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HH restates his commitment to deliver a new Constitution once elected

General News HH restates his commitment to deliver a new Constitution once elected

HH at Ndola Rally
HH at Ndola Rally

Following this morning’s press briefing by the Grand Coalition at the Zambia Episcopal Conference I would like to take this opportunity to re-state my absolute commitment to delivering the new constitution.

Having signed a Social Contract with the Grand Coalition last month, I am fully committed to delivering the new constitution if elected president in January 2015. This is now a non-negotiable campaign commitment for us.

The Zambian people were promised a new constitution in 90 days by the PF. More than 1,000 days later we only have a draft, and a lot of money has been wasted on the process that could have gone to building clinics, hospitals and schools if they had not dragged the process on. The Government’s failure to communicate clearly with the people during this time also showed a complete lack of respect.

If the PF Government had delivered what they promised then we would have avoided a lot of confusion and drama over the past few weeks as the process following the death of late President Sata (MHSRIP) would have been clear. Instead of the squabbling and fighting we have seen in the ruling PF we could have been moving forward with the business of government and development.

Our opinion is good governance is essential for economic growth and development. It cannot be sidelined and it should not be subject to political manipulation by one party or another. After all this should be a people-driven constitution, not government.

The failure to deliver the new constitution is just one of the failings of the PF Government which we want to address. When it comes to governance they have had a very poor track record: no new constitution, a huge number of ministers and deputy ministers on the pay roll, and routine abuse of the Public Order Act. There has also been far too much secrecy.

What we need now is a united party in government, willing to work with others regardless of their tribe, gender or background. We need to come together to address these governance issues and much more.

I want to thank the Grand Coalition once again for giving me the opportunity to make this commitment in writing and in public. I hope the Zambian people will give me the chance to honour it by voting me in to office on January 20th.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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    • Mr HH. The constitution is not the main issue here. People want hospitals,roads and food. Thats what PF has been trying to do the past 3 yrs.they removed the “subsidys ” and used that money to build roads where they have never been built before. UPND will only make gains and will not win on the 20th. PF will carry Copperbelt,central province,lusaka, northern,luapula and eastern province. Remember that you came out 3rd in the last election. The chances of you winning this time are very much ZERO.


    • You have my vote Your Excellency Mr Hakainde Hichilema. We have been waiting for the day when we the Zambian diaspora community can once and for all be part of our own country. We have no doubt you will give us the new constitution that will give us dual nationality. All great nations entertain dual citizenship. America for an example, the mere fact of being born on their soil regardless of parent’s nationality makes you American. HH, we will repay you for this trust. We have highly educated children who are educated using our own money but we are now willing to send them home as entrepreneurs and employers back in their parents place of birth – Zambia. Zambia is a vast country which is very sparsely populated. We need a vibrant and growing population in Zambia. Thank you UPND 4 HH!

  1. I think we are tired of that one. Apparently, Edgar Lungu has said the same thing. Look dear politicians, please give us numbers and figures, crunch them for us and tell us how our lives will be better. The Constitution, we have read, most of the benefits are yours and not ours. How does 50+1 bring food to my table? How does having a running mate cure me of a running stomach?

  2. We told you, he has run out of ideas. Why repeat your position you strongly believe in? Ubufi bubi, HH has been caught in his own lies.

    Bye bye HH politics not for you.


  3. HH has really impressed me this time, this guy has really been cooked in a pot of maturity, spiced with malice from some corners to make him taste what the scornful people do,

  4. HiHa, your endles hollow promises make think in the end you ll promise every male zambian a prostitute a day. Pliz hiha, copying sata wont win you elections, sata was unique in style and manner.

  5. MMD Chief Bootlicker has put it right that, HH once he hears that someone has said this and he takes it with pride that, Im going to do this better. HH you sent your MPs to constitution assessmbly and handsome your political party benefited from sitting allowances and monies. When it came to produce the constitution you directed your MPs not to support the draft under MMD. Edgar lungu when he was appointed as minister of legal affairs, called the Grand Coalition to discuss a way forward and the same people were so happy about having a meeting and air their concerns. Grand Coalition are bunch of uncultured creatures like headless chickens. If PF had given them money to go around saying educate people about the process.. Since the release draft constitution and no evidence change,its bad

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