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Cosmo Mumba withdraws from presidential race after failing to file in

General News Cosmo Mumba withdraws from presidential race after failing to file in

FILE: National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba mourns Sata
FILE: National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba mourns Sata

National Revolutionary Party president, Cosmo Mumba, has withdrawn from the Presidential race for the January 20, 2015 elections.

Mr Mumba, who was accompanied by his wife and a handful of supporters, told journalists at the Supreme Court that he had withdrawn from contesting next year’s Presidential elections because he was still mourning late President, Michael Sata, who was his mentor.

Mr Mumba said since he was not ready to stand in the 2015 elections he will rally behind the PF Presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu, and join the team in campaigning for him.

He disputed past reports that he withdraws from Presidential races because he fails to raise the required nomination fee.

Mr Mumba boasted that he was rich and cannot fail to pay the K10 000 which was required for him to file his nomination papers.

He told journalists while holding some batches of money in his hands that he had the money for his nominations and has since donated a K15 000 to the PF secretariat to support the party in the campaigns.

And Mr Mumba has thanked Acting President, Guy Scott, for having reconciled with the PF Presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu.

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    • Ha ha ha! Comes Mumba is still mourning! So why did he enter the presidential race on the first instance? He didn’t have money. Or he could sell the red jacket he wore to Sata’s funeral.
      He is a dreamer! Am sure he is looking for a post in PF.
      Did he faint from emotion? He is an attention seeker!

    • LUNGU is LUNGU



      HH wanyela kwateni

      HH wailasha….Zambia has no room for freemasonry

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • ‘Mr Mumba, who was accompanied by his wife and a handful of supporters, told journalists at the Supreme Court that he had withdrawn from contesting next year’s Presidential elections because he was still mourning late President, Michael Sata, who was his mentor.’


    • Why should Zambia sink even lower by electing E.Lungu. I don’t see anything right about Edgar Lungu, and I don’t recall him do anything special for country, except commanding Immigration Officers to return passports of Sunzu, Sinkala & Kalaba.

    • @nastrodamus,
      And what has HH done for Zambia except boasting of being reach and selling mines and becoming a sensation in tribal issues. The problem with upnd cadres like u is that anything is bad for Lungu and everything is good for under 5. Specialists in losing

  1. We knew you to be PF iwe mambala iwe. Why do u trouble yourself iwe kawala leave HH and EL to battle it out.

    Viva HH. God loves Zambia.

  2. I now confirmed that this is not a party but a branch of Pf sorely created to dupe people. It quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, now it flies like a duck! It is a duck (pf)

  3. Comedians bakamba,sata ur mentor? Since wen? U’ve 4goten hw u insulted him whilst campaignin 4 rb? Jus go and keep faintin kembo iwe

    EL FOR 2015

    • Who was king Cobra worshipping? Go on internet and you shall find out the snake worshipers who related to PF.
      HH will scoop 20 January by-election and will make it in 2016 as a continuation.

      Fimba ulepuke necikonko. PF died with king cobra, all remains are sinking into the boat as there is no experienced paddler.

  5. Pwahahaha ???????? thumbs up Mr Chifentelo you are a brilliant son of Lusaka for your decision

    EL & Cosmo Chifentelo

  6. I think Zambia is a good and tolerant country where such jokers like cosmo mumba & mulyokela are allowed to joke around. I look forward to a time when such jokes will not be tolerated and such time will surely come.

    • Well said Asogoleli! If anything we are the jokers ourselves. The only argument that Zambians advance for being so docile and taken for a ride is that of peace. But we must show something for the peace we enjoy and that is development.

  7. If trully you are PF cadres,start door to door campaigns as we used to do in 2011.To be honest with you,the 2015 elections will be tougher than the 2011.Even if SATA was around it was still going to the same.We lost kafulafuta with Sata in ndola and its not a small thing.I’m a fmr branch chairman in munali constituency and when Prof Nkandu luo was adopted she was first introduced in our ward at my place,so I’m a true PF not those who joined after we won.Work hard and surpass our records not just showing your confidence on online media.

    • Unfortunately when people like Cosmo Mumba joke around they lower the calibre of politicians. Yes Zambia is a democracy and anyone who wishes to form a party can do so but it should those who are serious. Parties like Cosmo’s reminds me of the churches that have mushroomed with dubious Pastors. All in it for money. Isn’t there a regulating body?

  8. Pass the butter……. I think I’ll have my eggs scrambled next time.
    ……and what a glorious day this is. a little cold, but feels good to be alive.

    Now let me go and search for some REAL news about Mr. Hichilema.

  9. Please Ba DEC are you sure waiting for evidence of ulubangula with this so called Mumba? Pamensofye, you can easily win the case let alone his utterances and deeds, straight Ku Chainama. I hope one day people will Judy vote for him for a laugh to be at least second from the last for him to live his nightmare.

  10. Well… The climate for a revolution is not very good this election year. Maybe 2016 then….!

    This is a good kid. He knows which side his breads’ buttered!

    Good choice Cosmo. Hope you get a small time party gig in PF Gov’t. In the mean time you will be an excellent crowd warm up artist! Welcome!

  11. What do you expect HH to do, he has just started campaigning, he has never be in government, for those doubting, come 2015, HH, is our President, the whole country knows that, if we ni flight HH, 2015

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