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Levy Mwanawasa family endorse Edgar Lungu

General News Levy Mwanawasa family endorse Edgar Lungu

THE family of late former President Levy Mwanawasa has endorsed the candidature of Patriotic Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu in the forthcoming presidential election.

Family spokesperson Miriam Mwanawasa, who is a daughter of late President Mwanawasa, said the family has decided to back Mr Lungu as he has leadership qualities which are a virtue for law and order.

“As a family, we have recognised the leadership qualities and trust that President Sata saw in him. Honourable Edgar Lungu is a lawyer like our late President Mwanawasa and we are confident that this will be a good virtue for law and order,” she said.

This is according to a statement released by Ms Mwanawasa in Lusaka yesterday.

Ms Mwanawasa said the family is also supporting the PF due to the good relationship and honour that the late President Sata bestowed on the Mwanawasa name and legacy.

“Zambians will remember that when President Sata fell ill in 2008, it took the personal intervention of President Mwanawasa to save his life. Mr Sata was evacuated from CFB Hospital to Milpark in South Africa.

“Although the two were political adversaries, this episode brought them together,” she said.

Ms Mwanawasa said the family is happy that Mr Sata’s administration named the Ndola stadium after Dr Mwanawasa.

“He also named the new Lusaka district hospital after President Mwanawasa. As a family, we have decided to accept this honour by ensuring the legacy of President Sata lives on, too,” she said.

Ms Mwanawasa said the family is also endorsing Mr Lungu due to the numerous development projects embarked on by the PF administration.

“We recognise initiatives like the Link Zambia 8000, Pave Zambia 2000 and the massive infrastructure development of schools, universities, clinics and hospitals.
Therefore, we urge Zambians to support Mr Lungu, whom the party has chosen,” she said.


  1. Why have they abandoned the party their father left behind? Iam pretty sure Levy must be turning in his grave after been called all sorts of names by PF clowns.This is poor timing include their step mother who is supporting HH.

    • Finally, the Zedian Politicians and their wannabes have exposed their ignorance Politics of Poverty. They have lowered their low standards to the point that foreign missions in Zambia must be LAUGHING THE BEHINDS every evening before bed time.

    • Campaigning is totally different from Ruling. Their Political speeches are for their Cartel shallow minded followers.

    • What’s the big deal with one family endorsing a candidate? Even my family has endorsed a certain candidate. This is not news LT. Does Mwanawasa’s family constitute a constituency? The vote of one family won’t influence the direction of the wind of change!

    • b a LI, when the matriarch Dr Maureen Mwanawasa endorsed HH, it was Maureen. But now a ngwangwazi in the Mwanawasa family says she endorsing Edgar Copycat Lungu then it becomes the Mwanawasa family? something wrong with you guys. are you beneficiaries of the KK million given to DEC? Míriam is just a drunkard with a Castro Chiluba mentality.

    • Miriam should speak for her poor self. She was on radio saying Maureen does not care for her(Mirriams) children. Now, this is a big woman who was given her share of the estate according to the will. She opted to share her wealth with 3 different congolese men who all swindled her. We all remember how she wanted to cause confusion at president Mwanawasa’s funeral. We all remember how she almost became the ‘Castro Chiluba’ of the Mwanawasa’s until she was reminded that she was a married woman and should behave. She does not even know that it was RB who named Levy Mwanawasa hospital! That Evelyn Mwanawasa supported RB and he lost! Put together, both these women have no influence whatsoever compared to Maureen. They are losers. They are a finished pair who are supporting a finished party!

    • This is politics. It happens everywhere. One minute, Obama is sparring with Hilary, the next minute, she is Foreign Secretary and singing his praises.

    • Its called democracy Baba…I have noticed also that whoever supports Lungu and PF is called all sorts of names. Now let me remind HH supporters if you continue on this path you are doing yourself a diservice…you insult us and yet you need our votes what kind chaps are you.? Whether you hate EL or not EL is going to be you president on 21 Jan. Grow up.!

      Viva EL viva PF

    • Wow! “Lungu has leadership qualities which are a virtue for law and order.”
      Madam who are you referring to? Not EVL i suppose.
      If he had the virtue of law ad order madam,there would have been no chaos in the party save for one alias vodka lungu.
      Yaminyokola njala ba suntwe

    • Mirriam is entitled to her choice. Here I see spite because Maureen Mwanawasa supports HH, the step daughter foe sor the opposite. To call Lungu as a person with leadership qualities and respect rule of law is an insult to the man who believed in rule of law ( her father Levy Mwanawasa).
      Mirriam has issues with Maureen so she brings them into the political arena. You have no clout lady! Go and drink!

  2. I wish the Mwanawasas would stay the heck out of politics and earn the respect of the Zambian people. Many respectable surviving members of departed statesmen’s families spend their time in the business of their loved one’s legacy. Not jumping into the sewage.

    • Hahaha if Mirriam endorsed HH you chaps would have been singing praises now that she done the opposite by going for EL your worst nitemare you are calkibg her names which means she someone unlike you chaps only known amongst yourselves as groupies of HH. Mirriam doesnt know you.

      Viva EL Viva PF

  3. Mwanawasa’s children endorse EL but their mother endorses HH. Andrew Banda endorses HH whilst his father endorses himself for MMD president. There were so many family members who expressed interest in taking over from Sata. Families splitting over politics; is this the time that Jesus mentioned that son will arise against father, daughter against mother, etc.

    • Hey @Analyzer, take your head out of where things don’t work. You will have to die to get to where you think paradise is. Finish and klaar.

    • Indeed democracy! Maureen chose UPND and Mirriam has gone with the professional attribute to her father. She cites the law and order and as the foundation of her family.

      Zambians are diverse and a positive example of nation. I am lucky to belong to this great nation.

  4. Respond to what she is saying and not who she is. What makes her useless for appreciating what PF has achieved? Don’t you think everyone is able to see:
    1. Link Zambia 8000
    2. Pave Zambia 2000
    3. Massive infrastructure construction under PF
    unlike your party president who is promising free everything without telling us where he will get the money from.

    • In the first place,that is chikule kule.No one is able to justify how those contracts were awarded and secodly no one is bale to account how the funds have been used so far.Can we have independent auditors to audit RDA and Ministry of finance!

      If you want to see development which is planned,monitored and SPREAD EUALLY TO ALL PROVINCES VOTE HH!

    • Please also mention that PF has borrowed USD8 billion in just 3 years which will be impossible to pay back. PF has been borrowing at the rate of USD2billion per year. Kaunda failed to pay back USD7.6 over a period of 27 years remember? and PF has been borrowing recklessly in the 3 years they have been in power. Give them another 2 years, they will borrow another USD4 billion. Do you buffoons realize that these guys are driving us deep into debt?

    • Contine living in self denial like you did when President was terminally ill you continued to claim that he was well and hard working at State House; when he was evacuated you claimed he had gone for medical check up. Continue to lie to yourselves.

  5. Just shut up. He probably promised you a vacation of a life time to Brazil or any Destination of your choice, fully paid for.. with a cool monthly salary on top.. you f##king lowlifes

  6. Tiyeeeeeee! It’s Flight EDL 2015 all the way!!!! HH will this time around die of frustration. Touch. Not My Anointed Ones, says the Lord of Hosts

  7. Miriam I wonder if you even have a valid voters card.

    Just keep drinking like always mwana, same like your friend Lungu

  8. The prodigal daughter has returned after squandering her inheritance on men without substance, howbeit, to the wrong sheepfold!

  9. Mwanawasas are practising the rule: never put all your eggs in one basket! politics of the stomach at play here. mother goes strunting her stuff with HH all over the country, and daughters sell themselves to lungu. One of these two will be president next year. so on either sides, the mwanawasas will benefit! what a family!!!!

  10. What is wrong for these people to choose where to go . They have that Right of Choice. They are different from people like RB and Maureen Mwanawasa who clearly have put their pension benefits to test. Besides, a moral thing was either for them to remain neutral or support the party in power right now. My view may be trashed but a fact. Certain respects can be put on the line especially where people of high standing make misjudgments. Imagine Lungu going through these elections, what would all those 30 MPS from MMD do or feel at the end? This is not to say HH will lose, no. Just imagining the jostle.

  11. This Mirriam is better off joining the Kachasu family party of Vodka Lungu! She’s a big woman in denial. She has gambled away her inheritance and is bent on betraying her step mom. Anyway, we wont waste time on you , you are on the losing side

  12. Will the gov’t cut Maureen widows pension and allowances now she is in politics?

    I think coming out on the political field is like replaying her time at State House. These people never want to let go, do they?

  13. The more you insult your rivals, the more you bless them. The more your rivals humble themselves despite being insulted the more blessings they receive from the Almighty. These blessings may included winning the elections.

  14. One Zambia! One Nation! is our song. No tribalism, no sectionalism, no racism, no emotions but a discussion of ideas and not people.

  15. Why are some bloggers glued to insulting? A woman inherently deserves respect no matter what happens. She is a mother whether with child or no child. Better business please/

  16. Only gullible will remain wallowing in poverty if they want to continue with their PF. It appears other bloggers cannot see beyond PF. In short they don’t think with their brains but emotions -typical of PF cadres. This country need a person who can turn around this economy or work with people who can add value to this economy. HH has made a good combination in the likes of Mutati, Mrs. Mwanawasa & others.

    EL is working with Harry Kalaba, Chishimba Kambwili, Willie Nsanda, Nkandu Luo…. imwe mwe bantu what do you expect from these people? What are going to change which they failed in 3 years. No wonder why their campaigns are shallow and resorted to peddling insults.

    Limited tickets available for Flight HH 2015, Hurry while stock last. Join the winning Team

  17. I feel sorry for HH supporters. Let me school you a little bit. Politicians are all the same the problem I have with you is the fact that you think if thats a big if HH wins then HH will put food on your table or make your lives better you should ask yourselves how.? HH is in better place now but how many people do you he has changed with his money.? Mosepe is rich and shares his money with the communities he isnt a politician. Does HH mean he will share only when he becomes president.? I for one I work for myself to provide for my family while you chaos think HH will come and put food on your tables. Wake up…!

    Viva EL viva PF

    • Spot on! I can’t agree with you more. Time will come for HH. But it looks like the more we force time on him the less the chance.

  18. I feel sorry for HH supporters. Let me school you a little bit. Politicians are all the same the problem I have with you is the fact that you think if thats a big if HH wins then HH will put food on your table or make your lives better you should ask yourselves how.? HH is in better place now but how many people do you he has changed with his money.? Mosepe is rich and shares his money with the communities he isnt a politician. Does HH mean he will share only when he becomes president.? I for one I work for myself to provide for my family while you chaps think HH will come and put food on your tables. Wake up…!

    Viva EL viva PF

    • Dreaming is freee. Keep on dreaming guys! HH is Republican President come Jan 21st. Its painful to Pathetic Fools but reality.

  19. @ permalink you are very right politicians are all the same. don’t expect HH to do miracles, he will not take your kids to school or put food on your table. you will still need to work for yourself regardless who wins the poll.

    Viva PF. Viva ECL

  20. Which family ba LT, be specific and say one daughter not even Patrick has commented on his position. The sisters are still MMD and the wife is UPND so please tell the truth do not lie to Zambians by being sensational in your reporting.

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