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37 MMD MPs insist on backing HH

General News 37 MMD MPs insist on backing HH

MMD National Chairperson Kabinga Pande
MMD National Chairperson Kabinga Pande

THIRTY-SEVEN MMD members of Parliament (MPs) have reaffirmed they will still rally behind UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema despite Nevers Mumba being reinstated as MMD presidential candidate.

“As MPs, we will not go backwards on our decision to support HH because that is what we had agreed to do. We are principled people. Dr Mumba was supposed to have consulted us after winning his court case but he didn’t,” MMD chairman Kabinga Pande said.

Speaking at a press briefing, Mr Pande said the national executive committee under the guidance of Dr Mumba had earlier resolved that the MMD will work with the UPND alliance to ensure that Zambians are liberated.

“We shall stay principled and fulfil our promise to work with the UPND and ensure Zambia is liberated and put back on the right path to prosperity. The alliance does not mean that the MPs are joining or defecting to the UPND,” Mr Pande said.

He stressed that MMD MPs are merely working with the UPND, adding structures of the party will not be affected.
Meanwhile, Zambezi East MMD Member of Parliament Sara Sayifwanda said it is unfortunate that Dr Mumba filed his nominations without support from his MPs.

Ikelenge MP Elijah Muchima, Kasenegwa MP Victoria Kalima and Rufunsa MP Kenneth Chipungu were among the members of parliament that attended the briefing.

A few weeks ago, some MMD MPs led by Lunte MMD MP Felix Mutati joined an alliance to support the UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema for the January 20 presidential election, a decision the then party national secretary Muhabi Lungu described as gross indiscipline.


  1. Politics should be about the common good; not selfish interests and personal accolades and retrogressive rules and regulations cast in concrete; Regulations and rules should be reviewed and amended to make them relevant for the challenges at hand.

    • These international investors are a scam,

      Kagem Mining ltd in kitwe have been scamming the government since 2002; In every emerald auction held by the mine, the high quality stones are put aside and sold under the table to Indian buyers from the city of jaipur and the sale is not recorded; even when the company is having an auction outside Zambia, only 3.5 million dollars of emerald sales are recorded and taxed while another 7 million dollars worth of product is smuggled out of zambia illegally and the sales of these emeralds are not taxed or recorded in their books of accounts;

      ask the directors responsible, Mr Govind Gupta and Mr Lewanika; all these illegal sales of stones have been going into their pokets

    • Pastor Mumba is too distant from political strategies. Sadly he is stack in idealism hence miserably missing it. I have said it time and again, that had he been strategic and a realist, he could have accepted to work under RB in a transition period to gain so much and later take up an assertive MMD for 2016. This election will hurt him so much that MMD may never recover again God forbid. He will end up like UNIP’s Tilyenji who only pops up at election time from Harare. But unlike UNIP which has assets from Soperac to some ZAL Holdings properties such E.W Tarries, Dora Tamara school and real estates along Chachacha & Freedom Ways, MMD has none and it will bleed to death shortly. He risks being kicked out at the convention or left with a shell with everyone realigned with other parties.

    • Good move by MMD MPs, you are doing a great service to Zambia. You too suffered when EVIL PF harassed you using the public order act, you have also suffered from the weak Kwacha, you, your voters and families have also suffered from the high cost of basic needs and so on and so on. HH deliver and help the Zambian masses come out of the jaws of poverty.

    • Wrong timing, and such a pathetic statement. Can’t these RB die- hards accept reality and for once issue something positive for their leader. I don’t believe 37 MPs can just give up on the prospect of forming the next government.If they have, do they think HH will give a job to each one of them?

      This fight isn’t over yet given only Southern province is guaranteed for HH. Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Central copperbelt and western provinces are not a done deal for anyone.

      Whatever the outcome, Dr Mumba must not guarantee any MP seat for 2016 general elections. Instead should subjected to competition from new applicants. Otherwise,I don’t see how the current crop of inherited MPs can him reshape the party with his vision.Its his mandate, its his decision.

  2. Zambian politics very childish we are tired of this useless way of politics please grow up and stop these politics of the stomach

    • I don’t see any politics of the stomach. People practising that is PF who are scheming to retain power.

      Viva #FlightHH2015 & 2016

      Viva #MMD for thesupport.

    • PF is EVIL so well meaning MMD MPs are acting for the sake of Zambians that were promised a better life by PF but now the cost of basic needs is so high.

    • I agree with The Champ(stomach politics),not only are Zambian politics childish but they are so disgusting.All these 37 MMD MPs who want to join UNDP want to do it for selfish reasons,only want to fatten their pockets and not to serve Zambia per se.Fight your battles in the ballot and if needs be you can then form a coalition.Bamulila kwakaba!!

    • This is as was planned in Johannesburg. MMD to rally behind HH. The RB come-back was just a ruse to justify the MMD backing HH. The rest is history…clever RB-HH-NSM. And so it came to pass that HH became Zambia’s 6th President and the nation looked forwarded to a new beginning.

  3. Am happy that these MPs have endorsed HH

    Very important that Mr. Pande stresses that they are not defecting but rather getting Zambia on the right path.

    “We shall stay principled and fulfil our promise to work with the UPND and ensure Zambia is liberated and put back on the right path to prosperity. The alliance does not mean that the MPs are joining or defecting to the UPND,” Mr Pande said.

    This is what we call national unity.

    Viva #FlightHH2015 Viva #MMD for the support.

  4. Why am I not surprised that MMD crooks have identified a fellow crook, **** (HH) to support? Low life scum basturds MMD and UPND

  5. There you have it ladies & gentlemen, self destruction

    37 MPs who do not believe in their own political party? Why then call yourselves MMD MPs if you as good as an appendix.

    • @sos, it’s called national unity. Working together to eliminate a common enemy or if you want a self-destructive national entity.

  6. Come January 20 we are avoiding selling our country to foreigners. Vote anyone but this (HH). Zambia is NOT FOR SALE. Teach this satanic basturd and his minions a lesson. I would rather vote for a rabbid dog than this vomit puke (HH)

    • Kudos; calm down. Emotions are getting the best of your judgement and thus your vulgar comments are posted in a fit of frustrated rage. Please be level headed, relevant and fledged.

    • @Alfred Bulaya Have also notice the vulgar language in @ Kudo’s comments. The language beams anger, frustration, desperation and despair.

      Wonder why??

    • Kudos is Katondo Boys paid to blogg continuously……he could be reincarnation of the insulting Saulosi aka Mushota, Gen, Luapula Premier.

      He is an incorrigible…. an assassin.

    • This blogger called Kudos is full of self hatred that is why he is calling HH a bastard. Kudos you have a filthy mouth which should be rinsed out with Boom. What has HH done to you? How can you hate someone like this. You are spewing hate!

  7. @Gregory house , KAGEM is clear in in its operations,u are just a bitter man cos. u are very poor cant affpord to participate in the auction, vote for PF we shall empower You

  8. Kapinga Pande can today talk about “principles” and “liberating” Zambia? who do these mafia thugs think they are? what do they take Zambians for? and the desparate basturd (HH) goes on to embrace the full squadron of these blood seeking, ruffian thug politicians and cheap political prostitutes, all for what? to get to state house? who’s more principled the PF or these sleazy, thieving margots MMD/UPND?

    • Kudos is Katondo Boys paid to blogg continuously……he could be reincarnation of the insulting Saulosi aka Mushota, Gen, Luapula Premier.

      He is an incorrigible…. an assassin.

  9. At this point in time even the pulpit pastor (Nevers) has more credibility and principles than this crop of MMD opportunists with their cowboy (HH) who will say and do anything to get to state house. People who stoop so low for power should be observed with caution. If he can shamelessly thank MMD cohorts for their mischief, you have no idea what multinational, war lord mercernary forces this devil (HH) is courting

  10. Hon kabinga mpande you’re a man remain principled we support your decision, viva Felix mutation,viva my sister saifwanda ,viva kalima ,viva chipungu , everyone it’s viva ,to our President hakainde it’s win,win 100% win

    • I cant support a primitive cowboy whose party members chose to defecate in the open in Chikankata District. what type of primal animal behavior is that? they don’t even wipe! and you think diseasese like ebola and cholera can end in africa? dream on pal, me jumping on your band wagon of cow dang is a no no

      GO FOR IT EL

  11. Reading the commentaries in the Post newspaper attributed to Dr VJ Mwanga left me sad exceedingly sad yet not surprised, being a keen apprentice of our politics l’m alive to Dr VJ Mwanga’s error in judgement as his history can attest.
    Dr Mwanga can’t claim to be a fair commentator on the subject matter given his history with The late Harry Mwanga Nkumbula whose aspirations are hope to be actualised in HH (which’s okay). What’s not okay is to brand the people around Lungu as thieves. Dr Mwanga by all means can’t be a moral campus for our society. Equally the people propping HH are not blameless, yes the distinction may be that they are sophisticated in their approach seemingly.
    The other thing is that Dr Mwanga must appreciate that politics all over the globe as evolved. PF has…

    • Kudos is frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog! Calm down your rankings don’t make sense! You end up with high blood pressure!
      I have never come across someone with such vulgar, rude language!

  12. A regime voted out of power for the good reason found. Now same people that were voted out start endorsing a new candidate and many people are happy about it? Not that its my business but insanity is defined as: “Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”

  13. kudos
    we can not vote for the mpanga family part PF,criminals awe bane ,support HH not basakala Edgar lungu bp na sugar burial nafuti BA Zambia awe naimwe .

    • ignore kudos at your own peril!!our country is made of a larger percentage of those of us in the lower paradigm whose analysis and view is clearly skewed towards a party that identifies with our mean ideals!!To most of us that party,and unfortunately for u,is the PF!!and guess what,we are the ones who voted in 2011,and we have not lost our voters cards yet!!


    • Kudos is Katondo Boys paid to blogg continuously……he could be reincarnation of the insulting Saulosi aka Mushota, Gen, Luapula Premier.

      He is an incorrigible., bitter..,abusive.., tribalist supremacist..,…scared,…, intemperate…,…panga culture…,….condescending..,,…insulting. an assassin.


    1. He is over promising so many free things!!As an accountant he should know that that is a recipe for failure!!A realistic and borderline approach as stated by the EL Team is what is workable come 2015.
    2. I don’t want experiments at the highest office in the country!!NO,NOT NOW!!HH clearly is talking about a set of experiments that surely will not work for the country at the moment and surely a step backwards on the gains the PF has made so far.for all the negatives that some have against the PF,I think their ambitious transformation of this country will surely pay off in the near future,actually for many it has started yielding benefits already,therefore continuity is a more plausible argument than change!!


    • @sobriety free things education and primary health care are feasible when wastage of resources is halted. wastage of resources like this presidential and other numerous bye-elections would have been avoided had the PF government lived upto its promises to enact the constitution; you could have stayed longer in power as a party. wastage in a blotted cabinet; again MS (rip) promised to reduce it, but relegated on that too. wastage in firing and rehiring the same nurses – should have been avoided at the outset. wastage of resources in routing investments (eurobond) meant to revitalise ZR; wastage of resources by making cost of business higher than normal through corruption especially in road sector. See all this waste sobriety? lets channel it to education and health care; it will payoff


    3. He has not subjected himself to any democratic process within the party since the last one over long ago when he dubiously chased out other contenders on account of tribe!While the PF has shown me that as a team,they are able to fight,yet still refrain from violence in doing so and allow finaly for a processs and culmination of reconciliation and togetherness.
    4. HH has no political experience!!period!!

    5. I am uncertain of HH’s Christian standing.it gives me goose bumps when i hear of talk that he is not Christian and he has not done enough to convince me that he is!!

    6. Most supporters of HH are doing so on account of tribal affiliation,which to me is dangerous because it blinds them from reality and truth of his many shortcomings

  16. If you #Kudos and Katondo boys are a well meaning human beings repent for your future lives!! Repentance not any fellow human but to our creator God!! I say so because a good name is better than riches,evil,Injustice, theft, crimes. who ever loses his life for being honest, truthful, for the benefit of his fellow humans will gain it again!! Know one holds on to his life but God!! So ba #Kudos,honestly speaking, are you saying there is no EVIL in all what MR LUNGU and his colleagues are doing??? I’m not trying to judge them but rather I want to be open and honest to you!! My brother let us not support Evil to disadvantage most Zambians and enrich s flew!! That’s EVIL AND CRIMINAL ACT on its on.who doesn’t know Xavier Chung in Zambia,William Nsanda…God is watching!!!If you want you…

  17. But how come its those who supported RB’s Bid????
    Ni pull down Mumba fye ba Pande, mwila beppe… For th likes of Mutati who never took part in the MMD Power squabbles, its understandable

  18. Why don’t they just cross over to upnd , that will be fair than eat with two hands ,no caliber for those characters

    • Nshilubemba these guys are on the ground and know what is going on. They are not stupid to join a loser. HH has a vision and is winning. For your info nothing will happen to them if PF rigs as that is the only way PF can retain power.
      As for those who are in the diaspora posing as diplomats they have a lot to lose when HH comes into power in January.

      No qualifications you get a one way ticket to Zambia. Kuyabebele

    • What happens to HH when he loses the elections? Will he call for a convention to pave way for another leader to take over? Or will stay on since UPND is his personal to holder party. if he fails this time around, it will be the fourth time he has tried and failed. Should he fail, may be it will be time for another tonga like Mr Gary Nkombo to take over. Between HH and GN, personally I think GN is a better option.

    • For your info nothing will happen to them if PF rigs as that is the only way PF can retain power.
      As for those who are in the diaspora posing as diplomats they have a lot to lose when HH comes into power in January.

      No qualifications you get a one way ticket to Zambia. Kuyabebele

  19. upnd supporters be factual, let pick the first five provinces as per ECZ result in 2011. from the first highest province with registered voters to the lowest.
    1. C/belt PF – 341,505
    mmd- 151,897
    upnd – 17,948
    2. Lusaka PF – 224,925
    mmd- 128,653
    upnd- 54,397
    3. Northern PF – 242, 455
    mmd- 121,482
    upnd – 2,935
    4. Eastern PF – 59,391
    mmd – 238,528
    upnd – 10,704
    5. Southern PF – 24, 509
    mmd – 71, 519
    upnd – 266, 754
    In this case mmd will be the biggest loser. let me start with Eastern; EL is most likely to get even more than RB got…

    • @seleni tubombeko those were the days of late Sata. Your EL is not at all charismatic, no vision, can’t speak convincingly etc. Stop dreaming that the same people who voted for Sata will vote for EL, welcome to the real world. Ask KK how he lost to Chiluba.

      I can’t wait for the statistics after the elections. We shall guard our votes.

  20. in Southern province its upnd stronghold, C/belt, Luasaka and Northern its the known fact that PF will come first with upnd distant 2nd even in Eastern province. in this first four provinces with highly registered voters its the must that and no doubt PF will poll more than they got in 2011. sure even if you are dreaming to be coming the President, want kind of the dream is this? you are busy making noise on this site sure with less than 2000 readers and you think you have won already. have been to this places have mentioned there nothing for your party don’t be deceived by the so called mammoth rally, we have seen those before. you are wrong advices to HH. he lost a chance during Mwanawasa to RB and another chance during sata to Lungu, because you are too selfish and wrong advisers to…

  21. @ Pretty, this are not the days during KK that times its was a storm of change not this time. its a well kown fact that PF and upnd will be sharing votes mmd got in 2011 only in C/belt and Lusaka not in Eastern,Northren worse in Luapula forget Boss or Madam. MCS compeigned in this places because of want he did, Lungu will fews words to speak coz things MCS did in this places speaks themselves. otherwise continue dreaming!

  22. @Kudos
    MMD members of parliament have done a civilized strategy based on principle. their consciousnesses is uncomfortable with their own party way of conducting politics and so they have resolved to demonstrate it by vote to support HH. This move is more honorable than crooked ways of inducing by elections costing huge amounts of money at the expense of development. This was PF and Mr Sata way of proving they can rule Zambia. Zambians will now punish PF.
    Viva HH20/01/15.

    • @Aquila,
      These are the criminals we rejected in 2011 and you are now embracing them because they are backing your candidate! I surely do not support Pastor Sekwila but the chaps had no thread of shame in backing the old criminal and only backed out after the court ruling.

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