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HH promises to sell remaining mine and council houses

Economy HH promises to sell remaining mine and council houses

UPND rally in Kalulushi 22nd December 2104
UPND rally in Kalulushi 22nd December 2104

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has promised to sell the remaining mine and council housing units on the Copperbelt to sitting tenants and expedite the process of issuing them title deeds once elected president.

Speaking when he addressed a rally in Kalulushi yesterday,Mr Hichilema told the gathered crowd how he will tackle the persistent water and sanitation problems that they are facing.

He restated the pledge concerning the retirement age, which he said must be reversed back to 55 together with action to support retirees, stating that he is aware that many are not receiving the payments owed to them.

Mr Hichilema warned voters to be wary of candidates who have already spent some time in positions of power but are only showing willingness to deliver now late in the day and as elections approach.

He told the people that his team will run the country in a way that will generate income which can then be invested in better healthcare and education for all.

The UPND leader says he will run government not in a way that runs up debt, and where money goes to waste on unnecessary government expenditures or simply goes missing.

He says this is because the UPND see government office as a service, and not as a business opportunity.

Mr Hichilema pointed out that he has in his team experienced economic managers who are ready to consult with and listen to civil society organisation, trade unions and employees and business owners.’

In the evening Mr Hichilema addressed members of the Kitwe Chamber of Commerce and mine suppliers and contractors.

They discussed how the government can support those Zambian businesses already in existence to grow, and how government and business can learn from success stories to make sure more can succeed also.


  1. Most presidents (if not all) were not drunkards at the time they were serving presidents. KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda(though not too sure about Banda), & Sata. Surely we can not turn State House into a shebeen. May God grant us wisdom to vote wisely. We want a president who:- will unite Zambia, give Zambians the confidence, the hope of better tomorrow, & the respect in the eyes of the international community. Not the Zambia where RDA is controlled from State House, where RDA has chairman of questionable character for 3 yrs without any board, where RDA, despite handling transactions in billions, has had no audit for 3 yrs. I am very sure some Zambians are stinking rich!! No wonder it is do or die for them in this by-election. So much is at stake for them. Zambians rise and take…

    • we tried a Banda & the result was catastrophic, now we want to go for a Lungu & they are all very unruly with no respect for any civilised way of doing things. we are allowing a Phiri anabwela to reverse even the little human progress we have made in Zambia. These people are not yet fit to govern!

    • As usual dull characters in PF will read something different out this article when HH is referring to houses which belonged to mines and the council NOT a mine. All the mines have already been sold off.

      This move to sell all the houses to seating tenants is welcome move to empower the people who have maintained those properties for years and free up cash to build more housing units to solve the critical housing problems.

      HH is the only one with a credible plan to move Zambia forward.

    • Mobile Phone [email protected]
      You are a joke, do you really think that we should be looking at where one comes from as a basis for voting them into office? How can RB’s failures be connected to being Easterner?

    • I hear you Wanzelu! A lot of people will read into this as ” HH will sell off all unsold mines and houses” In effect he is talking about selling off mine owned houses to sitting tenants. The ambiguity is in the the title above. It is like saying ” I stopped to smoke” I physically stopped the motion of moving to smoke or I physically stopped the habit of puffing. With all that said, Zambia is a free market economy and parastatals should not be Govenment owned. In conclusion, we will sell off any up coming mines as Govermnent cannot run mines. What we want is for Govermnent to press for better renumeration from the running of these mines whether by internal or foreign entities.

    • ….meant to say “parastatals” should not exit in a free market economy like ours. That’s why going back to “MINDECO, FINDECO, INDECO, INWEKO, TUSHECO, DOFWECO, COMBOKECO BWANGU, KAUNDACO or UNIPECO will never work in a free market economy such as ours.

    • The troble with upnd and its myopic leadership is…they have nothing new to offer to the Zambian people.

      Everything they have condemned under MMD and PF, they are now promising they will do for the people.

      Skilled leadership would have made fundamental prouncements and radical changes, but they have none to put on the Zed table.

      All the can desperately do is make promises and more promises daily…. to be carried out in 18months.

      Zambians will not fall for such silly, unreasonable and warped promises.

      The real deal is PF and Edgar Lungu

      January 20 2015, ….Vote Edgar C. Lungu

    • From the attack on his character EL is receiving, any neutral person would tell you thathe is likel to win the presidency. Look, you talk about drinking, when did you realize that EL is a drunkard? When Mmembe told you? Look, HH and EL have a hightened level of respect for each other and that is why you will not hear HH actually attacking EL on such unfounded claims. Are you aware that FTJ drunk very often? Are you aware that the medications of morphine that Sata and Levy were being treated with have worse ramifications than alcohol? Look, all in all, EL did not do badly at all in any role he was assigned. Let the best man win, but let’s not turn this into a mudslinging contest.

    • HH did you mean selling our country for a song right.? Anyway maybe you were just politicking as usual.

      I dont have a problem with HH as a person but I have a big problem with his supporters they are a pain in the butt. Yes I have said it you are a pain and insult us and yet they need our votes the fact the they are the minority they must be humble but they aint. Learn to play the cards well maybe someday HH will win an election.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • I have lost count of Akainde’s promises

      How many more are the people going to be BOMBED with in the remaining four weeks before the elections?

      Can he even remember them himself in his current desperate state?

    • 201 promises so far.

      This privatisation thief wants to steal the little assets in the mines.
      We know he sold his company recently.He has never successfully run a company ,he is only good at stealing .

      My brother with his ACCA used to get k1000. at his company , he is a
      stingy mf.
      His farm workers get k200. not even minimum wage .careful with this foo..l Zambians.

    • @ Wanzelu, so even you has seen that HH’s promises are not straight, right? At least you ears to hear and taste who is saying sensibleness. Thumbs up!!

    • What lies and nonsense from a Satanist economist that sells the souls of poor Zambians…out of desperation HH is promising anything…Zambians know better than to trust this liar, conman, thief and tribalist!!! Zambians are for Edgar C. Lungu all the way…

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015***

    • I concur with you 100%. What most of us don’t appreciate is the effect of leaders on the general populace.
      The indiscipline in a party trickles down to all areas of the country.
      Let us take the driving on Zambian roads. It is chaotic and please don’t argue that there are too many cars on the road. It could be managed of drivers were disciplined and followed the Highway Code. But we have corruption in the issuance of driving licenses. Some drivers don’t have any idea about road regulations. Most drivers of Corollas are pirate cabs (easily identifiable by caps and cutting into traffic without regard for other road users). Their driving is aggressive and this comes from a point of ignorance. Where is RTSA? I hear most of these pirate cabs are owned by policemen.

    • people like HH& wanzelu u dont consult because you dont stay in copperbelt ,which house are you talking about?we got title deeds long time brother.i know now that u stay in katombola in Mazabuka therefore i can not be suprised your blindness.

  2. UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has promised to sell the remaining mine.Are we not supposed to be repossessing the mines?

    • He is talking about the the mine houses and council houses, it’s house that English is trick depending on how read it. If he meant mines, the headline would have been selling the remaining mines and council houses but it reads mine and council houses. The subject is houses and there are two types and therefore it would be a repetition to say ‘Mine houses and council houses.

    • He is talking about the the mine houses and council houses, it’s just that English is trick depending on how read it. If he meant mines, the headline would have been selling the remaining mines and the council houses but it reads mine and council houses. The subject is houses and there are two types and therefore it would be a repetition to say ‘Mine houses and council houses.

    • @Drunken master

      For sure you are drunk. Never try to comment under the influence of alcohol because you will just be deceiving your self.

      On this article you have exposed your semantics ignorance in totality.
      Next time try to read several times before commenting so that you understand the context of the article fully before commenting.

    • Kwena you are a drankard master full of dullness. Where did you hear that HH wants to sell mines? Ba pf I now agree they are very dull and illiterate. They are only good for pangas and demons.

    • If you can learn to read first , the you can have an opinion about something written … “mine houses” not “mines”

    • Always going backwards. And who is going to run the mines successfully? We failed in the past. The mines were well run when we had many expatriates but with Kaunda’s misplaced desire to Zambianise (everything even when the country was not ready)they failed. I have nothing against Zambianisation but people should be appointed on merit not on tribal, party lines.

  3. This man HH has no plan.
    From my analysis, he seems to have shot himself in the leg. For a fact he canNOT win these elections/Erections. No matter how much time he spends in CB, he might just be getting 5-10% extra votes. Let him go to NW and Southern before they forget him and vote for NAWAKWI.
    Anyway these elections are just an academic exercise…The DOJO is not for Sale..Its for Lun Gu…………

  4. And not all sitting presidents were known to be Freemasons. Only HH
    is. May God Almighty guide us to vote for a christian because Zambia is a christian nation. To sell our country to Freemasons will endanger our lives. Those who doubt this truth go on internet and enter hakainde hichilema and check the post which was done on 7th of May, 2014. HH’s camp has never disputed that story todate

    • HH is not a free mason but it you and your panga party for failures (pf) who worships satan. Your mafias shed blood without regard to human life. Mukalanda it won’t help you as Zambians have read through you and discovered how corrupt and wicked you are. Where did you find HH doing masonry? If you did then you too are a mason. Don’t depend on rumours because devil lies about all good people including men and women of God whom he accuses day and night.

    • @Dikky K P

      So you believe what the post says. If so read the post and tell us if his character about E Lungu is correct as portrayed by Mmembe.

      To me the post has reduced itself into a selfish tabloid bent on stirring anarchy when politicians refuse to suck upto Mmembe.

      E Lungu is absolutely correct to disown and castigate the post because of Mmembe’s stupidity.

  5. Honourable Sichinga, where ar u? Sakwiba Sikota, where ar u? UPND is yo baby. UPND runs in yo blood. Wat is at stake is the future of our children, the future of our country, the future of our motherland. HH has already stated time & again that he needs an all inclusive Govt, fairly represented by all 10 provinces. Please roll up your sleeves and join the campaign team. Hon Sichinga, I know the former president was yo basebele but what is at stake goes behind this. Abandon PF and join a team that means well to 14m Zambians. Sakwiba Sikota, I know u may still have that feeling that u were not treated well by UPND @ some stage. Well that is water under the bridge. Roll up yo sleeves & get into the field. Yo brother & the rest of team nid u. Youths & mothers: unite; HH nids u…

    • Brickforce Wire
      If only you knew what you are talking about. Hon. Sichinga and SC Sakwiba Sikota went through hell at the hands of president HH’s supporters.
      You say it’s water under the bridge! on what basis? There has been no apology from the UPND or president HH himself therefore, they shouldn’t expect forgiveness.

  6. Mmmm, sell mine and council housing will that not create the same problem as in the UK. There are no houses for people now. Homelessness is on the increase.

    We are building new housing but if we sell off council stocks we’ll eventually not have enough for poor people surely?

    This is what he did with the mines, sell out. This man will denude this countries assets to few hands.

    • It seems he is so obsessed with selling. As at December last year this country had a housing deficit of about 3 million housing units so for me he should be talking about how to address that deficit than talking about selling the existing one because that does not change anything since the sitting tenants have been told by the current government that they will buy those houses. from what HH has been talking about in his campaign there is nothing so fundamentally new from what has already been done by successive governments.

    • Keeping the mine houses will not solve the shortage of housing. Selling them to sitting tenants empowers people. Secondly there is less financial drain on the Mines because they will not maintain them. The owners will. Empowerment comes in different forms the owner will learn to be responsible for their own property and not expect the employer to do so. The Zambian culture, sadly is the employer is expected to provide everything.
      Then the government should plan to build more houses and sell them to people.
      Council houses should be available for poor people at very reduced rates. UK has council houses for poor people but they sell them off from time to time.

  7. Comrades those plans are good but what plans for the future miners and council workers comrade let as not be fooled let as ask hh where the pravitised cash is ? Because he participated in the sale of mines.

  8. This man will do an amazing job just like Mwanawasa. Problem Zambians iminsula too much. Do not underrate this man. He will do wonders for the country. I urge all qualified voters to think using their brains not emotions stirred up by PF and see beyond the people you are voting for. I have seen beyond and HH is the man to lead Zambia to a more progressive Govt.

    • What did Mwanawasa do ??? Please point at ONE physical thing. All I know is he just empowered himself with Teka farms. Chapwa. It is only Sata who has left an indelible mark on Zambias’ terrain. Open your eyes


  10. Ata ati i will sell the remaining mine in kalulushi.Yaba this man will sell Zambia.He made money through selling mines and now he wants to sell houses and mines. Iwe we can’t allow him to rule coz the promises are too much .
    Viva Efintu ni Lungu.This man became rich through selling mines.

  11. Only myopic characters would fall for this cheap talk. Mines are in private hands and have few or no houses left.
    The same bullsh*t of using a calculator to reduce fuel prices. Ati economist my foot

    • @ Chamboli, please understand basic English. Here HH is referring to houses and not mines. How can a mine have sitting tenants? For sure everyone knows that the MMD privatised all the mines and there isn’t any left to sell. Please be objective in your criticism and not just yap for the sake of it.

  12. “…Mr Hichilema warned voters to be wary of candidates who have already spent some time in positions of power but are only showing willingness to deliver now late in the day and as elections approach…”.

    Double edged sword, as the English would say. But then in this campaign the prescribed language is Scottish English, where you can say gibblish like “I am not the President’s wife to know that he is ill”, and everybody would understand. Chuckle!!!!

  13. thats not development ba HH.
    as power people we need to now how you will eliviate our poverty,
    how u will reduce un employment among the youths. not seling houses.

    • Ulupato lobe eluka kwipaya. HH has spelled out his vision for Zambia in no uncertain terms. This house issue is to empower people who are sitting tenants in mine and council houses. what are you oppsing you bankrupt dimwit?


    A latest opinion poll undertaken by Zambian Eye indicates that United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema is in pole position to win the January 20, 2015 Presidential Election.

    Hichilema garnered a staggering 73.5% from a total of 744 respondents, way ahead of his nearest rival, ruling Patriotic Front’s Edgar Lungu, who accounted for a modest 12.6% of the vote.

    Political comic Alex Muliokela, of the United Poor People’s Party (UPPP) pulled a surprise after he took the third spot (2.2%)
    ahead of seasoned politicians such as former president Rupiah Banda of the MMD,
    FDD’s Edith Nawakwi,
    Heritage Party’s Godfrey Miyanda,
    FDA’s Ludwig Sondashi,
    UNIP’s Tilyenji Kaunda,
    NAREP’s Elias Chipimo Jr…

    • The basis for this opinion is the Zambian Eye. Before we accept the validity of results of this poll, the following questions should be answered:
      1. What was the target population of this poll? Was it the whole Zambian population, the urban or rural population, all provinces, or a population of bloggers only?

      2. To what extent, was the sample representative of the whole Zambian population?

      3. What sampling design was used? Did the sampling strategy employ probability or nonprobability sampling?

      4. What type of probability or nonprobability technique was actually used?

      5. What is the margin of error of the results presented? In other words, how accurately do the results reflect what actually obtains in the population from which the sample was drawn?

  15. I’ve made a decision to vote for HH. Only gullible will remain wallowing in poverty if they want to continue with their PF. It appears other bloggers cannot see beyond PF. In short they don’t think with their brains but emotions -typical of PF cadres. This country need a person who can turn around this economy or work with people who can add value to this economy. HH has made a good combination in the likes of Mutati, Mrs. Mwanawasa & others.

    EL is working with Harry Kalaba, Chishimba Kambwili, Willie Nsanda, Nkandu Luo…. imwe mwe bantu what do you expect from these people? What is that they are going to change which they failed in 3 years. No wonder why their campaigns are shallow and resorted to peddling insults.

    Limited tickets available for Flight HH 2015. Join the…

    • Mutati, Mrs Mwanawasa and others — what a joke
      We need pragmatic leaders
      Where did Maureen Mwanawasa become a leader?? Politics is not sexually transmitted exe. Ask Hilary Clinton. We need self made , self propelled leaders. Not this scum HH has teamed up with

  16. Let HH tell us how much is owed to retirees, so we can be sure he trully has his sights on the problem. otherwise we gonna rubbish his bantings as mere politicking to gain mileage from the misery of the old folks. Please give flesh to all your bare-bone promises; we’re 90-times wiser after graduating magna cum laude from the 90-days promises. Ba fyatile!!

  17. Really some bloggers are really very dull & primitive.They can not deduce from this ill articulated article as to what will be sold. Can these bloggers either upgrade their grey matter or stop blogging as they are extensively exposing their warped unscrewed grey matter. No wonder they are supporting the Ever Drunkard Lungu for presidency. They can not see beyond the horizons & they live as if there is no tomorrow.These diabolical devils Zwaaaaaa! In any case, you are just remaining with 25 days to continue with your denial traits & thuggery behaviour.

  18. Those claiming that HH is a free mason must either be masons themselves or perhaps they were in the past. Some one should come out in the open with proof that he saw this or that and not just yapping. It is wrong for us to be relying on unsubstantiated rumours. People are very jealousy of those who ‘re successful in life and that is why they demonize them. I have heard alot of people at the grassroot saying whether HH is mason or not we will vote for him because he is the best among all of them as pf honly brought massive suffering among the people.

    • It is NOT a rumour. If you don’t know just keep quiet. Let him defend himself. He wont cause he knows. Twalimwishiba. Successful businessman ?? Say successful thief or something like that. Wealth without a track record. HH nikabolala, who made sure no trails like cattle leave behind. FREE MASON he is.

  19. @ Mulenga Mwapai i totally agree with you. Zambia needs deliverance. people gossip a lot and tell lies about anyone and anything. we can’t develop as a nation the way we treat one another. If god has chosen HH to be 6th president of Zambia no matter how you try to tarnish his name it won’t help you. The more you call an Innocent person as satanist or Freemason you end up attracting curses on your self. My vote is secret.

    • @Muko

      They use it as an intro to anything they are about to say and a valediction too.

      Not sure if they know how base it sounds.

  20. I cant vote for a person whose aim is to sell houses. These houses owned by councils are there to moderate the rentals . If they are sold then rentals in Kalulushi will sky rocket. Please this is a very dull policy which a capitalist can embark on. People don’t for HH for he will sell every thing we have. I think Zamtel and Zesco are in danger. Wake up Zambians.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Selling houses to sitting tenants converts the tenants into property owners. It is called citizens empowerment. There may be some houses that can be sold! If so it would be a good thing!

    • @Marcos

      Ifya shani ifintu?

      You mean ifintu found under your shoe after you’ve visited a public convenience? How dare you refer to Mr. Lungu in such disrespectful terms! And this, coming from a supporter????

      You are just so wrong Marcos. That is NOT Mr. Lungu at the bottom of your shoe!

    • Yes IFINTU (violence, deceit, hooliganism, lawlessness, high cost of living, youth unemployment, donchi kubeba, weak currency, high national debt) ni Lungu!

  21. Well selling council houses has not helped councils and the general public at large. When FTJ sold the council houses they failed to replace or even build alternatives houses for the growing population. This made the rentals to rise up in the country and shanty compounds growing because people opted to rent their homes and settle in shanties. Selling the remaining council houses sound good to the living tenants but this has already robbed the councils of their revenue. Honestly there is not enough money to be raised from selling those house that can be used to fund new housing projects. I guess this is simply another trick to buy votes.

  22. You Africans H.H is right some other mines such as Ndola lime company need to be sold foolish people? you do not even the mines which are running at a lose all you know is sex?
    will support H.H to see Ndola lime company which is running at a loss currently with old manager who manager who can not read and write English.viva H.H bembes wake up unless your mother is from congo vote H.H for better Zambia.

  23. When your supporters begin explaining your statements, you know that you are in trouble. There is lack of clarity either in the reporting or the speech. As the for sale of the assets (houses), this is the policy that won Chiluba votes and RB tried to pursue. I am not entirely sure that it is the way forward, considering that we have councils without any means of generating income. In the UK, Margaret Thatcher pushed the same policy which seemed to work but has now left many people who are poor without accommodation, because the housing stock is not there for the councils. The housing issue should be addressed holistically. We need to build more and better houses. Empower the Zambians through enterprise support and guide them through standards. We need long term aspirations, not populism.

  24. The Zambia of PF-uncoordinated & ruthless cadres running with pangas & hacking helpless women & children while shouting “ni Edgar chabe”. Zambia of UPND: the whole country is as busy as ants working tirelessly with a clear vision of trying to catch up with the rest of the world, manufacturing sector teaming with thousands of jobs; u can resign in the morning & b employed in another job by lunch hr; every province having a fair share in the running of the country; no unqualified cadres in professional jobs; BY THE WAY, WHAT IS NSANDA BY PROFESSION FOR HIM TO BE CHAIRMAN OF RDA? DOES HE BELONG TO ANY PROFESSIONAL BODY? TO BE HONEST THERE ARE TIMES I FEEL IT DOESN’T PAY TO BE AN AFRICAN; THERE ARE ALSO TIMES I FEEL GOD CREATED MORE 1DIOTS AMONG BLACKS THAN ANY OTHER RACE…

    • Please be accurate – have ANY women and children been hacked with pangas anywhere ??
      I seem to have missed such abhor able happenings. Give details. I only know of cows hacked at HHs’ farms among others

  25. Any sensible man should be talking about building more houses and opening new mines. But for a billionaire who stays in house ‘bought’ from a parastatal he sold, e normal— selling and buying. HH remove this intention from the many you seem to have. Its actually a bad intention for an aspiring leader. Echo ulushila!!

  26. The campaign for Lungu is beset by the serious errors Sata made. Collective responsibility is not on Lungu’s side. And Lungu’s idea to continue Sata’s vision alienates Lungu even further from voters already reeling from the visionless and poor leadership of Sata. That’s the real problem Lungu has: a blind man following another blind man. It’s a pity visionless Lungu wants to take the whole country with him, on this visionless journey which Sata started.

  27. HH is clueless and misguided.HH has been going round making false promises such as free education and free everything.
    Firstly,the national budget has already been passed and will be in effect for a year.By that time it will almost be time for the general elections.
    UPND has a paltry 33 MP’s out of 150 and can’t pass a budget of their own.He would be a lame duck president.A vote for HH is a wasted one.
    No wonder Sata used to refer to him as under 5.

  28. Most of the cars are uninsured and if one of them hits your car the police say, “just use your insurance.” It is the wrong attitude because the other person if in the wrong should pay for any repairs. No one speaks against wrong in this country. We have seen it in politics.
    Zambians things will only improve if we speak up! Our roads are a danger.

    • I don’t know how anyone can compare imbibing alcohol freely and through choice to taking morphine for pain during illness. Mwanawasa and Sata had no choice in taking the prescribed drug but EL has a choice.
      Some comparisons show a lack of knowledge and know how. Instead you expose your ignorance.

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