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Dora Siliya ‘endorses PF and Edgar Lungu’ after careful thought on change of Government

Headlines Dora Siliya 'endorses PF and Edgar Lungu' after careful thought on change...

 Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Former MMD Spokesperson and Petauke Member of parliament Dora Siliya has said that she is in support of the view that the PF government be allowed to complete their five year term as the change of Government will be too costly to the treasury.

In a letter to the media in which stated her passionate detest for PF, Ms Siliya said that one had to reflect very carefully on whether a change of Government, with less than two years, before a general election is really the best thing for Zambia.

Ms Siliya said that the continuity of the PF at the moment is the most sure way for Zambia to have stability until the next general election.

Below is the full letter

In the last few weeks I have been asked countless times whom I will endorse in January’s Presidential by-election. I did indicate a while back that endorsement then was quite difficult as nominations had not taken place yet. Now that the nominations have taken place, here is my considered view.

It is not a secret that I detest the PF with a passion and not because the MMD lost power to it, but because under late President Sata, we saw a clear failure of leadership. The order of the day has been deceit from the very top of the PF Government. But I also did mention in a ZNBC TV interview, some months ago, that PF problems were not unique. Our democracy is still so fragile that many of our political parties are quite challenged when dealing with opposing views. In fact the PF wrangles witnessed recently are small compared to the MMD succession disputes of 2001, which led to the birth of the PF.

The Post Newspaper recently referred to Zambian politics as being about ‘ichimwela’. Clearly, that is what has led us to the leadership and system failure witnessed recently. The courts have had a field day in trying to address our political challenges which are clearly a reflection of our constitutional lacunas. Usually, we just hear about the 50+1 discourse on the constitution. However, our constitution lacks in many areas including the question of whether we should have costly by-elections in the event of a Presidents death. This argument is premised on the fact that a winning candidate and his Party receives a mandate from Zambians for a 5 year term. That was in fact our argument as the MMD in 2008.

In Zambia, power is vested totally in a President. This means that at the change of who ever is occupying the Presidency, almost 10% of top Government jobs in cabinet, ministries, foreign mission, parastatals, (and these are the most paying) must be changed overnight. What that means is expenditure on the outgoing personnel and equipping the new personnel not just with salaries and settling in allowances but even with new vehicles as outgoing personnel buy-off personal to holder cars. This change of Government costs tax payers millions of kwacha at the expense of other needy areas such as hospitals etc.

In view of the above, one has to reflect very carefully on whether a change of Government, less than two years, before a general election is really the best thing for Zambia. We all know that our treasury is broke and expenditure on this by-election and possible change of Government will make things even worse.

In my considered view, the above is enough for the PF to be allowed to continue until the next general election. Of course, one has to accept that the PF incumbency already gives them a head start. But most of all, in the last crucial weeks, the PF will have 81 MPs on the ground, with the UPND at 27 while the MMD is already split. PF only beat MMD in a general election when they fielded candidates in the whole country in 2011.

I am not saying it is clear cut for the PF, considering the promises by President Sata in 2011 and the current farmers crisis. But when all is considered, I believe the continuity of the PF at the moment is the most sure way for our country to have stability until the next general election. I will emphasise though, that Zambians expect to see a new PF, that is less violent and more tolerant, more inclusive, respects peoples freedoms and most of all, shows commitment to enactment of the constitution. We don’t want empty promises but an attitude of dialogue on critical national matters.

My friends, this is my considered view.


  1. The reasons why i can vote for Pf in my right mind:

    1. They have the worst candidate in the name of Lungu,
    – Visionless, Lungu has no plan & program for this our great nation and he has said himself.
    – InCompetence, Lungu is incompetent to run the country’s affairs & the economy at large, he has no record of personal success in terms of wealth management. Zambia should emulate countries like Kenya where the president has run farms, corporation etc. No more room for leaders who want to enrich themselves.
    2. PF as a party lacks integrity- pf is a bench of liars & they flourish on Bufi as a party, they have lied the Zambian people on many issues imagine Sata just died without getting sick bcoz pf continued saying that the president was well and discharging his duties in…

    • Read your first sentence you emotional douchebag! Are you voting for or against? Choose your words, if you have a running tummy, use the loo before typing!

    • you can have sex while drinking in chawama anytime… so i understand Dora,,,, merry chrismass people,,, stop pointing satanic fingers at each other,,, get into the festive mood!!!

    • @ Lord Voldemort
      Your language tells it all that you are lord Kachasu follower. I will prove that am an idi0ty by not voting for pf again.

      1. Liars
      2. Violent
      3. Greedy
      4. lack of vision
      5. corruption
      6.thuggery etc
      7. No respect for rule of law etc

      May be Chipimo or Nawakwi otherwise EL will be a big insult to our great Zambia.

    • Dora, unfortunately these are consequences of failing to enact the constitution. PF promised to enact the constitution – they saw a year into government that late Sata was sick. They should have kown the costs involved and made sure they put things in order. But were they intelligent enough to foresee all these problems? I don’t think most of us think so.
      Now you want them to continue the same way you wanted RB to continue after he lost. Shame on you!!

      And where have you been since Sata died? Have you not seen the violence in PF? Do you really think it was only about Sata or is it the calibre of people in PF? These people are violent and earlier you accept this the better for you.

      Talking about expenses? What about saving the monies being misused on campiagns now!

    • @Nyati- Do not be mistaken, PF is not standing for the election, Edgar Lungu is. Now tell me, in light of HH’s participation in privatization, who is more corrupt?
      And do not go around citing silly words like I cannot use them- get your head outta your momma’s behind and start thinking like you have a cock!

    • DORA is entitled to her endorsement right. If she had endorsed HH his fortunes in Petauke would have improved. Whether that would have been enough for HH to win the election is debatable.
      I am still voting HH.

    • Mama Siliya bravo! Very intelligent, candid and rational realism. There comes a time when a line has to be drawn between idealism and realism after a context analysis of given situation.

    • Dora has brought in a very good angle to the whole issue of who to vote for. From preservation of national resources point of view and not starting a dog fight to sack and appoint cadres who make the opposition candidate win by-elections to positions of reward- diplomatic, PSs, press aide, economic aide and so on, IT makes good sense. I was considering Edith Nawakawi but now think it is better to vote for PF that has maximum number of MPs and stand a better chance of giving new constitution and contain movement of 10% of Civil service from abroad to Zambia and vice versa. Thanks Bo Dora.

    • Ba Dora how could you sell your self like this? It would have been better off for her to just abstain or keep quite about the matter considering she is not much of a factor anyways. Basically what she is saying is that PF should continue r**ping and destroying the country and then come 2016 have a change of government. Useless thinking from this woman and anyone supporting her views on this.

    • The People’s President does not need the endorsement of plunderers like Dora..please Dora we dont need and we dont want you anywhere near Team EL, and we havent forgetton about other plunderers within our camp such as abena Kambwili, GBM and other cretins, thing about us in PF we are honest about the rotten eggs whereas useless, and tribalist zombie brain dead, robotic and satanic UPND cadres are in serious self denial HH is a liar that is promising things just to enter state house where he plans to plunder and destroy Zambia, we refuse. Zambians want Lungu, a humble man, from humble beginings, Edgar a man not interested in material possesions, Edgar C. Lungu a mn that forgives and embraces all Zambians…we are for Edgar C. Lungu the People’s President.
      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015***

    • @ Lord Voldemort
      Your language tells it all that you are lord Kachasu follower. I will prove that am NOT idi0ty by not voting for pf again.

      1. Liars
      2. Violent
      3. Greedy
      4. lack of vision
      5. corruption
      6.thuggery etc
      7. No respect for rule of law etc

      May be Chipimo or Nawakwi otherwise EL will be a big insult to our great Zambia.

    • Bravo only f00ls did not know that Dora , Kachingwe and the group were courting PF.

      Some of us are not surprised at her move at all. She has been coerced by PF operatives to support Lungu

    • It’s believed that the name “Kasama” was a result of an incident that happened a long time ago when a hat of a white man got hooked or entangled in the bushes. So the place where the hat got hooked or entangled came to be known as Kasama, and this is where the town Kasama developed. –


      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

    • Sambo Clive writes: Dora, its like being raped by a mad man and you tell those that come to your rescue, leave him so that he can finish. This pf raping our country must go.

    • All the things u said my major point is, PF under sata has been a total failure and a desaster. that’s all I needed. What a miscalculation so u would rather chock with failures

    • It beggars belief that a big number of Zambians just agree to any crap without deciphering the message contained in the article. I have read some bloggers commenting that Dora has a good point – hell no! You cannot be in an abusive marriage and when your time comes to divorce your abusive partner then you say I will wait 2 more years! Two flipping more years? Are you sure? Well Dora, I thought you had more sense than just butt. Dear Dora, there is a price to pay for democracy sweetheart. I thought with your longetivity in government you would have known this. A politician who hates PF with all her passion then mandates them 2 more years to line their pockets and then vote them out in 2016. Did I hear that right? The mismanagement will be costlier than a big size 11 up their butt now!

    • Dora Siliya…….

      This lady’s hate and scorn for HH was well known when she was MMD Spokesperson. It is not therefore surprising that she is endorsing her tribes mate. She is being consistent in her scorn for HH. For her consistence, she is better than other politicians.


    • PF deserves no vote from a right thinking Zambian. For the following reasons;
      1. this party has introduced high levels of violence never seen before in this country
      2. the level of tribalism practices by PF is unrivaled
      3. giving them another mandate will be authenticating that which is wrong i.e. lies for breakfast and lies for dinner

    • yes indeed you must be thankful,,,,,, other parties cant take in Dora,,, they dont like unprotected sex,,,, now you have two unprotected bombs… Dora and masebo

    • True, all so called economic pundits could not see what Dora has explained in simple English. Bravo Dora. Now go out and do “walk the talk”. Go to Eastern province and canvas for Mr. Lungu.

    • Madam Dora well spoken. I am a teetotaller, and just wonder whether there is any Political Party without drunkards, and whether all the other Presidential Candidates do not taste alcohol? How can one pre-suppose that once EL moves to State House it could become a ‘Shebeen” cheap thinking, born losers!



  2. Now go to Petauke and guarantee that landslide the UPND are refusing to add to their calculations.

    • @libral u r in the USA where the law is enacted and followed and yet you do not wish the same for ur country of birth???! Dora is looking out for herself.and we wonder y we are 200 yrs behind in development

  3. It is her democratic right to do so. Birds of the same feather flock together. She imbibes & Edgar imbibes. So the equation balances. It is as simple as all that.

    • Do not insult her for her democratic right. Making a sensible statement and following it up with a nonsensical one is equivalent to pouring a glass of milk and adding in urine later on!

    • UPND Cadres why full of abusive speech, just argue your case in a more mature and reasonable manner. u were crying all day today because that bishop called HH things u didnt like. “Do to unto others what u want them do unto u”



  4. You have to give it up for this iron lady irrespective of where you stand. Logical and flawless analysis if you ask me….on this particular topic

    • It may look like a flawless analysis at first sight. However, H.H. is not gunning for support to do a half-arse job in 18 months. His vision (something others are at pains to crank up) will win him the re-election vote in 2016. Dora’s frazzled brain could not go that far. Hers, like Faustina Sinyangwe’s is focused on just winning. That’s all!

      One wonders why we don’t go anywhere as a nation: our views as so today when they should tomorrow.

    • Hahaha, you are right, it is time for HH in Southern Province, it always is. Wait for January 20 and see how much work he still has to do. 29 MPs in parliament reads a lot, he is not as popular people are wanting him to seem. Even musicians pull similar crowds!

    • Dark lord,,,funny you mention musicians. Most Zambian musicians are backing HH. Ba Kopala bonse ni HH.

      Witness the rebirth of Zambia!

    • I Meant I CANT & WILL NEVER AGAIN, ONCE MORE! Unless Pf redo the life history of Sata, tell the nation when Sata got sick, what killed him, apologise to the Zambians for keeping the president’s health a secret until they could no more do a don’t kubeba on death & also tell the nation who killed their cadre in the Mufumbwe by-election, who killed their cadre in L/stone by-election, Tell the nation why since coming into power there hasn’t been any press conference, tell the nation what happened about the 90days constitution promise, tell the nation why even after 90 days pf failed to realize the constitution after a lot of funds & resources were wasted on the process.

    • Northern- EL, Luapula- EL, CB- EL, Eastern- EL, Central- EL, Lusaka- EL.
      Southern- HH, N.Western- HH, Western- HH.

      It will be very hard for any of these predictions not to come to pass. The fact that EL is not Bemba means that he will particularly improve PF numbers in N.Western and Western Provinces. HH will improve numbers too, but this is not enough to win. I foresee formidable contenders in the likes of Garry Nkombo, Cornelius Mweetwa for the leadership of UPND!

    • @Wisdom, why Eastern Province for EL? because of Dora. Keep dreaming my friend. HH will get at least between 35 – 40%. Don’t forget Nawakwi and Mumba will get their share.

      I concur with you that HH shud continue his campaigns (fighting for voters as you put it). He is focused and well articulated. A clear vision and engages his listeners during his campaigns. He is doing very well so far and many people are happy and excited.

      What about the Drunken Master? Good luck Dora.

      Viva #FlightHH2015.

    • Am in the copperbelt & will vote for a capable leader not a leader without a VISION but with a vision & he has proved his capabilities at his personal level. If he has done it with his head alone what more when he combines with the heads of people like Mutati, Nalumango, Dr Banda, Kapita, Percy Chanda, Mwanawasa, Milupi, Adrew Banda, Mtolo, Mr Phiri, DR Lungwangwa the list is endless. He advocates for a United Zambia with a strong belief & conviction that all parts of Zambia have able women & men who are capable & have skills to transform our great Zambia for the good of all Zambians a point where Pf has failed to realize.
      Instead Pf took RDA to state house & appointed one man to chairman without a committee & now this man is the strong man for Edgar so that…

    • I have always respected Madam Siliya but I feel this is a betrayal to MMD cause it is personal. If MMD is for better Governance, why support someone else?

      Our Political parties need to improve ther approach to elections to avoid disagreements and court cases over leadership.

      MPs need more time together as they focus on the future plans other than only going to the constituencies just to register themselves.
      Enjoy wisely

  5. True tribalism by this woman. We new in minds when they wanted to field Mr Banda…!! She was so much in for Banda so we are not suprised to support her tribe man Edgar Lungu. Lungu will not win election in Zambia. He need time to reflect on zambian politics. In 1963, southern province and Northen joined together to put Simon mwansa Kapwepwe as vice against all olds of Rebean Kamanga. So I have no dought HH will trouse Lungu badly once and for all…!! You can only rigg if the gap is slim, in this case it will hard to rig because HH will win badly, these are provinces HH likely to win Northen province, southern province, copperbelt, western province, North-western province, central province, there will be 40% votes in the remaining provinces,,! Lungu he needs not only luck but magic to win

    • HH likely to win Northern Province?? Are you sure about that?? I’m sure you believe that Edgar Lungu is likely to win Southern Province too , don’t you. This is the irrational behaviour by UPND cadres that has just become not only pathetic but neausating too.

      Is this what an election can do to people who were supposedly sane minded? Absolutely jaw dropping.

    • Bootlicker you have a mouth to speak???
      Definitely not matters like this. You were one of the most unreasonable gang-ho MMD vuvuzela when MMD was in office.

      You have the audacity to use words such as nauseating? Huh? You were so appalling pally-boy, I had a difficult time getting people to see things from your angle. You and your elk made this your watering hole, no one said anything negative about MMD which you failed to respond to.

      Play well in the sandbox now, let UPND supporters do their thing now. Sha!

    • And your evidence of that? Please be a man and stop wanking at her pictures, that is what cowards do.

    • You would not be insulting her if she endorsed your preferred candidate whoever that may be you hypocritical and vulgar muppet.

  6. This is the [email protected] argument I have ever heard. Costly! Are you kidding me? What is costly is:
    When you don’t have a strong constitution
    When we are having elections every time a politician dies
    When lives get lost at the expense of PF politicians
    When retards are appointed to govt positions
    When MPs are getting huge allowances for doing nothing

    There are a lot more costly things that need to be changed. One thing we are sure is that the current administration has to change because that is priceless Dora.

    • My friend, if you are angry, take a swim. Look, MPs do not do nothing. Are you aware there are projects in each and every other part of Zambia. You do not follow National Assembly- countless laws are enacted nearly every week! Look, No one is a retard, we have seen them in public but we have never seen you, maybe you are the retard? If you are so angry, buy a rope!

  7. Very thoughtful and accurate indeed. Excellent analysis and that is what true university education buys you for free.

    Can’t wait to see headless UPND cadres go ad hominem on her and throw all sorts of spears, just becuase of their blinding desperation to get into state House at all cost.

    This is her opinion and well reasoned out. Counter her or just shut up. UPND cadres, you don’t have to type all the time like number 1 who has no clue what he even typed!!!

    • @Bootlicker
      iwe bootlicker,,stop encouraging unpotected sex nama dizzy in the country,,,,, your hate for UPND will poison you to death,,,, save it!! Never mumba he is on great terms with HH,,, not your evil hate

    • Boatlicker, there is no difference between you and Siliya. Both of you`re bigots. All you think about is tribe. And you`ve relied political connections for a living. Visit the Silicon Valley in California and see what diversity can do. I live on complex of apartments with people from more than 60 countries, all continents represented. When having a drink with these folks, all we talk about is inventions and start-ups. That is the kind of culture that we want HH to encourage.

    • MMD guy save your breath. I think as Zambians, we have decided to move on without this nonsense of yours. Dora is having a rough time and we also went to the university and came out with even better degrees than this use of bottom power that your Dora has become an expert at.
      Zambia deserve better that these MMD dreams. Her father RB is gone and she had better follow him. Who knows he might just try his lucky on her; your know the old man is good at ‘small’ ones.
      Zambia forward.

    • @ Bootlicker. Her opinion yes? well reasoned, you are losing your marbles. They must continue looting and accruing debts to lead us into bankruptcy, well reasoned my foot.

    • Chief Bootlicker, very rarely do I agree with you but on this one, you are spot on. Dora has made a compelling argument and if anyone wants to counter it, they should do so with sound analysis based on what she has written. It appears that everyone is responding with emotions rather than reason. Its a clear case of sentimentalism versus realism. January 20th will show us which one carries the day. Good Luck Zambia!

    • “Look, we have no money as country, please vote us back in until 2016. Maybe between now and then we will have more money in your pockets; or may be we can continue having less money but you can vote us out then. Now is too expensive for us to recall all our relative in the diplomatic mission; to dismiss all our cadres and friends in key govt position… please just one more year”..

      Flawed argument that even Edgar Lungu himself is scared or embarrassed to use on the campaign trail.

      thought this MMD Chief Bootlicker was politically intelligent (no pun intended); I didn’t know his reasoning is based on school of ‘cadreisim’ (not sure that’s a word, but you get the drift).

  8. Rebirth, reinvention or reincarnation. None work for me but each to his or her own…

    It’s like instead of working hard for a brand new bag you settle for begging for a new one while hating yourself for wanting it then convincing yourself the old bag you’ve been carrying can look brand new if you ignore the broken strap, faded leather, stuck zipper and ugly contents. Chuckle.

  9. She is 100% correct.Dora is very intelligent.No need to change govt now coz the time is too short .let PF finish the term coz no need to change govt unless pipo are too desperate.Vote PF in 2015.Think of changing govt in 2016.Efintu ni lungu

    • During MMD rule this woman was extremely arrogant. Now she is endorsing PF because she wants something. Hopefully she will buy a better suit and not this clown outfit.

  10. Ask her what she does for a living, then you`ll know the real reasons for endorsing Lungu. Dora Siliya is just another politician who cant earn a living using her brains, she always relying on politics.

    • That is what MMD said about PF until we all got a shock of our lives thereafter we had three miserable years being ruled by pangas

  11. “… under late President Sata, we saw a clear failure of leadership…”-Dora Siliya
    The entire article is crap but here it got juicy!

    • She doesn’t have to. Look, Lungu stood up to bullies. HH is untested in his party, Lungu’s party has come out united. Lungu led two ministries and did exceptionally well. What more do you want?

  12. Dora, who are you lying to? You need a party that will negotiate your case in courts and we know HH refused so you went to EL who gladly assured you that is as simple as getting an injunction at 01 hrs

    • we all know that UPND failed to convince Dora to join them.

      Respect Doras decision and shut your smelling yellow maize in that mouth.

  13. I have followed Dora’s political career, she firts came on the sin on heritage party ticket and she flopped, so to me she is not a factor in politics, she only won after she joined MMD because MMD was very popular at the time in the area. if she had won as an independent like Milupi and Mucheleka then i would say yes she has some impact, so if we analyses, upnd has Mr Mucheleka and Mr Milupi, so who has more votes, in addition UPND has the likes of dipak , felix, Situmbeko, who are heavy weights in politics, in addition the chipata mp has shown to be a heavy weight, and Magani will add some votes, not forgetting madam Victoria Kalima, and others, so on that score upnd is likely to take Eastern Province, part of Luapula, Muchinga and northern. people just take a look at 2011 presidential…

  14. Where else can she go plus the hate she has for Nevers Mumba,PF keeps accepting all sorts of vomits just to remain in power

  15. With all due respect to madam Dora, in as much as the logic you present maybe sound, unfortunately the the incompetence of the PF supersedes over all considerations. Sometimes in life you have to minimize your losses and fold. We are dealing with a complicated matrix or calculus. The costs of a continued PF rule far out weigh the cost of a change in government. The losses the nation is suffering in lost economic activity and pilfering are what we should minimize. All in all its time to go in different direction engage gear one and move forward! PF is taking us backward.

  16. Please allow me to talk about HH. He will never be president if

    1. He doesn’t deal with his self-centredness
    2. He doesn’t Interact with boys in Katondo street and street vendors
    3. He doesn’t pay people on time

    EL Siliya 2015

    • HH was talking of giving houses to miners if elected into office. His supporters shall answer the following-
      1. How will be pass the constitution with his kantemba 27 MPs?
      2. How will he sell the houses without parliament’s approval?
      3. How will pass budget in parliament with his 27 MPs and 8 Nominated MPs?
      4. Has he ever thought of giving away the houses to his farm workers who have been sitting tenants in those houses for years? What is good for goose shall be equally good for gander.

  17. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even though they are guided by warped rationing. So I respect Dora’s opinion, but do not agree with her.

    The expenses referred to in her analysis may actually be a necessary cost in order to move to quality. Personally, I would rather change a substandard team (as Dora seems to suggest of PF) before they cause more damage (if any) and move on to a more promising team.

    An analogy would be to acknowledge that your are on a bus to Livingstone driven by a incompetent and dangerous driver and refuse to get on a safer bus in Choma because you already paid for the initial deathly bus.

  18. Dr. Mumba, has an up hill battle. Africa is a strange continent. We celebrate immoral people and vilify good and honest men. We are living in sad times. It’s a continent that does not believe in it’s own system. Even president’s don’t have faith in their own hospitals. When they are sick, they seek treatment outside Africa. Two of our president’s died outside their country and continent. These are sad times indeed. Our public servants are the wealthiest and they cannot explain how they got their riches. These are sad times in Africa. Public servants engage in primitive accumulation. Our public servants cannot rest until they have built houses and buildings in all the major capital cities of the world. I end with Simon Kapwepwe’s words “Africa Twasebana”

  19. Am in utter shock Dora can think like this. If it is for reasons of chancing her way into her presumed relative, Edgar Lungu, I understand her. Away from that, she has grossly errored in her judgement for following reasons: 1. The economy is already drawning, and Siliya would rather it sinks to the bottom before rescue attempts are made. 2. True leadership believes in periodic evaluation and if there is an opportunity to dismiss without waiting to the end, make the decision immeidately. Why wait until levels of incompetence become irreconsilable? 3. The PF captain is gone. People voted PF because of SATA who created it. Why should Zambians be subjected to an individual who has no clue of what must happen? PF failed from the very start; it was a false start and God has allowed us to change.

  20. It is free for all in MMD. MPs are endorsing other party president when their president Nevers Mumba is standing. Munavionako va so? Some MPs are supporting Edgar whereas others are supporting HH. with one or two supporting Nevers. What does this mean? Is MMD over as a party? Who is to blame for this quagmire? The lections are indeed between UPND and PF. My propose is this, after the elections let us just have two parties. I didnt believe that I would see a time when Zambia would on its own choose two parties to guide it. People like Nawakwi, Miyanda, Sondashi, Chipimo, Sinkamba therefore should join others to be party to progressive parties instead of wasting time of voters with their useless parties. Nevers has managed to kill MMD.

  21. On this one ba Siliya, you are better off quiet. Zambians do not want PF any more. Dont tell us you have serious problems and Lungu is coming to your aid. You the the least person we expected to endorse PF.

  22. First of all. Dora just like everyone else is entitled to her opinion and she not be insulted for that. However, I have some reservations over her reason the decision. She said many people where asking about who would endorse but she was waiting for the nominations to be completed before she could decide. Did she only realize that pf needed to continue after the nominations? I would have thought she would have just done that even before the that since she is saying they need to complete their term. I think the reason she put up is not very convincing enough for me. For instance, can she give us how much we can lose we keep the very people who may be unproductive just to the sake of allowing them to complete there term? If someone is unproductive, fire them no matter the remaining time.

    • @Straight forward… good observation, that crossed my mind too. Yes with the arguments she is advancing for her so called ‘endorsement’, she did not need to wait to make her decision public until after the nominations. It just shows the insincerity in her arguments – she probably didn’t even realise this.

      I really can’t believe she is saying give PF another mandate because the country is too broke to change govt. I thought that was the even more reason why a change of govt is warranted. So by this logic, come 2016, the treasury’s reserves would have dwindled even further south of where it currently is, thus we shouldn’t even hold those elections or change govt. Oh dear now I understand the stereotype about the IQ level of people from Sub-Saharan Africa.

  23. The people that are turning away from HH after warming up to him are simply job seeking. HH is not promising anything to no one. You have to buy into his wares to support him…not for your personal gain. He is making that clear from the outset. Why do you think Mike Mulongoti and them dropped off and joined PF?

    You have to want meaningful change, not jobs for yourself. That is the old way. The new way is to create jobs for those mothers cracking stones by the road side

  24. Being vulgar will not help UPND sympathisers win votes, you should be the last people to laugh at what is happening in PF and MMD, at least there is some element of democracy. What does your constitution say on the presidential term of office?
    Do we have another ‘wamuyaya’ in the name of HH? Let’s debate in a sober manner. Katondo boys, you’re so smart, keep it up.

  25. Most people who are or will benefit from the status quo are endorsing continuity and conversely those who want change are endorsing it. but when one looks at the grassroots, farmers in villages, youths and average families in chawama, chipata, nkwazi & many squatters in the country, there lives have not improved; rather with the high cost of living, it has deteriorated. The health care and social services have deteriorated, unemployment and poverty has reached rock bottom. Now the issue of cost for eminent change of government would not have arisen had the regime been prudent to enact desired constitution. Most decisions of this government have brought misery. Even if there was a saving in maintaining status quo, benefits will not accrue to the suffering masses, but the few…

  26. What we need now is Lungu who is the only one who managed Many positions at the same time without conflicting duties. PF SG, Defence Minister, Justice Minister, Area MP, Acting President. Controlling criminals and thieves was not easy at all.

    His leadership has been tried and tested. Free and fair man who brought issue based politics. Are u not challenged to despise the Man EL, Gods chosen?

  27. Cont’d
    …..individuals at the helm. So in whose interest is madam siliya making this endorsement; herself or the common good of the poor Zambians, farmers, unemployed; these would want things to change for better asap.

  28. To expect HH to win Petauke Beauty contest is day-dreaming. Just like expecting Lungu to win Mazabuka beauty contest is crazy. Dora is just trying to give a long worded answer to regional voting pattern which will definately happen like it or not. Let me be frank; HH will not win in Mansa, Kasama, Muchinga, Kabwe, Petauke and Lusaka. CB will be toss up. Lungu will not will in Gwembe valley period. Get over it.

  29. This is the most irrational statement I have ever heard. Absolutely no logic in it, let the thieves keep stealing and borrowing because the coffers are empty, so bankruptcy is the way forward and this coming from someone who is supposed to have a bit of intelligence, what utter crap.
    She reckons Lungu wont make his own appointments, what folly and nonsense is this. Something is really missing in Zambia, our current most politicians would not have even been District Governors in the earlier Kaunda days. I honestly wonder whether critical thinking is taught at UNZA. Madam yes, you achieved ministerial level but your intelligence leaves much to be desired. You were full of talk and as per usual too much talking Zambia is mistaken for intelligence. This about your logic, not your choice.

    • In lozi they say ku bala-bala kwa mwana hasi butali. Meaning a child who talks too does not mean he or she is intelligent. The same applies to Dora.

  30. Dora, to say the least, this is truly political objectivity. Lack of critical analysis on the part of most political players is neither here nor there. I am very impressed by showing us the flip side of the coin. Unlike Mutati who wants his family to continue sucking from the mines through HH and the Boers, you have shown us the prudent way of preserving what is left. Good piece and thanks for shifting this debate into different direction.

  31. It was expected Dora would go that way. She hails from petauke and so does Edgar. So, it is clear that she is playing a kwasha mukwenu kind of politics, nothing to do with political logic.

  32. The real KATONDO BOYS, you are my heroes. started my leave today and will be in Lusaka from the 27/12/2014 until the 22/01/2015. Tell me how we can link up and I will be there. Let us spend more time convincing our relatives to vote EL. So far I have managed to convince 8. YES we are a big family.
    2015 VOTE EL

  33. If I was asked to vote between Dora and Nawakwi, I would vote for Dora. Dora is articulate and very intelligent. A very principled person too. She’s very different from Masebo even. What she has brought out is very educative. All you bimbos writing negatives about her try and learn something from what she is saying before you bring out your hatte speech. Give credit where it is due

  34. Dora is being tribal reading through her so called statement. Little coincidence that she comes from petauke as EL.Its wako ni wako for Dora.

    You mean you could only analyse the need to keep PF in power after nominations were.What has that got to do with reasons for keeping PF in power.Was about PF nominated candidate or PF as a party. You cheat some people all the time but never all the people all the time. We can see through your eyes madam. Nowonder Nevers Mumba cried tribal when you harassed him. Anyway we thank progressive serving MMD MPs from Eastern province who have opted for quality leadership in Zambia and not reducing it to narrow tribal inclinations.

    • Good question. If pf had chosen another candidate say Miles Sampa or GBM, I wonder if she would have said the same thing or better still if RB was not barred by the supreme court, would she have been singing about cost savings I wonder?Umm.

    • Imwe baba zelu ndiye zing’ono mu mutu mwana. If Dora had endorsed HH, you would not have said what you are saying now. But because Dora has decided to endorse HH you are tribal. Stop this tribalsim business and get a life. The hatred you have for Edgar will choke you guys one day. Save some energy for other important things. Don’t waste it on some innocent soul who has done no wrong to Zambia.

    • In terms of vision Lungu has said it all, ” I Have NO Vision For Zambia” But just been wondering, is Lungu fit physically, his face tells unfinished story or its another liability for Zambia? I think Miles Sampa would have been a better option for Zambia. Anyway, just thinking!!!! Zambia deserves better.

  35. Good to go, Dora! I endorse them too.

    PF/EL is the political formula for continued stability and democracy in Zambia in 2015 and beyond.

  36. Destiny,

    Dora has every democratic right to indicate her preference for Lungu even if you perceive that as tribal. I am not an Easterner and I know Dora Siliya very well from our UNZA days. She is very urbanized, modern, metropolitan and non-tribal in her outlook. But judging from your own blog, it is very evident that that you are from Southern province. My question is: why are southerners getting so worked up when people from other parts of Zambia don’t support HH but prefer Lungu? How come we have virtually no Southerners defecting from UPND and supporting Edgar Lungu or Nawakwi or Chipimo?

    • @ Maikalange, that is a very good observation. They want other tribes to do that which them cannot do.

      They are problematic and desperate!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Dora has been one of my political idols whom I could not hesistate to vote for if I was in her constituency but this analysis chokes me badly. The external debt has already swollen and Dora wants PF to continue. So if they borrow more? Will Dora again make a similar suggestion in 2016. So if any Govt have enough reserves such as in the time of Magande & LPM with Doranomics such a govt should be voted out. Dora I am disappointed with u my Idol. Dora are you not aware that even EL will have his cabinet? Are u you not aware that Nevers Mumba became an ambassandor in RB’ reign? How do u imagine that EL wont appoint diplomats? Dora you have sunk so low my once idol.

  38. No comment as I am not acquainted with Ms Sliya’s merits and demerits.

    If this were My lady Ireen Mambilima or even Edith Nawakwi (sp?) I might be arsed to find out what this means.

    As it is, I’m just suddenly hungry for a huge upside-down pink blanc mange.

  39. Good thing for HH is that EL has no message for voters, and this Dora points out too. Many mistakes have been committed by PF. So voters will not vote for EL because they feel pity on govt or because they fear govt will get even more broke. That govt is broke is the reason voters should boot out PF and EL in the first place. So this endorsement by Dora is vexatious and meaningless.

  40. Bravo Dora!!!

    Change of government means re-calling all the diplomats at the tax payers expense. If again the government changes in 2016, another problem.

    My fellow Zambians give PF chance to complete what they have started then ask them at the end of their 5 years term to account for everything.

  41. RB and Dora most foolish people have ever known,
    US ITS HHHHH FOR 2015.

  42. Dora , how come you are now supporting PF? Any way as a PF supporter I welcome you. Start campaigning for EL. Ignore these UPND- insulters they are yet to be beaten for the fourth time in row.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  43. Only a dishonesty politician eager to gain power at all costs will be so cheap not to take the analysis from dollar and see the paradigm shift in policies and Governance structure
    That is why developed countries are developed and to single out the Americans as an example of true Nationalist
    Honestly though democracy, this was an election for opposition not to gun and go full throat and make wild promises it should lack of political economic structural fit on the part of those eagerly contesting with little understanding of cabinet and parliamentary proceedings to support the change in those policies to govern
    Learn to support what is honestly correct and not when it suits


  44. Anyway with proof of masses to vote Edgar Lungu Edgar Lungu is winning

    Even though MMD or Other members except for Kalima in kasenengwa decided to endorse HH or who ever,its no of any effect since most of these have lost touch with the grass roots and cannot even spend an hour or two with their constuencies who they have ditched for three year now

    Some as we know them cannot even call for a meeting at a local school to be attended by the locals These MMD MPs have no ground or have they been in touch with the locals for a long period of time and for poor HH to think he is taking it is lack of foresight and sincere appraisal of those endorsing him whether its the masses

  45. Dora like RB have sold their freedom for 30 pieces of silver. Dora is broke and about to be convicted for corruption during her term in office as well as during campaigns in 2011.

    Its no longer a secret that Vodka has offered RB immunity restored, corruption cases dropped, reinstate his pension and allow his sons to loot the country through oil and fertilizer deals. RB set reason aside and went for it.

    Shame! The crooks from MMD have joined hands with those in Panga Family.

  46. Nothing,even the late Sata said it at one point that there is no way he can put Dora in any government position with her useless quality.

    No normal person cares even if you endorse Lungu.

  47. There goes Sata’s Vision!

    Sata was allergic to corruption but now Panga Family embraces corruption.


    If Vodka wins, Dora will sure be restored as MP and cases dropped.


  48. To the contrary…. Its cost effective to change government now than later.

    A new government will be forced to work with less expense than one that is desperate to stay in power. A new government will be more prudent because they need to prove that they can be more efficient.

    Furthermore, sackings will allow the youth to get promotions. Retire the Chief Justice and new judges will be appointed. Retire useless PS’s and new civil servants will rise up the rank. Retire the family from the diplomatic core and engage people on merit.

    Change of government = less stealing! = less demand on treasury.

    Furthermore, PF has 81 MP’s of which 9 are nominated and another 9 are from opposition. UPND’s 26 + MMD’s 37 = 63MP’s + 10 nominated and 10 from opposition (PF) = 83MP’s.

  49. Thanks Dora Siliya for being honest!only people who are not honest can demand removing a working PF Govnt from power!these guys have developed zambia.if they continue Sata’s works,zambia will be closer to South Africa or Botswana!its true no matter what, PF shall remain in power!just join EL campaign team in Eastern madam Siliya!Go EL Go!

  50. Another vomitus bile for that matter indusha iyalula iya malaria in d name of Dora vomiting projectile vomitus,next tomorrow will be
    shiki diarrhoea from RB purging non stop after being fooled .


  51. Dora and her usual boyfriends must have taken two or three bottles of dry re wine each at Raddisson Blu when she wrote this. Yes I heard that she can take that much, from her own mouth.

  52. Its interesting how PF supporters are thanking Dora for effectively saying that PF and Sata were basically a disaster.

    “…under late President Sata, we saw a clear failure of leadership. The order of the day has been deceit from the very top of the PF Government.”

    As for the possibility of a new PF, EL has guaranteed that he will continue with the vision{less} of Sata…

  53. I cant understandd why some guys can insult dora ?
    Just because she is not surpporting your HH ?
    You guys should be ashamed ……..

    • GRAND

      At least now you know exactly why HH is losing these elections. His own supporters are chasing away voters. So i don’t want them to complain when Edgar moves into the State House.

      I don’t know which Party you are voting for and to me it matters less.

      Have a blessed Christmas

      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

  54. Ba Dora you say the treasury is empty so we assume PF made the treasury empty and is leaving on borrowing. So you want them to continue borrowing and subject the future generation to untold misery? It is clear knowledge that people are voted into government to make sure there is money to run the country? Who wouldn’t change the key Government officials if put into office? Look at people surrounding EL. Whatever the case the Govt is destined to change. There are more unemployed wolfs who depend on bootliking for survival. E. Mwaba, B. Haampunda, Bishop Chomba, M. Mulongoti bra bra……. Unless you are aspiring to join the band wagon of …

  55. MMD Chief Bootlicker

    Your analysis of political affairs is excellent. The problem with UPND cadres is that they always assume HH is popular than anyone just because they are constant behind they keyboard throwing punches like a mad man visual hallucinating thinking there are people fighting him. My understanding is that its very difficult for HH to win Northern province just as Edgar will not win Southern province. Mutati or Nalumango will not deliver Northern period and this is not like I’m supporting Edgar or will vote. If you ask people in Northern they will say PF has done much, we never had a tarmac since independence but today we have tarmac from Kasama town to Lukupa hospital, Electricity in Villages and more schools and health cetres. Kasama to Mporokoso and Luwing tarmac RDs

  56. Ba Dora just say am endorsing Lungu bcoz he is an Easterner like me. U never destested the PF bt Sata as an individual bcoz yo RB lost to him.

  57. If our politicians were not power hungry, they should have sat down and negotiated for an earlier general election. That way it would be easier for the incoming opposition to govern. It has been done before; Kaunda called for general elctions when he still had two more years to go. But everyone is in a hurry to go to state house. Then we would immediately have had the chance to kick out those hyenas that have been disrespectful to our republican president all at once.

  58. I think Dora’s thinking here is badly flawed. How can you allow a party which you have described as lacking proper leadership skills continue to mismanage the country even for one second more than is absolutely necessary?

    Perhaps it would be more honourable for her to declare her endorsement of PF without giving excuses for the inexcusable!

  59. The dullness being shown by UPND supporters leaves much to be desired. When a person endorses their HH for them it is good but should someone endorse Edgar lungu then that person has no brains. Shameless cadres come 20 Jan 2015 you will cry when you lose to the PF. Dora is entitled to her own opinion and then you call her all sorts of names just because she has put up a briliant analysis. What about your Jack kalala and all those chaps who were endorsing yr HH in Mpongwe yesterday, do they have no brains . I for one want continuation by the PF than bring in lunatics UPND cadres whose preoccupation is just state house which will not come your way whether you like it or not maybe in the year 2050.

  60. HH would only win if cows and its dung are allowed to vote. Those of you thinking that HH can win in Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Eastern, Copperbelt, Central and Lusaka are day-dreaming. Before you start insulting me, please consider that just like you are entitled to your opinion and choice of a candidate, so do I. In this case, please allow me to endorse Edgar Chagwa Lungu for the Presidency of the Republic of Zambia in 2015, 2016 and beyond. Viva PF, Viva EL.

  61. Dora Siliya, mwana wa wabene, has just made a thoughtful decision. A decision that inspires every good thinking person. There is no need to have permanent enemies, things change ,people change, perception changes as well. Well done Dora. Ignore your critics and forge ahead.

  62. I hope this endorsement is not based on tribal line and NOT backed with financial appreciation on the part of Dora. I Personally have great respect for Dora and it puzzles me to hear that she has endorsed E Lungu especially with the reasons given. A VERY VERY BIG DOUBT IF THIS IS A GENUINE ENDORSEMENT.

    • Even if she supports Edgar based on region, it is normal. Just like people support their own HH in Southern province. You expected her to support to preferred candidate hey?

  63. the word is clear “To expect HH to win Petauke Beauty contest is day-dreaming. Just like expecting Lungu to win Mazabuka beauty contest is crazy. Dora is just trying to give a long worded answer to regional voting pattern which will definately happen like it or not. Let me be frank; HH will not win in Mansa, Kasama, Muchinga, Kabwe, Petauke and Lusaka. CB will be toss up. Lungu will not will in Gwembe valley period. Get over it.”

    • Still stuck with yr regionalism ideology.!
      Zambia is moving forward while you rot with retrogressive thinking.

      Let the best candidate win,

  64. Dora’s best contribution to the nation would have been to advise EL to resign from his two ministerial posts to run for presidency like she did from the diplomatic post to run for the parliamentary seat in the time of Levy Mwanawasa(RIP), when the law governed the country.

  65. Each time Dora Siliya makes a contribution online she is met with verbal abuse from many bloggers and the reason is, when she was enjoying and swimming in fame with RB and his sons in their short-lived MMD ‘glory’ she became too pompous and disrespectful to many people including her former husband even to herself. RB and herself thought the MMD would be in power for ever and ever. How wrong they were!
    The best thing Dora should do is to swallow her pride and apologise publicly for her past obscene language and the bloggers will forgive her.

  66. @MMD Chief Bootlicker,
    It is interesting how vocal you have become lately. You and ‘Senior Citizen’ appear to have simultaneously dumped and ditched the MMD since Edgar Lungu of PF started making headlines in his quest to be his party’ presidential candidate. You utter no word about the MMD these days and soon you will change to ‘PF Chief Bootlicker’. Well, you two know very well which side of your slice is buttered or is it just being moved by the wind to wherever it blows.
    I admire bloggers ‘Nine Chale’ and ‘Saulosi’ for sticking with the PF through thick and thin.

  67. Leave her alone, if she had endorsed hh there would have been no hate speeches here. She is free to endorse anyone she wants. You have not said anything bad about the MMD MPs and Maureen supporting hh. Let it rest. Let people support who they want. Mwanza I have just been listening to Radio Phoenix 13.00 hours where Garry Nkhomba has apologised for insulting in parliament and you were saying he did not insult. Arrogant people.

  68. “Senior citizen”, such language should have no place in 21st century. When you have no respect for others, it’s a sign that you do not even respect yourself as well.

  69. Flawed argument… democracy is expensive period. You don’t perpetuate a wrong because it is expensive to do right. Whether they are kicked out in 2015 or 2016, it would still be expensive regardless. Simply put every election is costly to the treasury, but Zambia relies heavily on donor funding to conduct elections so this argument is flawed.

    There’s even a cheaper way of doing this Ms Siliya: how about no going to the polls, not conducting elections at all? Is this what she is advocating for? Yes you may not ‘see’ the parallel as it doesn’t jump out in your face but she is actually saying is flouting the constitution and not hold elections. Hello it is an election and a mandate is a business contract; you abrogate it, you get kicked out, simple as!

    • Well said Maverick.
      I am taken aback here by Ms. Siliya. She must go back to the drawing board; how much has the PF government cost the country thus far with their ridiculousness, lack of leadership and brainless cadres? Compare that with the cost that will be incurred in the election, and then work out the maths. Personally, even if the cost of the election is higher, the nonsense must come to an end!
      Ms. Siliya, what a miscalculation!

  70. Dear Dora,

    I once respected you and said good things about you, however, when I think about the way you decampaigned Mutati and brought in Mumba whom you fought relentlessly through plot 1. You went back to your vomit… You fight Mutati, bring in Mumba, then fight Mumba no wonder Mutati said “DORA IS JUST A TACKLE FROM THE BACK” THIS IS EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE – A Tako !

Comments are closed.

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