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Government committed to uplift the economic face of Kabwe-Guy Scott

Headlines Government committed to uplift the economic face of Kabwe-Guy Scott

Guy Scott at PF Rally
Guy Scott at PF Rally

Acting Republican President, Guy Scott says government remains committed to uplift the economic face of Kabwe town to its previous standards.

Dr Scott says it is in this vein that government has started the process of recapitalising the defunct Mulungushi Textiles in order to create more jobs for the people of Central Province headquarters.

He said it is sad that the textile industry in the once mining town of Kabwe has remained docile for a long time thereby depriving the residents of Kabwe of economic benefits for their social being.

The acting Republican President says government recapit6alised the Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) to symbolise its commitment to uplift the living standards of the people of Kabwe and surrounding towns.

He said this when he featured on a special programme on KNC Radio in Kabwe today.
Dr Scott is in Kabwe to drum up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate for the January 20, 2015 Presidential by election, Edgar Lungu.

And Dr Scott has assured investors that their investment in the country is safe considering the vast peaceful elections the country has conducted since 1964.
He further called on investors to be inspired by the good democratic practices that Zambia has continued to enjoy for the last 50 years.

Meanwhile, PF Presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu, has assured the people that he will continue with the legacy and vision of late Republican President, Michael sata, once elected in the January 20, 2015 Presidential by election.

Mr Lungu said Zambians still have confidence in the PF and further urged electorates to vote for the ruling party in order to benefit from its vast developmental agenda it has for the country.

And Patriotic front President Edgar Lungu has accused UPND President Hakainde Hichilema of allegedly practising indecent politics.

Addressing a rally in Kabwe this afternoon, Mr. Lungu says it is unacceptable for the UPND to continue using the promises that the PF are making to the people of Zambia.

Mr. Lungu noted that almost all the promises that Mr. Hichilema is making have been an initiative of the PF.

Mr. Lungu has also promised more jobs to the people of Kabwe by pumping more money in the Zambia Railways Limited and through the operationalization of Mulungushi Textiles citing that the agreement has already been signed and will soon start operating.

He said that government also has plans to put up Multi Facility Economic Zones in Kabwe adding that Kabwe has a huge potential to grow the economy.

Mr. Lungu has urged Zambians not to allow other selfish political leaders to experiment with their lives saying there is need to keep the PF in government for continuity.

And Mr. Lungu says his government will put the plight of farmers on the top of the agenda saying the growth of the country’s economy lies in their hands.

Speaking at the same rally, Acting President Guy Scott says there is only one Patriotic Front.

Dr. Scott says the differences in the party are gone citing that the PF will continue with Late President Sata’s legacy.Rally

He has encouraged the people to vote for Edgar Lungu for continuity.

Former vice president Lupando Mwape, Pf secretary General Davies Chama, Information Minister Joseph Katema, Lusaka mayor Mulenga Sata, Education Minister John Phiri, Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba, Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili among others were present at the rally.

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      The statement above is 100% correct as at 10 oclock Zambian time. PF is still selling Zambia to international shylockers for peanuts. The actual money that eventually makes it to Zambia is only a tniy fraction of $7.5 billion,enough just for the PF top officials to share and send their relatives abroad.

      To make matters worse, Chikwanda is still auctioning Zambia by contracting more debt each day that passes.

      If PF is voted into power, people of Zambia should expect the worst because, wage freeze will continue via massive devaluation of the kwacha, there will be more student riots as the PF government will have no money to sponsor students. Road development projects have stalled and not continue due to less funds.

    • @wanzelu I really thank you for the update. I really hope that people going to these rallies do a donchi kubeba on PF otherwise they will live to regret. God has been merciful on the Zambians by allowing HH to campaign uninterrupted such that people can listen to his message of Hope and Help. So if people want to listen to PF who are insulting HH during their rallies Zambians will have themselves to blame.

      PF doesn’t have Zambias needs at heart. They forget we have only this country and as long as they can run the country as they please they don’t care about the future of the country.

      We need prayer for our country. God’s intervention. God save Zambia.

  1. Ba Lungu just focus on your visionless campaign. What promises is HH taking from you when your campaign is visionless?

    You implemented the following after listening to HH
    -Reinstating nursing
    -Reducing fuel prices

    You are losing and you know it. Your diplomats are panicking.

    Viva #FlightHH2015

    • What legacy ba EL? You contradict yourself over the Sata vision everytime you listen to Hichilema.

      Study the manifesto and go flat out and campaign. Joke. You can’t go flat out to campaign you. Just read your campaign notes and raise your fist.


      Forward with the nation , The nation is behind you !!

      UPND Supporters stop talking ruubbissh about the next President if you have nothing sensible to say

      ALL the Way with H.E EDGAR LUNGU

    • Guy Scott, Kabwe has been in its same dilapidated state since PF took power. Streets are filthy, street vending everywhere, people wandering the streets aimlessly due to unemployment. You made the same promises 3 years ago and now again you still expect people to believe you will change their lives? Shame on you.

      HH 2015

    • Scot,,, dont be silly you just moved the HQ of ZRL to lusaka,,, mulungushi textile is a non-starter,,,, shut up and sit down ,,, next!!

    • Is Lungu a normal guy?

      Lungu says HH is over promising, and yet in the same line Lungu makes similar promises to HH.

      Yeah—– only in Zambia can such crap be entertained. I really feel for the Zambian people, they allow themselves to be cheated and then complain about the high price of commodities and devaluation of the Kwacha.

    • We have not heard the true story about the so called reconciliation. Sampa has been quiet. The two factions were so hostile towards each other and then all of a sudden they now agree with each other? The real truth: *********military-commanders-intimidate-scott-to-back-lungu

    • @Meanwhile, PF Presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu, has assured the people that he will continue with the legacy and vision of late Republican President, Michael sata….And here is the problem with Lungu…He doesnt have a vision of his own. And yet some you can dare criticise HH for having a plan and a vision for the country? Basically those of you voting PF are voting for a dead president in the name of SATA.

    • So sorrowful to see and hear Guy Scott forced to keep-appearances just for sake of peace in Zambia. What the hell is even trying to say about textile and the PF’s failed vision of Clive Chirwa?
      Let me tell you Guy Scott, independence is to give yourself. Chiluba said “Ubuntungwa kuipela we mwine”.


    • What a day…….thank you Kabwe…thank you Broken Hill.
      The next time Edgar comes to visit..he will be called His Excellency,The President of Zambia.

      Good job Bwacha,Luangwa,Ngungu,Highridge,Nakoli,Railway Compound and the entire Broken Hill town. You heard what the incoming President said, Zambia Railways Hq is coming back to Kabwe.

      2015 Edgar has just won the elections

      I thank you

  2. I just want to know what HH will do which This Government is not doing? HH has failed to organz a conference for his party taken UPND as pesonal company how can such a peson rule our country?

    • Where have you been all this time? PF has reinstated the nurses, reduced fuel – some of the thing HH was planning on doing. So you want him to tell you so that you do it and think you will retain presidency? LOL.

      Why should that be your concerned about UPND conferences? Democracy? – Don’t crack my ribs with laughter. What happened in Kabwe? Handraising amidst threats and now you want to talk about UPND.

      Concentrate on campaigning at least that is what we in UPND are doing.

      Viva #FlightHH2015

    • Momde,,,,tusha mwaice. You are swallowing your own tail.

      Your EL is saying he is going to continue Sata’s legacy.

      Legacy is not something you continue, but maintain. And you cannot maintain it unless it has already been created.

      Sata’s legacy is the creation of the soon to be defunct Panga Family. You cannot continue that legacy, it has already been created, but it can be maintained.

      EL has to create his own. Right now, I know him as having been a nonentity until GS fired him during bereavement. He rose from obscurity then.

      EL has achieved nothing noteworthy, within or outside politics. If you know something that I don’t, I am ready to learn.

    • @Alick chongo
      You have used the dreaded word (only used as a cop-out by spineless, brain-lazy beings) – Ati “Anointed”.

      Leave it’s usage to the scriptures. We don’t anoint anymore. We elect. Democratically.


    • All the hinderance that el has gone through clearly shows that is the man of the hour. All hh supporters cant understand this but this will be a reality to them on 20th January 2015

    • God does not anoit peaple using a handkerchief. KK is not God. Remember prior to 1991 KK had put himself in place of God and he was humiliatated by FTJ. Since then UNIP has never been the same.

  3. Lungu is the one who is copying what HH says. He is not even consistent with his promises. Every time he appears at a rally its a different story. Poor Finishers will make history in Jan as a party that was in govt for only three years. PF must not be allowed to continue plundering our economy in the name of continuity.

  4. Its a well Known factor le in next pres & lets Talk Sense pf just ineritage all the masses but just in 3 yrs they have done so main things no or yes come 20

  5. wow, interesting. when HH is campaigning, its all about what he will do to ensure that Zambia regains her potential which can never be realized under the leadership of the PF. however, when Edgar and team are campaigning, its all about HH. They have nothing to new to tell the crowds that attend their rallies and hence resorting to name calling.

  6. Is Lungu a normal guy?

    Lungu says HH is over promising, and yet in the same line Lungu makes similar promises to HH.

    Yeah—– only in Zambia can such crap be entertained. I really feel for the Zambian people, they allow themselves to be cheated and then complain about the high price of commodities and devaluation of the Kwacha.

    • we prepared for Sata, a man most people knew, not this ka dry reed!

      Watch us bend him over and give him a spanking of his life.

      On January 20, 2015 we are sending PF and all its riffraff to the political party wasteland.

  7. Just lies from PF.Who can believe that?Campaign on facts and real issues.Vote for change and vote for H.H.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

    • PF don’t know their own consitituton let alone understand it. Zambians are very peculiar people in that they have a very short memory span. What happened in PF in Kabwe during the General Conference is not normal. PF have just normalised an illegality by the so called reconciliation. The fact of the matter is that the PF GC failed to yield a PF presidential by-election candidate slated for 20-01-2015. These are alarm bells ringing and alerting the general populace of this naive nation that the PF will do anything to try and remain in power. I would not be voting PF because the GC was a fallacy, the party is divided and right now they have just put powder and mascara to hide the deep wounds. They lied about the constitution, sick president, money in pockets, cost of Nshima etc……

    • It shall be as you say Pretty. Saw the pictures of the ‘crowds’ at the Kabwe rally on ZNBC and it was beyond pathetic elo considering they had transported bunches of people from Ndola. No wonder they spent the whole rally insulting. They were pissed!

  8. I feel sorry for Guy Scott, he has been bulldozed into this corner by the Lungu clique and is going through all these motions like a Zombie. From the body language one can tell that Scott is not doing this out of his own volition. He’s just going through the motions. Poor Guy.

    • Infact PF sympathisers should ask themselves a question why Guy scot Never put on PF regalia been his first appearance a public rally in kabwe. I see Lungu crying again seriously not that pretence he did last month

  9. Awwwww Guy!
    That half-heartedly raised arm makes me feel quite sorry for you. I don’t know if you really did have less-than-honourable intentions, but you look downright miserable. Given your age, I’m more likely to feel for you.
    Take Charlotte and fly, fly fly away to somewhere where no one knows you, once this is over. Walk hand-in-hand like you used to when you first met, when you were carefree, had your dreams intact…(Charlotte will agree with me here). Nothing’s worth selling your soul for.
    Be brave, 20th January’s nearly here. They need to use you till then.

    • At least they have the courage to participate, they can sleep easily. You on the other hand can simply offer “smart” comments

    • @Gearbox Lungu

      I will not disappoint. I have many more smart comments in my repertoire. For you, I’ll pull a comment from my “totally-off-the-point” bag and say

      Do you think modern cars still need clutch plates or are they totally useless and irrelevant? I’m not well-versed in the engineering of automobiles and thought you probably would have this info.

  10. Scott stay away from from Lenje land . Why are you obsessed with our land thief? No anarchist and war mongers permitted on Lenje land. Take the mess inside your brain some where else.

  11. PF cadres, have you not heard? Chililabombwe residents gathered for a rally without HHs knowledge and he had no choice but to address THEM as he puts it on HIS facebook.

    “I was not planning on having a rally in Chililabombwe earlier today, but how could you say no to a crowd like this?

    Thank you, Chililabombwe!”

    How kind of him? hmmm so kind.

    • Did that really happen Preetttyy? That’s so sweet. If you are like me I know you abhor being lied to and being given false promises. PF behaved very badly for all to see! They lied with the skin of their teeth! They are very divided right now as a party. They don’t deserve to be given another chance to continue lying to us! They lied about the constitution and that hurts real bad! They lied about the SICK president! The president we PUT in power became a stranger to us through their lies. They lied about almost everything! This marriage cannot hold. It has irrevocably broken down and completely beyond redemption. Sorry PF, we have DIVORCED you!

  12. Time will tell if Malcom X was wrong when he said “I’ve never seen a sincere white man, not when it comes to helping black people. Usually things like this are done by white people to benefit themselves. The white man’s primary interest is not to elevate the thinking of black people, or to waken black people, or white people either. The white man is interested in the black man only to the extent that the black man is of use to him. The white man’s interest is to make money, to exploit.”

    • Malcolm X was talking about America, land of the free. Not Zambia an independent black nation run by black people since 1964

    • I agree with you a 100%. Kabwe is abundant with resources that is why the pig Scott is fixated on Kabwe. Kabwe existed before Lusaka. Get off our land scum bag.


    • Yes, EL was busy attacking HH what else can he do.As he reads campaign notes. He was calling HH all sorts of names.

      Yet he is the one who brought sangomas to cleanse his house and advised him to visit late Sata’s grave. The truth will come out and shame all these thugs.

    • Interesting! Lungu a Thief of widows! This is a new one. Tell us more! What does the bible say about helping widows EL?

  14. Political promises catch a lot of struggling people, political vengeance , their only dream, money can buy only vanity in the world….where is your love for humanity PF when you have disrespected the farmer who feeds the nation and yet now whose plight you put on the top of the agenda as you think the growth of the country’s economy lies his hands.

  15. All very well this regeneration of the textile industry, however, what is happening at the Kabwe mine? Lots of promises about ridding the area of the toxins from the old lead and zinc mine workings. Was there not a promise of rehabilitating the area by processing the toxic waste that makes Kabwe one of the worlds worst polluted areas? Promises of employment at the plant reprocessing the waste product. Several companies have left and the seem to be threatening the government over non payment of tax refunds when those companies themselves do not pay enough tax in the first place. What happens now?

  16. Guy Scott, Kabwe must be a bad town for you. How did these Talaban boys convince you to get back to the dangerous town? Remember, a few days ago you needed protection of the Kohima Barracks boys otherwise you were gone. Those Panga boys wanted to take the shit out of you. Joining them indeed. Did your wife allow you to risk your life with Mad Max Kambwili next to you? Learn to call a spade, a spade and join forward Party.

  17. UPND supporters across the country lack confidence in their man HH, no wonder they insult whenever they see large crowds at the PF rallies. Truth be told, my friend from Kitwe sent me pictures of the pipo who attended HH’s rally dancing that they have successfully woodwinked UPND after the rally. It’s sad coz they will think PF has rigged.

    • @Enock
      Wroooong answer from this contestant! Ding ding ding!

      You said:

      “UPND supporters across the country lack confidence in their man HH”

      The correct answer is……. (drum roll here):

      “UPND supporters across the country lack have confidence in their man HH”

      Go back to Zero, you lose 10 points.

    • Oh my dear, dear Enock, a few of your chibuku drinking friends in Kitwe sending you pictures of them dancing does not constitute that mammoth congregation of human beings my deluded little friend. Yes I know your heart hurts as you see HH taking the country by storm while your visionless EL has failed to articulate any real issues at any of his dismally attended rallies. This just kills you I know. You just have to be strong my brother. These things happen.

  18. Continue with Sata legacy! Continue withholding constitution! Continue firing nurses! Continue intimidating chiefs! Continue addressing nation through Facebook! Continue 65 yrs retirement! Continue embarrassing Zambia on international fora! Continue late payments to farmers! Continue unsustainable borrowing! Is this a legacy you can sell for votes? Only if you plan to rig can you sell this ugly legacy

  19. UPND was so happy to see wrangles in PF. Sorry for reconciliation which has taken away your happiness. You keep promising free things once elected, when the donor community has hailed PF for removing handouts. No donor is willing to donate towards mare consumption. You say PF has taken up commodity prices. And removed subsidies. This is at the expense of development which we can see. You will continue renting a quarter until you learn to spend wisely. Its fine to eat poor meals for you to build at least own room. How is HH going to continue with development when he intends to bring back subsidies and handouts? Donors have not bought his vision.

    • PF synonyms are Poor finishing from the race, Panga Family, People are made Fools, Poor Farmers, Program Failures.
      Why all these names, because I have not heard ever since what they will do for Zambians apart from insulting innocent people especially in the mouth of Chishimba Kabwili who is carrying pregnancy of lose.

  20. LT has edited other speakers. Imagine dedicating the entire rally to insult HH.

    No person dared to explain their national development agenda; nothing!

    Anyway, it is expected because their leader Lungu has no vision.

    Rallies should be used as events to engage people in practical solutions to the socio-economic problems they are facing not insulting others.

    PF as usual is being truthful by showing the Zambian people that the only thing they can offer is insults; mediocrity.


    • @ sara, its not your time to get to state house!!!!

      continue crying and giving excuses!!!!!

      SHIP EL heading south!!!!!!

      Thank u////////////////////

    • Of course heading south…. keep going and increase the speed when you hear a thunderous noise ahead of you – till we meet again!

  21. Look at this composition of the leaders. What does this mean? Northerners and Easterners.

    (Former vice president Lupando Mwape, Pf secretary General Davies Chama, Information Minister Joseph Katema, Lusaka mayor Mulenga Sata, Education Minister John Phiri, Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba, Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili among others were present at the rally.

  22. It’s rather comical how HH and his UPND puppies go about barking and howling at the remote prospect of tasting state power. The truth stands that PF will win the coming presidential bye election. Zambians are not so gullible as to believe lies from a bunch of sadists who are rejoicing in the demise of president Sata. Gallivanting from one place to another and try to parrot campaign messages that made PF win in 2011 can not win election for HH. Sadly, HH’s internet supporters demand to see pictures of his rallies and a crowd to them means winning an election. They don’t realize that majority of people who attend political rallies do not even vote. How can children below the age of 15 years vote? Even myself and many others who are opposed to HH have attended his rallies to prove…

    • How are you PF? How is the boat sailing? I trust the water levels are half way inside the boat. It is not easy, you guys have created many enemies throughout Zambia and no matter how much insults you will use on HH, you are making him outstanding in the race to plot one. PF kuya bebele namafumo yabamo abalikwati ni ba Kateta katemo.

      Mulaka malilo sung by saying ” Usakwiye ngati sinkani yako, muzi onse wu ochenjera niweee, wandiyanka bwanji neba wanga ukudziwa kantu”.
      Don’t be annoyed but concentrate on what you will do for the people whom you have dissappointed for the past three years.

    • When you next go to the market, make sure to buy grapes from someone else. Your current ones are extreeeeeemly sour.

    • For real ulikonko! Umubemba Inkonko is an attempt to call yourself umubemba nkoko but ended up calling your bluff. You are not bemba and even if you werea bemba bastard your diatribe is not welcome here.

  23. i enjoyed the rally myself in kabwe ,but the insulting part has been received with mixed feelings by many. anyway its politics. viva EL

  24. Umubemba let’s debate issues than senseless accusations. Our country is facing a lot of challenges, we are about to lose more jobs, high prices, farmers not being paid. We need to discuss issues affecting our country and also to be honest with Zambians the Lungu guy doesn’t look healthy, chances of having another dead president Increase to 70%.

  25. Your contributions when blogging should heal the wounded.

    Not careless sentiments.

    enjoy blogging,

    Thank u!!!!!!!!!!

  26. One can feel for the PF. Its Candidate has no vision. He is probably nursing a hangover. He reads notes on the campaign podium. His campaign promises clearly bring out the worst of his govt performance over the past 3 years. How bad can it get? Add nsanda and chimbwili to advise you. Campaign is in self destructive mode

  27. UPND/MMD/ZANAMA and william Banda. These will bring change to zambia. why leaving pipo with clean records like mwitwa and nkombo

  28. Really Dr Scott? You just exhibited total failure of leadership in a very simple and primitive party like PF, clearly complex problems like the national economy are beyond you, your party and ministers. Give way to more competent people, Guy Scot,

  29. These photos make it look like people are not convinced or enthusiastic, but with rallies you have to be there to understand the feeling on the ground, A few photos and a quick report ati “that one said” and “this one said” doesn’t carry the atmosphere across. Difficult to say. Anyway Kabwe was always a difficult place to get votes

  30. Dr Scott sir, Katondo boys together with the Boostele team salutes you.You are a true Patriotic Zambian. Thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you.

    2015 Edgar has just won the elections

    I thank you

  31. Have you noticed…Edger Lungu cant talk,he is campaigning to be a president,but others are talking on his behalf?
    if he wins,he will be bulldozed by likes of Kambwili etc
    other thing he has no vision….only will continue Satas vision?
    Zambians are gullible and i am not surprised if they elect EL again!!

    Only HH has the answers from the whole list of presidential aspirants…

    PF Is now copying what he wants HH wants to do…reinstate nurses,etc

    Shame o PF

    • Kaboko Kamuti

      I like when you said ” if he wins” well said my friend,,,fortunately he has won the elections already,,,,Just waiting for January 24 so he can move in the state house

      2015 vote PF (Edgar)

      i thank you

  32. edgar lungu is already in statehouse. the elections in january is just a formality because he has got massive support from all the regions of zambia. tongas think that southern province alone will make them produce a president. never not in zambia you tribalist *****s

  33. Kabwe is very close to Lusaka and should have enjoyed great development as Lusaka.

    The dying town was due to years of negligence which is clearly being addressed now in the coming year. We the Citizens will hold PF to this.

    I hope Scott is not trying to say that the elections will be fair and violence free because of HIM and his mates who nearly caused an internal PF war to nearly erupt onto the streets!

    • Dying towns are an economic fact due to economic depressions. Look at Detriot USA, the once famous car city was near derelict with heart wrenching poverty highest among Black Americans.

      We have to keep things in perspective. Zambia is rejuvenating after a long depression. Things can only get better!

  34. Ba LT, kudos to you for not giving audience to that “Bishop” and the equally repulsive comments by Idi Amin Dada.( the Nigerian one who was in Kabwe today).

    I only read about it elsewhere and realized just how much you raised your standards by not repeating their vitriol.

    Thank You LT. (Actually we need to thank you more often. I’m glad you tolerate my shenanigans here sometmes. Also, Merry Christmas)

  35. Just 2 weeks ago i thought these elections will be very tough….alas!!! what is this that am now seeing! This is not fair….the match-up doesn’t make sense. This game has become very very easy for PF. Scott fired some warning shots last week but i didn’t take him serious. Just why is PF even wasting time campaigning? Zambians have already made up their minds,,,NI LUNGU CHABE……

    2015 Vote PF(Edgar)

    I thank you

    • PF President Edgar Lungu summarises issues to the people of Kabwe
      ”Zambia Railways HQ coming back to Kabwe
      Mulungushi Textile has a new owner through private public initiative
      We have paid the farmers
      We have reinstated the nurses”

      2015 Vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

  36. bt ba hh ifya kukopa fyacilamo o the compagn strategy initiated by our late president hs bn copied by hh using the musicians and composing songs at rallies y cant he start new things tt others have never done? B create man

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