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FDD appeals to Barrick Gold Lumwana to exercise patience and wait for PF’s exist before pulling out

Headlines FDD appeals to Barrick Gold Lumwana to exercise patience and wait for...

FORUM for Democracy and Development (FFD) President Edith Nawakwi addressing a rally at the Changanamai grounds in Kitwe
FORUM for Democracy and Development (FFD) PresidentEdith Nawakwi addressing a rally at the Changanamai grounds in Kitwe

The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development has appealed to Barrick Gold to exercise patience before pulling out of the country.

In a statement released to the media FDD President Edith Nawakwi called on the mining firm to wait for the out of the elections which she said will see the PF live office hence pave way for a new government which can negotiate for a win-win situation for both the mining company and the people.

Ms. Nawakwi accused the ruling Patriotic Front government of not caring about the well being of the workers who will be left jobless once the company pulls out.

The opposition leader also noted that if the PF government had embraced the spirit of dialogue the situation wouldn’t have arisen.

She also said that her party once voted into office will have an open door policy to investors and other stakeholders to ensure that such situations are sorted out with any complications.

Below is a full statement released by the opposition party.

The news that Barrick Gold intends to suspend its operations at Lumwana mine in Solwezi at a time we thought we are making some positive gains by attracting some big mining operators such as Barrick Gold is very sad.?

?We are aware that Barrick Gold has made several attempts to engage in dialogue with government over the new taxes but they have been snubbed because this government does not value dialogue and does not care about the plight of the people who will be jobless when the mine shuts down.?

?The attitude of the ruling Patriotic Front leaders in managing not the only mining sector but the entire country’s economy lives much to be desired because there is no way that at this juncture that the government can fail to negotiate an arrangement were both the people and the mining sector can benefit.?

?Governments intention when it transferred the mining sector to the private sector was meant to make the sector viable but not for government completely layoff its hands.?

?We as FDD want to tell this government that for the next 28 days if there is anything they can do for the people of Zambia is to persuade investors to wait for the new government which we will be formed by FDD so that we can reopen dialogue between the business community and the government.?

?As FDD we urge Barrick Gold not shut down the mine but wait until the out come of the elections and we want to assure them that when form government next January ours will be a government with an open door policy to the business community and other stakeholders in the running of the country’s affairs.?

?Once we form government we want to forge a partnership of trust and mutual respect between government and investors not only those in the mining sector but the entire business community.?

?We as the FDD are appalled with the PF’s conduct regarding the treatment of investors since the got into office in 2011 and we wish to appeal to the business community to have a little patience as the current government has less 30 days before it is booted out by the people in the next elections. ?

?I call on all well meaning Zambians to work hard in ensuring that we escort the PF out of government and stop the confusion which the have taken to the business community before the country’s economy is completely ruined.?

Edith Zewelani Nawakwi?

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    • They don’t have the capability to negotiate. The only thing they are good at are the road contracts and we all know why.

    • If qm to choose all the politicians in order of credibilty, competence and management, here is what it will be.
      1 Edith, This woman seems to know how to, she talks about decentralisation, which many countries did a long time to ensure competition and hard work which can easily be seen.she talked about constitution and many more initiatives that gvt needs.
      2 EL, A man that shall rule by law as he does not takes words like, I will do that but we shall,,, involving everyone
      3 Charls Milupi, he is a man that if given a chance can take zambia somewhere high
      4 Elias Chipimo, he is intellectual
      5 HH, nothing much is knon about him as such judging his competence interms of governing the gvt is hard, its lets wait and see situation everyone is in for him

    • 6 Magande, he is a man as he won support from the late Levy, which shows he has the capacity
      7 Nevers Mumba
      8 all the rest
      Vote wisly

    • @ Pretty – I am completely heads over hills in love with her too. She can preside over matters in my household too. Is she married? I am a very eligible bachelor looking to swoop a woman of some constructive argumentative standing.

    • These international investors are a scam,

      Kagem Mining ltd in kitwe have been scamming the government since 2002; In every emerald auction held by the mine, the high quality stones are put aside and sold under the table to Indian buyers from the city of jaipur and the sale is not recorded; even when the company is having an auction outside Zambia, only 3.5 million dollars of emerald sales are recorded and taxed while another 7 million dollars worth of product is smuggled out of zambia illegally and the sales of these emeralds are not taxed or recorded in their books of accounts;

      ask the directors responsible, Mr Govind Gupta and Mr Lewanika; all these illegal sales of stones have been going into their pokets

    • HH3 PF refused to enact the constitution. We wouldn’t be having these elections as the constitution made provision for running mate.

    • That’s the reason you should never be president; you think Barrick is doing us a favour by taking our ore and leaving peanuts!

    • We are tired of politicians who always bootlick foreign companies. no wonder we benefit nothing from these mines even when the so called investors are here. imagine, no other reason apart from people losing jobs- meaning thats the only benefit zambia has from mines- working for them? and yet these so called politicians are busy begging “dont go wait for a moment, get more of our minerals and we will continue working for u…” yaba!! We are most to be pitied

    • If the mining companies be it Barrick or Kagem have cheated us on sharing the spoils where then have been the successive governments’ leaders as not to sort out the economic mess? I can only conclude that we continue to assign incompetent leaders in governance that can not analyze well the investments and our economy. Its high time we had a leadership that will look the investors in the eye and challenge them when they are lying! It’s also encouraging if leadership put in place was recognized to be at par with the rest of the world in understanding the evolution of economies.

    • When Nawakwi was Minister of Labour she was known to be vicious with foreigners. Sometimes not listening to both sides of the story. Now she wants votes she claims she will embrace investors.
      Wouldn’t trust her!

  1. To start with, PF is not exiting. They are wining like it or not. Secondly Nawakwi u will never rule Zambia bcoz of such careless talks. That mine is trying to blackmail your country and you go on supporting them? If its true even if HH was to win????? is he going to condone mines paying peanuts for the copper they are stealing from our dear land? Very fooolish politician with no morals. Thank God your generation is slowly dying away, we now have new blood coming in the name of EL and kalaba,etc.

  2. Zambians will show up in millions to vote for the only credible leader, HE Edgar Lungu. Again UPND is loosing because….HH is a sale out, a typical capitalist with no heart for the poor, a freemason with a clear track record of freemasonry as per the post newspaper report when the interviewed one of the freemasons he used to worship with . Forget about the endorsements, what following does Moreen command?or failed Mutati who even failed to win presidency in MMD? what following does Milupi command? this is laughable, very laughable>>>

    • As usual pf cadre dening the trueth,hh is far better than the all batch of crooks and thieving chaps in yo pool of fools party.i know one achavement pf has made is to introduce pangas and machetes to our peaceful Zambia.el was home affair minister wen his subjects killed poor rufunsa villager and he never condemned de killing,all the violence witnessed in this country el has never come out to condemn. then why should we vote for him give us reasons but sorry pf cadres don’t have senses to reason but insults becose they don’t hav answers.

  3. What’s with all the question marks??? Is that heading correct?

    FDD appeals to Barrick Gold Lumwana to exercise patience and wait for PF’s EXIT or EXISTENCE TO CEASE before pulling out

    How about we just slam the door behind them as they leave?

  4. Anglo American fimo fimo did the same in Mwanawasa’s time.We know their schemes.This cartel of mine owners are always black mailing us.
    Unfortunately, our selfish leaders like Nawakwi seem to want to capitalist on such schemes, perpetrated by the enemy, to gain political millage. This is the same corporation that only announced their realness start paying tax only after the governments intention to extend audits other mines, after the KCM scandal.Believe me these chaps are up to no good.I say let them go.

  5. zambian ambassadors,diplomates and officials including their children who were appointed on tribe,relationship and friendship are in a panic on face book trying to campaign for pf but they are not on the ground hahahha hehehehe hihiihi just come to Zambia and campaign not overseas,it ll not make any impact .am also a bemba but I don’t condon pointing pipo based on cadreship, tribe,race,friendship or relationship,i give a big NO.we want de schooled to occupy those places not cadres.our friends and relatives who deserve those mwalyibachinga nama cadres this time we shall see come 20th January 2015 ni HH chapwa.

    • An example is Kudos. U can read the frustration & panic in his posting. Another is Katondo Boys reassuring himself that EL is winning. Positive thinking doesn’t work in such situations.

  6. The men who killed ZAF deputy commander Gen. Muliokela

    December 21, 2014 1 Comment

    Information has emerged that Zambia Air force Commander General Erick Chimense, Former Director General of Intelligence Xaviour Chungu and a former Permanent Secretary killed late ZAF Deputy Commander General Muliokela Muliokela and Colonel Mwene.

    A senior Army official says the two were accused of links to UPND and were poisoned two hours before they took the flight that killed them.

    “I want to comment on today’s story in the Post Newspapers that defence chiefs threatened the Acting President to support Edgar Lungu. I’m very annoyed with that and want now to tell the nation that General Muliokela and his colleague were killed by Xaviour Chungu a former PS and General Chimense,” the source said.

  7. PF is gone. I voted for PF in 2011 because the leader of the party at that time Sata said something in addition to his experience that convinced me and my family to vote for PF and not UPND, MMD or any other party.

    But the remaining group has not convinced me including Edgar why I and my family should vote for them. The only reasons they have advanced is that he was left with instruments of power. I have not heard anything Edgar has said on how he is going to run the country apart from saying that he will continue with what Michael was doing.

    Some bloggers have said that even HH is saying the same. But HH has got his own vision apart from completing what Sata started. It is just reasonable that he completes what was started but should also have a vision. For me and my family VIVA…

  8. This, is proof positive that many politicians in Zambia do NOT understand their role in Opposition.

    I like Nawakwi, but she is missing the point about Investors. As per usual she is issuing shocking statements about PF and it’s capability RATHER than tell us how she will resolve the Tax Avoidance issue. Open Door Policy to a bunch of Tax avoiders is NOT something that will satisfy them as the reason they would walk through that door is to ask her to protect them from paying taxes.

    Basically she is telling us her stand on the Mines is to allow them to ROB us blind. She has not understood the mood of the people.

    WE WANT OUR GOV’t to collect maximum tax from the mines OR SHOW Investors the door. We want ZRA to ‘go like gangbusters’ to get our tax from the mines.

    • Nawakwi should be addressing the citizens of this country from whom she wants votes, not the Investor community.

      Her message to the Inestor Barrick is bizarre. Instead she ought to tell us whether she opposes the new taxes Chikwanda has set up (best thing he has done to date). What other than an Open Door policy does she propose in resolving tax avoidance?

      Finally, where has she been these last months, since it is clear to everyone that the gov’t invited the Investor Community to put forward reasons they might find difficulties with the taxes. What we have had instead as per usual is threats from that community followed by the ‘Big Bully’ IMF coming here to threaten us on those taxes and demoting our stats on projected growth.

      It is them that must have an open door to Tax…

  9. Nawikwi is dreaming!Seriously does the FDD have the support and numbers that will take Nawakwi to plot 1?

    Minerals are finishing assets and Nawakwi should be careful what she says about a win-win situation.During the ZCCM time the government had 51% shares and the mine owners 49%.Most of the new mine owners in Zambia what a lion’s share which leaves the Government less than 50% .This is unacceptable and Nawakwi should stop making such irresponsible statements.Botswana is an example of how the shares are divided between the Mine owners and the government.If the mine owners want the Lion’s share then let them park and go.Iam sure there other investors who would be willing to invest in mines in Zambia or even replace the current owners should they decide to leave.

    • Nawakwi was one of the ministers who sold ZCCM mines at a give away price. Corruption was involved in the selling of the mines.

  10. If Barrick Gold think they can blackmail we the owners of the land, then let them go. Other investors such as Chinese or British are keen to engage with the locals to foster mutual respect and development. Barrick Gold must pay all the taxes being demanded by the law. We have roads and hospitals to run.

  11. Nawakwi, HH & UPND MPs and MMD MPs condemned current finance minister Chikwanda that the mines were not paying enough taxes/royalties, now that Barrick Gold want to pack up and leave Zambia the same people are now condemning PF for taking the action they were crying for. Nawakwi went even a step further to question the qualifications of Chikwanda. These opposition parties are useless, no proper direction to recovery of our economy. They think free things, reduced prices, subsides and free education to university is the solution to Zambia economy. We have been there with KK and at that time the economy became worse. How can the economy grow if taxes & royalties got from the mines & few workers go to subsides & other free things? Free things & reduced prices will not…

  12. This woman who looks like a pig must just shut up! Are these not the same people who have been asking PF Government to reintroduce windfall tax? Because they are desperate for our votes and so think we can cheated?
    This woman together with MMD thieves now campaigning for UPND are liars. All of them where in MMD for 20 years, what did they do for the poor miners?
    PF is just correcting the rot that it found and we are seeing the fruits, so we won’t be cheated. We are voting for Edgar and PF till we get our share of the minerals.
    To say the least, the opposition have no message for the people ’cause PF is really on course. Remember PF has just been in power for three years and not even America has resolved its huge problems in 200 years.
    Abash empty promises Abash opposition

  13. Tonga establishment and the secret group HH belongs to are not happy that Guy Scott has decided to honor and recognize the candidature of President Designate Edgar Chagwa Lungu. HH has now set his campaign wing ZWD to denigrate and insult Guy Scott for “disobeying” the orders of the Tonga establishment which hates bembas. This group of haters don’t understand that using ratio and proportion it is clear that bemba people comprise two of every three Zambians. Bemba voters make no mistake with HH, you will suffer what you suffered under Mwanawasa – you were labelled stinking and thieves. Please don’t forget.

  14. And does she thinks we have forgotten? Where is the Carlington maize iwe Nawakwi? Why where you quiet when Sata was alive? Where are the millions in this saga? Please don’t open old wounds. We know that you ver very corrupt and immoral you husband grabber!
    Tell also your mate HH where are the industries he cheated Zambians when he privatized everything we sweated for? Do people want to go back 20 years in reverse? No even the young who may not know you, we are telling them of who you really are! Thieves, liars and canning people.
    PF is here for the good of our country the youth and the poor and will be here beyond 2016.
    Just take a look around and you see the development taking place in Zambia, never before seen in its history!

  15. As true miner, I cannot ever vote for HH. It will be the waste mistake made ever for my children.
    Remember they declared “UPND IS FOR TONGAS ONLY” AND THIS IS VERY TRUE. UPND chased Mr Chisanga from its party because he was Bemba.
    Just look at the MPs in UPND! All from Southern Province and you think they care for you? Which UPND member has shown interest in the miners’ welfare before elections? Don’t be cheated! It’s only PF that has been consistent in fighting for the good cause of us miners and we will not forget!
    Maureen used to mistreat women when her husband was president! What can she honestly tell you today?
    She even chased Mr Sata from the state funeral of her late husband Mwanawasa, open your eyes! It was just yesterday and they think you have forgotten.

  16. If we are to survive as a country, we need leaders keen to empower citizens, not promote the interests of foreign companies. Ms Nawakwi should read better the mood of the country. We want development through better utilisation of our resources, including maximum benefit from taxation and loyalties. Barrack Gold can leave, if that’s better for them. We don’t care.

  17. Please don’t fall for these international corporation schemes. These are just threats, they knew Zambian’s would come pleading. We can’t have them take advantage of Zambia and its citizens. Its about sharing equity and profits fairly and concern for human. They are busy making their economies more rich back in their countries while they suck Zambia dry. Once our country is dry keep in mind they will go elsewhere. Sometimes its better to let these leeches go and that way we can all sit down and plan our own strategy and next move. Barrick Gold Lumwana knows what its doing and a calculated move they were expecting. Don’t fall for this anticipated chess move or it will be “check mate” for sure. It is they who will be smiling while we are down. Let’s think about this and not rush in…

  18. Nawakwi is useless, I am even wondering why some people have short memories! She was a Finance minister and part of a negotiating team which short charged the mines and sold them for a song! When asked why she sold the mines cheaply,she had no educated answer, Even today, she still has no answer.
    She is bad at negotiating and people should ask themselves, why she never got job offers from top banking institutions after her stint as Finance Minister. She was so bad at her job, that’s why she is a pariah! nobody wants her. Finance minister on a CV is a dream to many people and corporate people can smell a talent and connections if someone is good.
    America charges 35% corporate tax, the economy has gone global we should be charging above 30%! Foreigners should not influence laws of ZED.

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