseen things. There is nothing we can do in these political matters but to pick a side and interprete our Christian morality by applying his principles and sometimes throwing our hands up to him to seek direction. It is not a dereliction of duty.

      LAZY people! That’s a very subjective observation and lacks the analytical application of facts obtained by observing factors affecting an individual’s life. Not…

    • Jessie
      LAZY people! That’s a very subjective observation and lacks the analytical application of facts obtained by observing factors affecting an individual’s life. Not scientific observation. Any Sociologist, Political Scientist, Philosopher, etc. would surely not agree with your interpretation of ‘underachieving’ people.

      Once I had multiple pressing problems. I could not sort one without exacerbating the other. So I left all alone and pondered for while in prayer. Well the darnedest thing happened……..the problems resolved themselves in the time I allowed to ponder!

      Don’t scream! For you maybe the best explanation for that is that if you wait long enough things resolve themselves. BUT for me and my (household), we believe in Jesus Christ’s ability to…

  29. some of the comments are bushit. cant u see that for real guy Scott is upto something? let me remind you one thing a white man will never have respect for a black man.

  30. Panyo panu mweo a Walya. Scotch Guy did not ASK you to go to hell, he TOLD you to go there because that’s where you belong, shah…

  31. Frank Bwalya find yourself a wife and become a father, you have nothing to offer to Zambians as you had nothing to offer to catholic church.

  32. Hypocritical ‘Father’ Bwalya. Please remove the LOG in your eye before you could remove a speck in Guy Scott who is doing the right thing by the country… Every Zambian has seen the integrity Scott has displayed under very difficult circumstances…..The next government should scrutinise every Kwacha and ngwee spent….and put everyone found wanting in jail…

    If father Bwalya gained something…He should also be brought to justice… only that I don’t know if our court systems are still independent.

  33. This letter reminds me of the insults I received from my childhood girlfriend I refused to marry: Thoughtless, full of emotion, frustration and bitterness. It does not mean that Guy Scott has contributed to the loss of PF (as you kind of admit in your letter). Blame yourselves. PF lost further ground when the public noticed it accmmodated insane individuals like you. You are a huge liability to PF Fr. Bwalya. It is not long ago you insulted the same party you are embracing today. The man you are supporting declared he wants to support Sata’s vision, the same vision you condemned just recently. Show deep maturity in some of these issues. Choose to maintain a level of dignity by conducting self-introspection in your quiet time. What will you do after 20th January when PF packs?

  34. I even wonder why you people have continued to call Frank ‘Fr. Bwalya’ when he does not even deserve the title at all; very vulgar and not worth of a leader at any level. Frank is just one of the broke Zambian politicians who are gifted at making noise, but without impact at all. Let’s see this time if he will continue making noise after the 20th of January 2015. What a desperate vision-less culprit is he? Frank, shame on you! Stop hiding under the comfort of PF, and face reality if you are truly a politician. What a desperate poor vision-less individual are you? Am very very disappointed in you Frank Bwalya. In you I can no-longer see a noble Catholic priest I knew & 7 years ago.

  35. Fr Frank ” hypocryite satana” Bwalya you can kindly go to hell.

    You are a time waster, and Plse PF do not give that imbecile any platform cause it will look like you think like this homo nicopomp.

  36. @32 chikenda ………. Ati even 48 point you allowed as a father, of course in a freemasonary setup not catholic. Problem with hamabisi hachikotika’s puppies is that they are so desperate to instal hamabisi as president but ve no morals. They can go to bed with anyone they called useles yesterday so long he seemingly gives hope to president hamabisi hachikotika. To all upnd supporters time for you to vote for a vibrant leader EL is now.

  37. Father Bwalya,you failed to run your own party and now with no shame you have appointed yourself a of spokesman. If you have any bit of brain matter remaining,use it to reorganize your ABZ party.

  38. Kambwili was right! The ABZ leader has rabies and is getting mad! Can somebody close to him help please before he starts undressing in public. The spirit of that chicken he strangled in public is haunting him!

  39. A thief will always support a fellow thief even when they are caught stealing!!! A fool like wise does the same!!! Even pipo who have surrounded Edgar Lungu,honestly speaking one can imagine what is their minds!! Today, if 65 years of retirement was nice what makes it bad today,if firing of nurses was a good idea what makes it bad to reinstate them today if PF had the heart of fellow Zambians,farmers included??? This tells us who every one even those on line preaching about EL as the same!!! Why insult Scott today if he stops eating on the same plate with you!! Ladies and gentlemen, let us learn to embrace good good governance in our country, support what is good to benefit every Zambian, we need to be honest in out dealings!! To not support evil. The so called father Bwalya will reap…

  40. LT please!
    This site is now full of UPND bloggers who at times cant even reason its becoming as boring as the ZWD. its folly to think you can win an election using a keyboard maybe an erection.

    • They weren’t always UPND supporters, maybe they have, like me, been saddened by Lungu’s inability to be honest and his pure foolishness relying on crimnals to keep him in his position as PF sole candidate, something Sata did not support. I am still not UPND but this new camp in PF is the reason Zambia is as poor as it is, look at all the corrupt individuals who have crept in and how they are operating. This same mentality has been in all the parties through out the years. Scott was against this very same behaviour when he was joined PF and it was his actions to expose corruption in MMD that helped PF get into power, now PF have decided to be just as bad as their predecessors.

  41. Those of us of a certain vintage recall Guy Scotts disruptive antics at UNZA so many moons ago. He seems not to have changed at all.He is hellbent on ensuring the demise of PF by creating confusion. How can a ruling party not have one candidate? What is the Acting Presidents real agenda? Its up to PF members to decide who the candidate will be .As for the
    MMD am speechless.Let the elderly enjoy their retirement; they have to be protected from themselves.

  42. This is all rubbish Father Bwalya, either you are very naive or you are as corrupt and unscupulous as the rest of team Lungu. Go to hell and rot for the criminality you support and Zambia will never develop under your kind of politics!

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